Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015.

Today marks the last working day of 2015 and the year has been a good one for us.

We sold our first home in super quick time. The hubs missed it more than me but I think he has gone past that. We loved everything about it but at the same time have been on a look-out even before we were expecting K. God's timing is indeed the best timing. The current place is by far, the best we have seen from the many over the years. We are getting comfortable and getting used to the new home but the mopping still puts me off. But with the space, it makes the home less cluttered, which is really good for the mind and soul.

Staying over at the youngest BIL's home for 2 months was also an experience. I am thankful to them for welcoming us despite their cram living environment. I've learnt quite a bit from the youngest SIL and appreciate how kind and sincere she is. And I'm still learning.

Our health-check this year has been ok too except for my back. I am thankful it's fine now and I didn't end up with a slipped disc. Of course, I need to get back into the fitness game. The pilates class that I've signed up for is rescheduled to the first Monday of January. Hopefully, I get a toner and healthier body in 2016. I am now a size M!

Work-wise, I am so thankful, really, that God opened the doors to this current company. I just had my appraisal done sometime last month and my boss is such an encouraging person. Totally unlike the previous one. I now feel empowered to do certain things and she doesn't sweat the small stuff. My KPI for 2016 is to start-up the training function for the company. According to the hubs, my increment % for 2016 is not too shabby either. I just need to keep on praying for God's wisdom at work.

As for K, she has been quite an easy child. Thankfully. Otherwise, I think the hubs and I wouldn't have the patience to manage her. I am also thankful for her. She adjusted to the new childcare centre well and her health has been pretty good generally. I am so thankful for God's watchful care over her! During a recent Parent-Teacher's meeting, her teacher told us that we do not have to worry much about her as she shows a keenness to learn and is very adaptable. The school organised an outing to one of those indoor playground recently but I did not sign her up for it. I explained to her that it was too expensive and besides we were going to have a host of activities coming up. She understood and her Mandarin Teacher was quite surprised when she related to me K's response when most of her friends went off for the morning, leaving just her and few others behind. I just wish she won't grow up so fast. On Monday, she moved up to Nursery from playgroup.

For 2016, I will continue to pray without ceasing. Without him, what will we be? 

I hope the year has been a good one for you and may 2016 continue to be just as good, if not better! Happy, Blessed 2016!

Sunday, 27 December 2015

We brought the 2 girls to Chinese Garden on Saturday morning, after breakfast. We had wanted K to learn how to ride the kick-scooter there but apparently, you cannot bring in bicycles, skateboards or scooters into the park. The security made sure you leave them at the entrance and I like how the security made sure the rules are not flouted. It is afterall a park and everyone should enjoy their stroll or jog without having to look out for kids on their kick-scooter or some mad man on his bicycle.

We had wanted to visit the turtle museum but didn't have enough money with us so we ventured around the park and chanced upon these 2 monitor lizards playing with each other. We ended up spending 1 1/2 hours in the park!
In 2020, the Science Centre will move to near Chinese Garden and if we're still staying here, it will be within walking distance for us and there is really no need for us to venture out to town with so many good shops and facilities where we stay!

I made lunch again and then the 3rd SIL came to pick Esther home, after which K took her nap. In the evening, we were back again to Jerry's for dinner.

We have been fairly well-rested over this long weekend but I have been too lazy to mop the house. Yes, I have not mopped the house since Thursday evening and thankfully, everyone was very considerate. All I could bring myself to do was magic-clean the house, take down the christmas decorations and kept the christmas tree.

In the evening, I made fried rice. A dish I have not made in a while. Since we took some ham left over from the party, I decided instead of cooking it with different dishes and having the hubs complain about eating ham for the next few days, might as well use it for fried rice. And today's Olive Fried Rice was divine! Yumz!

Friday, 25 December 2015

K was the happiest when I asked Esther if she wanted to stay over yesterday evening, after the party. They woke up before the hubs and me and then the hubs allowed K to open her presents. We usually do not allow her to open her presents in front of guests as you never know how the child will react. Unless it is requested by the giver for K to open, then will I allow it. And this is because I have experienced a child opening her birthday presents and exclaiming that she doesn't like it at all.

Anyhow, it's amazing the amount of presents she received. I wonder if it's because of the fact that she's the only child? Personally, I only bought her 2 ponies and they are not even the original. I have a colleague who only buys presents for her son on his birthday and I like the reasoning behind it. I just do not want K to grow up spoilt and behaving like she's entitled to everything. 

So anyway, after the morning excitement, the hubs brought us all to West Coast Park for Macdee's breakfast and then fun in the park. It's nice to have a sibling. The 2 can play together, especially if they are of the same gender. And they have so much fun together!

Just when the sun was blazing, we decided to go back home and I managed to cook lunch for all of us.
It's so nice to imagine having 2 girls and the older one taking care of the younger one while I feed them. After lunch, they both took their naps even Esther, who doesn't nap at all at home!

When they woke up, it was raining heavily and intermittently so I asked Esther if she will like to stay over for another night. She did and in the evening, we went over to Jerry's to pick up her stuff as well as have dinner. She had wanted to stay till Sunday but her mummy says no. Lol.

After dinner, we brought the boys along to IMM to jalan-jalan and treated them to crepe. It feels so different being out at the shops and not celebrating Christmas on the day itself. I miss yesterday already.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

My family came together to celebrate Christmas today, instead of tomorrow, the actual day as Jerry has to work on the day itself. So, having the entire clan come together without anyone having to rush off somewhere is fantastic! There were 20 of us, with Tim introducing his girlfriend to us and James' girlfriend who we've seen the 2nd time.

Food was great! Jeremy ordered the turkey, lamb and log-cake, the hubs ordered ham from his workplace, James brought a cake, the 3rd SIL made pizzas, garlic bread and fresh fruit juice which she personally blended in my kitchen, the 2nd SIL made shepherd's pie, Ivy made chicken stew while I cooked mix vegetables and pesto pasta. No one can say there wasn't enough food that evening! Thankfully, some of us went for a few rounds!

While some chatted, some played scrabble. And I had to nudge the hubs to start on the gift exchange game. It was so much fun that the eldest brother declared it was the best christmas ever, especially since the family has not come together for a long time. 

The only thing that cause me upset was the porcelain plate that burned while on the food warmer. Somehow, the tea-light that was below it grew strangely big and blacken the bottom of the porcelain tray and caused a crack on it. I do not dare use the tray anymore in case the crack gets worse. The set was bought when the hubs and I visited the bestie when she was in Dubai. And because it is uniquely shaped, I do not think it's going to be easy finding a replacement. Oh well.....making way for better things, I guess....

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The town council carried out fumigation today and guess what was all over the floor at the laundry area when I returned home after work.
I wonder if taping the chute with masking tape will help. I guess I'll know at the next fumigation exercise. Thankfully, the baby roaches were probably concussed and I could quickly clear them. Hopefully, that's all to them and I do not find anymore hidden elsewhere. Speaking of which, the hubs and I have seen the adult ones and they are big!

Well, pros and cons of having a rubbish chute within the house. Pros are; we or I clear the bin easily and if the bin is quite clean, we can throw food stuff straight into the chute. Cons; well, with the new automated chute system in my estate, they aren't much really other than how noisy it can get when rubbish gets thrown from upstairs.

Yes, our estate has the automated chute system where refuse gets sucked underground into the centralised refuse area thus we do not see anymore of those old school garbage carts opening and collecting refuse at certain times of the day. Thus, there is no smell and so much cleaner. And that makes a lot of difference when you stay on the 4th floor. Even at a new estate like our previous home, where the refuse bin was outside the homes, the ground floor was not exactly a pleasant sight as the garbage truck still comes to clear the refuse and you have the noise, the smell and the pests especially for people who stay lower down.

Kudos to automation! Lol...

Monday, 21 December 2015

I bought a mason drink dispenser with the thought that it'll be easier when we have parties. We can make, now that it's been received very well, lemongrass drink and leave it to guests to help themselves instead of having to worry if everyone has got a drink. 

The Salahudeens have a old-school drink container where the uncles and aunties use a cup-like container at the end of a long plastic holder to scoop the drink to pour into a cup. I still see it at hawker centres but it's kind of messy because not everyone is going to carefully ensure all the liquid goes into their cup.

So I finally found a glass mason dispenser and love it so much!
But on Saturday, when the hubs filled the dispenser and left to pick up the turkey etc, I noticed the jug was leaking but didn't think much about it until he returned home and found the drink dripping onto the floor! If you look at the photo in my previous post, you can imagine how much of drink was leaking out from that height!

Anyway, we were debating whether to return the jug with me saying no as I had removed the sticker on the container and threw away the card inside. The husband says yes but after church yesterday, we were all too tired.

So today, with the encouragement of my receptionist, we went back to the departmental store to have it changed. The very nice sales staff tested it and found out that not only did the water leaked from the base, it was leaking from the tap as well! She asked me to choose a new one and did a test as well and again, the same thing happened. Finally, the 2nd new piece was tested and was ok. I was hesitant to change it initially because I was afraid that it might be a fruitless trip. Especially since I had thrown away the card inside as well as removed the sticker on the jug. But the PRC service staff was so patient and helpful. Thankfully, I still have the receipt.

Anyway, I hope this is going to last for a long while yet. It's so pretty to be used for only once or twice.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Our December parties have started.

The Victors kick-started the feasting last Saturday at their home. It was actually meant as a birthday celebration for Nan, Gaye's mother who turned 88. But the rest of us also took it as an early Christmas party and exchanged presents. The Victors have since headed down-under and we won't be seeing them till next month.

My office had a Christmas tea-party on Friday and I received a mini-snow trooper key-chain for the gift exchange game. The food was great, a lot to bring home and everyone had a good One and  half hours break from work. I brought back muffins and cakes that we had ordered from Coffee Bean.

And yesterday was the dinner for the hubs' side of his family and relatives. Since he always have the habit of waking up early, I tasked the hubs to boil lemongrass to make lemongrass drink, bring out the minced chicken to rinse, boil water and wash the balcony. And when I woke up, I threw K's clothes into the washing machine, hung them up to dry and then marinated the minced chicken and then the hubs diced up all the vegetables that I would use for the mixed Veg dish for later.

We then went to Jem for lunch as well as to collect the Christmas rainbow cake I had ordered for the church's Christmas service.

When we returned home, K obediently took a nap and for 3 hours! Good stretch of time for me to do all the prep work and for the hubs to collect the turkey and ham that he had ordered from his workplace as well as 2 other Indian dishes from the nearby coffee-shop.

While the hubs had to wait out the rain,the Shepherd's pie, with mutton this time, was already in the oven. Then the 2nd BIL and wife came earlier to help us as well. The 2nd SIL helped us fold K's clothes and then helped to monitor the spicy chicken wings in the air-fryer.

At the end of the day, we had so much food left-over that the guests were all more than willing to have them packed to bring home. I'm glad my first time making mutton shepherd's pie was as well received as my usual one. So, technically, there wasn't any food waste.

And today, we had another feasting at church after the Christmas service. All of us had a great time during the gift exchange. Thankfully, I had not volunteered to cook this time as yesterday was enough to tire me out! So ordering the Christmas cake was a good idea! Hahahah...

The 3 of us were so tired that we all took our naps together when we reached home after church. I, of course, took the shortest one and woke up to put the laundry to wash, magic-cleaned the house, made dinner, mopped the house and then rearrange the presents under the Christmas tree.

Thankfully, for my side of the family's Christmas celebration, my SILs always bring more than 1 item. I can't wait for it to happen this Christmas eve. It'll be one of the rare times the entire family comes together. Yes, every family member of my 4 siblings. :)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Just as I was in the bus, on the way to pick K up from school, the hubs text to say that he will pick her up. So I alighted at the next bus-stop after the usual one when I need to pick K up and made my way home. While walking, the hubs drove by and K called out to me. And then, the hubs suggested eating out.

I think I spoke to soon but we were again, eating at a restaurant. Their style is a little like the old sizzler, where you could help yourself to the salad bar when you order a main. Looking at the salad bar made me realise that I should have just chosen to eat from there. There were prawns, the usual salad and more, soups, pasta, fruits, jelly and ice-cream. And because I've got my bonus, I treated this time. 

The hubs also bought home a huge durian! After K slept, both of us had a few seeds while seated on the kitchen floor and had to keep the rest in the fridge. 
Maybe I'll have some of them for dinner tomorrow as it'll only be K and I, with the hubs out for a dinner gathering. Hmm...that's a thought. Lol.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

We usually eat at the mall's food court when we are out on weekdays. Because Fridays are an unspoken day for no cooking, we will go out. I do not want K to think that we always go out for good food and then grows up expecting that this things come easy, all the time.

But the hubs decide to indulge a little today. And we had dinner at Swensen's! The kid's set looked so cute on the menu that I just have to order it. And when the actual meal arrived, I'm glad I did! The food tasted as good as it looked! The little thing in the pot of corn is a miniature shovel! And we can bring it back home and grow some seedlings in the little container.

Anyway, we had beef rice which strangely, K couldn't finish so I am glad I didn't order a separate meal.
On another note, I was on medical leave yesterday due to flu! I could feel it coming since last Wednesday but managed to keep it under control but on Sunday, it became full blown. I hate the antibiotics that I have been prescribed. It makes me feel very hungry. Oh well, glad I'm recovering after a day of rest at home.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

We only recently stopped using the steriliser like a couple of weeks back. Yes, probably less than a month ago, we decided there is no need for it anymore. Well, we've been talking about it but since the steriliser was taking a spot in the kitchen, might as well use it while it's there right?

And when we finally decided to and I quickly found a new owner for it, the 2nd SIL told us that she's expecting. I had wanted to keep K's stuff for her or even the youngest SIL but you can't time such things so have given most away. Anyway, the 2nd SIL mentioned that her friend too, will have lots of girly stuff since her daughter is about only 1 year old. Still, I'm hoping to be able to pass on K's stuff to her. They bring back so much sweet memories to us. 

On another note, the youngest SIL finally went to consult an orthopedic after still experiencing pain. And the MRI results show that she has slipped disc. Throughout our Malacca trip, she couldn't walk straight and had to bend over to push the stroller as it was a more comfortable position for her. Thankfully (hopefully), the pain has almost ceased in my case. Although, it aches a little when I walk quite a distance. I'm wondering if I should see an orthopedic as well.

Talking about which, I have finally signed up for pilates lesson at the CC and it starts next Monday. Hopefully, I get my fitness back. Recently, I noticed I seemed to have grown overnight. You know, how some ladies suddenly reach a size at a certain age? Yes, I think I'm there now. I also realised my face has seemed to lost the elasticity of youth! Time to start loading on those firming creams! Urghhhh!!!! 

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

I think I can confidently say everyone enjoyed the road trip to Malacca although we did come back feeling very tired yesterday evening. And when we were caught in the jam at immigration, the FIL messaged to say that the MIL fell at the train station and had a minor fracture.

Anyway, the road trip started on Saturday morning after breakfast at a coffeeshop near our place. The 2 BILs had to poo and all came up to our place and chit-chatted while waiting for whoever in the bathroom to get it over and done with. So what was supposed to be a departure time of 7:30am, saw us leaving the house at about almost 10ish.

The hotel this time wasn't fantastic. Other that the pool, from what I saw from the 2nd BIL's room. The other 2 rooms were not ready when we checked in but I had wanted to try this place. And on the first evening out at Jonker Walk, it rained. So we had to cab back to the hotel. Sunday was fine, we even took in a boat ride. The youngest SIL and I bought 2 pairs of shoes each and the youngest BIL's family picked up the tab for the first night's dinner while the 2nd day's lunch was picked up by the 2nd SIL. The hubs treated everyone for peranakan lunch on our last day, yesterday.

The drive back was delayed due to road works along some parts of the highway and then a long wait at Singapore immigration. 

We'll be heading back again, next month, for the hubs' birthday and with the Victors. I've never been to Malacca so often in my life but what's there not to like? Historical city, with shopping and food. And now we know which area to stay at next time.

Friday, 4 December 2015

The FIL invited all of us for dinner yesterday. What was meant to be catering at their home became dinner at a coffeeshop near their place. But's it's ok. Their place is too small and I was wondering where will they put the buffet table for the catered food.

They have a elderly couple here for a few days from Nepal and the Nepali relatives were all invited. Well, the usual 2 families but enough to crowd the flat when we went up for a short while after dinner.

I also found out that because the couple were staying at the PIL's home while on a medical trip here, the MIL will not join us to Malacca tomorrow. The youngest SIL was so happy when she heard it and I reckoned the happiest would probably be the 2nd SIL as they will have the room to themselves! For me, I am happy because I won't get irritated when we go to the supermarket and then she helps herself with loading purchases, expecting the hubs to pay for it.

Looking forward to this trip, like a lot more now. Hopefully, we get good weather throughout!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

We have guests today. The hubs' long-time friends, Zul and Philip, came by for dinner. Philip is back in town after moving over to KL from India and it's only when he's in town that the 3 of them meet up for drinks, football and of course chit-chat.

Thankfully, I marinated the meat this morning before we left for work. And this is what we had for dinner. The hubs bought another 2 dishes from a nearby Indian coffeeshop, which were delish and were a perfect match for my pasta dish.
Can you guess what meat I used? Neither could I till I brought it down from the freezer yesterday evening. It's mutton! I accidentally bought mince mutton instead of beef! My first time cooking mutton and thankfully, it was quite nice really. I am so going to cook this for the Christmas dinners with the out-laws and my family. And I repeat, thankfully, I marinated the meat in the morning. I think it's the sauce. Even K asked for seconds. But then again, she's such a good eater, she almost always eats whatever we put on her plate. 

On another note, our mini Christmas tree is up and so many presents wrapped. This time, I bought tinsel from my current favourite store, Daiso, and can't wait to decorate the living room with it. 
The weather is cooler and it rains almost everyday now. Do I hear 'It's beginning to feel like Christmas, everywhere I go.....'?  :)

Monday, 30 November 2015

We had a packed weekend, as usual. So packed that I was too tired to mop the floor. So tired because of all the accumulative activities.

My office had their D&D on Friday evening and being part of the committee, we were pretty much working but it was fun nevertheless. We received very positive feedback and that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

We headed to the food industries at Woodlands on Saturday morning, pretty soon after I woke and washed up. Although they are open to public on every Saturday, there is food tasting at 1 of the companies only on the last Saturday of every month. K had a good time tasting cheesecakes and ice-cream. At another company, she had fun drawing on the decorative balls and hanging them up on the Christmas trees while the hubs went into the cold room to shop alone. This time, we bought beef cubes, beef steak, Chilean seabass, mackeral, frozen soup and 1 tray of 30 jumbo eggs. And then we drove to Adam Road hawker centre for lunch before heading home.

In the evening, we met the Victors and joined many others in the Santa Run at Sentosa. We were late and were too lazy to begin at the starting line. All dressed in our sports shoes but all we wanted was just to walk over to the finish line for the cute medal. In the end, only Kenneth and their youngest daughter went through the 2km route. The rest of us cut through short-cuts to get to the finish line, took our medals, free passes to USS and then ice-cream. After dinner, we went to USS, a first for K and the hubs. Not all the rides were opened as it was already past 8pm. Thankfully, K managed to take 2 rides and 1 4d show. She went on a roller coaster, without knowing anything and she sure had a tight grip of my arm during the the entire ride. We didn't take any photos as I had left my mobile at home! And I got to enjoy the Mummy ride with the 2 girls. By 10ish, we were exhausted and the hubs ended up carrying a sleeping K up home.

And yesterday, we attended a wedding lunch. It's actually K's first experience at a sit-down wedding meal. I think she enjoyed herself and was pretty much entertained with the bride and groom singing to their guests and the whole atmosphere.

It was already 4ish by the time, the whole thing was over. And once again, the hubs had to carry a sleeping child up the house. Hopefully, we have a slower week ahead before we go on our road trip with the in-laws the coming weekend, again.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

And so, everyone except the FIL is confirmed for the family road trip. I have been on a road trip with the youngest BIL, 1 of their Nepali cousin, a friend and MIL to KL/Genting before we were all married. And another one to Malacca when I was expecting with the MIL. If there is a big group, I'm fine but I do not want to be in a situation where it's just the MIL. And this coming Malacca trip is a first with the 2nd BIL, his wife and the youngest SIL.

The hubs had created a group chat on Monday, asking if the 2nd BIL and wife were interested to join us. Although the youngest BIL and us would still go ahead regardless. The hubs mentioned in the group chat that he will book the hotel rooms on behalf of everyone first which I wasn't too happy already. Whenever we travel with friends, each family book their own room because for the simple fact that there is monetary transaction involved. There is no need to ask and recover later on. He accepted my explanation on this thankfully.

And then after that, the hubs messages me to say that he will be paying for his 2nd brother. I say whatever for?!?!??!?! And then what? Food and drinks as well? Sure, they are now depending only on the 2nd SIL's salary but why? The hubs replies to ask how many times have we paid for them. I asked him in return if we should even pay for them in the first place? He is an able bodied adult who I do not know if he is even actively searching. Sure, he met an accident which injured his hand but that was last year and all I know is, he can still play the x-box for hours. Once even, fracturing his thumb. I wouldn't have mind paying for the PILs but not someone who is capable of taking care of himself! What do they call these people? Free-loaders?

And of course, he's the hub's brother so he gets away with it. Anyway, being me, I had to mull over it and then decided, guess what? We'll go ahead and pay for the rooms for everyone. Technically, it'll be just 3 rooms as the FIL has not reverted and the MIL has been assigned to share the room with the 2nd BIL and wife. Of course right! The 2nd BIL and family had been more than hospitable to us during our 2 month stay at their home and did not want to accept a single cent from us. So, what does the 2nd BIL deserve that the youngest one doesn't? So case closed. We pay while we can still afford it and thank everything for the lovely currency rate.

I did tell the hubs to inform everyone that we'll bear the hotel cost but we are not going to provide food and drinks as well! So he cleverly group messaged that the both of us are giving them an early Christmas present and will pay for the rooms and that they are to change more RM for dinner and drinks. 

At the end of the day, I feel a load off and actually happier. Hopefully, this road trip doesn't have any drama.

Monday, 23 November 2015

We were out over the weekend again, with an unplanned trip to Orchard on Saturday morning. The hubs had wanted to bring us to the Barrage but after my morning chores, it was already 11ish and the sun would be too strong so he changed plans. 

Coincidentally, his bff aka Kenneth was in town too with Gaye and we caught up for drinks when they met us at the food court, just as we completed our lunch. As I had arranged to meet an ex-colleague, we had to go off. And then it was shopping time for us. The car park cost us a whooping $15 odd!

And after church yesterday, we dropped by the youngest BIL's place to pass the NIL his birthday present. And at the same time, I tried on a pair of Nike shoes that the BIL had brought home. Although I find it a thumb space too big, they said it should be like that. Oh well, it's new and free! I'll be needing this for the Santa run that we've signed up for the coming Saturday. And K and her cousin had a fun game of twister. I'm actually quite surprised K understood the game and played it quite well, if I may say.

Then the SIL asked if we would like to go Malacca with them. The hubs was actually discussing about another Malacca trip with Kenneth and Gaye for his birthday in January when we caught up yesterday. We like Malacca and don't mind going with the the in-laws. The youngest BIL, typical of him, suggested asking his mother along and I do not know what was the full conversation but it ended up with asking the 2nd BIL and his wife as well. Meaning, a whole family affair.

However, whether the rest are going, we will still go ahead with the youngest BIL and family. I'm sure the MIL would definitely want to go. And so, a date has been set aside in December.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Conversation with K

On one of those days when I have time away and the hubs spends the evening with K. And at dinner time, K suddenly cries out.

Hubs: What happened baby? Why do you cry suddenly?
K: I don't want to get married daddy. I want to stay with daddy and mummy forever.
Hubs: - -

Update: She has now decided she will marry because she likes the decorated wedding cars!

On the recent appreciation night that I was attending, the hubs picked K up from school as usual and they had to eat out at the nearby coffee-shop. K was asking to be allowed to go to the playground.

Hubs: We will go for dinner first. (Secretly hoping that she'll forget by then.)
K: No daddy. Later after dinner, the sky will be dark and then you'll say it's too late to go to the playground.
Hubs: (trying to suppress his laughter) Hmm...ok, then you eat your dinner faster k.

The hubs reported that K went on to eat her dinner in super-quick time. Not that she takes forever to eat so it must have been really really quick. Lol.


We were on the road, driving to meet the Victors for dinner when we passed by some construction going on along the expressway.

Me: Look. They are clearing the trees and pushing the forested area back.
K: Why do they do that? (Because we tell her that there are probably animals staying in the forested area and she says like the 3 little pigs, the big bad wolf, Goldilocks & the 3 bears and not forgetting Little Red Riding Hood)
K: Where are they going to stay now? It's their home!

Hmmm, a green conservationist in the making?


The innocence of a child. My child.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

We went to the hubs' auntie's home for their yearly bhai pooja yesterday. The youngest BIL and family were not in attendance as they also decided to celebrate their son's 7th birthday as well and since the auntie informed everyone about the customary ritual at her home first, the hubs decided that we will have to miss his nephew's birthday.

While I was hoping that I could bring K to visit her friend from her previous childcare, it was too late by the time we arrived at the same estate that they stay at as the hubs' aunt. Earlier in the day, I had messaged the girl's mom to ask which block they are staying at and the cute mummy messaged me their block as well as unit number. Thinking that we'll drop by for sure but unfortunately, it was too late by the time we arrived. The hubs had picked K up from school after buying dinner for K and I. So, both of us ate at home before driving over to the aunt's. We know from experience, dinner at the aunt's will start very late after the 'ceremony'. And true enough, when we left at about 9ish, the FIL just started on his while the MIL was wanting to rush to catch a ride from us. In the end, the 2nd BIL asked why does she want to rush to go home when they are not staying too far from the aunt's. And then the FIL tells the MIL in a sarcastic manner that they will take a cab home and will have to wait so she better be prepared. Well, all she will do for a free ride home.

And this morning, we dropped K off at Jerry's while the 2 of us went to collect the race pack for a run that we've signed up for. It's not going to be a run for us, for sure. Lol. We met Kenneth and Gaye to collect the race packs and our 2 families will be going for a 2km walk at Sentosa come the last Saturday of this month. In the evening, the 2 families met up again with the girlys, to treat Kenneth to an advanced birthday dinner.

So, no housework was done this weekend. This house, really takes a lot of my time just to magic-clean and mop. :(

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We had an enjoyable long weekend, with a staycation back at Festive Hotel in Sentosa. 

We checked in after church on Sunday afternoon and despite the long queue waiting to be checked in, the wait wasn't too long, thankfully. After coming out from the room's bathroom, the Victors gave me a surprise when I drew open the curtains to the balcony to 'hunt' for K. Gaye had made me some muffins and then a while later, the hotel surprised me with a cake, which we did not touch at all. 

The 2 dads and 3 girls went swimming while the 2 mums sat on the deck chairs. My menses had to come at the time when I really wanted to swim. What a bummer. I had really wanted to stretch the back of mine. Oh well, another time it has to be, for some water therapy.

And then the hubs treated us all to dinner at Hard Rock.The Victors couldn't stay the night as Kenneth had work the next day but we could tell he would have really love to. 

Yesterday morning, we brought K to Port of Lost Worlds but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it because I think the water play area was a little too much for her. I had to walk with her around the pirate ship but it still didn't do enough to entice her. There were, thankfully, other activities for her to take part in. But we've got 1 more voucher and I am looking forward to playing at the water play with her next. Mind you, there are parents who spend the whole day there with their kids! After about 2 hours, we returned to the hotel room to wash up before we took the monorail to Vivo and this time, we have Jeremy and Ivy stay over for the night.

The eldest brother has not step foot in Sentosa for at least a decade and since it's the public holiday the next day, I thought it nice to invite them over. Besides, the room in Festive is a family room with a twin sofa bed and bunk bed on top of the usual queen size bed. When we returned to Sentosa, we took a tram ride to the other parts of the island and then brought them back to the room to rest, while waiting for Bev to come over. 

We were out again when Bev arrived and had dinner, followed by a stroll through the resorts. Sentosa has changed so much and it's really different now, when you step into the resorts part of the island. 

I had a quiet birthday but would not have wanted it any other way, especially when I have my love ones with me.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My colleague, the secretary who doesn't do much secretarial stuff anymore, brought me to a corporate appreciation night. I brought her along with me for another appreciation dinner last month. So, I think we've both found a partner for such events. Lol.

It started with an invite to the Art Science Museum where an Hermes exhibition was going on. At the end of the guided tour, we learnt to appreciate it but still, I can't afford to buy it and probably neither will I, even if I have that kind of money. I'll stick to my LVs, thank you very much. It's much more affordable.

Dinner followed at a nearby bistro and dinner was superb. I had the wagyu burger.
There was even a lucky draw to end the evening! The 5 prizes, which we won none, consisted of a longchamp passport holder, a longchamp bag, a pair of economy class return tickets to Bali, a pair to Jakarta and a pair on business class to Bali! Wow.....

I love all these appreciation nights. Don't you? :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I had no idea what to cook tonight. We didn't buy anything over the weekend and I cooked the only pack of vegetables for yesterday's dinner. When the hubs called me while I was almost reaching the train station, to ask me to pick K up as he would be a little late meant that I had to likely dabao. I chose to cook at home and decided to call up the canned food we have bought for times like this.

Tonight's dinner: Sausage with baked beans and Omelette with brown bunapi mushrooms.
I pushed K's rice to the side of her plate and decorated the centre with baked beans to make it look like the sun. And for the hubs', it was the other way round. Rice in the centre with the baked beans on the sides. Feeble attempt, I know but whatever makes me smile at the end of it. Lol....

Thursday, 29 October 2015

We haven't had such nice cool air for a while. Especially with the forest fires burning resulting in haze that reached as far as Thailand. This morning, the cool or cold wind blowing in through the windows had me tight under the covers. 

I used to sleep away from the window with K on the mattress directly beside me but since I started having stiff joints which I suspect was the fan blowing straight into my direction, I swapped spots with the hubs. Besides, he always complains that he can't feel the wind and since we've swapped places, I also do not need to be the first one to attend to K immediately when she sometimes gets disturbed sleep. Win. 

Talking about stiff joints, I am in desperate need of either a massage, detox or exercise. Let's not talk about the aging bit. Other than the issue with the lower back, my whole body feels so stiff. Even the physiotherapist said the same thing. I am seriously lacking exercise. I hope I grow old gracefully. All these aches and pains are scaring me.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tonight's dinner: Steam Pomfret and Stir-fry Brocoli with Bunapi Mushrooms. We haven't cooked any other fish other than Cod and Salmon for the longest time so tonight is something different. :)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Today's dinner: Sharksfin Melon Soup with Pork Ribs, Scrambled Egg topped with Bonito Flakes and Famous Muar Otah.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The haze was back over the weekend and the hubs suggested that we take refuge in the malls. But I have so much housework to be done at home yesterday. Although the hubs and K let me sleep in till about 9am, it was work, work and work till almost 4pm!

I threw in a whole load into the washing machine and while waiting, folded the clothes that were left on the sofa, magic-cleaned the floors followed by a thorough mop and changed the bedsheets. The hubs was tasked to wash the balcony. And K, who is nursing a flu took a nap before her lunch. So I cooked a quick one and the hubs ate his lunch in front of the tv while ensuring that K doesn't fall off the sofa while sleeping. 

I was fully drenched and tired when I felt satisfied that enough was enough at about 4ish. Took a bath and at about 5, we drove to pick the PILs before going to their relative's. The hubs' Nepali aunt had invited us for the Nepali New Year. We were there more than an hour when the 2 other BILs arrived. K started to be more open when her cousin came. This is the same flat that K kept crying non-stop when we were inside, when she was less than a year old and because of this, the hubs did not want to go last year. 

Anyhow, we left about 10pm and woke up late this morning for church. 

We'll be meeting the same people again sometime in November for their yearly Nepali Bhai Pooja. And the hubs wants to invite them to our new home. I've suggested sometime around Christmas as he has plans to have his family over for Christmas celebrations anyway. I suggested doing it on Christmas Eve so that there's no rush to go anywhere the next day and we can stay up to clean up. But the hubs, bless his soul, wants to reserve that Christmas week for my family. 

With our new home being bigger now, it doesn't feel as crowded with a bigger bunch of people. And the hubs does help out with the cooking and cleaning up. Strangely, I do look forward to it. Oh well, I guess I can slowly think of what to cook for the party. :)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The hubs brought K to have her cast removed and we are so glad it is fully healed. But the Dr did give K a 1-month off-limits to the playground, to be on the safe side. At the same time, a load was lifted off our shoulders. Well, mine at least although during the 1 month, the hubs did most of the showering for K. The inconvenience of having to wrap her cast arm in a plastic bag sealed with masking tape and then dressing her with the left arm hole through the cast arm first before pulling the neckline over her head is something I am certain both of us are glad we do not have to go through again. I also took this opportunity to tell K the importance of her arm and how blessed we are to be given full use of our body parts.

The hubs was also very 'obedient'. I gave strict instructions to go back home after the hospital visit and lunch and he did. The last time he brought K to the hospital on his own, they ended up out the whole day, at his parents'! Although the hubs did give in to K's request to visit the library, they were home about 1ish. And K took in a 2 hour nap, which I took the opportunity to affirm to the hubs that she needs the rest. Especially since there was little during our recent Melaka trip.

Anyway, glad the episode is over.

Tonight's meal: Steamed Cod Fish covered in ginger, wolfberries and yu zu, Cream of Brocoli Soup (frozen from the pack) and stir fried beef with egg and tomato.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Conversations with K

The following conversation between K and the wife of a newly married couple-friend of ours at Hard Rock Cafe, Malacca.

K: Auntie Sarah, do you have baby?
S: No, I do not have baby.
K: Oh, God hasn't given you a baby yet? 
S: Yes, God hasn't given me a baby yet. *Already starting to feel surprised by K*
K: Ok, God will give you a baby soon.
S: *Can only smile*
K: Auntie Sarah, what will you name your baby?
S: I don't know.........

And Sarah goes to tell the hubs and myself about this little conversation that she had with K. Lol...Sarah's husband then tasks K to think of a name starting with the first letter of their names, 1 for a boy and 1 for a girl. Lol....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

We are back from our road trip to Malacca and reached home at 10ish. A lot later than what the hubs and I would have wanted but I guess with a rather big group of people, it will tend to be like this. There were 8 adults and 5 children altogether. I think with what we've seen and heard, the hubs and I would rather travel with just the Victors in future. 

One, they have 2 girls as well and the younger one loves to play with K. And they also believe in not spoiling proper meal times by giving the kids junk food before meals. A healthy diet is enforced by the parents, I strongly believe. 

Anyhow, we left Singapore's clear skies and did not expect to arrive at a hazy destination but nevertheless, I still managed a good haul! I bought 2 pairs of flats for me and 2 for K! This time round, the hubs did not buy anything and I think he was more concerned making sure everyone enjoyed themselves. And this time, we did not visit any tourist spot at all except walking through the streets at Jonker Walk, which we always miss when we're with Jeremy, as he prefers not to travel over Sundays.

Will we go back? Most definitely. Especially since the car ride is only about 3 hours away and we can do as much shopping here. No need to travel up to KL anymore! With the very good exchange rate in our favour, we can also afford to choose and pick any hotel to stay in. This time, we stayed at the newly opened Novotel Hotel.

So, let's see what we'll be up to come my birthday month! :)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

While we had a slower September compared to the month before, it was a month filled with haze. Thankfully, the skies have cleared the past few days and hopefully it remains so. So nice to see the lovely blue skies again.

I had to take the day off yesterday as K's childcare centre was closed for Children's Day and also she had a review back at the hospital. The hubs was off as well, and didn't tell me until I saw him changing into casual wear. If I had know, I would have saved on the leave!

Nevertheless, we went to the hospital and everything was done within half an hour and that includes the x-ray! Talk about efficiency. After the Dr's review, the hair-line fracture can still be seen, she will still have to live with the cast for another 2 weeks. Then the hubs will bring her back again, saw open the cast, take another x-ray and hopefully, the crack closes.

As we were paying, the hubs asked for a balloon for K and then the staff shared with us that there is going to be a children's day celebration held at the women's tower. And so, we headed there and waited for about another 1/2hour before the door was opened. I think K must have been overwhelmed. The hubs and I were ushering her around the 'stall's to play games and collecting goodies. The sponsors for this carnival are so generous! We left with a glittery hand tattoo of a dolphin which K chose, a toy ukulele, an elephant walking balloon, a family photo and we even took back 4 helium balloons. 2 of which she brought to her play-date at Janice's.

Next stop after the hospital was an arranged play-date at Janice's, our neighbour from our previous estate. Another boy their age was supposed to come too but was still not there when we left. So K caught up with Jazlyn and I hope they had fun. These 2 babies were introduced to each other since about 3 months old and now they're both 3! It's so nice to see both of them grow up and changing. We left after about just an hour as we had a long morning and we're all so tired and the hubs was waiting as well. Otherwise, our play-dates usually last longer.

Today, we met the Victors and Salahudeens for dinner to discuss about our road-trip this Friday. We're headed to Melaka again but this time, I reckon it'll be more shopping. I'm so looking forward to it!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

I went for my last and hopefully, final, session of physiotherapy yesterday. The pain that went away ended up with me having pins and needles on my right foot the whole day. A month or so back, when I consulted the GP for flu, I asked him about the symptom at the same time. He sent me to get an x-ray done. And long story short, here are my x-ray result. Please do not get distracted by the background. Lol.
If you observe, the bottom lumbar vertebrae has very little gap in between. Unlike the top rows, which is how it should be. Thus, they are pressed down against each other and affected a nerve. Thus explains the pins and needles I experienced. The hub's youngest SIL seem to have it worse than me although it seemed to happened at a similar time, when we were staying over at their place. She has since gone for physiotherapy, to the chiropractor and now acupuncture but not before she went for numerous TCM massage sessions. Me on the other hand, only went for 2 session of TCM sports massage. 

Each session at the physiotherapist, which my boss recommended, lasted about an hour. I am put on a traction machine, which resulted in me being in so much pain after the 1st 2 sessions, then I lie down on a heat-pad. Thankfully, after the 3rd session and nightly stretches, I'm getting better! After the 4th session, the physiotherapist told me that he'll give me open-dated appointments, which are cheaper, and to return when I feel the pain again.

Now I force myself to do stretches every evening when I lie down with K. The traction machine managed to open up the tight space between the last vertebrae and so with exercise, hopefully the muscles around that area is strengthen to maintain the space so that it doesn't press down on my nerve. I've also bought an electric heat pad to ease the pain by lying on it for 30 minutes every evening.

Thankfully, I do not get those irritating pin and needles and so much of a crampy feelings on my right leg as much as before. Now I value so much, the ease of walking without pain or discomfort. I am thankful that I have not reach the stage where I need to consult different practitioners in the hope to find the cure. I hope the SIL recovers soon as well.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The hubs brought K to the hospital to remove her cast today. Since he had taken the day off, I decided not to. No need for both parents to go and also I am trying to save my leave since I no longer have the luxury of many days of leave like in the ex-company. Besides I'll be on childcare leave next Friday as K's school is closed for the Children's Day celebration.

The hubs and K spent the whole morning at the hospital and she had to go for an x-ray again. But this time, the attending Dr told the hubs that there is fracture! What came to our minds immediately was, why wasn't it detected during our first visit. The Dr was looking at the first x-ray and compared it to the 2nd and added that it was healing nevertheless. The Dr could only apologise to our unanswered question. So, now, K's left arm is on a permanent cast for a month. We'll have to bring her back every week for a review and x-ray to check if it heals. From a simple cast from the elbow down, she now sports a full arm hard cast.

Thankfully, K's got a good attitude towards the whole thing. And she even got to choose the colour she wanted for the tape to wrap the cast with! Oh well, praying that it doesn't cause her too much itch this time and for speedy recovery!

Sunday, 27 September 2015

We met Kenneth and Gaye at the Woodlands food industry yesterday morning after dropping K off at Jerry's. The hubs had arranged to meet up with the couple to do some meat shopping. After about 2 hours odd, the hubs and I left with frozen salmon, frozen cod fish, frozen soup, frozen risotto, frozen beef balls etc and packed them all into the freezer until I commented that we need to get a bigger fridge. We also passed the 3rd SIL a pack of frozen salmon and cod when we picked K up after lunch.

While the hubs had a wedding dinner to attend, I brought K back to Jerry's place after laundering the washing in the evening. The 3rd SIL had bought tickets for the Mid-Autumn celebrations at their estate. Despite it being lantern festival, K and Esther only held their lanterns for all of 10 minutes before they got distracted with the playground. The age gap is about 6-7 years between E & K but I'm glad they can play together as I can leave them while I have some time to myself.

The 2 girls ended up playing with 2 other girls and then K had a fall. I didn't think much of it although she was crying for quite a while. She didn't sleep well either during the night and needless to say, neither did I. I had to get off my bed roughly about every 2 hours to see to her. 

Today, she had her left arm at a crook but the hubs and I didn't think much of it as she wasn't complaining much. But when it affected her nap in the afternoon, I suggested we bring her to KK. The hubs wanted to bring her to a family clinic but I reckoned that it is likely she'll need to go for an x-ray. 

Thankfully, after the x-ray, there are no fractures or anything worse than that. The Dr reckons that it is more of a sprain but have put her left elbow in a cast to prevent K from moving too much. We'll be back on Thursday to remove the cast and hopefully before that, the pain would go off.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The children from K's childcare were given a 'project' to do for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival. And we are usually so tired from work at the end of the workday that we left it to today, thankfully it's the Hari Raya Haji public holiday, to get it done. But we did spend the other days 'conceptualising' the design of the lantern, one that should be made from as many recycled materials as possible. Which was the main requirement from the school.

And because of the haze too, we were stuck at home. So it did give us plenty of time at home to craft the lantern. I 'provided' the materials and basically, the hubs made the lantern while K was tasked to colour the cardboard cores of toilet rolls and a kitchen towel. The hubs, I must say, is definitely the more creative between the 2 of us. And the 3 of us ended up very happy with the 'Birthday Cake' lantern.
Despite the haze, we went out for lunch at the NTUC hypermart and it is days like these, we feel it best to stay out in air-conditioned malls. Lol. We have the units installed only in our bedrooms and not the whole house so it's not very possible to be stuck in the room the whole day.

On our way home, K fell asleep and continued napping all the way home. Dinner was home cooked food and then it's back to work tomorrow again.

Monday, 21 September 2015

K saw her first flow of blood this morning. After the hubs had showered her, somehow a small bottle of body lotion which he wanted to put back in place toppled his bottle of perfume in the vanity cabinet of the common bathroom. I was bathing when I heard the shattering glass. 

Seconds later, I heard the hubs' stern and loud instructions to K NOT to step where the glass is. And then she started crying. And I reckon she was crying from his panicked tone rather than from the blood. Of course, I had to be summoned right. Getting dressed while your skin is still damp is really quite a challenge especially if you are not putting on something 2 sizes bigger. 

I got out, carried K from the hubs as the entrance of the bathroom had become dangerous ground. I quickly brought her over to the master bathroom, rinsed her down once more, concentrating on her feet, where a glass shard had cut with the blood flowing out constantly. I was trying to comfort her at the same time and thankfully after about 3 minutes later, the flow slowed down and when it stopped, we had to convince her to let us place a plaster.

The hubs, who used to plan events, panics whenever something happens to K. I had to tell him to imagine he's alone because he would be shouting out to me and causing more tension. I, on the other hand, or so I believe, am the calmer one. I did not utter a single word at all and quickly took K from him, brought her out and tried to comfort her. I think the hubs' constant anxiety over K always makes the situation worse. Well, at least we should try to pretend everything is ok right. Because when a child starts crying, everything else will seem to go downhill from there.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

September is good for slow weekends. 

Yesterday, we brought the lever of our kitchen tap back to the shop that we bought our household sanitary from as it was loose and we couldn't operate the tap properly without the lever. After the staff told us how to fix it back, we drove to the mall near the new National Stadium. Had our lunch there, did some grocery shopping and went back home. K fell asleep and knocked out from 5ish to 7ish and thus slept later in the evening.

After the usual lunch with family after church today, we went to the youngest BIL's home. The hubs had bought mooncakes and I feel that we should bring a box to them. We had wanted to pay them for letting us stay over at their place but was rejected. The hubs had pushed a $1000 bill into the SIL's hands but was firmly rejected and returned. Coincidentally, the MIL and the 2nd BIL with his wife were there too so we stayed for awhile, allowing the hubs some bonding time with his brothers.

We left at about 3ish to a warehouse sale and then proceeded home, empty handed.

Back home, I entertained K with her pretend play and mopping the floor at the same time, the hubs decided to take over the cooking after a short nap. He even washed up after! And he did the cooking yesterday evening as well! 
Much love but more of these times please.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

We had another additional public holiday this year. In addition to the National Day's celebration, we had Friday off for polling. The day before, the hubs had suggested asking Jeremy and his family over for dinner, as well as Jerry's. So after we performed our national obligation, back at Redhill, we went for breakfast, marketing and then to the supermarket. 

Dinner wasn't fantastic, unfortunately. It was my first try at beef stew but I will try it again. I was having a headache and did not have much time to prepare. But the stew turned out great the next day! Time really makes all the difference. Thankfully, the family were very forgiving and thankfully, it's not that the food was beyond consumption.

The hubs and I then stayed up to watch the election results, although he caught 40 winks in-between, and were up till 4am! The results surprised everyone and I believe for the ruling party as well. But all is good, we have a stable government and all that we had wanted was a few credible opposition voices.

We didn't do much on Saturday thankfully. After breakfast at the market area, we brought K to the playground with the plan to sort of tire her out so that she will take her afternoon nap. Thankfully, she did and also yesterday. I hope I don't jinx it by saying it. In the evening, we went for peranakan buffet at the invite of the Victors.

Today was the usual lunch after church and then back home. While I cleaned and mopped the floor, I allowed K to watch a show but the quality was quite bad towards the end of the show, that she switched it off herself. Lol. After that, I went through some activities with her and am a little upset that she is not consistent with recognising her alphabets. A younger girl in church seems to know all her letters although she can't really speak. K, on the other hand speaks fairly well but is not consistent in recognising the alphabets.

At 1 point, I raised my voice a little higher and the hubs woke up from his nap. And then he took over and went through writing 'a' and 'b'. He had bought an activity book where the child can follow the outline of the alphabets and learn to write. Another child I know, of K's age, can already start writing her name! Anyhow, I hope we do not lose patience with K. I know a lot of times we tend to forget she is only 3. I hope we can make it enjoyable for her and not end up with causing a negative reaction from her. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

I am hoping for a slower September but it started out filled with activities again. On one hand, it is good to occupy my energiser baby but on the other hand, it still doesn't knock her out during the afternoon naps.

After Friday's morning outing and long walk, we went to the zoo yesterday with the energiser baby's ex-childcare mate. It seems that G still misses K and at times asks her mummy to call K. So we thought it'll be nice to bring them out together. Afterall, how many 3 year olds you know are so sentimental? The 2 fathers were with them at the waterplay area and again, the hubs feels that the water is dirty. So maybe the next time we go to the zoo, we will try to avoid the kids zone. We started the day at the River Safari first and took part in the activities created for the pandas' birthday month. After lunch, it was the zoo, zoo, zoo.

And today, we left church earlier for Hannah's birthday party. The hubs had helped to book a function hall at his colleague's condo when the Victors requested his help. So, the kids all had fun in the pool and Gaye thoughtfully packed water guns and pool related goody bags for each child. K chose the 1 and only boat and a ball. And at the end of the party, Gaye gave her another bag with a water gun, some foam darts and some other kid stuff. 

And as if it wasn't a full day enough, the Victors invited us to their home for dinner. We left at 8ish and I was totally knocked out. I don't know about K. Now, when it's time for ME to sleep, I'll do just that. 

Friday, 4 September 2015

The work week after our trip kept me so busy that I had no time for anything else. Thankfully, I could still leave office on-the-dot. And because I needed to take a day off today as K's school is closed for a Teacher's Day D&D, I had to get my pending work all cleared so that I can have a peaceful 'long' weekend.

I had plans for today. But this clueless mummy was caught unaware that probably all junior schools and childcare centres are closed today because of Teacher's Day. After breakfast, K and I took the bus, just the next bus-stop down, to Kidstop. A new spot for kids 18 months - 8 years. But by the time we arrive, the morning session was full already and I didn't want to go back again in the afternoon. I had to assure K that we could return anytime as we stay so near and asked her to count how many bus-stops did we have to pass. I will definitely bring her again, when there is another centre closure at her school. 

And so, I decided to bring her to the water-play area at IMM and we walked all the way from the Science Centre through the happening shopping centres, past the spanking new hospital only to realise the last bridge connecting the building to IMM was blocked off. Yes, there is direct access from Jurong East MRT station all the way to IMM. Talk about accessible! Anyway, it was a long walk and we stopped by the Starbucks in the hospital to reward K with a cake of her choice and a drink for me! There are numerous play areas in the shopping centres that we walked through but because I wanted to go to Daiso in IMM, decided IMM it is. But what luck we had! The water-play area was closed for a major renovation! And so we spent time in Daiso and more than an hour there! But I did reward K with a play dough set with cookie cutters.

We took the bus back home, bought lunch back and what was supposed to be nap time became another 'tug-of-war'. My child, no longer takes her afternoon naps at home! Thankfully, the hubs came home early and spent time with her so that I could cook dinner.

Tonight's meal:

Sunday, 30 August 2015

We had a good time in Malacca over the 3 days and are in fact, planning for another road trip up. We stayed in a new boutique peranakan hotel which was only about 3 months old. Other than the tight space, we love almost everything about it. Thankfully, or not, the hotel does not have a pool. Anyway, we were so busy with shopping that we really won't have time for all that.

We brought K to a'Farmosa resort to check out the animal safari there and surprisingly the place looks pretty well maintained in contrast to what I've heard from people. K had fun feeding the rabbits in their enclosure, feeding goats, sheep, miniature horses and going through a mock safari where we got to see tigers, lions, water buffalos and some others.

The weak currency had the eldest brother exclaimed that this was truly retail therapy. Lol. And that's also why we want to return. As we were there during the weekdays, it wasn't as crowded as opposed to the weekends when scores of Singaporeans would travel just for an overnight stay.

We returned on Friday evening and I am still exhausted. The hubs and I brought K to an event as the hubs had signed K up for a trial phonics class. There were so many booths and so many things to see that K became so tired and cranky, by mid afternoon.

It's back to work tomorrow and time to start working for the money again. So that we can go for another holiday!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Tonight's airfried dish. Terikayi Cod Fish:
There are so many airfryer recipes out there but I do not have time to try them out on a normal work week. For now, a simple 2 dish meal will do. Breakfast like a King, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Lol....

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Our weekends in August have been filled with so much activities. I'm hoping for a more relaxed September when we can do things at our own pace. 

Yesterday, we had breakfast with Kenneth and Gaye back at Redhill. They had some time to spare as their 2 girls had tuition and after breakfast, we brought them marketing and the usual stalls that we used to patronise and the 'lao-bans' still recognised us and asked why they haven't seen us for so long. Well, they all know now. Lol....After that, the 3 of us went to pick up the PILs and went over to their relative's. 

The same one who always opens up their home for all the other relatives. Although we had mentioned earlier to the youngest SIL to bring the NIL for a swim, the hubs ended up alone with K in the pool as they came much later. Thankfully we didn't have to stay long as we had Gideon's birthday dinner to go to. We left at 3ish, K slept half-way through the drive home, continued her nap at home while I finally got down to mopping the house after 2 weeks!

And so when K and the hubs woke from their naps, we took a short bus ride to Jerry's and spent the rest of the evening with my family.

As for today, we headed to the Victor's for dinner after the usual must have nap for K and this time, myself. The hubs had brought the car for a wash after sending us home from church so I had a lot of peace and could take in a good nap.

On another note, we'll be heading to Malacca this Wednesday with Jeremy and Ivy for a short trip. Our last trip was in January to Phuket and I'm looking forward to a get-away. Anywhere is good and I'm so looking forward to the road trip together!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

We had dinner over at Jerry's yesterday and this evening. The hubs had mentioned that he would be home late for the whole week except for Monday so it was very pleasant surprise when he text me yesterday to say that he is fetching K and then suddenly appearing at the playground below Jerry's block today.

My intention to bring K over to Jerry's yesterday was to see M, who had a fall and hurt her forehead. She rubbed the bruise so hard that it moved down to her right eye and looks like someone had punched her. Thankfully, when we went back to see her today, the bruise has grown smaller.

Although I believe it's still hard for my SIL but with Esther around, M is occupied a little bit more. When we were out for dinner with Jeremy and family last Wednesday, Esther actually called M on her mobile to hurry her back. Unlike when she's staying at our place, we're not home half the time and loneliness can make one mad, literally. Hopefully, she is able to occupy herself when her new flat is ready in about 2 years time.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

We had a dinner invite to the Salahudeens yesterday, to end their Hari Raya celebrations. A whole lot of our friends were there this time. These are all very nice and genuine people. The Victors, Salahudeens, Whites and Josephs. 

All the girls had fun playing in the bedroom and the adults had great time catching up. We ended the party late with us leaving at 11ish and mind you, the other families were still there!

So tired were we that K did not fight back having to take the afternoon nap after church today. The 3 of us simply knocked out, especially since the hubs and I are still feeling under the weather. This is the time when housework, which is the weekly mopping, can wait.

Friday, 14 August 2015

The Jubilee long weekend took it's toll on me, what with the entertaining and whole lot of being entertained. I was so fatigued on Wednesday that I decided to see a Dr. But also because I was coming down with a flu. But I could only sleep in till about 9ish, despite the house being nice and quiet with the hubs and K away at work and school.

Even when I returned home after visiting the Dr, I started doing the chores but I did it without any complaints. I did so much that I didn't have time for nap that I had planned for earlier. So I indulged myself in a body scrub and mask for my face and hair, like a lady of leisure. Lol...

I picked K up from school much earlier too as we had a dinner invite to an abalone restaurant by the eldest brother. After the hubs came to pick us up, we went to pick M up and then set off to meet Jeremy and the family as well as the SIL's sister and family who are here from the States for a month's holiday.

For yesterday's dinner, I brought the air-fryer out to use, my first time. The previous time was used by the 3rd SIL on National Day and I didn't touch it at all. When I say at all, it's definitely not an understatement. After the party ended, what I saw in the basket of the air-fryer so turned me off that I was considering not wanting to use it ever again. The hubs and I left it for 3 days but because I was on a Martha Stewart mood yesterday, I decided to face the challenge and then to realise it's actually not much of a challenge at all. Hahahaaha...the grime on the grill pan simply slides off when you run your fingers through it. I think it was the 3 day wait that I had to do a little bit more scrubbing on the basket.
Anyhow, this was our dinner yesterday. Easy peasy and fast. So much faster than if I had put it in the oven. And this time, I placed aluminium foil in the baking tray so no hassle to washing at all! first air-fryer experience. :)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

It's back to work today and we woke up from bed with much reluctance. The hub's 2 brothers and their wives came over to our place yesterday afternoon and the NIL seemed to be so entertained by K's playhouse that he was in there for a while. Except for the 2 kids, we all had durians and chit chatted for a while.

We left for the PIL's new home at about 4ish, supposedly to see the sick MIL. Apparently, she had really bad acid reflux on Saturday night and wanted to cancel yesterday's dinner with the family. But like how the youngest SIL predicted, she ended up going with us anyway. So much drama from her, as always. I do not even want to go into the details of what she said cos I am so sick of hearing the same old things all the time and it's amazing how she can go on talking about herself even though everyone else were not listening to her attentively and were in fact, talking amongst themselves. You can liken her voice to some background noise.

Anyway, I'm glad we were able to sneak in a visit to our home by the BILs. It was impromptu as the MIL called the hubs to 'postpone' the dinner initially and the youngest BIL was 'asked' be her to 'visit' her. I just hope that since now we are the nearest staying to them, there won't be too many 'non-urgent emergency calls' to mobilise the hubs.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Jubilee weekend saw us feasting and celebrating. We started the Friday off with some shopping and lunch at Ikea before heading back home again so that someone can take her nap. In the evening, we picked the ladies up from Jerry's and headed out for M's advance birthday dinner. Despite it being for her birthday, she treated us and made the booking at the coffeehouse. My wish for her is to continue to be healthy and lucid although her memory is not like before and she still has her stubbornness.

I mopped the house on Saturday morning and after that we went out for lunch and shopping. This was the only day that we did not partake in a big feast as the hubs went out with the guys for dinner and mainly to watch football.

After church today, Ivy came back with us, offering to help us prepare for the evening's party. As Jerry and the 3rd SIL had to work, we celebrated Esther's 10th birthday at our place. We also invited the eldest SIL's sister, husband and their teenage son who are back here from the States. James and his new girlfriend also joined us later in the evening.

Every year, we celebrate National Day as a family especially since we have a National Day baby in our midst and M's, 2 days later. This year's seems to be especially fun. Maybe because our house is bigger and they could make more noise. Lol...

Anyhow, I prepared pesto pasta and 2 shepherd's pie while the 3rd SIL prepared chicken wings, fish balls, bread and Ivy cooked minced beef stew. I made use of my oven for the first time and thankfully had yesterday evening to 'clean' it out. My air-fryer was also finally put to use by the 3rd SIL and in another post, will show how hesitant I am to put it to use again.
Cake cutting was later in the evening. The birthday girl enjoyed herself and the adults too. Thankfully, we have a public holiday tomorrow!

Monday, 3 August 2015

My thermal pot is back to work again! Vegetables were prepared yesterday evening and dumped into the pot early this morning. Thanks to the thermal pot, the soup was still very warm when it was time for dinner and everything tasted oh so good. And omelette to complete our simple meal.