Sunday, 28 September 2014

A couple of weeks back, I saw this on-line and thought I could get it to store some of the stuff that has take up space in the room where we put K's play-house. Affordable and neat too.
When the item came, I was upset that it says 'Double' when I wanted 'Single' due to space constraint. So I sent an enquiry back to the seller and withheld payment. A few days later, they sent me the exact same thing and was I fed up. But I released payment anyway. And now I've got 2 of them, I thought.
Anyhow, I decided to take a look at the reviews on the seller and realised I may have wronged him! Oops....I think the package is not true to the item inside it! And true enough, when the hubs fixed it up on Friday evening, this is what I got.
He then took it upon himself to pack some of the nonsense into the rack and sort of neaten the room a little and the room actually looks big now! I daresay it can even fit in a queen-size bed now. Lol.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Tonight's 1 dish meal: Pasta, pesto not added yet, in my new Korean ceramic wok. :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tonight's simple dinner: Baked Salmon, yes again, and Stir Fried Orka with left over Chick-peas from yesterday's soup.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The hubs and I have embarked on a new project and I'm so excited. I think he is too but more quietly so. I'm not going to reveal anything yet but I guess there will be hints along the way. And, for sure, this will be keeping us very busy.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

And I thought we've passed the horrible season of haze but look what came to haunt us this evening!

The smell was bad and out came the ionizer but I doubt it'll be much effective with the smog. Haze, haze, please go away! And don't ever come back any other day!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

We went to the youngest BIL's house in the early evening as he was hospitalised during the week and only the hubs was able to see him in the hospital while I couldn't, for obvious reasons. The BIL had been suffering from headache for quite a few days, was dizzy, experienced slight vision loss and the symptoms is quite worrying. By the time he was discharged, his vision improved but he was still having slight headaches and was still a little dizzy.

For a really fit person like him, he's a coach for one of the local professional football teams, it is cause for concern. Hopefully, all the tests that he went through while in hospital prove to be nothing more than an exertion. Apparently, he had continued his gym routine while he was still sick and lifted heavier than usual weights! 

While K was playing her fishing game with her paternal grandmother and the nephew-in-law was busy with his cousin from the SIL's side of the family, I spent time catching up with the SIL. We were chatting in the cosy kitchen of theirs while the FIL was performing reiki on the BIL and everyone else was occupied some form or the other.

Anyway, good news is, the SIL is expecting and is in her first trimester. When I first heard it from the hubs after visiting his brother, I was looking forward to 'returning' everything that she had passed on to us when we were about to have K. You have no idea how much of hand-me-downs we have accumulated and now stored away as K has out-grown them. And I told the SIL that K has so many girly stuff that her baby can have too. Lol. Anyhow, I wish her a safe pregnancy this time and we should be looking forward to a new bundle of joy come May next year. :)

Friday, 12 September 2014

K seems to be on a 'learning spurt' the past few weeks. If there is even such a term for it.

She now knows how to scoot and ride on her balance bike although in the safe confines of our home. I suppose the real test will come when we let her play with them at the park. And just last night, she managed to button and then unbutton her blouse all by herself!

What I realise something that seems like a no-brainer to normal beings can in fact be a challenge to people who have special needs and of course toddlers. It is indeed a tough exercise for the motor skills. I've been teaching her and helping her along and I know it isn't easy for those little fingers to grip the button, hold on to the button hole, push the button into the the button hole while stretching it at the same time and then pushing in the button. So many times she has been frustrated and thankfully it was not the other way round.  But alas, she did it and I gave her her a well-deserved hug. 

A hug that I know she truly appreciated and then looked forward to again when again she managed to unbutton/button herself this morning before I changed her for school.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tonight's other dish:

The hubs loved it! Cherry Tomatoes replaced the usual ones as we ran out. The hubs even cleaned up the shitake mushrooms which I thought was a tad too many. Although it was only 2 mushrooms that I sliced up and for the hubs, who is not a mushroom lover, it says a lot! Yay!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Although K slept fitfully last Wednesday and Thursday when she was nursing her fever, she slept till 8ish on Friday morning, which is rare. But we took it as good that she was sleeping well and she had a nap too. By late afternoon, she was a lot better.

And so, we went ahead with a Japanese birthday dinner invite by my eldest SIL. She, who is now 55, took care of K during the 19 months before she was enrolled into the childcare centre. And the family misses K so much even now when they don't get to see her, other than church on Sundays.

And on Saturday, the hubs and I, together with K decided to pop by their home to surprise her with a birthday cake. We had dinner and spent some time with them.

Anyway, my SIL is now an Assistant Teacher of a childcare centre! What do you know! After K, she took care of another baby boy till his parents decided to get a maid. And now, she simply adores her charges but I guess it's because she's handling those in playgroup. The cutest age to have around.

As much as she and the family have been such great blessings to the hubs and me and then K, I hope we have been a blessing to them too. She is still so groomed and definitely do not look over 45. Hopefully, I age as gracefully as her and I really wish her many good, healthy years to come!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

It was a worrying week for us. When we picked K up from childcare on Tuesday evening, the teacher told us that she had slight fever. While we were having dinner at the hawker centre before going to the supermarket, K became restless and we could feel her body temperature rising. She did not have any appetite for her dinner, which is really unlike her.

We went to the supermarket anyway. K's temperature shot up to 39.5 degree and I had to take the day off on Wednesday. The hubs and I took turns on Thursday. Friday, being Teacher's Day and with the advance notice that the school gave us, the hubs had already took the day off and had planned to bring K out. 

Anyhow, K's fever did not subside much and it was worrying for us as this is the first time she has no mood to eat, feel restless and despite us putting her in the tub, her fever was still very much present. Not only did she not want to eat, she didn't have her usual milk feeds either. 

When we brought her to the Dr's on Wednesday afternoon, in the heavy rain, K was prescribed Ibuprofen. By Thursday evening, she seemed a little better although her appetite was still not back yet. When I left for work on Friday morning, K was still asleep. 

When she was a lot better by late Friday afternoon, we brought her out for dinner with Jeremy's family and I noticed rashes on her nose. By Sunday, there were rashes all over her face and body and we thought it could be a drug allergy. There were red spots all over her body although it didn't seem to bother her one bit, which means they didn't itch. In the evening, we brought her back to the clinic and then she was diagnosed with Roseola. 

Thankfully, her fever has broken. She missed school for 2 days, technically 3. Definitely a tiring week for us.