Sunday, 28 December 2014

I was back at work on Boxing Day and I am glad that we had Esther over as she could play with K and free the hubs a little. While I can still get things done while being alone with K, the hubs makes me feel that he can't. And also he's got a very bad habit of checking his FB ever so often.

Nobody at the workplace seemed to have the mood to work the day after Christmas and I was chatting away with the people from finance, especially since my Manager was on leave. When the work day finally ended, I met the hubs, Esther and K for dinner before proceeding to Star Vista again to finish up the train coupons. K had been saying that she wants to sit on the train with Esther jie-jie. We have so many that we even gave some coupons away. Not that there was much shopping at Star Vista, it was the train rides that K kept wanting to go back for. She has taken so many rounds of train ride on her own, with me, Bev, Ivy and now Esther.

And after lunch today, we went to visit the SIL at the hospital. Unfortunately, she cannot be discharged yet and in fact may have to be warded till the last trimester. It seems that she was still leaking as of yesterday and they need to prop her legs up. She said that when she was first admitted, they had put her legs up at almost 90 degrees! Hopefully her condition stabilises and she can be home for the Lunar New Year and this time I've advised her not to travel back to her hometown in Malaysia, like how she would normally do so.

It's back to work again for me tomorrow and bonding time for K and the hubs. I think when it's time for her to return to school, she will go through some separation anxiety again, like how she did when we returned from our Chiang Mai trip. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

We didn't do much today, so much so that it feels like any normal public holiday. When last night's dinner was cancelled, I made arrangements with Jeremy to go Gardens by the Bay in the evening. He, Ivy and Bev decided to have dinner at the market near our place and very shortly after, it started to pour.

The rain was still so heavy when the 3 of us drove to the market to meet them that going to Gardens by the Bay was no longer an option. Disappointing but what to do. So, the alternative was to go Star Vista where we had so many coupons for the train ride there. We had some from shopping and then some others were given by other shoppers. So sweet right! But we ended up with a tad too many, I reckon. 

With nothing planned for today, K was pleasantly surprised when we opened our bedroom door, supposedly after her afternoon nap to see that M has brought Esther home. While the hubs and I slept, K was playing the whole time on the bed. We then took the 2 of them out with us to the furniture mall to see what we could potentially buy for the new place and had dinner outside.

That basically sums up the eve of our Christmas and the day itself. K's childcare is closed tomorrow till Tuesday and the hubs is responsible in taking care of her. I've mentioned this so many times but he either forgets or wasn't paying attention that he has to apply leave to be with her. Anyway, I'm leaving it to him what he needs to do. 

As for the youngest SIL, she is still under observation. I hope she'll be given the all clear and can be discharged soon. Not doing anything for Christmas is one thing but having to be bedridden and worrying is something no one wants to go through during the festive holidays.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

We went to the restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands for departmental dinner yesterday evening. And because the hubs had his company's Christmas party, he was not able to pick K up and thus, at my Manager's suggestion, K was the special guest for dinner. 

The food spread was fantastic! But unfortunately my tolerance to something which I ate, wasn't. Within an hour or so, I felt my face feeling hot and thought that it could be the alcohol in the food. Shortly after, my body started itching. It was definitely not the alcohol but a food allergy and there were mosquito-like patches on my temples and parts of my body. My manager suggested that I go see consult a Doctor straightaway and my colleague so sweetly accompanied me and K although I had arranged to meet R at the clinic.

During the not so short wait at the Doctor's, the itch and swells subsided but I waited for my turn anyway. According to the Dr, the allergy could be due to additives or the usual suspects of crustaceans. I had 3 oysters, 2 mussels, some fresh prawns from the cold section and it has never happened before. When the hubs met me, he said I'll probably need a jab but after the wait, I was almost afraid the Dr can't find the spots anymore. Lol...

Anyway, we are supposed to have a Christmas barbeque at the youngest BIL's home this evening but the hubs received a text this morning that says that dinner has been cancelled as the SIL has been admitted to the hospital as her waterbag was leaking. Oh dear, I hope she and the foetus will be fine.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Project: Lake District

We formalise the sale of our flat today! Finally, I can reveal the big project. As usual, I kept it under wraps as I didn't want to jinx it and end up feeling so excited and then nothing happening.

We have been looking out for a bigger place, not that ours is puny, for a while. Before K and then it sort of died a natural death on the birth of K. Especially since we had to travel between the east and central part of the island at that time. Sometime in late August or September, the hubs mentioned to me about a unit he saw on-line and then I decided to take a look and found another potential unit.

Long story cut short, we viewed the flat and somehow felt quite comfortable with it. Unlike previous bigger units that we have viewed before, this one didn't give me a half-hearted feeling. And the fact that it was fairly bare, with no built-in cabinets except in the kitchen was a draw. I don't like how some flats have built in everything which will likely become passe and have to be torn down.We made an offer within 2-3 weeks after the first viewing.

Which means, we have to sell our flat too. So, in came Zul, and I must really give him credit. Within the first day of listing, we had 2 viewers and the first made an offer but we were not ready to move out so fast. In less than 1 month and probably almost after 10 sets of buyers, our flat has found her new owner. There was 1 evening, we had as many as 5 sets of buyers viewing our flat!

The hubs was initially worried that we can't get a buyer so fast but I guess where we are staying is the selling point in itself and the fact that it is bigger than most units these days made the sale easier.

I am looking forward to the bigger unit at the soon to be developed 'Lake District'. And at the same time will miss a lot of what I've been used to especially since this is our first matrimonial home.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Our activity filled weekends have picked up again.

While still coughing and sounding nasal, we went ahead to attend the 21st birthday of the hub's relative's daughter. Because it is the same relative who usually holds gatherings for all their relatives, all of them are not immediate cousins but distant, the food was good! The french chap, step-father to the 2 kids is a good cook and so is the mom really. The hubs' family was the only one they invited and then the birthday girl's friends. 

Her friends decorated the function hall beautifully except for the disappointing helium balloons which started deflating too soon! Lol.. Having in mind to celebrate K's 3rd birthday, like finally, I was trying to 'steal' ideas on what decorative items I can put up. 

And after church this morning, we only had 1 service today, there was a small spread of food available. And then we went to Jeremy's. While Jeremy and Tim drove off again, after sending Ivy home, to collect the turkey, the hubs and I brought K out to Courts as the hubs needed to get some prizes for his company's upcoming Christmas party. 

I had brought K out in the hope that she'll catch a nap in the car but unfortunately, after wailing and staying in the car for a while when we returned to Jeremy's block, she did not want to sleep at all. We told her to take a nap as soon as we go upstairs and she even bargained with us after she play for a while. When we reached Jeremy's flat, she reluctantly followed me upstairs to the room and eventually, her favourite uncle was with her, entertaining her with stories and she still didn't sleep. And of course, her favourite uncle then carried her downstairs and she started playing with her girl cousins.

We had early dinner, unwrapped the presents and had rainbow cake, specially bought for K by her favourite uncle, again. We left about 7pm, squeezed into the car and a short while later, K started wailing. Just because she was getting restless from being so tired and wanted to sleep. She slept through the 3 siblings alighting and all the way home. When we reached home however, she woke. Anyway, it was good as we could let her have her milk, rinse her down and get comfortable in her pjs. 

We were all able to sleep at our usual bedtime after reading to her 3 books. She has another party in school tomorrow. Our contribution of panettone was brought to her school on Friday. Well, another day of fun for her. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our little Christmas tree was put up a few weeks back and although the cold wind is starting to descend on us, it's a lot later than the past years. I usually start humming 'It's beginning to feel like Christmas' by November every year but this time round, it's the week before that I can feel it.

Our 'celebrations' start this Saturday, with a 21st birthday party at the hubs' relatives home. I'm not too sure if we're going though, with the 2 of us still feeling under the weather. On Sunday, we have a church celebration after the morning service then my own family's dinner at Jeremy's in the evening. And on Christmas eve, we are going over to the youngest BIL's home for some barbecue with the SIL's side of the family. The hubs had wanted to invite his family over to our home for dinner but I guess the youngest SIL already made plans and since we asked, decided to have us join them.

Presents have be bought and this year, K is definitely more attuned to the season of eating, decorations and presents.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

M is on a holiday since Monday and it feels good to be home when it feels like before, just us. Just the 2 of us and of course K. And while we should be enjoying it, the 3 have ended up feeling under the weather.

It started with K getting slightly feverish on Saturday and then the coughs and slight running nose came about. She's better now, after the manuka honey drink that the hubs made for her in her water-bottle, which she had to bring to school everyday and drink it for the past 3 days, and of course, over-the-counter cough medication. Now the hubs and I seem to be the worst for it. Having not the need to consult the GP, the same can't be said for the hubs and I! Yes, both of us consulted the GP yesterday evening and hopefully, like what the Doctor said, if your daughter recovers in such a short time, you will too!

I was on course today so it was a good break away from work, especially since I was busy ever since I came back from Chiangmai. And our my way back, I could finally say we're getting some cold wind from the year end weather. Or is it just me because I'm still sick? :p

Sunday, 14 December 2014

M brought Esther over to stay on Thursday evening. The hubs and I have been telling Esther that we'll bring her over sometime during her school holidays but never actually got round to it as we need to pick her up from Jerry's, which is usually out of the way for us. Esther called me to ask if she can stay over while M was at their place and since M was going to bring her out on Friday, while the hubs and I are at work, why not.

So on Saturday morning, we skipped the market run, since we had sufficient supplies in the fridge, and brought Esther and K to the fire station. We dropped by Alexandra fire station initially but is didn't seem like it had anyone other than the staff in there. So after I got off to check with the officer if they have an open house, we decided to drive over to the central fire station.

There were so much more visitors at the central fire station and they were more prepared or rather, more used to attending to such crowds that they seem to have a proper flow of what they showcased. On the other hand, I reckon that the fire stations at the neighbourhoods do not have the same systematic flow. Upon request, Esther and K both had a plastic replica of a fire fighter's 'helmet'. K was a little apprehensive and I had to carry her throughout while the hubs had to carry her while 'playing' with the fire hose.

We went for lunch after the the open house, then to the supermarket and the 2 girls took their nap after K showered. We spent the rest of the day at home and I made pizza for them while the hubs went to attend a wedding dinner, of which, he left even before the dinner started just because he said he missed us. Awhhhhh.

And today, Esther went back home after church. Having 2 girls in the backseat is a nice thought. You can just leave them on their own and they can talk and imagine all sorts of things. And boy, can they talk! 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

I had been so busy and probably stressed since I came back to work on Monday that my period was delayed and after 3 days, just like clock-work it came as soon as the software issues were solved.

On top of the usual claims to manage, the company practices early salary pay-out in December and there I was having to process a truckload of claims, which the staff inevitably try to submit before the year ends, on top of ensuring that bonuses are paid out as well. And as murphy's law dictates, everything that can go wrong did go wrong. I encountered errors while processing which my colleagues in HQ have not come across before.

So on Tuesday, for the first time in this company, I stayed till 7ish pm just to check on the payroll and because I had to manually key in staff details in the bank site, I had to lunch in yesterday. The issue was settled yesterday evening and when I processed the claims run again this morning, everything seemed to be back to normal. And a while later, dear auntie flo reared her head again.

Now I just pray that there are no mistakes with bank details. :p

Sunday, 7 December 2014

We're back from our 1 week holiday in Chiangmai! And before that, we or rather, I was so busy that I couldn't find time to blog although what I had wanted to write was constantly on my mind.

We were supposed to kick-start our vacation last Saturday with a staycation. Kenneth's cousin had some staff deal but was cancelled last minute due to some mix-up which was just as well as I hadn't started packing for our trip to Chiangmai. But the Victors, Salahudeens and Cordeiros went ahead with the staycation at another hotel. We brought K over for some pool time and then we had dinner with them.

On Sunday evening, the 3 of us took a train ride to Jeremy's to stay the night as they stay very near the airport. Our suitcase was sent there after church and Jerry's family were already there when we arrived. So technically, our holiday started on Sunday evening for the kids.

While we enjoyed ourselves in Chiangmai, especially on the elephant ride, ride on the ox-cart, bamboo rafting (K was asleep by then and the hubs carried her and waited for us at the final station), I was disappointed with the weather. It wasn't as cold as expected and I had packed for K and myself, trousers and long-sleeved tops! Another thing we had to miss out was the night market. While Jerry and his family seem to shop quite a bit, we were restricted by K's sleep time. Although I must say she was so sweet to allow the hubs and myself 1/2 hour of leg massage while seated in her stroller. Not an easy feat, considering how boring it is. Just imagine yourself being strapped up for 30- 45 minutes, not moving.

On the whole, we had fun and K breezed through the flight and enjoyed herself. Am NOT looking forward to work come Monday.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The hubs' relatives had a 'family' photo shoot at the usual relative's home yesterday. There were 55 folks altogether! Including the 'pioneer generation', the middle aged, the young adults and kids. It's like a time-capsule of sorts. In 20 years time, there will be another photo shoot and this time, the middle aged will be the ones sitting. Lol.

When we joined the rest who were already there in the function hall, K was still a little guarded cos technically, there were about 50 people in there already. Thankfully, she warmed up pretty fast when the jie-jie she likes came to carry her. K's school was having a graduation concert as well but as we have some holiday plans next week, I didn't want to tire her out with so many activities so I did not sign her up for it. Besides, we had to pay for costumes and such. And we heard the kids had to report to the auditorium about 3 hours before the start of the concert! I rather K takes her nap and wakes up happy rather than end the day grouchy and then causing the hubs the be all anxious and irrational.

And after lunch today, Jerry and his family dropped by for a few hours. Joshua and Esther was pleading with Jerry to let them come over as it was the holidays now and Gideon did very well for his PSLE too. So K missed her nap and played with Esther. 

When it came to her sleep at night, all she took was 5 minutes to knock out. Lol...

Thursday, 20 November 2014

So, my birthday week has come and gone. Other than an unintentional chocolate mousse cake that Lynn had gotten for me and the hubs and K singing me a birthday song and K insisting on having a candle and blowing it out with me, the whole week just passed by without any other fanfare.

In fact, I wasn't looking forward to it at all! Kenneth said turning the BIG 40 calls for a celebration but really, I do not want to go around announcing the fact that I may be approaching mid-life. Sure, with today's pace of life blah blah blah, mid-life doesn't start at 'mid-life' anymore. Nothing is really much of a norm but still! All I wanted to do was to sleep in and forget that I have ended my 30s.

Some friends are just so sweet to say that I have 'maintained' myself very well and that I do not look 40 at all but how can anyone turn away from reality. 

Ok, let's not talk about this anymore. It just emphasizes what I do not want to be the blaring truth. Life goes on.......and pray, that I do age gracefully or not age at all! Lol.... 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lunch I made on Saturday, inspired by another mummy's blog. Something different and yet very simple. 
K had almost the whole thing to herself! And needless to say, 1 wasn't enough for the hubs. The wrap wasn't big enough. Next time, I shall look out for actual pizza base.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

The bestie is back in town for about 2 weeks and we caught up on Friday evening with Yvonne. We had starbucks while waiting for Yvonne to arrive and then instead of some fancy restaurant, we went for really simple hawker fare at the hawker centre at People's Park! Lol....good thing the bestie's husband is now stationed in Macau so she can savour her asian delights and travelling back here is so much more convenient.

All we did yesterday was drop by Lynn's place after K woke up from her nap. Lynn had been asking us to go by and see her newly renovated place. So we spent a short time there before we went off for dinner together. 

And after lunch today, we picked Lynn up again to view some household stuff before we dropped her at her aunt's and back home we went. 

A quieter weekend compared to last week's crazy packed weekend. And with the year-end rainy season finally descending on us, we rather stay in but unfortunately, it doesn't do much to make K nap faster and longer. *bleah*

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Conversations with K

A few days back, while K was doing her little business, she declared that she wants to marry Lucas. (!!!) Yes, our jaws dropped but of course we know better than to take it seriously. She went on to say that both her playgroup mates, Zander and Ko Kai, will marry each other. I then explained to her that boys cannot marry boys. So, if you are into the alternative lifestyle and strongly object to my belief, this blog is not for you. So bugger off.

Yesterday evening, the hubs brought it up, out of amusement and asked K if she told mummy who she wanted to marry.

K : I want to marry Lucas.
Me : Whyyyy? Daddy will cry when you get married.
K : 'Cos I love Lucas.
Me : You lurveeee Lucas? Does Lucas know?
K : Yes, we can talk to each other very well. (Good that she knows communication makes a good relationship)

My, she's only 2. Ok, if you want to be specific, she's 32 months old now but still! I thought children only play this married game when they are in kindergarten!! My heart will break too the day she walks down the aisle....and baby, so will your daddy's.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

I took the morning half off work today for the annual Crabtree Christmas sale! I met Lynn there and she brought her friend along. And I'm glad she did! This time, again, I spent over $500 and had to lug 3 big bags of stuff. 

I remember last year was torturous with the cab ride. I practiced a lot more self control this time round with the help of colleagues whom I helped buy some stuff. Otherwise, I think I'll just buy whatever I see because of the nice packaging!

And I'm glad I'm not the only sucker for nice packaging. Lynn confessed to it too but I can see she has more will power than I have. Lol....I have another 30% birthday discount till the end of this month. Anyone needs/wants anything, let me know! :)

Monday, 10 November 2014

We had such a busy, busy weekend! And I'm glad to have taken the day off today but have sent K to school anyway as we're going shopping in JB!

Anyway, Saturday started off as usual, with us going marketing and then to the playground. But because we were caught in the downpour and were stuck at the market for a bit, the playground was still wet so we didn't allow K on it. It was almost 11am when we reached home and I do not know why I was suddenly so tired that I had the hubs buy lunch instead. I wanted to take a power nap but there were so many things in my to-do list that I couldn't take a restful nap. 

And so I got up, dump K's laundry into the washing machine and then the hubs came home and I fed her. 

When K was up from her nap, we left for the hub's childhood friend's place for their baby's full month celebration. We were there a little earlier and left even before the 'party' started to go to another party. The next one was at the Joseph's. It was both a catholic confirmation party as well as a birthday celebration for the dad, whose birthday is on the same day as me but a good 10 years older. Lol.

When we had to leave, K cried. She was enjoying herself with the girls. In fact, she didn't want to leave either when we were at the baby's 1st month earlier although she didn't have anyone to play with her then. But thankfully, we do not give in to her for it poured so heavily a while after when we were on the road.

As for yesterday, we headed to expo after church to check out an exhibition that was going on and by the time we left, it was about 5pm, way off K's naptime. After dinner in the evening, I brought her down to Janice's with some of my birthday cake and K played so well with Jazlyn. 

It's really nice to see them play together so well. At least there were interaction between the 2 girls. With the Pannu's daughter, it was like seeing them together but not really playing together. 

Any by the time we reached home, it was past K's bedtime. We allowed K to sleep in today as we're both on leave. For a change, she had breakfast at home and then both of us sent her to school at about 9am before we drove off to JB.

Friday, 7 November 2014

I took the afternoon off today, in order to avoid the company's 'birthday celebration' for November babies. They usually buy a huge cake from Cedele and then whoever's birthday falls in that month will stand in front, while the rest of whoever is in the office will sing the birthday song. No thanks, I've gone past that stage. 

So, I went for my hair-cut and took off quite a bit. My curls are gone now and I now sport slightly below shoulder length hair which I used to have. Am liking it! :) 

The hubs, who was supposed to have a golf game, cancelled it, as according to him, he felt so bad pulling a last-minute one on me, expecting me to pick K up when I've told him earlier that I'm taking 1/2 day off for 'me-time'. However, he messaged me in the middle of my hair-cut to say that he'll be picking K up and wanted to meet me at the salon. But I had made plans, after the hubs told me about his game, to meet Lynn for dinner. I had planned to fetch K after my hair-cut, drop her bag at home, changed her and head out again. But since the hubs was able to pick her up, I went home, did a bit of craft work, changed and waited for them to come home.

After changing K out of her uniform, the hubs sent both of us to Merchant Court Hotel where we met Lynn for buffet dinner! Once again, I am thankful for an easy eater. K is such a foodie and ate so much that later on, she told me she needed to poop. Lol....

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A couple of evenings back, after K had her shower, she wondered out to the living room to bring her daddy into the room. She always asks for him to come into the room and then her daddy will end up falling asleep before her. (!!) 

Anyway, the hubs was watching some infotainment on tv about milk and decided to let K see where milk actually comes from. Before the cows came on, the hubs asked K and her reply was 'From the bottle.' It was funny hearing the straight answer with such innocence.

And I digress. K always asks to lie on mummy's lap whenever it's her milk time. Sometimes I get called up while in the middle of washing dishes or something I want to finish first and so I tell her to start first but she'll whine. And I get irritated and walk myself over with my mobile and while she's lying on my lap, I surf impatiently. I know, I'm so mean. Anyhow, that's not the point. I just want to say it's so amazing that babies and even now, that K is now a toddler, she can drink from her milk bottle non-stop! 

Meaning to say the teat does not leave the mouth at all for whatever amount of milk that she is drinking. Her milk intake is 200ml and she finishes it in less than 5 minutes! Isn't that amazing? I think I take twice that time just to finish my mug of milk. Lol...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Beautiful bunch of flowers that the eldest SIL bought for K, as she said, when they came over for dinner on Saturday. A reprieve from the haze and hot weather creeping up despite us being in November!
Where's my nice, lovely, cool year end weather that usually makes it's round this time of the year?

Monday, 3 November 2014

We invited Jeremy and Jerry's family over for dinner on Saturday evening and it started early when Jeremy and Ivy arrived at 4ish. The 3rd SIL arrived later with the 3 kids as Jerry had to work. While K had fun playing with Esther and Gideon, I was busy in the kitchen.

I prepared chicken stew earlier and then left it in the thermal cooker so when it was about 5ish, I started on the Salmon Fish Head curry and Stir-fried Mix Vegetables. The hubs' 'contribution' of the oven baked nuggets was the much needed addition to the 3 dishes. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of the food! *bummer*

Jeremy commented that it's been a long while since they've had my cooking and went on to say that it's been a long while since I cooked! Which of course, I needed to correct him and I can tell he was impressed. Lol. Anyhow, I was so tired when they left that I did not bother to mop the house! 

And yesterday, when we came back home from church, I took a short nap with K before I mopped the house. And in the evening, we invited Zul over for dinner with the hubs cooking this time but it was a much scaled down affair as we had chicken stew and the curry from the night before. 

A nice change to be staying at home, but just as tiring, especially with the haze level threatening to go up again. :(

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Tonight's dinner: Fried Kailan & Steam Seabass, which has been blanketed by tomatos. Oops...

Monday, 27 October 2014

I've been confirmed in my role with the company. On the whole, I am happy here. And my Manager is generally happy with me too. :)

On the whole, I'm glad I've prayed for a nicer boss to work with and she is definitely more understanding and is so much more objective. The company provides flexi working time too although it's more consistent in it's policy for flexi-hours, compared with the previous company. As my Manager comes to work really early, she leaves earlier too and when I'm done for the day, I can just go off. Work life balance is a big thing for the vikings, I think. Lol.

Being able to get home to prepare dinner, ensuring the loved ones are provided with home goodness makes me very contented. Yes, the happiness I get is to be able to get home on time, prep my food and cook dinner everyday without fail. When we don't have plans on Saturdays, I cook too. Of course life is made easier with the help of the thermal pot, from which I make soup that can last us 2 days.

Happiness is all about the simple things in life. And I hope you find yours too. :)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

We spent the evening at the hubs' aunt's place for the yearly Nepali Bhai Pooja. They stay just a train station away from us and so we took the stroller and walked there. K tends to want us to carry her after awhile and it's no joke carrying a 13kg weight so we've decided that she should sit in the stroller instead. Having not sat in her stroller for some time, she gleefully sat in it as soon as the hubs unfolded the stroller at our doorstep. Lol...

Having K is a good distraction for me, from the MIL's oft stupid comments and remarks. So she doesn't really bother me anymore in that sense. This year, we didn't have the youngest BIL join us as unfortunately he has been admitted back to the hospital due to the incessant headaches which  they finally found is due a viral infection after drawing fluid from his spine, for the 2nd time.

If I have mentioned it before, I am mentioning it again that the whole family has been admitted to the hospital this year. No surprises for the MIL of course. In fact, it'll be a surprise if she doesn't get admitted to the hospital. The FIL was second, the the hubs, who I must say was a scheduled surgery, and the same day the 2nd SIL had a miscarriage, followed by the youngest BIL on the onset of the terrible headaches then the 2nd BIL due to the accident. It's strange and hopefully, this is it.

The youngest BIL and family were supposed to to go on a holiday to Australia end October but he was re-admitted only a few days back and now has to be hospitalised and be on medication for 10 days, which means they will have to miss this holiday. The BIL had asked if the hubs and I would like to take over the tickets but unfortunately, I do not have 2 weeks of leave to spare. I'm sure the youngest SIL and nephew in law are upset but well, it's not a choice anyone would like to make. Hopefully, he gets well soon.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I'm kind of liking having public holidays fall on Wednesdays. It's almost akin to a 4 day work week. Work 2 days, rest, then work for another 2 days followed by the weekend. 

This morning, I suggested going to the Botanic Gardens for a walk. So after the laundry was done, the 3 of us headed out. Although I have been telling the hubs to park the car nearer to Bukit Timah, where the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden is, he stubbornly drove into the main carpark. Either he was stubborn or wasn't listening. It was so crowded and I was so frustrated with his attitude, I left him to decide what he wanted to do. He ended up exiting the car park as there were no empty lots and going to where I had mentioned from the beginning.

The children's garden is situated away from the main garden and we were lucky to find parking lots available. However, we managed to only spend all of 30 minutes due to the rain. The next time we go, I will be better prepared with K's swim gear as there is a water play area and she kept asking to play there. Thankfully, we were able to distract her with the many other play areas at the garden. Today is really just a recce trip, which was decided impromptu. Next time, we'll bring along her gear, some snacks and spend more time there. 

And because it rained, we drove off for lunch and by the time we reached home, it was about 1 pm, K's naptime in school. She had a good nap for slightly more than 2 hours, something which she hardly does when she's at home now. So that meant good rest for the daddy and mummy as well.

In the evening, we proceeded to the Pannu's house for a Deepavali dinner invite. Mavi and the hubs are childhood friends who grew up in the same neighbourhood. Their daughter is just 2 months older than K and attends the same childcare centre so the 2 had fun playing together although there wasn't much communication between them. It's funny just to see how they can play together without talking.

The 2 girls had their dinner separately, played together quietly and then not so quietly and when we left, K announced that she enjoyed herself! The Pannus even gifted K with a beautiful punjabi suit which Shareen has outgrown. Yes, she is a lot bigger than K although K is not exactly petite. On the whole, the hubs and I enjoyed ourselves too, ending the night with playing sparklers and party poppers that the good host provided. 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Whether K was a baby or when she reach 'toddler-hood', there would be something that we tend to buy frequently at some point. It used to be the Avent pacifiers, then tongs for her milk bottles as few times the hubs accidentally left them in the steriliser and needless to say, they warp at the end of the sterilisation session. Also, some broke.

Now that K's in her 31st month or should I say ever since she started school, guess what has frequently popped up in the 'have to buy' list?
Yes! Water-bottles! Somehow they don't last. After a while, they tend to leak. Although we did find the ones that we bought from our friendly neighbour across the causeway to be better and we finally also found the straw brush. 

This is just 5 bottles you see now. I cannot recall how many we have had to throw away already. I wonder what's next. Lol....

Friday, 17 October 2014

I have become such an 'auntie' that I hope it doesn't affect the way I look or talk.

I was supposed to pick K from school after work today but during lunch time, the hubs text me to say his evening meeting has been cancelled. The screenshot is self-explanatory:
I think K enjoyed herself the most. When we were there, we allowed her to take a kiddy car ride which only cost $2 for 5 minutes as opposed to $5 for 5 minutes the last time she took one at Vivo City. The makeshift stall is owned by a nice elderly uncle as opposed to a group teenagers hired to man the cash register. In short, it is very old-school and K got to 'drive' the car round the open area although most of the time she goes round in circles. 

When her 5 minutes of fun was up, we took a walk in the neighbourhood and was pleasantly surprised to see a few cafes sprouting up. We even finally managed to get K to try on a child's helmet, bought it and hopefully we can convince her to wear it if she wants to bring her balance bike or kick scooter down to the park.

A nice slow evening to end the work/school week. :)

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dinner tonight:
Pan-Fried Codfish dressed up in Omelette, Stir-Fried Spinach and left-over Baked Beans. 

I had wanted to cook a simple pan-fried codfish and was scouring the internet for a easy recipe. I modified it with whatever ingredients I had. I used Corn Flour to coat the fish, dip it in egg but didn't want to waste the balance of the egg, so I threw the remaining into the pan. And there we have a beautifully coated fish. Lol....

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Although we had planned to visit the 2nd BIL at home following his discharge yesterday, today's visit back to his house was a last-minute call up by the FIL for a 'momo' party as the 3 siblings missed out on the recent Nepali New Year or Dashain.

As the MIL doesn't cook and we know the 2nd SIL is probably having her hands tied especially with the 2nd BIL's 2 broken wrists, the hubs suggested a pot-luck dinner.

The hubs' dish of Braised Chicken:
And my first ever Fish Head curry, which thankfully, was well-received:
And this evening, the aunties came over and prepared momo, which is really just a Nepali version of the xiao long bao. And then there were some other Nepali food prepared as well.

K enjoyed herself and the nephew in law, on the other hand, was his usual rude self. On both days that we were there, he was scolded by his mother and the 2nd BIL. He refused to let K play with his lego cars, which the youngest SIL bought from the Shell station during the recent F1 promotion. And when he did, he would raise his voice at K for 'spoiling' the toy. And then he'll snatch it back from K. And when his mother scolded him, he would get unhappy and hit his mother 3 times on both days. That's how he got scolded by the 2nd BIL. Anyway, I used it as a lesson to K. I asked if she likes to be scolded like that and that she has to behave herself so everyone would love her. I can tell that the hubs is irritated by his own nephew as well. So many times he tried to tell the nephew to lower his volume. And the 2nd SIL was so worried that the boy would accidentally hit his mother on the tummy.

Thankfully we do not meet all the time. It's worrying when K is at such an impressionable age and that she'll follow what she sees in other children. If these children are put in their place by their parents, I can use it to teach K as well but if the parents choose to ignore their children's antics, it's very hard for me to be telling K that she should not follow suit. And also, I do not want to always correct K's perception when she sees her cousin's behaviour. It just makes him look very bad and I feel bad towards my SIL as she is a nice person.

Like what they say; children do what you do and NOT what you say.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

We're back from our short holiday and one that was filled with drama, no less! In order not to make this blog entry a drag, I'll summarise the events by each day that went by.

Saturday : 
Left home for the airport early as I had wanted to bring K to explore the airport. Singapore Changi Airport is not amongst the best for no reasons! Thankfully, we left home early too as the sky threatened to pour. And due to the heavy rain, we could only look at the Sunflower Garden from under the shelter. :( Another time, I suppose. Boarded the plane, which arrived slightly late but otherwise everything else was the usual. As the plane was descending to land in Penang, it suddenly took off again! It started ascending, going higher and higher for some time until it started cruising again. 

Captain announced that due to the heavy rain and strong winds in Penang, we were unable to land and we were circling for a while until the plane needed to divert to KL for refueling. We waited on board when we arrived in KL for almost 2 hours.

Finally, when we departed again, we managed to arrive safely into Penang airport at 8ishpm. What was scheduled to be a 2.30pm arrival time, saw us arriving at about 8ish. LC who had been waiting for us at the airport was advised by ground staff to return home as no one knew what time we would return.

Sunday :
Drew open the room curtains and saw clear weather. But the roads looked wet. Must have been raining while we slept. Decided to start our tour after breakfast and went to Penang Hill. Waited quite a while for the tram ride up and when we reached the peak, we were all looking forward to the start of a beautiful trip. Especially since K is aware of everything now. After a 5 minute walk, it started drizzling. The hubs suggested going to the coffee house to wait out. After cendol and an hour later, the rain was still so heavy! Back to the tram station for our ride back down. :(

Monday :
Finally, the sun is out and it's here to stay! Took almost an hour's taxi journey to the Butterfly Farm, where I must say we enjoyed ourselves. Then another hour's ride back to town. Not much of a drama here, other than the totally innocent kind. We went to a museum where they had a history of Penang, which we simply breezed through as our both countries' history is pretty much similar. Then the fun part was the 3D interactive museum! What drama K has! It was really fun.

Tuesday :
All good things must come to an end. We checked out after breakfast and the same taxi uncle who drove us yesterday sent us to the airport. At the airport, the hubs went ahead to the check-in counter ahead of us and I realised we didn't have our passports with us!!!! The flight was due to depart in about 1 1/2 hour's time! Thankfully, we have been talking to the taxi uncle and he had given his name card to the hubs, who then called him. I went to the check-in counter, borrowed a mobile phone and contacted the hotel and told them our passports were in the room safe. By then, we had only 1/2 hour left. 

Hoping that we could still make it on the flight but knowing it will be somewhat impossible, I went to check the next budget departure. The hubs returned to the airport about 15 minutes after the counters closed.

I paid for tickets for the next flight out, thankfully it was only an hour later. Went through immigration and saw our original flight taking off. :( 

This is the first time we made such a boo-boo and hopefully the last! A short trip on a budget carrier, using Bev's staff privilege ended up costing so much more!

Dramatic by no means but I would still want to return to Penang. The food and the sights that we missed due to the weather, due to the typhoon, will be what I want to enjoy once more.

Friday, 3 October 2014

We're off on a short trip to Penang tomorrow. Our first holiday for the year! Well, this year, K started attending childcare and I joined a new company so we weren't able to fit a holiday in. 

The first reason why I planned this trip was because LC has just given birth last month and her son is now a little over 1 month. She had traveled down to see K too during my maternity leave and I think I should do the same especially since she's such a good friend and of course the SG dollar being stronger. And at the same time, take a breather from everyday stresses, like finally.

And the hubs and I hope to come back to some good news when we return on Tuesday. *Crossing our fingers really tight*

So, have yourself a great long weekend and chill. :)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Conversations with K

Whenever it is bedtime now, K would have so much to talk about while we're lying on bed. And sometimes she sings. In a bid to get her to sleep sooner, I'll close my eyes and pretend to sleep but it doesn't bother her and she'll still call out for me. Last night was no different.

At first I wasn't listening to what she was saying until I realised that she was repeating it to me. When I finally understood what she was saying, it went like this:

K : Mummy, I dun wan my ducklings anymore. I want to give them to the baby. (We visited the hubs' childhood friend on Sunday and the Missus was due anytime, with a big bulging tummy)
Me : Which baby do you want to give it to?
K : That day the auntie.
Me : Oh, the auntie when we went to Uncle Mag's house? (Realised we never did mention the Missus by name, thus she doesn't know)
K : Yes, Uncle Mag's house.
Me :  Why do you want to give your ducklings to the baby? What if you play in the tub and do not have your ducklings to play with?
K : No, I am a big girl now. I dun wan the ducklings anymore. I wan to give the ducklings to the baby.
Me: Are you sure?
K : Yes.
Me : Ok, Mummy will pack them up nicely so you can give them to the baby, k. 
K : Hmmmm...
Me : That's very nice of you to share your things. That's the way to go. :)

K is definitely growing up....too fast for my liking though. :( Now she's been asking to drink her milk from the cup too! Although I must say, for this, we have been talking to her about it. But still, my baby's only 2! Slow down for a bit baby.....Mummy wants to enjoy the stroll with you.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

A couple of weeks back, I saw this on-line and thought I could get it to store some of the stuff that has take up space in the room where we put K's play-house. Affordable and neat too.
When the item came, I was upset that it says 'Double' when I wanted 'Single' due to space constraint. So I sent an enquiry back to the seller and withheld payment. A few days later, they sent me the exact same thing and was I fed up. But I released payment anyway. And now I've got 2 of them, I thought.
Anyhow, I decided to take a look at the reviews on the seller and realised I may have wronged him! Oops....I think the package is not true to the item inside it! And true enough, when the hubs fixed it up on Friday evening, this is what I got.
He then took it upon himself to pack some of the nonsense into the rack and sort of neaten the room a little and the room actually looks big now! I daresay it can even fit in a queen-size bed now. Lol.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Tonight's 1 dish meal: Pasta, pesto not added yet, in my new Korean ceramic wok. :)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tonight's simple dinner: Baked Salmon, yes again, and Stir Fried Orka with left over Chick-peas from yesterday's soup.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The hubs and I have embarked on a new project and I'm so excited. I think he is too but more quietly so. I'm not going to reveal anything yet but I guess there will be hints along the way. And, for sure, this will be keeping us very busy.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

And I thought we've passed the horrible season of haze but look what came to haunt us this evening!

The smell was bad and out came the ionizer but I doubt it'll be much effective with the smog. Haze, haze, please go away! And don't ever come back any other day!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

We went to the youngest BIL's house in the early evening as he was hospitalised during the week and only the hubs was able to see him in the hospital while I couldn't, for obvious reasons. The BIL had been suffering from headache for quite a few days, was dizzy, experienced slight vision loss and the symptoms is quite worrying. By the time he was discharged, his vision improved but he was still having slight headaches and was still a little dizzy.

For a really fit person like him, he's a coach for one of the local professional football teams, it is cause for concern. Hopefully, all the tests that he went through while in hospital prove to be nothing more than an exertion. Apparently, he had continued his gym routine while he was still sick and lifted heavier than usual weights! 

While K was playing her fishing game with her paternal grandmother and the nephew-in-law was busy with his cousin from the SIL's side of the family, I spent time catching up with the SIL. We were chatting in the cosy kitchen of theirs while the FIL was performing reiki on the BIL and everyone else was occupied some form or the other.

Anyway, good news is, the SIL is expecting and is in her first trimester. When I first heard it from the hubs after visiting his brother, I was looking forward to 'returning' everything that she had passed on to us when we were about to have K. You have no idea how much of hand-me-downs we have accumulated and now stored away as K has out-grown them. And I told the SIL that K has so many girly stuff that her baby can have too. Lol. Anyhow, I wish her a safe pregnancy this time and we should be looking forward to a new bundle of joy come May next year. :)

Friday, 12 September 2014

K seems to be on a 'learning spurt' the past few weeks. If there is even such a term for it.

She now knows how to scoot and ride on her balance bike although in the safe confines of our home. I suppose the real test will come when we let her play with them at the park. And just last night, she managed to button and then unbutton her blouse all by herself!

What I realise something that seems like a no-brainer to normal beings can in fact be a challenge to people who have special needs and of course toddlers. It is indeed a tough exercise for the motor skills. I've been teaching her and helping her along and I know it isn't easy for those little fingers to grip the button, hold on to the button hole, push the button into the the button hole while stretching it at the same time and then pushing in the button. So many times she has been frustrated and thankfully it was not the other way round.  But alas, she did it and I gave her her a well-deserved hug. 

A hug that I know she truly appreciated and then looked forward to again when again she managed to unbutton/button herself this morning before I changed her for school.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tonight's other dish:

The hubs loved it! Cherry Tomatoes replaced the usual ones as we ran out. The hubs even cleaned up the shitake mushrooms which I thought was a tad too many. Although it was only 2 mushrooms that I sliced up and for the hubs, who is not a mushroom lover, it says a lot! Yay!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Although K slept fitfully last Wednesday and Thursday when she was nursing her fever, she slept till 8ish on Friday morning, which is rare. But we took it as good that she was sleeping well and she had a nap too. By late afternoon, she was a lot better.

And so, we went ahead with a Japanese birthday dinner invite by my eldest SIL. She, who is now 55, took care of K during the 19 months before she was enrolled into the childcare centre. And the family misses K so much even now when they don't get to see her, other than church on Sundays.

And on Saturday, the hubs and I, together with K decided to pop by their home to surprise her with a birthday cake. We had dinner and spent some time with them.

Anyway, my SIL is now an Assistant Teacher of a childcare centre! What do you know! After K, she took care of another baby boy till his parents decided to get a maid. And now, she simply adores her charges but I guess it's because she's handling those in playgroup. The cutest age to have around.

As much as she and the family have been such great blessings to the hubs and me and then K, I hope we have been a blessing to them too. She is still so groomed and definitely do not look over 45. Hopefully, I age as gracefully as her and I really wish her many good, healthy years to come!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

It was a worrying week for us. When we picked K up from childcare on Tuesday evening, the teacher told us that she had slight fever. While we were having dinner at the hawker centre before going to the supermarket, K became restless and we could feel her body temperature rising. She did not have any appetite for her dinner, which is really unlike her.

We went to the supermarket anyway. K's temperature shot up to 39.5 degree and I had to take the day off on Wednesday. The hubs and I took turns on Thursday. Friday, being Teacher's Day and with the advance notice that the school gave us, the hubs had already took the day off and had planned to bring K out. 

Anyhow, K's fever did not subside much and it was worrying for us as this is the first time she has no mood to eat, feel restless and despite us putting her in the tub, her fever was still very much present. Not only did she not want to eat, she didn't have her usual milk feeds either. 

When we brought her to the Dr's on Wednesday afternoon, in the heavy rain, K was prescribed Ibuprofen. By Thursday evening, she seemed a little better although her appetite was still not back yet. When I left for work on Friday morning, K was still asleep. 

When she was a lot better by late Friday afternoon, we brought her out for dinner with Jeremy's family and I noticed rashes on her nose. By Sunday, there were rashes all over her face and body and we thought it could be a drug allergy. There were red spots all over her body although it didn't seem to bother her one bit, which means they didn't itch. In the evening, we brought her back to the clinic and then she was diagnosed with Roseola. 

Thankfully, her fever has broken. She missed school for 2 days, technically 3. Definitely a tiring week for us.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

I went out with my department for a department dinner yesterday evening at Dempsey. Food was good, entertainment was good and the bill came out to about $250! For just the 4 of us and the food is normal Thai fare! Thankfully, it is company paid!

And today, when K woke up from her nap, we went to the Victor's after a long time of not seeing them. And before that, I was glad we were able to return the library book and vcds. Lol.

K had 3 small slices of cake after dinner and was playing with the 4 other girls, 2 from the Victors and 2 from the Salahudeens. When I strapped her up in her car-seat, going home, she proclaimed that she enjoyed herself! Lol...

Thursday, 28 August 2014

K is now a proud member of the.....National Library! A few Saturdays back, one of the few when we didn't have any plans, we took a train to Clementi and visited the library. This time I remembered bringing her birth certificate along and after a quick process, we spent some time letting her choose what to borrow from the library. 

We went off with 2 cds and a book. Although one can't really go wrong with Sesame Street, I didn't really appreciate the other vcd and book that we borrowed. 

The book was titled 'My First Book of Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories' while the vcd was a 'Mother Goose' one. Maybe I am reading too much into it but I felt that they did not give out wholesome views especially if these were read by toddlers.

Sure, the fairy tales were read by so many of us when we were younger and look, we turned out alright. But unconsciously, it talks about being the most beautiful (Beauty and the Beast), the fairest (Snow White) and then about taking revenge (Jack and the beanstalk). No wonder, we grow up with such hang-ups about being the right type of beautiful. And then the revenge theme just makes you think it is alright to do so! 

Although I dreaded reading the book after the first round, I did not want her to think otherwise to why we brought her to the library in the first place. The vcd was on nursery rhymes and there was this particular one that was all cheery until the part that went 'This is the way we go to school everyday'. The song went into a really slow-motion mode and the actors appeared like they were dragging themselves to school. And then the next line that went 'This is the way we finish school (or something to the extent), the song was upbeat again! 

Being a parent now, I notice things I would not have otherwise bothered. I will be making more effort in future going through books for her. I do not want K to grow up on thinking that her life would be perfect if she is a princess or if she looks a certain way. Barney & Big Bird (or Elmo in K's sense, she loves him!), we'll be seeing more of you!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Conversations with K

The other day, when the 3 of us were lying on bed, with the hubs already off to his la-la land ( typical), K and I were talking.

K, pointing to her daddy : Eh, why he sleep here? (Obviously trying to be funny)
Me : Who?
K : He (points behind her again). Why he sleep in our room?
Me : Who is he? (Trying to make her say daddy, mummy and mama instead of he and she all the time) Oh, daddy?
K : Yes, why is daddy sleeping in our room?
Me : Hmmm...this is daddy and mummy's room, you know. Hey, why are you sleeping in our room? Why are you not sleeping in your room? Mummy will tidy up the room for you and then you can sleep there ok?
K : I dun wan.
Me : Why?
K : I wan to sleep with daddy and mummy........
Me : Why? But daddy and mummy don't want you to sleep here...ahahahahaahah
K : ........But I so cute right?
Me : ......Who said that?
K : Daddy
Me : ..................

Monday, 25 August 2014

Tonight's dinner: Steam Codfish and Pork-rib soup with carrots, corn and winter-melon.
I split the corn into 3 parts and K ate 2 up. She was so full, she didn't have any more stomach space for her evening milk. Lol.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today's 1 dish-meal:

Fried Olive Rice. First time cooking Fried Olive rice. Verdict: Overnight rice is still the best! We cleaned it out! But the hubs didn't allow K any of those chinese sausage. :(

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tonight's dinner: Bake Salmon and Mix Veg. 
I'll need to work a little on my soup though. Although I make soup almost every week, it somehow lacks taste. Although I'm glad to say K makes no fuss over it. Previously, I put too much water in the pot and I've reduced the amount. But the soup still doesn't taste as flavourful as I would like it to be.

When we go marketing this Saturday, I'll get some dried red dates, honey dates, chick peas and see how my soup making goes. If you have more soup ideas, please share! :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Conversations with K

I was so busy at work last Friday, but had to rush off in order to reach the bottom of our block by 5.30pm to take over K from the hubs as he had to return to work, that I was contemplating with the idea of returning back to the office on Saturday to clear them. And then thought that I should just go in the office earlier today but somehow we still left home the usual time. And so I told the hubs that I will not be cooking today as I may need to stay late. But as it turned out, I didn't have too! And I completed my work in good time too. :)

But as I had my mind set on not cooking already, we ate out anyway. On our way home after dinner, I saw that K was rubbing her eyes and assumed that she must be feeling sleepy already. With it being a Monday and a whole day at school, Mondays are usually tiring.

Me: See, you are rubbing your eyes already. Are you sleepy?
K: Noo, I am rubbing my eyes only 'cos there's something. I'm not sleepy....
Me: Hmpfff.....

Anyway, back at home, she was entertained by M, who I have to say is really quite good with her hands.

Look at the dinosaur replica she made while playing with K in the evening.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Earlier in the week, the hubs mentioned that he would have to go to the Suntec guild house to oversee some renovation work in the morning and so we didn't make any plans for today. We started off with a trip to the market for breakfast as well as for some marketing where the nice florist in the market, once again, gave K a stalk of flowers. I think K knows the nice auntie will give her some flowers as I had wanted to take a walk to see what were being peddled from the make-shift stalls but she pulled me into the market.

She happily said hi to the auntie in exchange for a stalk of flowers and then we walked around and saw live frogs with thunder thighs, crabs, ornamental fishes, terrapins and worm feed while the hubs went about his marketing round. And then I accompanied her to the playground while the hubs went back up.

When I realised that the hubs wasn't going to work, I quickly prepared lunch. I cooked so much Fried Rice with chicken that it was to become K's dinner and probably the hubs' breakkie for tomorrow.
Early evening, we went to Chinatown, caught the decoration for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival as well as to buy some toiletries. 

Easy going Saturday with quality time spent with the family.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A skillet full of mixed pasta with minced pork, chicken, capsicum, cherry taomatos and baby corn. Mixed because we ran out of spaghetti.
Hot chilli pesto pasta for the hubs:
And good 'ol pesto for the 2 girls.
Yes, I know my food presentation isn't much. Will do something about it for my future posts. Lol.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A simple home cooked meal that warmed our tummy.
Baked beans with potato and minced pork with greens. Yummy.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Conversations with K

As K has become more conversant, sometimes the things that she says leaves us in stitches. And I would like to record them down. Afterall, they are only innocent once and when they reach primary school, maybe, I will miss having all these funny conversations with her.

During the day out at my company's 100 years celebration, all the children were each given a goodie bag. After she completed her lunch, K decided to check out what was in her goodie bag and started taking everything out. Thankfully, it was a whole table to our family of 3.

As she was busy emptying the bag, the hubs and I were looking out for 'forbidden' food such as chocolates and sweets. She has tried chocolate but till now, we have not given her any sweets. There is no such thing as starting too late for junk food like this. And then she pulled out a chuppa chup.

She puts it on the table and the hubs and I started reaching out for it to 'hide'. There was another chuppa chup in there. After she ran through everything in the bag, she asked for the 'balloon'. (?!?!?) Lol! We realised that she was actually referring to the chuppa chup!

My child, in all her innocence, was describing the lollipop as a balloon because it does look like a mini-version of one!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

I had wanted to go straight home to cook dinner last night but the hubs decided that we should have dinner at Ikea. We ended up paying almost $6 for almost 2 hours of parking as the hubs didn't listen to me to leave the car at the public car park behind K's school. Being Ikea members, we could have spent $5, except from the cafe, and redeemed free parking. But when there's nothing to buy, there's nothing to buy right?

Anyhow, we had a great day today! Good weather for a start, for our Nation's birthday! 

K slept in a little longer, which was good for us. The hubs went marketing on his own in the morning while I prepared my one and only Shepherd's pie to bring to his relative's new house for their usual periodic gathering. This is the 2nd time we've visited their new clustered, 5 storey house. I can't imagine the cleaning that they have to do and the electricity bill that comes with the centralised air-conditioning! But nevertheless, it's very kind of them to always host a party at their home.

We were there at about 12noon and the hubs brought K for a swim while I sat by the side. Again, the hubs had to ask me why don't I join them. I find it very difficult having to bathe for K, then myself after a swim. Well, if we're at a hotel, it's a different matter. But at someone else's home, what is K to do waiting in the bathroom while I shower? And I don't want to have wet hair, looking like a dog that just came in from the rain, in a party, do I?

I'm not sure if it was the swim that caused K to be ravenous. She was practically eating non-stop! After the shower, she had some wafers, then she had proper lunch, followed by pastry and the wafers again. When her distant cousin came back home, she brought K and the nephew-in-law down to the basement to watch Frozen and there, K finished up 2 cupcakes! 

We left for Jerry's at about 4pm where there was more food as we had a joint birthday celebration for M and Esther. At almost 6pm, she took dinner again! I didn't have much as I was still so full from the non-stop flow of food that was appearing at the hub's relatives' home.

It's definitely so much easier now that K can eat with us when we're out and that we no longer need to bring her food jar along. Except for Sundays, when the 3rd SIL loves to cook for her. I'm glad, at this moment, K enjoys home cooked meals more and as much as I can, I will provide it for her.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The company had a farewell party yesterday evening at a pub, some walking distance away from the office. Our table consisted of the HR & Admin department as well as some ladies from Finance and Purchasing. It was fun! I started off with a Lychee Martini followed by Magnus' Apple Cider. So the hubs had the evening bonding with his little girl and I had mine, taking a break from home duties.

I have hardly or dare I say, not touched alcohol since I was expecting K. Ok, this is not including the awful taste of DOM that I had to drink during my horrible confinement month. Having said that, I was telling the hubs quite recently that we should start with some DOM every evening, hearing that it is supposed to be good for the body. I still have 2 or 3 unopened bottles at home!

Anyway, before I digress any further, I do not drink now especially with K around. I am afraid I get too woozy to take care of her later. Whenever we go over to the Victor's, there is drinking involved and of course, the hubs being the better drinker, is allowed to do his social entertaining. I restrain but then again, of course I do not hold my liquor well.

Oh well, that's a fun night and it's back to the grind today.

Monday, 4 August 2014

We had such a busy weekend that I was toying with the idea of taking the day off today and I even caught K talking to herself while seated on her training seat on the toilet that she is so sleepy. Lol...

Anyhow, we started Saturday morning with an activity at K's childcare. The centre had just turned 1 and they had lined up some activities. We started with grouping up and went on an 'amazing race' round the neighbourhood. Thankfully, I did not need to carry K the whole time but it was bad enough running akin to carrying a 12kg pack of rice! The hubs wasn't able to catch up and almost always ended up trailing behind the group because of his wobbly knees.

Despite that, our group came in 3rd and Mavi's daugther who is in the same age group as K, their team came in 2nd. Somehow the prizes for the children came in a pair and so I exchanged a set with them. Anyhow, it was fun despite the balmy weather. There were 2 balloon sculptors and for the first time, we managed to get 2 sculpted balloons and a normal one for K. Everytime we go out to the mall, K would see everyone else with balloons but somehow, we never get to find the place where the balloons are distributed so she's quite a poor thing in that sense. And I do mean like 95% of the time we end up not being able to locate where the balloons were being given out.

Anyway, we left before the event ended and from a 1 year anniversary party, we joined my new colleagues at my company's 100year celebration cum Family Day at the Shangrila resort in Sentosa. Not many staff turned up and my family only managed to go for lunch. Which was just as well as they had some activities going on in the morning as well. 

After lunch, we headed to the beach for a while and there was another company event held there and the hubs met a friend who was running the event. So K was 'allowed' to play in the bouncy castle for a while before the actual event actually started. But the sun came out in full force shortly so we didn't stay long and we wanted to have K go back for her nap as well.

And after church yesterday, the hubs decided that we should go to Jeremy's as Bev has not seen K in a while due to her flying schedule. Tim & Bev were both surprised and Bev went on to play with her little cousin. Half-way through, we went out for a while to visit the hubs' friend, whose wife is expecting and who happens to stay near my brother. K napped in the car and thankfully, all the way up to the friend's home for about an hour.

Then off we went back to Jeremy's for dinner and back home.

The coming Saturday is going to be another long day, given that it's the National Day weekend. I told the hubs not to plan anything after church on Sunday. We need to recuperate! :)

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Already feeling a little down with cough, I had a sudden attack of the flu bug half-way at work yesterday. But it still didn't stop me from meeting the hubs and K for dinner outside. Afterall, I cook Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays are meant to be a day of rest from the cooking as well as not needing to look at the time as we can all sleep in the next day. That is, if K sleeps in. 

Anyway, we had dinner at Raffles Place this evening as I wanted to check out the the building that has completed renovation but was disappointed that most of the outlets at the food level were not opened! We ended up eating at a nearby food court where there were only about 4 stalls opened! After the quick dinner, we took a stroll towards the waterfront area and saw a huge crowd already there! 

Earlier, while we were looking for a place to eat, we saw the Singapore Lions aka the parachutist up in the sky and had planned to bring K to the waterfront to see what we can catch from the NDP rehearsals. However while waiting for the fireworks, I started having a headache and unfortunately was not able to enjoy myself as much despite the lovely weather. *Bummer* 

But I stayed on, just so that K could experience the sight and sounds of the beautiful fireworks. Having said that, I do not understand how some parents can bring their infants for such 'thunderous' events. I also cannot understand why some parents bring their young toddler to the cinema. For the sake of their own enjoyment, they inconvenience others.

Friday, 25 July 2014

I feel so bad. Like the worst mother ever. 

This morning, just before we were leaving the house, I have asked K to bring her little purple polka dot bag along. We use it to put a clean diaper and a packet of wet wipes. Since we couldn't find it, I asked if she wanted to take her tweety bird bag instead.

When we were at the car, I had to carry her onto the car seat and had to remove the strap of the bag when she stopped me. I told her that she won't be able to sit in the car seat like that and went on to remove 1 side of the strap and managed to buckle the same side of the car seat. She saw that the bag strap was removed and started crying. I tried to remove the other side of the bag strap but she refused and the strap of the water bottle became entangled.

She swung tweety while I was trying to untangle both straps when the hubs said what I already knew. I was so fed up, not at him but at K, told him to take over and I closed the car door and walked off. I did not look back and walked straight to the train station.

There were times I really felt like giving K a smack, good and proper. And so many times I fear losing my temper on her and then losing control. I've told the hubs if he hears her crying loudly and she is alone with me, he better come check. I may not exactly be impatient but I am not the most patient person either.

Being a SAHM is definitely too high a calling for me. Oh God, please help me.

Monday, 21 July 2014

After church yesterday, we drove to Little India for lunch together with Jeremy, Ivy, the 3rd SIL and the 3 kids. I remember clearly, pre-K, when the hubs and I used to frequent Mustafa at Little India. I like places like Little India and Chinatown. The culture is still so rich, something you don't experience on a daily basis, provided you don't work there.

After buying his stuff from Mustafa, the hubs wanted to look for an Indian outfit for K. K was not interested in them at all and went straight to where the children's cheong-sams were hung. Hahah...who are we kidding? This girl is 3/4 Chinese! Anyway, the Indian outfits were a little scratchy and hot. Although, I think they are nice and hopefully, she'll wear them willingly soon.

Before we headed to Mustafa, the group of us had lunch at an Indian Vegetarian fast-food chain. While K and I were seated when everyone else were at the cashiers' ordering their lunch, she made a comment. We happened to be seated at 2 adjoining tables and there was 1 customer finishing up his meal when she said:" Uncle is using his hands to dirty." Immediately, I had to Sshhhh her and quickly thought of what to say. 

At home, K sometimes uses her fingers to pinch her food and we'll scold her. Telling her to use her spoon or fork and the usual thing about being hygienic. This time round, I had to tell her that as soon as she masters the skill of using the spoon and fork well enough, she can move on to using her hands. And that the Uncle doesn't swing his hands around causing all the food to drop like her.

In church earlier, she was swinging her right leg and hitting the leg of the kids chair she was on. When I chided her for being noisy, she pointed out to the boy in front and said that Kor Kor is swinging his leg too. Again, I had to reason with her and said that Kor Kor is not making any noise.

Oh's now time to churn out plenty of creative answers.