Monday, 29 May 2017

The girl had her 4th ballet class on Saturday. We enrolled her at the CC at CCK because most, if not all the CCs convenient to us have Sunday ballets. I've been on a search for one that falls on Saturdays and finally, after a long while. If the hubs is not available, the girl and I can take about a 15 minute train ride and the community centre is just opposite the train station. It's spanking new too. At the moment it works well for us and even without a car, which I foresee by next year. Let's see if the girl continues on her ballet journey and of course, the most important thing is, that she enjoys it.

After ballet on Saturday, we went to the hubs' cousin's new place. He has bought a resale condo in the east because he does not qualify to buy HDB as his wife is not PR and is expecting. They had a momo session and both K and her cousin had fun kneading and rolling the dough. We left at about 9ish, after my repeated urging to the hubs. I still do not like to have K sleep too late past her usual bedtime, which was the routine during our cruise and she fell sick after that.

We didn't have church yesterday which is really an exception because the eldest brother was taken ill. I was quite worried because he hardly falls sick so we bought lunch and went over. We spent some time there and Bev also happened to return from her Hong Kong flight and played with K for a while. The brother is a lot better now, thankfully.

And today at work, the cleaning auntie and a finance colleague gave me ba zhang! My lunch was settled. I love the zhang M used to make but unfortunately, she's not up to all these now. Thankfully she's still her active self, going out with friends and all. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I am quite troubled, worried and whatever way you put it.

Anna has been borrowing from me and started off with few thousands which she has paid up but I always have to be the one to ask for it. Last year, she came to me again. This time because she was setting up her catering business and being the salesperson that she is, made it sound like a sure-earn venture.

Initially I resisted and even told her why. I felt like a blardy loan-shark hounding on her ALL THE TIME for the repayment. But she was almost begging, promising it won't happen, she will pay me at least $10k every month and will pay up by September 2016. But as of today, she still owes me A LOT of money. 

I've kept the whatsapp conversation between us. She even signed several IOUs for each loan  and I've got records of my loan transfer to her. But all I ask for now is her to start repaying me after stopping for almost a year! I really think I need legal advise how I can recover my money back from her.

The hubs says he will create trouble for her blah blah blah. But what's the use? Will it bring my money back in an instant? I don't care if her reputation is spoilt, I just want my money back. I am surprised by the hubs who thinks of silly things sounding like an uneducated person. Even if she is threatened, what if she decides to file for bankruptcy? That's even worse right?

Oh please, return me my moolah! And yes, I am totally disgusted by what are some of the responses Anna has been giving me. Friendship? She ruined it herself.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

K's teacher called the hubs late Monday afternoon to inform him that her temperature was high. And he gave them the go-ahead to bathe her again. By the time he picked her up, it was almost like the usual time he would, only earlier by a bit. I met them at the clinic after work and we waited for the Dr to come in.

On hindsight, K was actually already running a fever on Sunday, when we returned home from church. When I was lying with her for our afternoon nap, she already felt hot but I decided to wait till later to decide. I thought it could be because of the hot weather that we've been getting. When she woke up, she complaint of a tummyache, leg pain and she did still feel hot. And she was whiny. We brought her down for a stroll, in her stroller, came home, gave her a dose of panadol and that was it.

Monday morning, she was fine so our regular routine started again. That was until the school called. K's temperature was around 38 degrees. No appetite, just like on Sunday but she claimed to have eaten in school. Dr felt her tummy and said it's likely constipation. K did not poo only since Sunday but well, since that's what the Dr says.

So I took the Tuesday off work. I allowed K to play in her tub, a hand-me-down which she never used as a baby, after her bathing her. While she was home with me, I still managed to get her to do some work and cooked lunch for the both of us. Pity her appetite is not completely back.
In the evening, she was talking to me while I was cooking and suddenly she said 'Mummy, nose bleed.' And there was quite a bit of blood. Not just a trickle. Thankfully as sudden as it came, it stopped as well. Still no poo after medicine and she was still running a temperature. We decided to go for a walk after dinner because the house was so hot and the 2 of us were kept in-doors the whole day. The hubs bought a papaya and some fruits. Thankfully, the poo made an appearance after K had some papaya.

So it was the hubs turn to take the day off, on Wednesday because the girl was still running a temperature. The whole day that they were at home, the hubs only got the girl to do 2 pages of Chinese writing. Faint. But the girl was a lot better by the evening.

And guess what happened next?! The 2 of them were playing after dinner and in the midst of 'escaping' from her daddy, K turned around trying to avoid the coffee table but hit the storage bench instead! 

Not only did she wail with blood oozing out from her lower lip, the hubs was almost wailing too! Aiyo. I had to stop him and immediately sprang into action. I got sugar and the girl, was so afraid of the pain, resisted us applying the sugar on her lips. So I had to say the tissue the hubs was holding was full of blood, and indeed it was, and needs to be changed. So swiftly, I dabbed the new tissue with sugar and the hubs applied it on her lips. It was quite a cut but thankfully, after the sugar and icing the area, the bleeding did stop. Phew.Praise God, we didn't have to visit the A&E.

This is truly an eventful week and it does not stop here. Sigh.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

We are just back from our almost 5 days cruising vacation with the Royal Caribbean on Voyager of the Seas. It is a Dreamworks cruise so we took quite a bit of photos with Mr & Mrs Shrek and some of the characters from Madagascar.

I have to say it's very tiring, sleeping late and waking up early. We did make use of the drop-off for K where she enjoy about an hour each the 2 times she went. A young family who stayed in the next room left their 2 kids in the drop-off almost the entire cruise and it was the kids who actually requested for it! As if childcare was not enough. K seems to inherit my love for the theatre for she enjoyed the few shows we caught and we even watched the ice-skating show twice.

We went on our own to Penang and Phuket for a couple of hours. Phuket being the longer day. We experienced intermittent rain at both places.

Although we escaped the local school holiday crowd, we encountered a crowd of another kind which pissed the hubs off a lot! But on the whole, I reckon we will still go on a cruise if time and money allows. :)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We didn't do much over the May Day long weekend.

We did, though, give a surprise to the eldest brother on his birthday on Friday. The eldest brother had mentioned a few times during the day to the eldest SIL that he thinks K will video call him later in the evening and then we turned up instead. The eldest SIL could not keep it from him much longer because they both went to buy dinner and the eldest brother was asking her why buy so much but upon knowing that we will be at their place, kept asking her to buy more. Lol. I bought a cake on my way to their place.

We went out on Saturday evening for the hubs to buy his new mobile. I spent the day doing the usual Saturday morning chores and finally mopping the house after 2 weeks of not doing so. 

We went to the airport with them after lunch on Sunday, to give Bev a surprise. She is now a full fledged Singapore girl and was returning from Seoul. We then sat down for a drink and some for awhile before sending them back and heading home.

And on May Day itself, the hubs decided to visit his mother and so we arranged to meet the 2nd BIL and family there. The 3 of us had dim-sum breakfast before heading to the PIL's place and when the BIL came, the hubs and him went to buy lunch. I brought along a disc for the girl to watch, that the FIL had recorded for K,  a kids edu-tainment show that was airing during the week days. 

K had her baby cousin to play with while I was basically bored and wanted to nap. We left for home about 4 hours later and while the hubs and I managed to nap, the girl, took forever to do so! It's a replay since Saturday! Even in the evenings, she in bed at 9ish but ends up sleeping an hour later!

It's back to work today....*yawns* but 5 more days for our short get-away! Yay!