Friday, 30 December 2016

The Victors handed down a Sylvanian house to K and yesterday evening, the hubs decided to bring it to the bedroom at bedtime. I had the idea of reading Hansel and Gretel and suggested to K to use her minikins as Hansel, Gretal, the Woodcutter, the Stepmother and witch. So there we were, the 3 of us  with me reading from the book, the hubs using the minikins to act out the scenes and our captivated audience of 1, K watching.

When the 'show' was over and K lying down, the hubs layed down beside her and told her that I said that we should not be patting her to sleep anymore. On my part, it is because I think she needs to learn how to sleep on her own. Our ex-neighbour's daughter sleeps by herself, in her own room. But with K, she still wants to sleep in ours and when we said no patting, she started tearing. She was quiet but we could see the tears rolling down her face.

It is so heart-breaking. Our daughter, though she wants to grow up, still needs and wants us so much. She always sits right beside the hubs at the sofa and he always complains that she is literally sticking onto him. I always tell him, it won't be so in a couple more years. 

So, yes, a reminder for me to savour the present where she still wants us. I always want her to be at 2, where she still needs me and since she still shows that she does, I should relish these moments. it won't be so in a couple more years.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Victors & Whites brought over 3 bags of books when they came over for our Malacca trip 2 weeks ago. And then there are some more bags of books that were given to K from a church member. K has yet to be able to read on her own, totally yet so I've kept some of her baby books still.

On the eve of Christmas, this was the main reorg I had set out to do. Move our old Ikea bookcase into the girls' room. Thankfully, we did not throw it away as we were holding out for the eldest SIL to pick it up from us as she was very keen on having it. 

The girly pink bookshelf and the empty space on her left where we had her red Ikea table, which has since been moved out to the living area, and her toys strewn all over the left side.         
And now, the revitalised bookcase with her storybooks and toys. The pink bookshelf has then exchanged places with the Ikea bookcase.
Let's hope she will spend many good hours reading the books here and that this area is kept as neat as it is now. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I had wanted to go to the ice-skating rink after the Christmas party at home but everyone except me thinks it's not possible. They were right....I was exhausted at the end of the day and only took a shower when the clock past midnight. Anyhow, am so grateful that the eldest brother helped mopped the entire house and I could wake up feeling relaxed on Boxing Day.

Esther who had her cousin from Malaysia, from the SIL's side, stay over, had planned for some skating on Boxing Day and suggested to me to join them instead because it was cheaper too. I had wanted to go on Christmas Day because they had some Christmas special going on. But anyhow, I brought the girl along and this is our 2nd time at the rink. The patient husband sweetly sat rink-side for that almost 2 hours while we or I glided happily. K tried standing and walking on the skates for awhile but otherwise sat on the skating aid for almost the whole time. Esther and her cousin fell a few times and Josh joined us a while later. I didn't buy all the nephews and nieces anything this Christmas so paid for Josh. Esther and her cousin arrived before us so I couldn't do so for them.

But we enjoyed ourselves and I would love to go back again. Maybe when the girl's childcare centre closes next and I'll bring her again.

After our nap, which I completely knocked out from all that activity, we drove over to the Victor's for their Christmas dinner invite.

And it's so anti-climatic that we are back to work today. My body is aching from that almost 2 hour work-out at the rink and I am still longing for the bed.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

We spent the whole of yesterday at home, just to do some 'spring-cleaning'. We had dinner at Jem and also did some grocery shopping.

Today at church was like a family affair. It was only the 2 brothers' family and mine who were present. The rest of the church members were all overseas. Thus the usual church Christmas lunch and gift exchange were scrapped off and since the eldest SIL already ordered a log cake, it was shared amongst us. And then we all adjourn to the usual coffee shop for lunch.

While Jerry's family and the eldest SIL went back to his place, the rest came to mine to rest. Well, actually just the eldest brother, Tim and Bev. After making her pasta sauce, the eldest SIL called for the eldest brother to pick up the sauce. And she wanted to come over as well so she can rest a bit.

I started preparing at about 4, which in my personal opinion, was early but everyone else came at 4ish! The 2nd SIL, with her good intentions, helped me out in the kitchen but it ended up with me thinking that I should have started preparing a lot earlier so I could do things my own way. But like what I said, she has her good intentions.

There was so much food although the 2nd SIL had whatsapped me privately asking me if there would be enough. In the end, there was so much left over! 

After the food, was the gift exchange which, we played the same way last year and in our previous church. It does not fail to add laughter and great fun. I think my brothers would have wanted to stay longer that's why all of them came so early this year but the night does not wait. When everyone left, the eldest brother helped me mop the entire house! My eldest SIL, never fails to help me with the washing. The 2 of them stayed over and we viewed photos from our Tokyo trip till almost midnight. Even K.

We had a great family time this Christmas. And I hope you had a blessed one too!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Received a parcel, through mail this time. This time, from a Santarina! When I saw the package addressed to me, I was elated! Let's face it, with emails and all, postage mail is still the best. I've decided to start mailing festive cards from 2017 onwards. That is Lunar New Year and Christmas greeting cards. You can take it as my New Year resolution...hehehehe

My ex-neighbour from Redhill sent this to me. Such sweet thoughts. She made one for the girl too when she was born. And the girl asked why is her towel smaller than mine. Lol.
My ex-neighbour will be moving out from Redhill as well so I will have completely no more connection to our first home. The home that we, even the girl, still miss.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Received this from a secret Santa at work this morning. For the 4 of us in our department, with our names on each purse. Such a sweet gesture. The hunt is now on to find who this sweet gentleman is. At least we know it's a guy.

Monday, 19 December 2016

We just came back from our pilgrimage trip to Malacca! And this should round up the 'holidays' for us for 2016. This time, instead of driving, the hubs hired a mini-bus with driver.

The Victors and Whites came up to our place on Thursday morning for the ride while the Salahudeens caught up with us on Friday instead and they drove in, with their holiday extended in Malaysia till Christmas over a few states. Although we extended our usual 3 day stay to another day, it still seemed a bit rush, especially with the shopping. But with friends this time, the hubs and I could indulge in some noon-time booze. Lol. 
Being the holiday season, Malacca sure was crowded. I'm definitely going to make full use of the next 2 years holidaying during off-peak seasons before K starts her primary education.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The hubs was away on a golf trip from Friday and came back late, or rather very early this morning. He asked for 'permission' when his friends planned this trip and I am glad I gave him my blessings. 

I sent the girl to school on Friday morning and only left the house about 20 minutes earlier than usual and still made it to work on time. On Saturday, I brought her along when I went to the dentist. I spent about an hour there and she was so well-behaved throughout. This girl really have good patience. When I left the clinic, I was pretty shocked by the $520 bill but considering that I 'only' have 5 fillings to be done, I am pretty happy because it's been ages since I visited the dentist. Thankfully, the reason also for this trip to the dentist is because I've got quite a bit of balance in my company's medical allowance which would otherwise go to waste at the end of the month.

I brought the girl out in the evening and we met Sand for dinner. And it's her treat! So while we were busy catching up finally, the night grew and the girl whispered to ask if we're going home soon. She was tired. And so we left about 9ish.

And yesterday, she and I commuted by train again to church. It's our 2nd time and the 1st was ages ago. I do not think she can remember. Again, without the hubs, there was no delay. We bumped into Jerry and Esther at the train station and while Jerry continued to wait for the rest of his folks, Esther joined us and we left for church first. On our way home, K slept on my lap and my poor brother had to carry the deadload and half-way through, he had to stop. Feeling so bad, I took over from him at the bus-stop opposite our block and struggled to carry her back home. This girl has got heavy bones, I tell ya! Thankfully, this episode did not hurt my back.

Because I needed to open the door, I had to put her down and she woke up. Needless to say, sleep escaped her when we entered the house. 

In the evening, when I was running through phonics with her, I started shouting at her again. I really need to manage myself. She forgets the next moment the word that I had just taught her or even after writing the word 20 times, she cannot answer me when I asked her what word it was! She has always been very easy to manage, even Sand says she is a good girl, and I do not want to always lose my patience on her. I really need to pray for control over myself towards her. And for this, I feel so so guilty to my only child. :(

Thursday, 8 December 2016

As if I wasn't busy enough, I had to take half a day off work today. December is always the busiest month at work, for me. We have to process payroll much earlier, include our AWS in staff salary, send reminders to everyone to submit their claims and then some. 

But of course I am happy also that Bev sought after my help to be her guarantor for hew new job. What job requires a guarantor??!! SIA lor. I had Jerry be mine many years ago so I better not be ungrateful about it. I had planned to go back home so that I can cook dinner at a leisure pace after the deed was done but well, Bev asked me to accompany her for her uniform fitting. And so cooking was not to be.

The niece had my usual bubble tea waiting for me when we met and then treated me to Sakae Sushi while waiting for an available seamstress. She remembers that I brought her there when she was much younger. While she was in primary school and now, my niece is almost in her mid 20s, taking on her first job. Such nostalgia. I think I must set aside time to bring the other younger nephews and nieces out on a weekday school holiday once again. Such bonding time with them is priceless. When Tim brought us out for dinner for my birthday recently, he wrote me a card to say he will always remember the times I used to bring him out during his school holidays and buying christmas presents for everyone. It's touching to know they remember. But ever since K, I hardly had time to do that anymore. I do miss those sessions though.

Anyhow, I accompanied Bev to the company tailor and was with her throughout the fitting. She was measured and the uniforms are really all made to measure. It is no over the rack sizing. What is made for you is for you exclusively. No one else can fit into it, well, unless she is of the exact same size as you right down to the bust, butt and tummy area.
Bev is so happy. For us it's an 'upgrade' of sorts from a budget carrier to a full-fledged one. She is fortunate too, to be able to work for the budget carrier under her poly's internship program and be able to continue on a part-time basis even after graduation.

I only pray that she remains resolute and continue to trust in God. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Yesterday's party was well enjoyed by the people in the office. It was 'an enchanting evening' and there were people who spontaneously dressed up as 7 dwarfs, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Harry Potter etc. I wore my favourite maxi dress and borrowed K's wings, wand and hairband which has 2 butterflies. It was good timing that she was given these a few weeks back at a birthday party. 

I stayed till the end of the party and a colleague drove me and another to City Hall MRT station where the taxi queue was snaking and I ended up catching the last train back home. 

Today, we brought K to a Hi-5 concert at the MBS theatre because a vendor had passed me some tickets. I invited Ivy and Bev as well and since the hubs wasn't keen, we brought Esther along. Attending a children's concert is really very different from the usual plays that I've been to. Especially in the theatre. Some parents were feeding their child from food jars because the show started at 6:30pm and the kids ran up front along the aisles and danced. Honestly, if not for the complimentary tickets, I would not have considered at all to bring K. It is an extravagance. 

We went straight home when the concert ended at about 8ish. Sent Esther back and Ivy and Bev stayed the night.

Tomorrow evening, we have another invite. Dinner this time at the hubs' aunt's new place, which we've been before. I think it is a house-warming of sorts.

When I told K's ex-childcare mate's mum that we usually have activities over the weekends, I really do not know to start when she asked like what. There are just too many.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

We've just returned from a church trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam yesterday evening. We were there from last Friday. 

HCMC is a place where motorcyclists gets hit but they or the vehicle that hit them pick up their bikes and get on with life again. Back here, I think we'll call for a days' MC. It's also a city or probably country where women work in construction sites alongside the men and man in security uniform double up as food servers at food courts and water the plants. It's interesting. Travel is anyway. You see so much and appreciate so much more.

We visited the Cu Chi Tunnel, War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame, General Post Office and did some shopping. For me, I only bought 1 t-shirt for exercising. Just 1. Amazing. The hubs bought a lot more and the girl has some too. Sunday was spent on 3 churches.

While Jeremy, Jerry's family and mine extended our stay, the rest of the church members flew back on Monday. When we arrived at Changi, we went for dinner before heading home.

Tomorrow is the office's D&D event. Oh, I can't wait for Saturday to sleep in. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I brought some toilet rolls back from the office for some weeks now and then the hubs added some more from his office and now father and daughter wants to do some craft christmas tree. I hope the endeavour to do so doesn't end when we run out of paint.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Instead of calling the town council and making an appointment with them to pick up our old refrigerator, I told the hubs that we can easily bring it down ourselves. The rollers at the bottom of the fridge made it easy to move. We even managed to shift it out from it's place to another when we had the new fridge coming, didn't we. 

So yesterday morning, as we were heading to the market for tim-sum breakfast, the hubs rolled the fridge to the lift with me helping when we needed to lift the fridge up the kerb to the living area and down the kerb, outside the house and into the lift. It was easy. No need to accord time out just to wait for the workers from the town council to come clear it. Thankfully, I did not hurt my back.

Our loyal fridge near the refuse area, downstairs our block but gone when we came back home after breakfast about 2 hours later. 😐
While I had my hair done at the salon in the afternoon, the hubs took the opportunity and brought K to have lunch with his parents. He brought K along to the salon later in the evening for her turn at the salon but before that, the car ran into some problems and the hubs had to drive really slowly to the workshop and thankfully, managed to get the car fixed. The MIL happened to be in the car. And so, after K had her hair cut, she and I had dinner at the food court while the MIL watched because she had hers while waiting for us. 

And today, we set up our Christmas tree! Well, the hubs and K did while I did more useful things like mop the house and fold the clothes. The tree is still working well although we say year after year that we will buy a bigger one if this one needs to be changed. But I guess, fake christmas trees do not need to get changed so frequently. Lol.....
And soon it'll be time for me to start wrapping the presents. 😊

Friday, 18 November 2016

Last night's dinner:
Stir fried Shabu-shabu Beef with Bunapi and Stir Fried Shanghai Greens. Yums. Setting looks so zen. 😄

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I had to take urgent leave on Monday because there was so much drama that happened early Sunday morning when it was still dark outside. 

At about 3am, Sunday morning, K got up and started getting restless. No whining, nothing. We didn't think much of it because she wasn't really disturbing us as she remained on her mattress. And then awhile later, I asked her to come up to the bed thinking she just needs a little cuddle but who is to know, she started throwing up! It was icky brown and smelt like cake! 

Needless to say, we or rather I had to remove the bedsheet and pillow cases, wipe the mattress, spray it with Febreeze and wait till it dries before putting a clean sheet. And I had to throw the victimised pillow away. While the bed gets an airing, K goes back to her mattress where she threw up another 3 times? And yes, I had to change her mattress cover as well, not once but twice! I ended up laying her baby muslin cover on the mattress and lying down with her while the hubs still had the dry side of the bed to sleep on. 

Initially, the hubs and I thought it could be indigestion. The last time she threw up was when she was about 2  (?) when we were in Malacca with Jeremy, Ivy and Jerry's family. That was due to indigestion. But at 4-5 times, we suspected food poisoning and the hubs and I did not eat the cake at both birthday parties the night before. Poor girl could be sleeping and gets awoken suddenly because the vomit would be coming out.

And the first thing we did at the waking hour was to google a clinic nearby that opens on a Sunday. Needless to say, we had to skip church. Thankfully, we found one within walking distance and felt it good enough for our future consultations. In a way, happy because I've been looking for a clinic good enough to my standards but haven't found any. Not that I frequent Drs but I am just not comfortable with the 2 I've consulted at our neighbourhood.

After the Dr's visit, we walked over to have Macd's breakfast because pancake is not oily nor milky. But poor K threw up awhile after some and as if her tummy wasn't already empty, she even threw up the water she drank.

K slept quite a bit throughout the day and did not have any appetite at all. When she was awake, she'll be hugging her 'puke bin'. The hubs and I concluded that it could be stomach flu because there were no reports from either party that anyone fell sick. At least, that's good to know.

K hit the bed at 7pm and slept all the way till 6ish, Monday morning. And when she woke up, it was to fill her tummy. The monster is back! She 'irritated' me enough for me to threaten her that I'll send her back to school! Yes, my girl is back, all lively and energetic after a day of rest. Lol.

And so because this was an unexpected leave, I didn't bring my mobile charger back home with me and what was meant as a short trip over to Jerry's to charge my phone using Josh's charger, the girl and I ended up having lunch there and me, stealing a snooze. 

We went back home despite the rain because I had wanted K to take her nap especially since she was just recovering. When she woke up, I got her to tidy up her play house before we left again to meet the hubs, this time, at IMM for dinner

And look what we bought for Christmas!
Aren't they cute! Lol....Thankfully, the girl is well recovered now. :)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

We had so many things going on (again) today. We do really have so many things happening on almost every weekend that when we have nothing on, I am secretly happy.

First, we attended the NIL's 8th birthday, at the ice-skating rink near our home. It was FUN to say the least. I am sure the youngest SIL spent quite a bit for this because she paid the entry fee for about 9 kids and 2 adults, just me actually and the BIL who arrived later, rental of boots and then lunch at Nandos. The hubs paid for the 4 skating aids which didn't come cheap at $15 each! The SIL wanted to pay him but the hubs rejected it. Afterall, she would have already spent quite a bit on us all.

I loved it and am amazed, even myself, that I can actually balance. No doubt I had an aid to lean on because K was sitting on it and I had to push her but one still needs to be able to balance on the ice-skates in order to move. I was telling the SIL to try as I didn't fall at all and attributed it to the skating aid but on hindsight, I realise there is still a bit of a balancing act in there. The hubs said I still have it! Heheheh...the last I skated was on those old-school roller skates more than 20 years ago ok! Now I wish I hadn't thrown them away...they were so sexay then.

After about an hour and a half in the rink, we exited and trooped over to the restaurant which was facing the rink. While the rest who didn't/couldn't skate felt cold from the cold air from the rink, I was almost flushed without the sweat because it was quite a work out. We ate, sang the birthday song and K had the cake.

The hubs had left half way when the delivery people called to say that they were on their way to deliver our new fridge and then returned again after. When we got home after the party, the hubs and I quickly cleaned the fridge and left the doors open to clear any smell. And then we were off again, for another birthday party.

This time, a very early 16th birthday for the Victor's oldest girl. The girl met a 2 year old girl in the later part of the evening and had so much fun playing with her. And then she had cake again. I didn't make her eat any dinner because she was still so full after the party in the afternoon which lasted till about 4ish.

Anyway, say welcome to our new fridge!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I ordered a fridge today and did it over the phone. Our trusty almost 10 year old Japanese brand 3 door refrigerator is heading towards retirement. The hinge on the main fridge door is rusting and the gasket mouldy. 
We window shopped last week to see what are the options in the market. There is no need for us to flaunt on a big, gadgety fridge. My preference is still a 3 door though but they don't seem to design those anymore.

Anyhow, what I paid for over the phone is much cheaper than what I would have paid for from the stores. The fridge will arrive this Saturday and all I did was order over the phone! questions asked.

We are kind of skeptical with those Korean explosive brands now. Thankfully, other than the hubs quite old Korean mobile, we have nothing else from there. Lol.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

So yes, I turn a year older but hopefully look years younger la! 

Anyhow, we all slept in today with K, being the champion when we had to wake her up at 9am. While I was putting on my make-up, the hubs and K came into the room with a lovely cake and sang me a birthday song. When I came back from pilates yesterday, the girl couldn't control her excitement and told me that 'daddy has a surprise for you and has hidden the surprises!' She then led me to the kitchen, hovered her hand outside the drawer where surprise number 1 was was the cake knife and candle. Then she moved her hand to the fridge and said 'daddy kept another surprise here.' Lol....why are they so cute. The kid, not the father.

So this morning, the girl had a big slice of cake before we sent her to school at 10am, before the hubs and I went to JB, to change her pair of sandals. After which, we drove up further to a mall that we used to visit quite often last time and my, what a big change it has under gone! We did some shopping there and reckon this will be the place we'll go to, our next JB trips.

We drove back mid afternoon because Tim had asked us out for dinner, a birthday treat for me and we didn't want to risk getting caught in the jam. We got home, rested for a while, well, at least the hubs did. And we picked the girl up before we made our drive to meet Tim.

We took a walk at the nearby shopping mall after dinner before we sent Tim back and at the same time, sprang a surprise on the family. Tim had opened the door but instead of walking in, we sent K in first while the 3 of us waited outside and then we could hear the joy and excitement when they saw the girl, who they were so used to seeing everyday during her 1st & 2nd baby years.

We sat for a while before leaving because it was well, getting a little late. Well, another quiet birthday, but honestly, I won't want to have it any other way.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I left the office earlier yesterday to collect some $9,600 worth of shopping vouchers from IMM, for the company's D&D. While I was at work, there was a message from hubs' group chat between the siblings and SILs. The youngest NIL has been admitted to the hospital for high fever on Sunday evening. While I was at IMM, the hubs called to ask if we should visit his nephew.

Although I wasn't prepared to, the hubs seemed to want to go because the youngest BIL messaged that they will go by. And so we went. The 4 month old baby looks fine but of course, with 1 hand taped with a hard board for the tubes, the sight was quite poor thing. Except he didn't have any tubes so it was ok. He is a cute little bugger. Definitely cuter than the older NIL.

This is his 2nd time being admitted and I told the SIL not to worry whether she offends anyone if anyone is not feeling well, to please ask them not to go near baby. Adults can manage their own illness but not a baby. When we were at the aunt's place last Tuesday, almost 1/3 of the adults were nursing a flu or just recovered. And so the SIL says she has learnt her lesson especially after knowing how painful it is especially when one can't do anything for one's child.

And the youngest BIL, the idiot, despite having running nose, went to kiss the baby twice. Of course, we had to tell him off and to think that he said never mind!'s idiots like these!

Monday, 7 November 2016

I had pick-up duty again on Thursday and Friday because the hubs had events after work. On Friday evening, I rushed to do the girl's laundry because we had planned a day trip to JB with Jeremy and Ivy on Saturday. 

Although the SIL has joined us several times to JB, the eldest brother hasn't and has never been keen either. But I think the day trip yesterday changed his mind somewhat. He now knows he needs to bring more cash, at least. We always have good food and shopping whenever we pop over the causeway. But on the other hand, we go so often, we are also spending too much..(??) This time, we went via Woodlands and shopped more because this part of entry has more upmarket buys. The usual route that we travel by, is mainly for grocery and of course my favourite Malaysian shoe brand.

We ended up leaving JB later than we had planned to. Because there were so many things to see, right. Lol. After we cleared immigration, I realised my passport did not have the exit stamp! It happens! We usually read about other people's passport not having the entry stamp and getting into trouble but mine didn't have the exit stamp. The eldest brother told me not to worry so much about it because well, it's exit. Immigration is usually more concerned with how you enter the country than how you leave it.

Anyhow, I bought a pair of jelly bunny sandals for K and only saw that there is a cut on the top when we reached home. Looks like we need to bring it back to change. I won't have bothered if I think it won't cut her flesh but I think there is a chance that it better get it change. Well, here we go again.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

When I arrived home from work yesterday, the hubs was already home and trying to fix the wires. He tried his best, despite his lack of electrical knowledge and basically almost no handyman skills to speak of. So during the course of trying to fix the wiring, there was cussing.

He had to give up after awhile because we had to go fetch the girl and then go over to his aunt's new home. While in the car, I suggested that we get an electrician to come fix the wiring because I do not want to see him so frustrated and then cursing. It irritates me whenever he does that and then complaining especially when he starts perspiring, as if he is the only one. If it's so difficult, just pay to get someone to do it!

Anyhow, we were the last to arrive at the aunt's new home but still have to wait for a good while for the ritual to get started. The aunt's new place is spacious and nice, like how new homes usually are.  Well, the nice bit that is. Only the 2nd BIL and his family attended this time while the youngest BIL had work. The rest of the usual suspects were, of course, there.
Thankfully dinner was prepared earlier and K could eat at 7pm while the rest of us only had ours about 8ish. But K did have a lot of snacks to munch on later.

When we got home, I had a pile of laundry to work with. Thankfully, when I was home earlier, I had sorted them out and only need to throw them into the wash when we reached home, in total darkness. Needless to say, I hung the laundry up in total darkness too. Literally with nothing but the radio on.

The hubs' procrastination and why doesn't he learn anything from it. Let's see if he gets it fixed today.

Monday, 31 October 2016

I was telling Janice, our previous neighbour friend how disappointed I am with our contractor over IM at work today and in the evening, we had to force a lights out in the kitchen from as early as 8pm.

After dinner, I was in the kitchen and storing something in the vegetable compartment of the fridge when I push the door in a little too hard, I think, and the main kitchen light came on, by itself. Yes, the switch was off but the light came on. There has been a fault with the main kitchen light for a couple of weeks now. Yes, welcome to the hubs' world of procrastination. 

I have been nagging at him to get it checked. Some time back, when I switched on or off the light, there would be a spark in the switch, which you can see through the fine gap. And sometimes after switching the light off, the light would flicker a bit. I was so afraid of being electrocuted! But everything seemed fine again the recent 2 weeks. 

The hubs decided to open the switch case and pull out the wires because the light won't go off even when he flick it on and off again. So this is how it looks like now.
Thankfully, I do not need to cook dinner tomorrow because the hubs' aunt is arranging the yearly Bhai Pooja for the brothers and her son at her new home. But it will be laundry day! Let's see how I am going to manage it.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The hubs' distant cousin organised a gathering at her home again, yesterday. Her condo also had a Halloween party and they had bought some tickets for it. Initially the hubs wasn't at all keen for the party and had wanted to head down to his cousin's early and so we could leave early. So he says. But knowing how I always get frustrated, I said no because no matter how early we go, we always leave late. But on hearing that the youngest SIL was going earlier because they had to leave at 6pm to attend another party, I changed my mind.

When I was all ready to leave when they had to, the NIL asked to be allowed to go to the Halloween party and the hubs, somehow although wasn't keen in having K join in initially, decided to let her do so. But I guess she would have asked to anyway, since the NIL made it quite clear.
And thus, we were gathered with other revellers waiting for our turn to enter the zone but the wait became so long, we decided to skip it and try another. But while queuing at the next zone, the NIL chickened out. And so we headed straight to the club house and ate instead. But we ended up leaving at 9pm anyway and brought the NIL and MIL back home with us. The youngest BIL and SIL then came to pick them up a while later.

Anyway, I got angry with the hubs because like what I had predicted, We went early, but we still left late. I told him if his youngest SIL does not go for the next gathering, neither will I. He can bring the girl with him and I will go do my thang. Because as usual, he was at the table playing blackjack for a good few hours straight. If not for the SIL, I will be literally staring at the wall.

And today, we had a Deepavali dinner invite and K caught up with the youngest daughters of the Victors and Salahudeens, with the 2 older girls no longer interested in child's play. Lol.

Friday, 28 October 2016

I had to do school pick-up duties yesterday and today. Yesterday was because the hubs attended the wake of a 35 year old lady, daughter of the FIL's good friend. She died of cancer. Too young but I heard that she went on holidays and according to her brother, she died with no regrets. That is good to know. And today, well, the hubs had an event at work.

Times like these, I miss staying at Redhill. I could easily meet up with the bestie for dinner and bring the little girl along. I have a long over-due dinner date with her because I need to keep up with my once a week exercise routine. The exercise that I have no choice but to do...otherwise, my back will get at me for the lack of it. The hubs hardly has any personal time other than having to work past the usual working hours. Thus, having this hour off to do my exercise every week is a bonus to me. Because we want to share the time spent with the girl.

The girl's childcare is within walking distance to our home it's very convenient to drop her off and pick her up. And if we want a break from eating at home, usually just once a week, or if we want to go the swanky nice malls, it's always the big 4 ones which is just a 5 minute drive away. There is really no reason for us to head to town anymore. I can't even remember when was the last time we went to Orchard. My strong guess is that the next trip there will be to see the Christmas lightings. Lol...

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tim came by yesterday evening to settle some insurance matters. The hubs has been really supportive towards Tim's first career. Hopefully Tim stays on and makes big in this.

This was last night's dinner, yes for the 3 1/2 of us. I should have added another dish but have nothing else in the fridge...a soup would be nice and sufficient. But we had fruits after and so our dinner was filling. 
It's nice to have someone join us for dinner once in a while so we can have an added variety otherwise it's usually always just 2 dishes for the 2 1/2 us. Anyhow, preparing dinner at slightly after 6pm and ready to eat at slightly past 7 is an achievement, me thinks...especially cooking for 3 adults and 1 child who eats better than Bev.

I'm just glad to be able to still enjoy cooking for us and feeling satisfied that the meal is enjoyed.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Earlier in the week, the hubs told me his mother reminded him of a Malay wedding today. An old neighbour's daughter. I thought about it for a day and told him no. No because really, who are they? Maybe more of an invitation to the MIL. So, we ended up at home during the day, just how I had wanted it. 

While K and I slept in, the hubs went for breakfast at his usual prata place and brought home some for us. We spent the day in, with me putting K's laundry to wash and hang and cooking lunch. While the 2 of them napped, I managed to mop the house. 

In the evening, the hubs suggested we check out the Deepavali lights at Little India and so we did! 

But first, we changed K's car seat to a more grown-up booster seat. I was quite emotional about this. Though not the crying time of emotional but the missing kind of sadness. Once the car seat is removed and K promoted to a booster seat, it only means she's grown up. And we will never revert back to the days where she is strapped up in the comfort of the cushioned car seat. Since 2 or 3 months old till now, she has sat through 3 car seats. The last one we have, the foam in the cushion was flaking and every time we remove the car seat to fill in more people in the car, brownish fine bits of foam would fall out. To be honest, that was the main reason why we decided to change it or rather get rid of it. How I'll miss the sleeping K in the comfort of her car seat.  

Thankfully, she's not too short for the booster seat. The only concern is when she falls asleep because there is no more side support from the arch of a child car seat. The hubs bought a 'Frozen' neck pillow much earlier so hopefully, K can get some support from that should she fall asleep in the car. Anyhow, it's only a matter of time and I have to accept it. 

Anyhow, we enjoyed the evening out at Little India. At 1 point, K asked the 2 of us why are there so many Indians there! Lol....

Sunday, 16 October 2016

The 3rd SIL text me on Friday morning to invite us over to their place for dinner. In fact, when she came over on Thursday to borrow a cd, she already mentioned that she was going to cook pumpkin fried rice, which she had just learnt. But the husband didn't bother getting back until she messaged me again to ask. And so after school and work on Friday, we took a stroll to their home in the lovely weather.

As usual, K was delighted to go to their place because Esther plays with her. And after dinner, while waiting for M to make her croissant sandwiches for us to bring home, it started pouring. We could have waited the rain out a little but the hubs kept wanting to go home! So we had to brave the very strong winds and rain and of course got almost drenched walking to the bus-stop because the strong wind just blew the rain into the void decks. But K got to experience what it feels like being caught in the heavy rain. Lol.

On Saturday morning, we picked the eldest SIL up from the train station near our place and the 4 of us made our way to JB for a day trip. We had requested for her to come over in the evening initially because The Victors have invited us to a bar for Gaye's 48th birthday. And being good friends, they really wanted us to be there with some others we know. It's a small group of us really. But the hubs changed his mind and decided to pop by JB for some shopping and eating during the day so Ivy met us mid-morning instead. 

As usual, we enjoyed shopping and feasting and K gets to be allowed to sit on rides, which we do not allow for here. All thanks to the exchange rate.

The drive back after the belly-bursting dinner at a Korean restaurant was smooth and when we got home, the hubs and I showered to change again for the night out. The girl did not even ask where we were going and when I asked her later, she innocently thought that daddy and mummy went to work!

Anyway, we were the last to turn up at the 'party' and I think we all pretty much had fun. I had 2 1/2 bottles of cider and another drink in between which was red bull and a strong mix. I don't know what it is but thankfully, none of us threw up. My workplace has trained me up to be able to hold my drinks better, I think. Lol.

The hubs and I were so tired after lunch today that the 3 of us all napped. The girl napped for 2 hours as well. Thankfully, I could still magic-clean and mopped the house before we went down for dinner. How I can defy age? It took me nearly a week to recover after our 8-day trip to Tokyo and then another day from a late night out. Lol...

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Last night, the hubs was recounting to me a conversation he had at his now hang-out joint. Which incidentally is the usual place we go on Saturday mornings for our prata fix. That is when the girl and I are up to it. 

Because the hubs has a colleague from the HR department who stays fairly near us, they sometimes have coffee at the shop when they get off work earlier. Apparently, the hubs met someone there while with his colleague not long ago and during his recent trip there, he was introduced to a principal of a secondary school, which is just a stone's throw away, literally from the shop.

So the hubs was talking to the chap about schools and with only 2 years to finish her pre-primary education, we have sporadic talks about which school to send K to. The hubs have always insisted on sending her to his alma mater. I, on the other hand, have no personal preference but would rather that we send her to a nearby school. My primary school is located at Orchard and although it was a seamless entry to secondary school because of affiliation, I did not enjoy my secondary school days at all. 

I suffered from low self-esteem especially after being a victim to bullying. In fact, I do not have much memories of secondary school. Definitely more from primary but no fond schooling memories really. While there are those who still keep in touch with their school mates from eons past, I only have the 1 bff to speak of who has really known me even when I was a child. Although very scant memories.

So anyhow, I've always make open my preference to send K to the neighbourhood school behind Jerry's block and which Josh, Gideon have graduated from and where Esther is still studying in. Josh and Gideon did so well in their PSLE that they've gone on to schools with 6 years integrated programs. The 2 brothers argued that it may be different with their sister and urged me to wait for her PSLE results next year before I commit myself.

Anyway, back to the conversation that the hubs had with the school principal. The chap told the hubs that almost all primary schools are as good as the other now. It's the secondary schools that really matter. My thoughts exactly. It used to be the other way round right? Strong foundation in primary school so that it's a smooth transition to secondary. But with so much focus on primary school education these days, I think it's fair playing ground.

And another of my reason which I always emphasise to the hubs. Distance. When I moved up to secondary school at Farrer Road, my family have moved to the west. The travelling home every evening after school was such a major turn-off that I get headaches so frequently. Granted, at that time, there was no MRT. And I had to change 2 buses, which means, yes, it took me 3 buses to get home. And by the time I reach home, I was almost almost completely knackered. How to revise any work, you tell me?

I do not want K to go through what I did. Travelling while in school, is not fun. You carry a heavy backpack, squeeze with the morning and evening crowds. I hated it. 

I want K to be able to come home after school, have our dinner together and able to sit down, revise her work and throw in some tv time, if possible, without rush. I can imagine sending her to either the hubs' or my alma mater and then rushing the evening through every single day. Why add on to life's daily stress? Afterall, I just want K to have an education and not end up being just a product of an already competitive school life.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

When you take a long break from work, you can expect heaps of emails and work to work on when you return and that was exactly what happened. Although I managed to clear them in the first few days, the time when you get back immediately is the most stressful. 

And I'm still so worn out from the Japan trip and  that was probably why I had a migraine attack on Tuesday evening after the weekly exercise session. I was already having a headache at the end of the workday but not something I felt I could not deal with. But while in the train home, with my body feel hot and sweaty and the aircon blasting, I developed a migraine and started feeling nauseous. I was praying someone would alight so I could grab that seat and close my eyes.

Even after bathing, I was feeling horrid. Lied down, the hubs kept nagging at me to eat something so that I can pop a panadol and me needing the lights off and lying on bed. When he tried to help, he pressed down on a point so hard, I finally vomitted. But still didn't feel any better. 

Consulted a GP on Wednesday, gave me mc and bless her, told me I really just need to rest. So no unnecessary medication prescribed. No more migraine but still light-headed. But being someone who cannot sit still, I put the girl's laundry to wash, hung them up, washed the balcony, mopped the house and made dinner. I even text the hubs that I'll pick the girl up from school and he was there too, to surprise me. 

On Thursday evening, the eldest SIL came over wif Bev for the night because school is closed on Children's Day Friday and thankfully for them because I was so busy at work that day. Met the 3 of them after work at Westgate, treated them to dinner and then we sent them home, all the way to Tampines. The girl was so sad when they alighted that she cried. No wonder, she must have had the time of her life with ice-cream, Japanese rice-crackers and don't know what else the eldest SIL has indulged her with. Just because it's Children's Day.

Anyhow, we are thankful for her being able to help us out and always without questions. And K's stash of presents from her teachers.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

And so, we are back from our 8 days vacation in Tokyo, Japan! The weather was hot and the poor hubs had to lift 2 hardcases in the train stations. Because they are so 'advanced', their train systems were probably built quite a while back and thus many do not have escalators. Even if you come across a station that has one, you will be greeted by a flight of stairs a while later.

K was the most cooperative. She impressed even us when we decided not to bring the stroller out from day 3. It's no joke up and down those steps. And boy can she walk. We walked so much that my menses that was supposed to come at a later date, came earlier. My back acted up some time during the 4th day of our stay and I could not walk for long without stopping to take a rest.

The flight to Tokyo and back were good. In fact, I'm happy that the aircraft was not a jumbo plane. So K and I sat beside the window, with the hubs across the aisle. Perfect arrangement. It can get too cramp being 3 in a row. K slept almost 80% of the return flight and did not even have her meal on board.

We are so happy with the wifi router we rented, that we will definitely rent it again for future travels. The money I converted just for my own shopping came back untouched. We did buy a lot of snacks for family though. So, with the rising Yen, I'm taking it easy to convert whatever balance we have back to our local currency and earn some! Thus, we didn't spend much. Mainly on transportation and food for the 3 of us. 

Would I go back to Tokyo? Probably not. I do not know if it's because I'm older but from a city life to another busier city life, it doesn't attract me much. Tokyo is so crowded! I told the hubs probably Kyoto, Osaka or Okinawa if we ever return to Japan.

But nevertheless, we are glad for the trip. We covered almost everything that was planned. Now, it's back to the grind.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Our clothes are packed into the opened suitcase in our living room.We have even checked in on-line which means we can leave the house slightly later but still too early tomorrow morning. 

While other people send their pets to be pet-sat, we will be sending our mint and basil plant to Jerry's for daily love. We planned to bring down the packed suitcase and K's stroller and packed them in the car this evening. So when it's time to leave, last minute items like our toiletries will be put into my suitcase and brought down together with us. Hopefully K wakes up and so the hubs does not need to handle a sleeping baby on top of his hardcase, the stroller and maybe my hardcase.

Praying for good weather throughout our trip and in short, totally excited. We have not been on a long haul flight in a while. And just the 3 of us.

I'll see you in October! *muack*

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2 Fridays ago, we or rather I went searching for a camera. The current one that I have is quite old already and it doesn't have the wifi function that the new models have. Although it can still work well, I really yearned for a better one. Since it's been so convenient to use our camera phone, there wasn't really a real need to get a camera. The hubs wasn't as enthusiastic as me as the camera phone really suits him just fine but I know the limitations.

Anyhow, I wasn't impressed with what I saw despite checking out the brand's website. The Saturday morning, when we went for Mac's breakfast, we went to the electronic store and thankfully had a experienced and patient salesperson who really explained the few cameras to me. But during the course of the transaction, I was whatsapping my brother a lot to check because he is the photographer and camera pro in my family.

Aesthetically, I liked this:

But sales talk had me buy this. 
With another zoom lens at that! We used the hubs' vouchers he received from his long service award and minus the cash-back promotion from the brand, this camera is a steal! 
So today, I attended the complimentary workshop and learnt so much! If only I can remember. :p

Friday, 16 September 2016

I experienced a heart-stopping moment while walking to meet the hubs and K at IMM after work today. I was on the bridge leading to the mall when in front of me, a mother, I assume, was shouting at her 3 year old son.

Well, he looks slightly younger than K and thus I'm assuming he is 3. I literally stopped at my tracks and turned around to see if anyone witness what I had. I was at a total lost to what I should do. The boy was crying throughout and that probably irritated the mother. He could be whining incessantly. I do not know but what I saw was something no parent should do regardless.

She really smacked the boy hard across the face until he fell and she continued walking, pushing a pram. He stumbled and chased after her and then she shouted at him and held his neck up at stranglehold. And dropped him. Later she threatened him and said she will throw him down the bridge. The big guy who was walking just behind me just walked passed. When she reached the entrance of the mall, she turned around and glared at me. Thankfully, I looked away and looked at my watch just before looking up and saw her. She turned away because I am guessing she thought I was looking at them still.

I told the hubs what I saw when I met them. He asked why didn't I video it. Honestly, I do not agree with all those video uploads on social/media platforms. All the condemnation but what good will it do? It's just to satisfy or appease the person who uploaded the video or photo, in my opinion. 

After dinner, we walked over to Daiso to look for something and then, we heard shouting from 1 of the alleys. The hubs and K happened to beside it and the hubs knew from the instance when the mother slapped the child, it was the same woman I was telling him about. The hubs commented that the mother really did not hold back her strength. When I witnessed her 'abusing' her child on the bridge, I was so tempted to ask if I could bring the child away until she has cooled down and then she can get him back. does one react/respond to such situations?

Many a times K irritates the hell out of us too but the most we do is scream at her and for me, I'll bark at her and smack her. Parenthood is definitely a test of patience which the hubs and I are so lacking. I pray to thank God everyday that K is so forgiving and forgets. As much as I lament how fast she grows, I need to remind myself constantly that this too will pass....

Thursday, 15 September 2016

I chanced upon a comment that the hubs posted on his younger Nepalese cousin's FB photo, which showed her in dark shades and looking very good. He commented 'Hi Pretty'. Her reply was a polite 'Thank you dada'. Dada is a nepalese term for brother.

I didn't think much about it but then I also thought to myself that both his brothers will never make comments like this. They might 'like' the pic but I am confident enough to say they will not make such a comment. Unless it's to a child below 19.I do not think it is so much of whether my SILs would be angry but I would think it's more out of respect for them.

This morning, I messaged the hubs.
Anyhow, he deleted the comment, which he posted some 24 hours ago. I am not sure if anyone would have noticed and if I am being too sensitive? But I believe my reasoning in my message to him is valid. What would you have done?

Monday, 12 September 2016

We had a restful long weekend. Especially with the excellent weather! But if only I could lie in bed all day.

We went to IMM on Saturday morning, even before some of the shops opened for business. We had Macs breakfast and K ate 3/4 of a double yolk mooncake! Yucks but at her age, she can well afford it. We didn't buy any for my 2 elder brothers and their family this year because the hubs forgot and since we are already in the mid-autumn weekend, I told him to forget it.

Early evening, we went over to the Victors' for dinner and the guys watched live soccer on tv. It's just the 2 families and the White guy so it was cosy and not like their usual house parties where they usually invite a lot more people which incidentally has also has seen 2 families drop out.

Yesterday was the usual church and lunch for us and we basically stayed home the whole day after. I even made simple dinner at home and was finally able to magic clean and mop the house after 2 weeks. Well, I missed one week, technically. 

And today, we slept in..especially with the shiok weather..which made K sleep in longer as well. Then we had to wake up to get ready to meet my eldest brother, the SIL and Bev for lunch at the club. And then the hubs sent K and I home while he went to visit his friend at the hospital.

K and I took a nap and then when we woke, I took out all her unworn clothes that were a tad big previously for wash and put aside some more for Pauline's girl while K did some work on her activity book.

So this long weekend had been a restful one for us and I enjoyed it. Especially in the super good weather. I know I keep repeating this but how often do we get weather like this now? Anyhow, I hope you had a great one too!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tim came by for another insurance plan that the hubs intends to take up for K. When he arrived, the 2 were still sleeping and I had to wake the hubs up. Well, the 3 of us took our naps, to be honest but of course I slept the least because I've got work to do!

Anyway, tonight's dinner....although I had to put the pie back into the oven because the filling was still cold. Heh...

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The girl had so much fun when school was closed yesterday. And then some more today!

I had arranged for a play-date with Janice and thankfully, she was able to spare time to come over. I had not suggested my home initially, fearing it may be too far for them but good thing, Janice was willing. So I cooked my fail-proof pesto pasta for lunch and after lunch, the 4 of us started on 2 rounds on the memory board game.

And then the 2 girls went to K's room to play fishing game and pretend play before I took out some craft work for them to make. And back to the room some more for pretend play and then belting out their favourite song. In between, they had ice-cream and wafer. Before we knew it, it was 4ish and they had to go, to avoid the peak hour traffic.

While Janice reported that Jazlyn napped when they reached home, the energizer bunny I have was nowhere near that although I was kind of tired. We then took a double decker ride before transferring to a free shuttle bus that looks like a cat to IMM. Because that was what K has been asking for. To ride on a double decker bus and the cat bus. And we met the hubs for dinner at IMM.

We didn't do much today but that's because we had Hannah's 10th birthday celebration at the Victor's. We were there about 5ish and K had another splendid day of play and more.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

I thought the hubs meant to say King of Fruits when he bought them home yesterday evening after walking over to the market to pay some bills. He meant what he said 'King of Kings'. This breed of durians.
And I thought we were only going to have a few seeds each but the 3 of us walloped it. So thick, so good! Yums!

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Although the girl and I got up, bathe and were both ready to go yesterday morning, we only left the house at 10ish because we were waiting for the hubs. And to leave the house at 10ish to drive across the causeway is considered late.We usually try to leave earlier in order to avoid the jam. And when we had to drive back home again after a visit to the petrol kiosk because someone forgot to bring the atm card, I was all ready to head back and stay home. The hubs totally spoilt my mood especially since I did tell him earlier in the week about going to JB.

Anyhow, we arrived at the shopping mall that we usually visit when we go JB shopping, just in time for lunch. Famished but fueled up to re-start the day on a better note.

We did our usual grocery shopping and indulging K with rides, which we do not allow her to at all back here. We only allow her to sit on the rides without slotting any money into them but with our exchange rate, we are more willing to indulge her. Besides, we do not want her to have the habit of always wanting to ride on one whenever we see 1 and if we only allow it in Malaysia, it's not going to be so often is it. So she had her rides, had donuts, balloons and I think the 3 of us really enjoyed ourselves. We had early dinner and headed back home at dinner time which the hubs reckons is the best because everyone else will be eating. And yes, the traffic was smooth and clear.

Today was the usual program for us. Lunch with the brothers and family after church and back home. 

After her nap, the girl, with the help of the hubs this time, managed to complete the bracelets we had planned to give her teachers for Teachers' Day. Thankfully, I started this project a lot earlier. First it was for just 8 teachers, then she added 2 more and then some more. In total, she made 12 while the hubs or I knotted them for her. Yesterday, the hubs stepped in and even packed the bracelets in bags I had bought for this. 
I hope the teachers like them. On top of these, she also made 1 for her cousin Esther, her favourite eldest auntie, her sister when she was back last month, 1 for her 3rd auntie and 1 more for her friend whose 10th birthday is coming up.

I'm proud of her. Happy that she has finished off what she started or what I made her start. Lol.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

A quaint florist cum cafe at  Lau Pat Sat has a stand outside the shop where they have individual flowers where you can pick up for free. They are packed very nicely with a small water tube so that the flower doesn't thirst. And they are beautiful fresh flowers, not discarded ones that the florist feels does not fit into a bouquet or flower arrangement.

So sweet the gesture...they sure did their bit to brighten up someone else's day. :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

During breakfast with the Victors and Whites on Saturday morning, K was talking to the Victors' youngest girl about Singapore's newly crowned Olympian. The gold medalist happens to stay in the same estate as the Victors and they so happened bump into him recently and took some photos.

On Sunday, the girl was talking about him again and this time to Esther. I did not really listen to the conversation but I know she asked both girls if they know Joseph Schooling.

After school yesterday, K was doing this after I salvaged a round cardboard base from the frozen pizza we popped into the oven for Saturday's lunch. And innocent me even suggested to her that she can use it to draw a big smiley face.
My 4 year old teenager was doing what actual teenagers normally do when their favourite boy band comes to town! And all without prompting! She even said she wants to pass this to someone who can pass it to JS.

I need to ask the teachers what have they been telling the children! Children will gradually learn to idolise at a later age but not now. The Victors indulge their 2 girls with boybands paraphernalia. I was never a 'groupie'...and I do not wish K to become one too. Liking the singer for his song is fine. But really, where did my baby go??

Monday, 22 August 2016

I had my rare seafood fix of Canadian Dungeness crab, scallops, clams, prawns, baby lobsters and more at a appreciation dinner that I was invited to on Friday. I had brought along my colleague who asked if I would have gone ahead if she couldn't come along. I guess I would probably bring the hubs along since I have seen spouses and even clients bringing along their child at events like this.

And early Saturday morning, I had to reluctantly get out of bed because the hubs had arranged to meet the Victors and Whites for 9am breakfast back at Redhill. The bunch of us continued at Tiong Bahru and by the time we split ways, it was 11ish. Reached home, pop a pizza into the oven and then forced the girl to take her afternoon nap because we had another round of activities. 

We left the house about 4ish to the hubs' work place. There was a family day event going on which was primarily targeted at the members but quite a number of his colleagues brought their family along too so I didn't feel out of place.

We were greeted at the start of the family day with a pony ride at the driveway of the club. Thankfully we were there at a good time when there were not so many people yet. According to the hubs, K was beaming throughout the less than 5 minutes ride.
After the ride, we tried our hands at shooting down cardboard clowns and drink bottles but none of our shot even grazed the subjects. Then K and I walked over to a crafting station where she chose to do the coloured sand in a cup with a wick followed by body painting where she chose to have 'Rainbow Dash' painted on her forearm.

And then we watched a ventriloquist in action, followed by a snake charmer and took a motorised boat ride in the pool. While waiting for the hubs to return with dinner, she played at the bouncy castle. The evening ended for us, at the prawning station where the hubs and I caught a large one each.
And after lunch yesterday, we went to check out a travel fair because I wanted to see if I can get more information for our upcoming trip. We had fun there too, taking photos at several booths with props. We even saw a motorised dinosaur walk pass!

Our weekend had been fun. Hope you had a good one as well!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

We took it really easy over the weekend. With a triumphant start watching our local boy win gold for swimming in the Olympics. I was screaming throughout which frightened K and she cried. Tsk. Anyhow, I was able to do the girl's laundry, mop the house and made lunch. The 3 of us even took in an afternoon nap, mine being the shortest and the hubs, the longest because he dozed off before us.

When K woke up, we took a bus down to the library because she has been asking to ride on the bus. She has been wanting to sit on the upper deck but the bus that came was a single decker and besides, the library is only 3 bus stops away. We returned all the books she borrowed when Molly the library bus dropped by her school and we borrowed another 4 more. And then we had dinner at a food-court in a nearby mall.

It was the usual church followed by lunch with family on Sunday. While the hubs and the girl took their naps, I started doing some research for our next holiday travels. Am so excited but not saying anything here yet. In the early evening, we went to MBS because I wanted to check out the travel fair but alas we were 1 week too early! The other travel fair that was happening was in the east!

So the 3 of us took a walk through the Helix bridge and then to Millenia for desserts. It was quite a walk and K's shoe started rubbing into her skin and on the walk back to MBS, the hubs had to piggy back her. The water and light show had already started by the time we reached and K was for whatever reasons so frightened that we didn't stay to watch. This girl ah, still so frightened by loud sounds but she said because of the image of the lady appearing in the water. Well, ok, for a 4 year old.

By the time we reached home and settled into bed, it was already 10. But from experience, I don't sweat it anymore because for some reasons again, K always takes a long time to sleep on Sunday nights. -_-

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

K's childcare had their National Day celebration on Monday and thankfully for the 3rd SIL, who was on leave, the hubs was able to drop K off at their place after her lunch in school. The childcare was operating on 1/2 day that day. After work, we had dinner at Jerry's and then went to the supermarket, with Esther tagging along.

We had invited Ivy's sister for lunch yesterday so Monday's grocery run was really last minute. I couldn't find much at the supermarket near Jerry's because it is so small so we had to drive to a bigger one instead. 

The eldest SIL had text me earlier to say that they will not be staying to watch the NDP because her sister has to catch a really early morning flight back to the States but when they arrived, she told me they've changed her mind. So at the back of my mind, I was frantic, not having anything prepared for dinner.

Nevertheless, this was what we cooked for lunch. Hubs prepared chicken stew, I made minced pork with tofu and button mushrooms, fried naibai and scrambled eggs. Ivy's sis bought the fish cakes. We were filled up.
For dinner, the hubs and my eldest brother went out to buy fish head curry and I asked the 3rd SIL if they wanted to join us since the hubs, K and I couldn't make it for Esther's birthday party. And with the 3rd SIL comes food. She even made tiramisu and brought rockmelon for after desserts! I was so busy in and out of the kitchen that I hardly watched the parade.

But like what Beverly said, we always catch the parade together as a family, plus and minus some at times so it's really nothing like having the family together, celebrating our nation's birthday because we are so proud and blest to be born here. In fact, the hubs and I told Ivy's sister to plan her trips back to Singapore during the same period every year so we can partake the occasion together with good food! This makes us Singaporeans!

Monday, 8 August 2016

We didn't do much on Saturday except meet up with the Victors for dinner at IMM. Kenneth had asked the hubs if we were going out and wanted to do dinner together. But since we've moved to the west, we've been pretty contented to stay at this part of the country instead of going into town. Well, maybe because town is always so congested, parking is expensive and we have everything we need with the 5 big malls this part of the upcoming CBD. 

And yesterday, after church, we had lunch away from church before heading back home. The 3rd SIL, Esther and Bev dropped by our place as they were in our car. The hubs, K and myself changed to home clothes and picked up the beef stew I had made before heading over to Jerry's. 

There was so much food from the pot-luck as we gathered to celebrate M's 77th birthday. 

Come National Day, it'll be my turn to play host but only to Jeremy's family and Ivy's sister, who will be returning back to the States the next day. Although Esther had invited the 3 of us to her birthday celebration at her home that day, I doubt we can make it because they have decided to come over to our home to catch the National Day parade on our tv! Initially I had planned to go over to Jerry's after lunch to join in Esther's birthday celebration but I guess we cannot anymore.

Looks like I'll have to drop by the supermarket later to see what else I can buy for a quick dinner for tomorrow.