Thursday, 29 October 2015

We haven't had such nice cool air for a while. Especially with the forest fires burning resulting in haze that reached as far as Thailand. This morning, the cool or cold wind blowing in through the windows had me tight under the covers. 

I used to sleep away from the window with K on the mattress directly beside me but since I started having stiff joints which I suspect was the fan blowing straight into my direction, I swapped spots with the hubs. Besides, he always complains that he can't feel the wind and since we've swapped places, I also do not need to be the first one to attend to K immediately when she sometimes gets disturbed sleep. Win. 

Talking about stiff joints, I am in desperate need of either a massage, detox or exercise. Let's not talk about the aging bit. Other than the issue with the lower back, my whole body feels so stiff. Even the physiotherapist said the same thing. I am seriously lacking exercise. I hope I grow old gracefully. All these aches and pains are scaring me.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tonight's dinner: Steam Pomfret and Stir-fry Brocoli with Bunapi Mushrooms. We haven't cooked any other fish other than Cod and Salmon for the longest time so tonight is something different. :)

Monday, 26 October 2015

Today's dinner: Sharksfin Melon Soup with Pork Ribs, Scrambled Egg topped with Bonito Flakes and Famous Muar Otah.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The haze was back over the weekend and the hubs suggested that we take refuge in the malls. But I have so much housework to be done at home yesterday. Although the hubs and K let me sleep in till about 9am, it was work, work and work till almost 4pm!

I threw in a whole load into the washing machine and while waiting, folded the clothes that were left on the sofa, magic-cleaned the floors followed by a thorough mop and changed the bedsheets. The hubs was tasked to wash the balcony. And K, who is nursing a flu took a nap before her lunch. So I cooked a quick one and the hubs ate his lunch in front of the tv while ensuring that K doesn't fall off the sofa while sleeping. 

I was fully drenched and tired when I felt satisfied that enough was enough at about 4ish. Took a bath and at about 5, we drove to pick the PILs before going to their relative's. The hubs' Nepali aunt had invited us for the Nepali New Year. We were there more than an hour when the 2 other BILs arrived. K started to be more open when her cousin came. This is the same flat that K kept crying non-stop when we were inside, when she was less than a year old and because of this, the hubs did not want to go last year. 

Anyhow, we left about 10pm and woke up late this morning for church. 

We'll be meeting the same people again sometime in November for their yearly Nepali Bhai Pooja. And the hubs wants to invite them to our new home. I've suggested sometime around Christmas as he has plans to have his family over for Christmas celebrations anyway. I suggested doing it on Christmas Eve so that there's no rush to go anywhere the next day and we can stay up to clean up. But the hubs, bless his soul, wants to reserve that Christmas week for my family. 

With our new home being bigger now, it doesn't feel as crowded with a bigger bunch of people. And the hubs does help out with the cooking and cleaning up. Strangely, I do look forward to it. Oh well, I guess I can slowly think of what to cook for the party. :)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

The hubs brought K to have her cast removed and we are so glad it is fully healed. But the Dr did give K a 1-month off-limits to the playground, to be on the safe side. At the same time, a load was lifted off our shoulders. Well, mine at least although during the 1 month, the hubs did most of the showering for K. The inconvenience of having to wrap her cast arm in a plastic bag sealed with masking tape and then dressing her with the left arm hole through the cast arm first before pulling the neckline over her head is something I am certain both of us are glad we do not have to go through again. I also took this opportunity to tell K the importance of her arm and how blessed we are to be given full use of our body parts.

The hubs was also very 'obedient'. I gave strict instructions to go back home after the hospital visit and lunch and he did. The last time he brought K to the hospital on his own, they ended up out the whole day, at his parents'! Although the hubs did give in to K's request to visit the library, they were home about 1ish. And K took in a 2 hour nap, which I took the opportunity to affirm to the hubs that she needs the rest. Especially since there was little during our recent Melaka trip.

Anyway, glad the episode is over.

Tonight's meal: Steamed Cod Fish covered in ginger, wolfberries and yu zu, Cream of Brocoli Soup (frozen from the pack) and stir fried beef with egg and tomato.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Conversations with K

The following conversation between K and the wife of a newly married couple-friend of ours at Hard Rock Cafe, Malacca.

K: Auntie Sarah, do you have baby?
S: No, I do not have baby.
K: Oh, God hasn't given you a baby yet? 
S: Yes, God hasn't given me a baby yet. *Already starting to feel surprised by K*
K: Ok, God will give you a baby soon.
S: *Can only smile*
K: Auntie Sarah, what will you name your baby?
S: I don't know.........

And Sarah goes to tell the hubs and myself about this little conversation that she had with K. Lol...Sarah's husband then tasks K to think of a name starting with the first letter of their names, 1 for a boy and 1 for a girl. Lol....

Sunday, 18 October 2015

We are back from our road trip to Malacca and reached home at 10ish. A lot later than what the hubs and I would have wanted but I guess with a rather big group of people, it will tend to be like this. There were 8 adults and 5 children altogether. I think with what we've seen and heard, the hubs and I would rather travel with just the Victors in future. 

One, they have 2 girls as well and the younger one loves to play with K. And they also believe in not spoiling proper meal times by giving the kids junk food before meals. A healthy diet is enforced by the parents, I strongly believe. 

Anyhow, we left Singapore's clear skies and did not expect to arrive at a hazy destination but nevertheless, I still managed a good haul! I bought 2 pairs of flats for me and 2 for K! This time round, the hubs did not buy anything and I think he was more concerned making sure everyone enjoyed themselves. And this time, we did not visit any tourist spot at all except walking through the streets at Jonker Walk, which we always miss when we're with Jeremy, as he prefers not to travel over Sundays.

Will we go back? Most definitely. Especially since the car ride is only about 3 hours away and we can do as much shopping here. No need to travel up to KL anymore! With the very good exchange rate in our favour, we can also afford to choose and pick any hotel to stay in. This time, we stayed at the newly opened Novotel Hotel.

So, let's see what we'll be up to come my birthday month! :)

Saturday, 10 October 2015

While we had a slower September compared to the month before, it was a month filled with haze. Thankfully, the skies have cleared the past few days and hopefully it remains so. So nice to see the lovely blue skies again.

I had to take the day off yesterday as K's childcare centre was closed for Children's Day and also she had a review back at the hospital. The hubs was off as well, and didn't tell me until I saw him changing into casual wear. If I had know, I would have saved on the leave!

Nevertheless, we went to the hospital and everything was done within half an hour and that includes the x-ray! Talk about efficiency. After the Dr's review, the hair-line fracture can still be seen, she will still have to live with the cast for another 2 weeks. Then the hubs will bring her back again, saw open the cast, take another x-ray and hopefully, the crack closes.

As we were paying, the hubs asked for a balloon for K and then the staff shared with us that there is going to be a children's day celebration held at the women's tower. And so, we headed there and waited for about another 1/2hour before the door was opened. I think K must have been overwhelmed. The hubs and I were ushering her around the 'stall's to play games and collecting goodies. The sponsors for this carnival are so generous! We left with a glittery hand tattoo of a dolphin which K chose, a toy ukulele, an elephant walking balloon, a family photo and we even took back 4 helium balloons. 2 of which she brought to her play-date at Janice's.

Next stop after the hospital was an arranged play-date at Janice's, our neighbour from our previous estate. Another boy their age was supposed to come too but was still not there when we left. So K caught up with Jazlyn and I hope they had fun. These 2 babies were introduced to each other since about 3 months old and now they're both 3! It's so nice to see both of them grow up and changing. We left after about just an hour as we had a long morning and we're all so tired and the hubs was waiting as well. Otherwise, our play-dates usually last longer.

Today, we met the Victors and Salahudeens for dinner to discuss about our road-trip this Friday. We're headed to Melaka again but this time, I reckon it'll be more shopping. I'm so looking forward to it!

Saturday, 3 October 2015

I went for my last and hopefully, final, session of physiotherapy yesterday. The pain that went away ended up with me having pins and needles on my right foot the whole day. A month or so back, when I consulted the GP for flu, I asked him about the symptom at the same time. He sent me to get an x-ray done. And long story short, here are my x-ray result. Please do not get distracted by the background. Lol.
If you observe, the bottom lumbar vertebrae has very little gap in between. Unlike the top rows, which is how it should be. Thus, they are pressed down against each other and affected a nerve. Thus explains the pins and needles I experienced. The hub's youngest SIL seem to have it worse than me although it seemed to happened at a similar time, when we were staying over at their place. She has since gone for physiotherapy, to the chiropractor and now acupuncture but not before she went for numerous TCM massage sessions. Me on the other hand, only went for 2 session of TCM sports massage. 

Each session at the physiotherapist, which my boss recommended, lasted about an hour. I am put on a traction machine, which resulted in me being in so much pain after the 1st 2 sessions, then I lie down on a heat-pad. Thankfully, after the 3rd session and nightly stretches, I'm getting better! After the 4th session, the physiotherapist told me that he'll give me open-dated appointments, which are cheaper, and to return when I feel the pain again.

Now I force myself to do stretches every evening when I lie down with K. The traction machine managed to open up the tight space between the last vertebrae and so with exercise, hopefully the muscles around that area is strengthen to maintain the space so that it doesn't press down on my nerve. I've also bought an electric heat pad to ease the pain by lying on it for 30 minutes every evening.

Thankfully, I do not get those irritating pin and needles and so much of a crampy feelings on my right leg as much as before. Now I value so much, the ease of walking without pain or discomfort. I am thankful that I have not reach the stage where I need to consult different practitioners in the hope to find the cure. I hope the SIL recovers soon as well.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

The hubs brought K to the hospital to remove her cast today. Since he had taken the day off, I decided not to. No need for both parents to go and also I am trying to save my leave since I no longer have the luxury of many days of leave like in the ex-company. Besides I'll be on childcare leave next Friday as K's school is closed for the Children's Day celebration.

The hubs and K spent the whole morning at the hospital and she had to go for an x-ray again. But this time, the attending Dr told the hubs that there is fracture! What came to our minds immediately was, why wasn't it detected during our first visit. The Dr was looking at the first x-ray and compared it to the 2nd and added that it was healing nevertheless. The Dr could only apologise to our unanswered question. So, now, K's left arm is on a permanent cast for a month. We'll have to bring her back every week for a review and x-ray to check if it heals. From a simple cast from the elbow down, she now sports a full arm hard cast.

Thankfully, K's got a good attitude towards the whole thing. And she even got to choose the colour she wanted for the tape to wrap the cast with! Oh well, praying that it doesn't cause her too much itch this time and for speedy recovery!