Monday, 27 March 2017

We are back to ground zero. The basil plant, bought during it's 'glory' withered into a pathetic state and a week passed before the hubs willingly help me do some re-potting after my reminders. And to think that he recently bought a pack of soil from the pasar-malam and had wanted to buy another plant. (!)

Anyway, the hubs managed to salvage the almost withering mint. 
I do not want to grow anymore plants. So let's see how far the mint will grow this time.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

I am so impressed by my efficiency today.

By 1130am, I've put K's laundry to wash and hang, washed the balcony, magic-cleaned and mopped the house and cooked us lunch! Even managed to get K to do some work and she even had time to play with her dough. 

And when it started raining very heavily during everyone's naptime, everyone except mine, I even managed to clean 1 set of the balcony windows, 1 set of kitchen windows as well as the master bedroom. But the girl had to wake up about 1/2 hour after her nap to go poo poo. I don't even know if she really slept!

I quickly did the house chores and was able to 'peacefully' go out in the evening. We surprised the girl by not telling her where we were heading and she kept asking. 
Yes! We caught up with her friend from the previous childcare because the mother had a good deal for the Flyer. And these 2, had to be forced to look out of the Flyer into the vast scenery before us. Total waste of money I tell ya. But anyway, it's the sort of thing you do once and would probably not do it again. The first time the hubs and I went on the Flyer was on our 2nd anniversary and that is like almost 10 years ago!

From the Flyer, the 2 families walked to Suntec for dinner because the traffic looked pretty bad with the night run that was going to happen. Since the other 2 girls' mother always bring home-cooked food, I did so too just so K won't feel left out.
We left shortly after dinner because our friend was tired. But it was already slightly past 9pm. Anyway, it'll teach her to take her afternoon naps in future but then again, who knows.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

We had a dinner invite by the hubs' relatives on Friday and while waiting for time, I went crazy, well not exactly, shopping for the girl. The clothes were so cute! I even bought 3 Mickey Mouse recycle bags for myself and 2 other friends! And as the hubs and I were browsing, I saw a sleeveless top which I thought I had bought for myself and asked if the girl likes it.

Me: Mummy bought 1 too. Is this nice? Do you like it?
K: Yes.
Me: So you and Mummy wear together ok.
K: Can we wear on separate days?
Me: -_-

The next day, I was searching hard for the top I bought to show K. And then.....realise it's actually the exact same piece that I bought for her before! Another -_- moment. Ok la, now you don't have to twin with Mummy anymore. She said 'Yay'. -_- totally.

And today, we went shopping again, although unintentionally. We walked passed the shop while on our way to the supermarket. Strangely, the girl was so excited when she saw Mummy and mini-me pieces and best part for me is the shop was closing down that particular outlet and everything was literally going for a steal.

The girl and I tried on the pieces in the changing room and I commented that she looks like a mini-mummy now. She seemed happy..(??) But she added she does not want to wear the same thing as me to church but elsewhere is ok. Fine. 

She even chose a black mini-work blouse for herself and said she can now pretend to be working. *rollseyes*
Cute or not? Lol.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

I attended a farewell session for a Manager at a pub nearby the office then went on to meet the hubs and girl. Thankfully, these sessions usually end quite early. 

I had suggested going to the ilight festival but when we were nearing the open carpark, the queue to enter was snaking and so I suggested that we switch venue to Gardens by the Bay instead. Thankfully, the lanes were empty and the hubs could easily filter.

We have never been to GBTB at night and it was nice. There was a children's festival going on and the theme was dinosaurs. We quite enjoyed ourselves but I reckoned it could be better if we were there slightly earlier so K can take part in some of the crafting activities that were going on. By the time, we walked to see the dinosaurs, played games at the game booths, took in the beautiful light show at the supertrees, it was almost closing time when we walked back past the activity section. However, we did managed to bring home some pipe cleaners and the hubs was able to craft dinosaurs as intended.
And since it's the start of the week school holiday, the youngest BIL had some football clinic event going on at the stadium near our home and the hubs wanted to go say hi to him. But I didn't want to 'waste' time just going there and then sitting there so I suggested going to the swimming complex instead since the last time we went, it was closed for cleaning. 

We drove over, parked the car and went into the stadium to look-see and it was such a sight! So many kids were participating in the ActiveSG event so I think it's really quite successful. 

This time, we were in the pool for almost 2 hours and the girl had so much fun. In fact, the hubs and I prefer this pool because there is so much more we could do. We went to the wave pool on the rented big float, sat on it as we lazed in the lazy river, K played awhile in the children's pool and I managed to swim a lap in the lap-pool before I had to get out of the pool and walked back to the hubs and K because I really have no stamina to swim back. Lol.

We then joined the youngest bil and his family for lunch at KFC. The NIL also took part in the football training and the youngest SIL was there to watch. Then it was their turn to go swim while the bil had a later session at the field.

As for the 3 of us, we went home and knocked out. 

We then had naan dinner at the club with the Victors and Whites.

And today we caught up with them again when we attended a little girl's 1 year old birthday. It was quite sad because the only people who turned up was the family of the parents, the Victor couple sans children, the White mom and our family. The were so many goody bags packed for other children who were supposed to come. In fact, the hubs didn't want to attend either because we were so tired and didn't know them very well. It was the same for their party last year. Although they had more attendees, our group had to order more food and drinks so that we could maximise the minimum spending they had at the restaurant.

Anyhow, we had a nice weekend especially with the outing to GBTB and swimming. Hope you had a good one too!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The hubs has a new project at work and I reckon he will be very busy the next few months. And I had to skip zumba class today because he was stuck at work.

And on days where it's just me and the girl, I'll heat up a pack of frozen gourmet soup and today's is Salmon Chowder. The hubs called at 7ish to say that he'll be back shortly and so he'll join us. We had freshly baked croissants with few leaves of butterhead and Dutch cheese I bought from Amsterdam.
Not so long ago, we tasted mini-french made croissants at the hubs' Nepalese Aunt's home and we liked it enough to ask her to help us buy some from her workplace. The company which she works for, happens to be managed by the French man whom the hubs' maternal cousin is married to. Anyhow, we ordered the croissants but it comes in a box and because the mini ones were not available, we got the standard sized ones. We had to split 1/2 and gave them to M, who happens to like making croissant sandwiches a lot, because our freezer was packed during the CNY festive period.
It's a breeze to heat them up and ooh, if only you can smell the scent of the freshly baked bread. See how much the croissant actually fluffed up!

Monday, 6 March 2017

The hubs and I are on 1/2 day today because the girls' birthday party will be held during their tea-time at 3pm. We met at home, went to a nearby coffee shop for lunch and then went to collect her cake. We arrived in school early and so I had time to hang up a birthday bunting and add in another item the hubs had bought for the goody bags.

We have 7 items in the goody bag, too much in my opinion. K's first childcare centre discourages goody bags and in some way, I do too. So if we do give, I think we shouldn't over-do it because I have heard a child asked where is the goody bag at birthday parties. *rolls eyes*

Anyhow, we packed 2 types of crackers, a small packet of strawberry milk, a Kinder Bueno surprise egg, a pencil, a pack of 4 emoticon erasers and some kuti-kuti from her last birthday. 

The cake turned out very nice and we bought enough for all the children in the centre. Some even going for 2nd helping!
When her class was done eating, I got them to line up and had K hand them the goody bags. The girls in her class actually asked if she drew the stars and hearts and where I got the alphabet washi tape, which I taped the bag, from. Aiyo. Kaypoh la these K1s.

And then we took her out of school and brought her swimming! However, the swimming complex near our home, which has slides, a wave-pool. lazy pool and children's play area was closed for washing. So we drove further down to another public pool. Unfortunately, the lightning detector was switched on after we changed into our swim attire! And we had to wait for a good 45 minutes for the rain to stop. There was another time we came, the hubs and K barely dipped into the pool when it started pouring and they had to changed back into home clothes. 

K decided to wait out, which was quite fine for us since we are already there and were not in any rush. Finally, we did get a chance to play at the water-play area but I didn't get mine to swim. After the 45 minures or so wait, we ended the water-play 1/2 hour later, changed and went out for dinner. Lol....thankfully, the girl has no real understanding of time yet. She doesn't even realise today is her actual birthday although she knows this is her birthday month.

How I wish time would really slow down. How I wish I can have another baby. Hiaz.....wishes, let's just treasure what we have now.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Because the girl wants to celebrate her birthday with her friends, we decided to make a trip to JB to buy stuff for her goody bag yesterday. The girl has chosen her cake design, from Kungfu Panda (yes, tell me about it) to Amber from Robocar Poli (changed her mind because another friend from school chose the same one recently) to finally the rabbit from Zootopia.

The eldest bro and his wife joined us again. As usual, we enjoyed ourselves. We had Japanese for lunch and Korean for dinner. Then of course, add the mandatory grocery shopping. This time round, the 3 of us did not do any shopping for ourselves at all. Only the eldest bro did.
And after church today, I was so knackered that I had to take an afternoon nap, together with K. We spent the whole day out yesterday at JB, came home at almost 10pm and then wake up early for church. I have been so busy at work as well so it is really an accumulation of sorts.

When the girl woke, I got her to pack her goody bags and think of how we can separate the bags for the girls and boys in her class. She decided on a star on the doggy bag for boys and a heart for the girls. So I got the hubs to help her draw and then she coloured. She decided to write who the goody bag is from too and that's what she did for all 8 bags, 1 being hers.

And then the sorting began. :)

Friday, 3 March 2017

If I had a say, we would be at Legoland today and staying at a hotel near Legoland for the night. But, since it's the girls' wish is to celebrate her 5th birthday in school, then it shall be so. Especially since she requested nicely and even asked if we can attend and then bring her home after the 'party'. I tried enticing her with 'It's Legoland.' But it seems that the mummy is more keen than the child.

Legoland was planned for today, earlier than her birthday which falls on Monday, because the childcare happens to be closed. Since Legoland is not to be, the hubs spent the day with the girl. And the girl woke up so early thus the poor hubs who came home late from an event last night had to cut his sleep short too. Note that she will try to sleep in when it's a school going day. *rolls eyes*

As usual, when it's the hubs turn to take the day off, he will bring the girl to visit the MIL. And because the girl woke up even earlier than I did today, she took a nap at the PIL's. Next school closure day, will be my turn.