Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The beautiful night view right at my windows. 
Having said this, we've left about 2 weeks before this home of ours will be handed over to the new owner and we have not even started on anything yet! The hubs has collected 8 boxes from DHL but they are not that big and thankfully, I've got a few waiting to be brought home from the office. As for the renovations, I don't even want to think about it anymore. We arranged to meet the contractor ID on Saturday but after 40 minutes, he still hasn't showed up. Thankfully, K was busy playing with the measuring tape and it was the hubs who was restless. We went off and on our way home, the contractor called but the hubs wasn't at all impressed. In fact, according to him, this guy is always late.

As if this is not enough to worry me, the hubs told me 'gently' this morning, that we're likely not move into the PIL's new place, during the transition. Somehow, I knew this would happen. Well, I do not have the best opinion of them. I know the hubs didn't want to make his parents look bad and I did not want to rub salt into wound. The hubs said the FIL mentioned that there were a lot of defects. Seriously, not that many that I noticed, compared to the youngest BIL's home when they first received the keys. And when we went to view their place about a month back, there were already some units that had families staying in them. I may be reading too much into it, the reason why they haven't started renovations yet but I have a strong feeling they will when we either move out or start on ours. This time, I do not blame the MIL. It's all the FIL's doing. I think he is not commencing on his renovation deliberately so as to make it impossible for us to stay there, albeit for a short while. But honestly, we could still do so as the electricity and water supply are already there.

Needless to say, we'll have to look around again and hopefully, the apartment that one of the hubs' club member had offered earlier is still available. 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

The heavy downpour served as such a poignant reminder of what he has done for us. It's so true of what was said 'Once he cried for our Nation. Now the Nation cries for him.' 

We rushed off to Jeremy's place after church to catch the state funeral and noted that although the rain has stopped at Tampines, it continued to rain on the procession route. When the alarm was sounded island-wide, Jeremy got all of us to stand up to mark the minute silence. Such is the GREAT man. Our founder. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Perhaps our Law and Foreign Minister K Shanmugam summed it all by saying :" Mr Lee is no more. I am tearing as I write this. What is there to say about Mr Lee Kwan Yew that has not already been said? Each time I read a tribute to him, I choke. It is difficult to describe in words, the grief I feel."

Although we all know deep in our hearts that his health wasn't going to see him through for long, we all had the same hope that he will get better and join us as we showcase to him, as a way of thanking him, in our SG50 celebrations. But alas, it was not to be. 

When I heard the news through Facebook, I was immediately overcome by sadness and my voice broke when I told the hubs about it. When I switched on CNA while we were getting ready for work, I teared. Every newspaper report about him will bring much sadness to us.

If he had not ruled with an iron fist, we would not have achieve what we have. It's akin to the saying 'Spare the rod and spoil the child.' 

Me and my colleagues will be making our way down to pay our final respects to the Great and in spite of the long queue that we can forsee, we will make sure we see him 1 last time.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

With the hubs out with the boys to watch a football game and K falling asleep within 10 minutes, I made myself go through the rest of  K's baby clothes and pack them up for Pauline's baby girl. I stopped packing them after putting aside a big bag some 2 weeks back. It was such an emotional experience! The first time I was sorting through her onesies and little clothes, I smelt almost every single one of them and asked the hubs if he remembered this or that piece. It was too tiring.

But being alone today and of course knowing that there's no way K is ever going to be able to wear any of them anymore made me feel practical about the whole packing. Yes, I did take a whiff of some of the clothes and feel so blest that we were gifted with a lot of these stuff. And of course, blessings beget blessings. It is our turn to pay it forward and bless another.

At the end of it, 4 big bags full!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

The hubs and I took the day off yesterday and headed to JB after dropping K off at the childcare centre. We allowed her to sleep in a bit and to have her breakfast at home. It's one of those rare times we send her to school after 9am.

The hubs and I had definite plans and that was to buy lightings for the new house. The hubs forgot to bring his GPS from office, as usual, and somehow we went around in more circles than we usually do without the GPS yesterday. But we did manage to get lightings for the dining area, 2 bathrooms and 2 track lights. The cost is probably half of what we would have to pay here and possibly more! We didn't even have to worry about being asked to pay for GST when we reached customs back here as it was below the allowed amount that we can bring in. The hubs and I even had time after shopping for lights and managed to buy a pair of shoes each.

We left about 4ish to avoid the crowd and so we don't end up being too late in picking K up.

And this morning, we had to wake up earlier than usual as K's school had their annual family Day Event at Gardens By the Bay. We ended the event at the children's waterplay park and K had a great time with 2 of her classmates. 

While the waterplay area was really nice, with piped in music from the various fairy tales, I can't say the same to the children's shower area. The only shower area and indicated on the sign was a shared children's shower area with no partition in between. While ok for younger children, it's not ok for the adults who have to 'play' in the water area with their kid/s. For example, I had to bathe K first while the hubs kept watch over our belongings and when we came out, he and Mavi went to shower and they were showering with naked kids! So the hubs had to turn away and looked at Mavi while both of them washed up, just with their tops off. When Schinde brought Shareen, K's classmate, to shower, she didn't feel comfortable and ended up bringing her to the toilet and made use of a hose that was attached to a tap in 1 of the toilet cubicles. 
Anyhow, the kids enjoyed themselves and it is a nice area. We will probably go there again.

When we reached home, everyone was so knackered that we all had naps. And I am so proud of myself. In spite of being tired, I cooked dinner! And for yesterday evening too! 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

I have terminated my old mobile number yesterday and can finally carry 1 phone instead of 1 personal phone and the other, company's. The last time I changed my number could have been almost 10 years ago because of the stalking case. Now that my personal contract is up, I have decided to use the company line since they only allow Iphones to be used.

And because my own mobile line is tied up with my residential line and fibre broadband, the service provider is really such a pain. I was put on hold for so long and with different departments. How efficient. Given that they were the first service provider in the island. 

Changing mobile numbers can be a pain when you need to inform so many people. So I hope my direct Manager retires here, so that I can too. Lol.....and not just for the sake of a number. :p

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Tonight's dinner, just for me. So plain, yet so fulfilling to me. Tom yum instant noodles I had bought from Phuket. K had her pasta which wasn't enough for me and so I decided that I can finally have instant noodles and 2 packets at that! You know they are not the best but sometimes we just crave for it. I daresay I haven't had instant noodles for the past 2 years especially so since we brought K back home. 

And because the hubs was able to send K back home earlier yesterday before he left for a meeting, I could prepare the ingredients for tomorrow's soup. M came back briefly with Esther in tow, to collect some of her stuff that she had left behind. So now, all her things are cleared except for some odds and ends. They left when it was our dinner time.

At about 7ish, I could sit down with K, relax and put a jazz cd to play. It's been a long while since I've done that and today is the most relaxed I've felt in a while, at home. I know it's only been 3 days but I feel so at home again. K asked M when she was here earlier if she was going to stay with us. I hope M doesn't take that as an invitation. 

Just to clarify, it's different when your parents have been staying with you all the while and even more so, if you continue to stay with them after marriage. But having stayed away from them for a considerable period of time, and in my case, even before marriage, it does takes a lot to make things work. Absence really makes the heart fonder in this situation. I'm ok for weekend stayovers but definitely not for an indefinite period.

Monday, 16 March 2015

What I'll really miss about this home. This full length window. This is where K loves to look out at the trains coming by and where I'll sometimes place her high-chair so that she can have breakfast with a view. The board by the window is actually an exercise step-up board which I suggested to the hubs to place it for K to play on, when he wanted to throw/give it away. And now she 'performs' her songs there and where K and I will sometimes sit there when she wants me to read to her. 
When the sky darkens at night, it's a different view again when the buildings are lighted up and you can see into the cabins of the trains passing by. We will not have this view anymore or a full length window when we move to the next house and this was also where many potential buyers were standing at to look out when they came to view our home. 

Nevertheless, you lose some, you gain some. 

Saturday, 14 March 2015

M moved her things out today. Josh stayed over last night to help with the packing and moving although he wasn't really doing much, from what I could see. In fact, he joined us for breakfast at the market this morning and then was on his mobile most of the time when we returned home.

Jeremy came by at noon to help shift M's stuff over to Jerry's. When he arrived, both Josh and M hadn't taken their lunch and so Jeremy had to wait a bit and Josh helped himself to 2 servings and M had hers.

A skillet full of macroni pesto, which until now I am still not able to gauge how much to cook for 1 person so I always end up with left-overs. 
In the evening, the 3 of us went to view some kitchen stuff but again, it proves difficult with K around. All she wants to do is prance around. Having said that, the owner of the place we bought has handed over the keys to us on Monday evening, a day ahead of the appointed date. 

The hubs had asked to view the place 1 last time to ensure that they have removed everything and at the same time, the owner handed the keys to him. But because of the hemming and hawing from them to extend their stay, the hubs and I did not managed to confirm anyone to renovate the place yet. So now we have reach another point of stress, to get all the quotations in, quickly compare them and then get the work started. Anyhow, at this pace that we are at, we'll definitely need temporary accommodation. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

I am the most horrible and meanest mother this morning. Something unhappy happened on our way to school and work.

I snatched a little carrier containing 2 pieces of clothes, to be donated, from K's hands when she refused to let it go. She and the hubs have just entered the lift and while quickening my steps to join them, I called out to her to give me the bag. A nearby school was going to collect old newspapers, magazines, clothes and the likes. She playfully refused and when the second time I asked and she said no, I pulled it out from her hands. The hubs, who had been grumbling from the morning and commenting about how I take so long to get ready and that he never gets to reach work on time because he has to send K to school and that I should start sending her blah blah blah. In fact, he threatened that he was going off and that I can send K to school. 

That started it and with K not obediently passing the bag to me and then crying when I snatched it away from her blew it. The hubs had the cheek to tell me not to let it out on her. When the lift door opened, I walked off, not without giving him my piece of mind that he was the one who let it out on her first by complaining and threatening not to send her to school. It's just that we expressed it differently. Throughout, my poor baby was crying. And then I walked off and continued walking despite K crying out 'Mummy, mummy.' 

I started tearing but I still walked on. I gave in to my sinful nature of pride. This has nothing to do with her. I feel so, so bad. I've hurt my sweetheart so much. I prayed for forgiveness. I should not have done what I did. I'm so sorry my baby.

I will apologise to her when I see her later. I will.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

K received this birthday gift through the mail.
Really? Is this really for 3 year olds? Multiplication and such 'big' numbers? What do you think?

Anyway, we met an ID yesterday morning, the one who did up the  2nd BIL's home and after that we picked them up for lunch. We had lunch at a coffee-shop near their place. Just the BIL, his wife and the MIL. After lunch, we came back home to rest but K only slept for 1/2 hour in the car and woke up when we reached home and when I was putting her on the bed. Which was just as well as we had another appointment with another ID. 

As the ID's office was just across the street from our new place, we brought K to Jerry's to play with Esther and have her dinner there. After our discussion with the ID, the hubs and I had dinner before picking K up. I am more comfortable with this ID and apparently, we almost used him for our current place. I'm hoping he'll revert to us fast with an updated revised quotation as I much prefer him to the one who did up the 2nd BIL's place.

And after the church lunch today, the 3 of us went to IMM to check out household stuff. I'm looking at the same brand for the hob and hood that we are now using but in another model. They have ovens too so we might get the whole set. There are so many things we need to buy. Toilet bowls, sinks, shower sets almost everything. It's difficult with K around and the hubs suggested that we take a day off for this.

By the time we were ready to leave, it was already 5ish and the hubs suggested we take early dinner as we have been out the whole day and he can forsee that K will fall asleep in the car and likely continue sleeping. True enough, she knocked out at about 6pm, in the car and continued sleeping all the way. She did not even wake up to ask for her milk.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Today is an important day for K as well as for the hubs and myself. 3 years ago this date, we welcomed K into our lives and cliche as it sounds, she has definitely brought a lot of changes to our lives. 

Anyway, I wasn't too keen to put up a big birthday celebration and what was supposed to be one with friends ended up with us just having a celebration in school. Which I think would be more meaningful for her as she spends more time with her friends in school than with the children of our friends really. And being part of her classmates' birthday celebration, I'm certain she wanted 1 herself. 1 where her daddy and mummy is a part of and 1 where she can also give out goody bags to her friends and also 1 where she can have her share of happiness. Anyway, seeing so many of her friends celebrating their birthday in school, she has also requested to do like-wise. Besides, in the midst of our household move, it is so much easier for us to hold her birthday in school. Maybe next year, I may consider inviting friends over to our new home for a small celebration.

I started packing the little goody bags for her friends from last week and the stickers that I had ordered arrived on Tuesday. So I was able to finally tape up the bags with washi tape. Princess stickers for the girls and stickers from the movie 'Cars' for the boys. The teachers are not left out too. But instead of stickers, they get cute pens and a box of chocolates for the rest of the workers in the centre.
We ordered the cake for today since last week and allowed K to choose the cake she wanted. The choice was not surprising. In fact, another girl who celebrated her birthday today, there were altogether 3 birthday celebrations, also ordered the exact same cake!
The class teacher was so nice to take so many pictures for us. We sat with K while her friends sang the birthday song and then they all gathered behind us and we took a group photo. After K blew the candles, the children returned to their seats and started eating. K served her friends and she actually served her good friends first! Almost all the children from K's class had second helpings but I must say the cake was delish! When they were done eating, each child came up and K gave them the goody bags. It's quite cute really.

After all that, I changed K and we went off. As we were still early for the next surprise for her, we went window shopping and then to the club where we had invited Jeremy and family to join us. K was really surprised and she always loves to have them around. My brother bought her such a big lego set that costs over $100. 

She enjoyed herself so much today and can I say it again, baby, please don't grow up so fast..... :(

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The scene that greets me every morning on my walk to the train station. And in the evening, when I walked back from the train station to our block, it'll be filled with kids at the playground, the exercise area and this court. Kids on their balance bikes, street scooters, playing balls or bubbles.This is definitely a meeting ground of sorts!
Having said this, it is exactly 1 more week and we should be getting the keys to the new place. Hopefully, by then we are able to finalise and kick-off our renovation plans.

Monday, 2 March 2015

We were back to the Festive Hotel for a 1-night stay over the weekend, compliments of the youngest SIL's mom and her twin sister. We met at Seah Imm hawker Centre so that we could pick up the PILs and the 2nd BIL & wife to enter Sentosa. And then we had to wait for quite a bit at the lobby as the youngest SIL had to meet her mom and aunt for the hotel vouchers. Her 2 siblings came along too, with their family. 

After checking in, we all went for a dip at the Hard Rock pool. Well, mainly just the 3 siblings, the FIL, myself and all the kids.While the nephew in law was more keen with playing with his 3 girl cousins, K was with us through-out. Besides, she is still too little to be left with them or near them. I reckoned we spent more than an hour in the pool and the hubs, myself and K went back to the room first to bathe as the PILs were bunking in with us for the night while the 2nd BIL and his wife were going off after dinner.

Yes, you read it right. The youngest SIL had her mum over so we had to share our room with the PILs. Everyone else were only there for the day. While everyone of the youngest SIL's family went to Universal Studios after their shower, the rest of us, mainly the hubs side and the youngest BIL, who joined us, went for a walk-around and then settled for early dinner. It was then that K knocked out. She was extremely tired from the 'swim'.

The next day, we met for breakfast and the 2 kids, K and the nephew-in-law, had fun at the pancake outlet. We then went on a monorail and tram ride. Just the 2 siblings with their family and the PILs. Actually it had been quite a fun 'family' outing although the FIL is a really  noisy sleeper. His snoring is so loud! Thankfully, we have K with us so sleeping in the king-size bed was a given to us while the PILs shared the sofa bed. The bunk bed was left empty as we were worried either one of the PILs might slip from the steps if they need to wake up in the middle of the night and no way will we allow K to sleep up there. As it is, she turns 360 degrees in her sleep and sometimes climb on top of our body and sleep.

After checking out, the youngest BIL adjourned to Universal Studios with his family while we followed the PILs to their new home. Tiny but good enough for just the 2 of them. And great location. I hope my mum's own studio apartment will be completed soon too.