Monday, 19 February 2018

Our family had our reunion dinner on the eve of the Lunar New Year itself and the hubs prepared curry chicken as our pot-luck dish. Our dinner was as usual wholesome home-cooked food. 

As in the past years, we went over to the PILs for lunch on the 1st day of the Chinese New Year and this year, we had home-cooked there as well. Almost a rarity! The hubs went to the drive-thru at Macdonald's before going to his parents anyway because we have been conditioned to expect nothing. Anyhow, the 2nd SIL cooked from her home and brought curry chicken, yes again, to the PIL's and the MIL cooked a simple dish of vegetables and soup. I had the burger and some rice.

We then went off, sending the 2nd BIL to his workplace because the hubs rented a car for the Lunar New Year but not as if we travel to many places for visiting.

My eldest brother and his family, minus Bev who was on flight duties, came about 4ish and hung around till about 6pm where we went for dinner before heading to Jerry's home to 'visit' M. Jerry and his family have gone back to the SIL's hometown in Batu Pahat and M was left alone but she had scores of visitors coming by and visiting her but who have all left by the time we arrived. I commented to the hubs that we should have M stay over at our place for the night for future CNY as it brings more festive cheer to our home. Otherwise, there's really no visitors to our home. Such a sad way to celebrate the CNY.

For the 2nd day, we went over to my Godsister's place to visit my Godma. Had lunch there, send M back and then proceeded to the hub's cousin's home. This is the routine for as far as I can remember. M hasn't been visiting her relatives as much as she would like to because there is no one accompanying her already. Hopefully we can throw in some visitations with her next year onwards. 

Since we haven't had anyone visit us, we invited the Victors over for dinner on the 3rd day, before the festivities die down because work beckons. 

I prepared chicken stew, toufu with minced pork, mixed vegetables and 2 omelettes. Thankfully, they all enjoy the meal and we even had a dessert of jelly and ice-cream that followed. The ladies even liked the doggie cookies I had baked so much! Wow....I wasn't expecting it.
Anyway, as always, we ask for good health for the year and a smooth one ahead.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Last Friday, a colleague and I were invited to a luncheon at the Tower Club, an exclusive members only bar and restaurant on the 62nd floor and where I had my first lo-hei for the year too. The generous service provider gifted their guests with this for the Lunar Dog year.
And yesterday the girl, sort of, and I baked for the first time ever. I had her help in sieving the flours which got her scolded by me several times. Then She helped to put on the 'ears' and 'nose'. There were some dough left over so I got her to personally make her own cookies. Thankfully, they turned out well and was very edible. It is definitely a boost for a baking idiot like me.
Having said that, how is your preparation for the Lunar New Year? We didn't buy much this year because we always have left-overs. And having the start of the Lunar New Year on a weekend, it really restricts us to not much weekends left for friends to come over. So we're not going to invite any this Lunar New Year because we're busy the next weekend and then the 15th day of the CNY celebrations ends the Friday after. 
And I'm not sure if it's just me or the same for everyone else, it seems like such a slow start to the Lunar New Year that there's no excitement at all! Well, guess we will all get there.....

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

The hubs has been working late almost everyday which means that I cannot attend the exercise classes like I would love to and which also means that I have to pick the girl up almost everyday now. However, he was able to come home earlier yesterday evening and by that, I meant after 7:30pm which still meant that I had to pick the girl and tabao instead of cooking. I am quite sick of 'tabao-ing' especially since this is not the China e-shopping site. Sigh.

However, shortly after he came back yesterday evening, the 3 of us went to a nearby block to pick this up!
The 2nd brother had text me in the day to tell me of this good deal and the fact that the collection was just behind our block made the decision easier for me to contact the chap to order a tray of them peaches. If the hubs hadn't come back earlier, I would have forgone this because when I asked the whereabouts exactly, the reply I received was 'I am in the van' and when I asked what time to collect, he simply replied 'tonight'. Dodgy I thought. We ended up collecting it from the house and it was filled with the sweet smell of peaches. Apparently, the chap is dealing in fresh fruits supply.

If the hubs was not with us, I would probably have problem carrying the tray back while handling K at the same time walking through the car park.

And so we have about 28 or so peaches in our fridge! Hopefully, they don't spoil on us too soon. Heh.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The girl's new tooth is starting to grow. I am not expecting it to grow out so fast! Hopefully her adult teeth will grow out nicely and not like mine.
If you notice, there's also another one sprouting out from behind an existing tooth! Why so fast??? It's also strange why the new tooth does not grow 'inside' the gap of the previous baby tooth. I am not sure if I should bring her to the dental clinics at the polyclinics or back to the one that I have brought her to before. I heard that there is usually a few month's wait for an appointment at a government dental clinic but of course the cost is much lower compared to a private visit. Need to do some 'homework' on this. Let's see......

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

I took mc last Tuesday because I was having quite a bad cough which came about when we were in Bangkok. Today I am on mc again. I had such a bad stiff neck yesterday, that shot up to a headache, that I threw up thrice! Twice at work and the last when I was walking home from the train station. Good thing I left the office early, it wasn't so crowded then so I could find a corner and throw up. :p
Ok, on to other things.

We attended the girl's classmate's 6th birthday at their home on Saturday. It was straight there after her abacus class and once we arrived, we could eat. It was a very simple affair with home cooked food. Thereafter, the children were left to play with toys. It feels different because we have been spoilt with how some parents really go the mile to celebrate their off-spring's birthdays. When K turned 4, we held it at home and I cooked too. This year, being her last at the childcare and going to different primary schools as would all her friends, we are planning on holding her birthday at a function hall.

The hubs and I have some plans on what to do. Even the girl has asked for cupcakes or muffins and a theme. We shall keep it in suspense first. :) I planned on inviting all her K2 classmates as well as her other friends whom we all know since she was an infant. So, it's going to be a K2 party of sorts. Lol.

Hopefully we get to book the place we want. And hopefully I do not need to take anymore mcs for the year. :p

Sunday, 14 January 2018

I had a busy start of the year and thankfully was able to get almost everything done when Friday ended and I joined my colleagues to a bbq buffet at the Hyatt. 

The girl's abacus and ballet class started again on the first Saturday of the year and busy Saturdays start all over again for us. 

The 3 of us had the company of the eldest brother and SIL when we went on a week-long vacation to Khao Yai & Bangkok on the 2nd week of the New Year. Because we caught the first flight out and the girl had to wake up early and only took 1 short nap while in the vehicle from Bangkok to Khao Yai, she had a headache when we were out visiting sites. But I think she learnt a lesson, that is to rest and take her naps whenever possible. I hope she doesn't forget it that lack of sleep will have consequences. But having said this, I hope this is one-off although this was not the first time she has complained of a headache, and that she didn't get it from me. 

We enjoyed our holiday, if I may say so on behalf of the 5 of us. We fed alpacas, which looked better than the lone 1 we saw in Tokyo, visited a farm, walked into a sunflower field in bloom, visited the zoo where we had camels, zebras etc walking right beside our vehicle and had good food. Although I did some shopping, it wasn't enough in my own opinion. Bangkok is still a shopping paradise to me!
On our return flight, the hubs was surprised with a birthday cake presented to him by the crew, which I had earlier requested for. Although his reactions after that kind of pissed me off. Anyhow, we arrived home with very good weather which started apparently a day after the man's birthday while we were in Bangkok.
So we had a good week of holidays although I can't say I was very rested because I usually cram my itinerary with activities. But in my brother's words, we had a good mix, with something for everyone. 

Now let the the working year be just as good!

Sunday, 31 December 2017

It was back to work/school as usual after the Christmas weekend and thankfully it was a short week. December is always a busy month for me at work but we were able to go away for a few days last year with the Victors, Whites and Salahudeens to Melaka. But this period, the hubs' work project has started so we can't schedule a time for it. Besides, we are going away with the eldest brother and SIL on the 2nd week of January! Can't wait for our 1st 2018 family trip!

I had to do most, if not all the pick-ups in the week because the hubs has been having late meetings. Good thing I was able to leave work slightly earlier too. 

On Saturday, we made use of the borrowed car and went to Woodlands to stock up our frozen fish supply as well as soups. And in the late afternoon, we drove off to Tampines to pick up a suitcase that Bev has helped us buy from 1 of her trips. Esther joined us, being likely the last time she will spend much time with her cousin before she enters secondary school in the coming year. 

We left shortly after picking up the suitcase and the eldest brother and SIL joined us and we were off to dinner. I had very much wanted to go over to the carnival but it was still raining and it was late after dinner which meant that the crowd would have built up at the carnival grounds. I guess we'll visit again another time.

We ended up at Gardens By The Bay and spent a bit of time there, soaking up the Christmas illumination that would soon be brought down. :( It was crowded as well.
Church service today started much later because they wanted to do a barbecue after the service. Again it was either raining heavily, moderately or drizzling. The rain didn't really stop and I am quite amazed there is no news of flooding at all this year. 

We left the premises about 6ish and proceeded to the youngest BIL's new home. They have returned in the afternoon and our car free day is to start again. Lol. Their place was left as it was the last time the 3 of us were there to pick up the car. No renovation work seemed to have taken place! It's slightly more than a month overdue and it's not exactly in a liveable state. They seemed to always be getting to things like that. Sigh.

I helped the SIL unpack their suitcases, put aside clothes to be sent to the laundromart and some things back into the suitcases because cabinets were not ready yet. The air-con was leaking from their master bedroom. So much more work needs to be done but they do not want to move back to the 2nd BIL's home because well, nothing is more comfortable in your own space.

We went home about 10ish and the girl slept while in the grab car. It has been like this since the start of the Christmas week and I hope she doesn't get too used to this.

I watched the countdown on tv with the hubs lying asleep on the sofa behind me. Yes, that was how I 'entered' the New Year. Happy New Year and may this year continue to bring you good health and happiness!