Thursday, 19 April 2018

We are responding to the girl's request to sleep in her own room very slowly but surely. I have also given her some responsibility before she gets to sleep in her own room. Ever since the day she requested, she had been very eager to sleep on her own and it was only that 1 Saturday that we allowed her to do so. My reason is, if she stirs during the weekdays, at least the hubs who is sleeping on the bed beside the girl is able to reach over. We were willing to let her sleep on her own on Fridays and Saturdays but alas, it happened only on 1 Saturday. Lol. I do not want to be the one who has to walk over to her room every time she has a bad dream, especially if it's a working day, which would be the case although it seldom happens.

Besides, we only had the weekends to do anything much really. I first got the girl to move her toys out of the playhouse, had the husband dismantle it and move it to the other room, assemble it back and then got the girl to arrange her toys back in the playhouse. I then push the museum worthy tv that has been with us almost 10 years out. The hubs is an all time procrastinator in all sense of the word. Despite not using the tv almost ever since we moved in, the tv was abandoned in the room.
On the same day, I made the hubs bring it downstairs but not without my help of course. We had to push it out of the house, into the lift and near the refuse area. The tv was gone in about 3 hours while we went to the mall for dinner. Amazing much? It took a shorter time for our old fridge to be picked up though.
The girl was tasked to bring down all her books next and while I was home with her last week, I I pushed the bookcase to the other wall and arranged all her books. She was too ill to be in the mood to help.

And since there was no abacus class last Saturday, we finally went to a friend's shop to buy a pull-out bed for her. And then dropped by the PIL's home.

The bed will be delivered next Saturday and a whole new sleep arrangement will start for real. 

Friday, 13 April 2018

Early Wednesday morning, the girl started tossing and turning in her sleep. The same thing happened a couple of weeks back too and she was also whining, which was uncommon. The hubs patted her but she continued with the tossing, turning and whining when he stopped. About 1/2 hour later, she threw up. Thankfully, they were just 2 small patch on a side pillow which blocks her from rolling onto the floor and a small one on her mattress. The hubs quickly brought her to the toilet where she threw up some more.

The same thing that happened a few weeks back, also in the middle of the sleeping hour, I went to see what happened. A mother's instinct. She was running a fever and I quickly gave her a shot of panadol and when morning broke, she was fine already. Phew.

Anyhow, this time round, she threw up again an hour later. Thankfully, she was able to reach the bucket in time. When morning broke, I was so tired. Having to change the pillow case, mattress cover, getting the small puke bucket for her for standby and so on. Generally I was just tired too. The hubs had to call out to me a few times before I responded because I was that tired.

When the girl got up in the morning, she seemed for the better and could even declare to me that she was feeling better already. But after I gave her some fishballs and bunapi mushroom, she threw up not long after and that was when I had to make a Dr's appointment. Good thing she took a nap and woke up just in time when it was time for us to turn up at the clinic and even then, we had to wait for such a lonnnnnggg time! 

She threw up 1 last time at home after the Dr visit and napped again. I messaged the hubs to standby on Thursday just in case she doesn't get any better. It's rare that she naps twice in day! It has never happened, to be honest. Of course not including her infant years.

And yesterday, the girl felt a bit warm and after washing her up, hoping that we can send her to school, she came to our room and said that she was very tired. I had her sleep on our bed and left for work. The hubs and I thought that the girl just needed a little more sleep. Eventually the hubs stayed home with her. She even had a nap in the late afternoon.

Anyhow, I am glad to report that she is back to school today. She told the hubs that she was bored yesterday while she was lying on her mattress watching him wash the master bathroom. Lol. While the girl was napping on Wednesday, I made myself useful and rearranged her room. The girl has declared after her birthday that she would like to sleep on her own and so we have been busy with this little project. Which is nothing really, just shifting her bookshelf and then we will buy a pull-out bed for her room. The playhouse has been dismantled by the hubs, shifted to the spare room and then assembled again. So watch this space for the room in progress! :)

Friday, 30 March 2018

Yays to the long weekend! I heard of locals driving up north only to be stuck in 12 hour traffic. Madness or what?! This is definitely The year we have to make full use of before we are also faced with the same peak period travel woes.

I had planned to visit the bird park on Friday since the girl doesn't have classes. Saturdays are now out for us unless she has a break from both activities. However, since M received keys to her new flat, I decided to go down to check out 'defects' for reporting and forget about the birds. And I also  arranged for Sandra to pick up her 5 boxes that she had shipped over when she moved back since 2 years back. We need the space back and I'll blog more about it on a separate post.

Anyway, this is the view from outside M's new flat:
View from her living room:

I must say the flat is pretty well made. There were only 2 minor defects but then again the unit is a studio so I suppose that helps. But I must say despite the small size of the PILs DBSS, theirs was bad. Good thing they no longer build them.

After a short while in her flat, we went for lunch and then chanced upon a hair-salon that was offering really cheap rates for hair-cuts and so we brought the girl in. Eventually she had a trim and layer but this was not without resistance, because she really wants to keep her hair long.

The 3 of us went back home and I got the girl to do some 'house-keeping' of her playhouse. So you see, she has shifted everything out. 
In the evening, we went out for dinner, the husband did a bit of shopping while I bought just 1 blouse which was on sale. That basically sums up our relax public holiday rest day. :)

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Monday morning, I noticed this hanging on the tree outside our balcony. At first glance, I thought it was a beehive. And I could make see insects flying onto it. But when I zoomed in the picture that the hubs had taken, I felt that it could be a hornet's nest because it looked like it is made of soil.
I called the town council at about 11ish in the morning and the hubs followed up with an email, attaching 2 pictures, after lunch.

On my way home after picking the girl up, I pointed the broken beeshive on the grass patch in front of our block. 
I decided to check our email and saw that the Property Manager had replied to the hubs at 4ish to update him that the beehive has been cleared. Wow...I am inpressed. I replied with a complimentary email.  I had expected the beehive to be around till the next day at least. Efficient or what?!

Monday, 26 March 2018

The girl's childcare was closed on Friday and we took the opportunity to take a short trip to Melaka! When we had the car, we could do it quite often but since we no longer own one, we haven't been travelling up to Melaka as often as before. The last time we were there was in August last year and when I say 'we', it's us and the eldest brother with his wife. 

This time, we went on the revolving tower and for the first time since I've been to Melaka, seen the view from the top. The girl has been asking to go up the tower since the last trip and of course, we cannot do without the legendary trishaw rides. This is the reason why she likes Melaka so much. And of course we cannot do without the miele crepe cakes. They are too good!
This time round, the 4 of us also went for a 1 hour back and leg massage while the girl so patiently waited for us. The hubs had gone for it first while the brother and SIL brought the girl to watch a cosplay carnival going on and I went to shop. Only after a short while, because the girl was frightened of the costumes and make-up, we went to look for the hubs and joined him.

I did not shop as much as I usually would this time round. And this time, we left Melaka before lunch and headed straight to JB to do grocery shopping instead. By the time, we reached home, it was 9pm after sending the brother and SIL back home.

And today, the brother accompanied M to HDB and she has gotten the keys to her new place! Jeremy sent us a video tour of the place and it looks nice. Most of the fittings are in such as the kitchen cabinet, stove, bedroom cabinet, flooring, window grilles etc. So there really isn't much to be done except for painting and some wiring perhaps.

I am sure she is excited to move in to her new home and I pray that God will watch over her there as she lives on her own. 

Monday, 19 March 2018

We had a fun weekend. 

The hubs had a house warming to go to and the girl and I was alone pretty much the whole afternoon. While the hubs sent her for her abacus class, I was able to do much without the 2 of them at home. As usual. But I had to pick the girl up from her class and came home to cook lunch for us. 

While she made a mess playing the magnetic sand at the balcony, I bathed and then we both went for her ballet classes. We met the hubs after ballet at City Hall MRT station, where Kenneth came to pick us up for dinner at his home. Spent some time there with the family before we went back home.

We skipped church yesterday because the hubs had diarrhea the night before at the Victors after dinner and I was tired too. Couldn't wake up early enough to get ready for church. :p

The 3 of us had breakfast at the market, went back home to drop some things then went out again to Jem to pick up a coffee machine the hubs had bought for the eldest brother, for his coming birthday next month. We also did the grocery run before coming back home where the hubs, took his nap and I did a short one too while the girl played on her own.

In the late afternoon, we were out again. This time to the youngest BIL's home. He had invited us over for a swim followed by dinner. And that's what the hubs, the girl, the youngest BIL and the youngest NIL did while the ladies stayed in the apartment. The PILs wanted to take the condo shuttle out to the mall but unfortunately there was no service available on Sundays so I convinced them to go downstairs so that we could talk freely upstairs. Lol. 

The youngest SIL cooked a feast for us. 3 different dishes of vegetables, cereal prawn, ma puo toufu, stir-fried clams, chicken stew and followed by strawberries and grapes. 

We sat around for a bit after dinner before we grabbed home about late 8ish. The FIL had wanted to share a ride with us but we turned that down because the girl is now considered as 1 full passenger. There was once we took a ride with the eldest brother and his wife, the driver told us that he could get a fine. So I had to remind the hubs why the PILs should just get a ride on their own.

Anyhow, the working week has beckon....till the next weekend!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Yesterday's art class titled: Through the Magnifying Glass. Medium: Oil Pastels.