Sunday, 20 May 2018

The girl moves up to Primary Ballet from Tots ballet and yesterday was back to class after a 1-month break. After her ballet class, the girl and I went to M's new place and the hubs caught up with us there. He did not come along with us to ballet, as how we do usually, as he is nursing a bad back. So he decided to meet us at M's instead.

I had to go to M's home because she called me on Thursday evening, sounding as panicky as usual, but when we went over, it was nothing. And she kept telling me about the hospital calling her only to realise that whatever it was is already settled. Oh my! I hope this does not happen on a regular basis. 

On Sunday, we were finally able to attend church after 2 weeks away and the hubs had wanted to sit for the 6pm evening service but I wasn't sure if they have a session for K so I felt that we should just go for the morning service. We have decided to look around for another church nearer home because we are always rushing on Sunday mornings and yet turn up a little late for church. However, the girl has already mentioned to the hubs that she misses her kuku and kimkim. We'll probably go back to the usual church next Sunday, especially since the brother is preaching. I do not now about the hubs but I sure miss my brother's preaching style. The only concern the hubs have is people asking how come we can make it since the SIL was sharing with me that they will tell, when asked, that the church is too far for us. Now Sundays after church feels so different. I am sure, it is for them too.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It's been about 2 weeks since the girl has slept on her own, in her own room. Sure, the hubs and I still take turns, at the request of the girl, to lie down with her but on the pull-out bed. But otherwise, she hasn't once sneaked over in the middle of the night to jump into bed with us. The only time she did was because she needed to pee and after that, she conveniently climbed onto our bed but I escorted her back after that.

The only time she had wanted to sleep in our room was when she thought we were going to having the air-con switched on. Yes, we are perhaps the few people left who do not sleep with the air-con on. But advise from the eldest brother is never to reject her when she wants to come over. Apparently, he was stern with Tim when he was younger and after that, not once has Tim stepped foot back into their room. And he regretted it.

So anyhow, what I wanted to say is, this girl really sets her mind to things that she has decided to do. This character of hers is prominent even before she entered childcare at 20 months. Before entering childcare, we had conditioned her that she should not use her pacifier anymore and true enough, she stopped. Prior to that, we only allowed her to use the soother for taking naps or at night. Thankfully, the habit was corrected without much hassle.

And to sleep on her own, we have also been talking to her about it but the time line was vague. On one hand, we had wanted her to sleep in her own room but on the other, we still want her by our side. But as the girl grows, and at such a fast speed, she will have to have her own room eventually. Now, she loves her bed so much, sometimes she will take a book to read after waking up on a weekend morning. And now she spends more time in her room, playing.

I hope as parents, we can continue to nurture her into a beautiful young lady, who is god fearing.

Sunday, 13 May 2018

I made fried beehoon for lunch yesterday. My first attempt and the girl asked why isn't the noodles crispy if it is fried. *faint* The hubs gave me a passing mark but I think it's only so-so. I did not have cabbage and I reckon I used the wrong type of can meat. I used the lone capsicum in the fridge, bunapi mushrooms, a tomato and a can of pig trotters.
In the late afternoon, the hubs suggested going to Orchard for dinner on Saturday evening. When he asked if I had anywhere in mind, I suggested a mall near home and he sighed. To me, the malls here have everything, if not more! I do not even have to dress up to shop. But he wanted to go somewhere different so Orchard it was.

We took the express bus and it's been a long while since we stepped into Orchard. I think the last was when we brought the girl to see the Christmas light-up. For same reasons as above, there is no need to go there anymore to do shopping. K also took in a lot of sights, mainly the street buskers. Ever since we moved to the west and especially since we no longer drive, we hardly ever go to Orchard.

We ended up having dinner at a fusion Japanese restaurant which was only so-so. But for a child, it's exciting no less to visit a place we don't always go to. May she always have the joy of going out with us.

Today,we caught up with the eldest brother and SIL at Jurong East. We missed church today because I was in pain when I woke up. Somehow, the pain occured on my neck while sleeping and it didn't go away when I woke up. When I did get up, I told the hubs I wasn't feeling well and then had to throw up. But because my stomach was empty from having to empty my bowels earlier, all that came out was bile. The hubs made me eat some cake and 2 muscle relaxant before I went back to sleep. Thankfully, in about an hour's or so, I was better. And so we were able to make it to our lunch date with the 2 of them.

They came to our home to rest a bit before we left again about 5ish to M's home. At this point, M does realise it does get a little boring and lonely living on her own. Well, it's a pity it has to come so far for her to realise this. Hopefully, she still has her activities and friends to be occupied with. 

We had dinner with M, went up to her place to sit around a bit before we left.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Wednesday's dinner which I ended up panicking a bit because I did not realise it takes awhile to steam the egg.I need to increase the fire next time. But it turned out beautiful compared to the steam egg I last made in Redhill. It was full of pockmarks then and I reckon it's because I put it in the rice cooker, which was too hot. This time, I cooked it over a wok of boiling water. Unfortunately, the taste was bland because I missed out the salt but the sweet girl says she loved it!
Over the past 2 nights, the hubs and I were catching the Malaysia election with so much interest. I slept at almost 1 am the night of the voting. And it is so emotional, or it could be just me, to see how the entire nation stood up for 1 common goal and toppled the ruling party. When the unofficial results were out, I was so excited for them. And to add on to that excitement, I was busy with a group chat with my ex-colleagues, 2 of whom are Malaysians.

A new era begins by one from the old era. Hopefully, our 2 countries will continue the friendly relationship.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

The hubs did not have to work late so much this week and so it led to less frustration from me. Lol. For the past weeks, he had been working late almost everyday of the week and I had to do pick up duties, buy the girl and I dinner and send her for her classes that happens twice week nights. 

Having said that, at this point, I would like to let her continue her Wednesday art lessons for the whole of the year because come Pri 1, I doubt we will have much time for it. We shall see how it goes when the time comes because art in itself relaxes the mind too. Her abacus on Saturdays will likely continue as we can see the rewards out of it. 

And over the weekend, we went to Ikea on Saturday afternoon because I needed to get their cheap ziplock bags. And at the same time, we had early dinner at their cafe. And then we took a leisure stroll at Queensway Shopping centre before heading back home. Such a nice relaxing day minus the humidity! When her ballet starts again 2 weeks time, we won't have such a luxury so better make use of every free Saturday now.

We skipped church on Sunday to attend an early 6 year old birthday party for the girl's childcare mate. It was such a lazy morning for us that we were almost late for a 'swim date' with them before the party starts! The 5 childcare friends, minus 1 who couldn't make it, had about an hours' fun time in the kids pool which was well shaded. The best thing was, no parents need to go in with them! The bathing facility was alright too...well, much better than the BIL's executive condo but let's hope that is because it was still quite new then. However, if we go there now, there's no need to use the communal facility anymore as they have settled themselves nicely into their new home.
Food was simple and sufficient. Other than the childcare friends with their parents, the host had a handful of family and friends over. In fact, they didn't cater at all! I was telling the hubs for our next party, we can do the same too. It is doable! No need to go to the expense of getting a caterer. But the issue is always the cleaning up of the house after the gathering. Even the desserts, it is just can cocktail. Good, simple and the kids enjoyed themselves.

The childcare friends all left together about 2ish and the hubs took his glorious nap while I tried to coax the girl to take hers. Afterall, we let her bike to breakfast which was followed by the water-play and then so much fun they had at the party, just fooling around. But as usual, she won't and I ended up taking a 1/2 hour power nap.

In the evening, we took the train to Decalthon because I wanted to get the girl a new pair of ballet leotards. Hers was getting tight and the pair we end up buying only costs $7.90! Thankfully, she understood that there is no need to get it from her ballet teacher as she is promoted to a new stage and this time, there is no escaping the ballet test. And it seems that they need to buy brand new gear each time they take a ballet exam. So I am not going to spend so much just for the normal classes. 

Ok, 1 more free Saturday before the commute starts all over again. The girl misses her ballet apparently, but not so for me. :p

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The 2nd Brother, his wife, the eldest SIL and Tim met us at Jerry's home to help move M's things to her new home. We met up at 10am, and M was still packing her stuff. The 2nd brother told me already they had an argument earlier on because M wants to bring so many stuff over, stuff that she has not used for years! 

As much as we could pack in the 3 grab cars we called for, there are still some more stuff at Jerry's. Even while waiting for the grab to arrive, M picked a fight with the 2nd SIL. Aiyo....she makes it even more so that she cannot stay with anyone. It is best she lives on her own.

The 2nd brother and the hubs helped unpack kitchen stuff and despite bringing them over, M says she will give it to friends but I wonder who will want them. There is even an old Philips equipment that has not been used for more than 10 years, if I remember correctly and a pot that she claims she didn't want but the 3rd SIL pushed it to her. So we distracted her and said we'll help her give it away but the hubs left it by the refuse collection area.

We had lunch at the block just next to hers and after that, I treated everyone there to a durian which was expensive given the lousy quality. 

I think M expected us to stay till dinner but the 2nd brother and SIL wanted to leave especially since the 2nd SIL was involved in the earlier argument with M. But we all left together and M was on her own to unpack her lighter personal belongings.

Esther who was the only one who came with us from Jerry's family came by our home for 2 hours to play with the girl. Just 2 hours but they could play so much and even watched some peppa pig. I also allowed her to open up the other box thinking both her and her cousin will have some fun but it ended up with me admiring it. 
I never had the luxury of owning a playhouse like this when I was younger so I enjoy this. But I guess the girl will spend more time with it when she is alone since this allows solo play. She had her cousin yesterday so better make use of it to play games she would otherwise not able to play alone.

The 3rd SIL came by to pick Esther up in the early evening while the 3 of us took the bus to a mall for dinner. 

And that spelled the end of May Day, where we were not exactly spared from labour. :p

Sunday, 29 April 2018

It has been a very tiring week for me, having to do pick-up duties everyday. Thankfully, the hubs did not have to work late on Wednesday so I could finally cook a proper home meal that 1 day of the week. And he brought the girl for her art lesson so there was some respite for me.

And while I brought the girl and treated the eldest SIL to a circus show at the MBS theater yesterday, the hubs stayed home to wait for the delivery of the girl's bed. Besides, he was not at all interested in catching the show. We met up after the circus for dinner though, with Bev as well at the club's restaurant. The eldest brother, who is away on a solo trip to London, commented that the girl has such a good life. Having been exposed to 'fine dining' at such a young age. 

Once we reached home, the girl was so excited about her new proper bed and we immediately put on the covers for both mattresses for her use. 
After church today, I finally took out the deco stickers I had bought few years back from Melaka to decorate her room. I do not know how long they will last because we had to press some back on the wall when parts of the sticker peeled off. Lol.
What I had wanted the hubs to do ended up with me taking over the project. *rollseyes* Anyhow, I am happy with the result. I think it's just lovely!