Saturday, 16 September 2017

It has been an exciting weekend. We started it on Friday morning, meeting the eldest brother and his wife at the bus-stop just across the road, opposite our block. The girl was clueless because we wanted to surprise her, of course, and also I do not want her to be asking me throughout the week.

And so we took our 'adventure' a notch up by taking the public bus into JB! The bus-ride from our place to Wooodlands check-point was pretty smooth and we had wanted to take the 5 minute train ride but didn't have enough time to catch the next train at 10am. So we obediently queued up at immigration and caught the next bus across the causeway. It is pretty much a breeze travelling into JB on a working day. 
This time, we stayed a night as the 4 of us have always talked about. After clearing immigration at our neighbour's, we went straight to Doubletree Hilton by foot and managed to get early check-in. Then we took grab to our usual mall for our usual Japanese lunch. We didn't spend much time there though because the 2 man kept saying we could shop back at the malls near the hotel. But I think I would have bought more from there. I only bought a pair of flats for myself, this entire trip and then of course, toiletries. Anyway, thankfully I convinced the hubs to bring along the trolley bag, the one which went on it's own vacation, and it proved so convenient when we could put the shopping in and not have to carry plastic bags when we have to cross immigration again. The eldest SIL too ended up buying a cabin bag too, although on hindsight, I am not sure if she could have gotten it cheaper from here instead.

And today, K had a very short soak in the pool after the buffet breakfast with the eldest brother and hubs. Whole of 20 minutes because it was so windy at the pool area and the water was cold. We rested a bit then checked-out at almost 1pm. 

It was at the mall that the SIL spent a bit more time to choose a cabin bag while the hubs, K and myself went to the girl's section and ended up buying a pair of platform princess slippers for her. We enjoyed shabu shabu lunch before heading back towards the check-point. We had wanted to take the train back into Singapore but they were all sold out for the whole day! So we went back by the same route as the way we went into JB. 

All in all, we had fun. The SIL enjoyed herself and I'm sure K too when she saw the pool. She was so excited when we went to check it out before heading back to the room to change. The eldest brother is now contemplating a 2-night stay

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The hubs had a very early work event yesterday and only came home slightly before we had to leave for the girl's ballet class. While he was away, I brought the girl to 2 fairly new playgrounds within walking distance from our place. We managed 2 because she woke up so early and had been disturbing me until the skies opened up. 

After the playground, I signed her up for abacus class and she will start on the 1st Saturday in October. Ballet class will remain as it is in the late afternoon. And then we went home. I was able to wash the balcony before bringing her out, which really explains how early it was, and so came home to put her laundry to wash and mop the house.

She took a short nap and as I woke her up to prepare to leave for ballet, the hubs returned home. Poor him. Such a long day for him. We took the bus to the train station,which is only 1 bus-stop away, where I walk to every morning because I didn't want the hubs to feel 'inconvenienced' because of the car situation. We arrived rather early for ballet and after the lesson, took 2 trains and a bus to reach the Victors'. They had invited us over for their younger girl's 11th birthday. We arrived slightly late but was still ok.

The girl enjoyed herself with all the other girls making slime and made 3 while I made 1. We got to bring them back so that was the goody bag. It was nice also catching up with the other ladies and the hubs with the man. It has been a while.

We left at 9ish and took a grab cab home.

And today, the 3 of us were back on the train then bus again for the journey to church. The girl, who usually doesn't have to walk much because of the car, developed blisters. But she soldiered on with the plasters. It's all an adventure to her because she has been in the comfort of the car ever since she was born!

After church, together with the eldest brother and wife, we took a bus at the wrong direction and ended up somewhere for lunch. That much for an adventure. Lol. The eldest brother is also no longer driving but has been so the early part of this year and yet, they are very comfortable with public commute. The eldest brother has been driving at least 30+ years of his life so if he can manage it, we shouldn't be missing it so much.

The Victor couple came by in the evening with their younger girl and we had dinner nearby our place. While they came, the girl and I were napping....must have been from yesterday and all that walking. Lol.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The hubs has decided to let the car go.

It happened on the evening we touched down, when the hubs decided to send the SIL back home after dinner. The car experienced some problems on his way home and for the rest of the week, he was commuting to work and back home by public transport. He did send the car to the workshop at the end of the week and we did get to use it during the activity filled long weekend. 

However, the hubs felt that the car was not right again on his way home on Wednesday evening and this time he decided this is going to be IT. He is not going to waste anymore money fixing it already. We were supposed to dine out because the hubs had wanted to buy a new pair of working shoes but he changed his mind when he felt that the car wasn't stable and thankfully, he was able to get home in it.

I had to pick the girl up from school yesterday and today, the school is closed again and it is the hubs turn to take care of her. At the same time, it is the girl's follow-up at the hospital so the 2 commuted by bus, just like the previous time. I guess because there is no longer the use of the car, the hubs brought K straight home after the follow-up. Otherwise, he would always detour to his parents'.

The weather was so good that the 2 had a very good nap and K didn't want to go out even when I reached home. It is a Friday and we usually eat out the the nearby malls. But we eventually took a bus ride to IMM for dinner and to finally, look around for a pair of shoes for the hubs.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Although I got the girl to start early on the gifts she wanted to make for her teachers for this year's Teachers' day, she still didn't get to give it to them the day before school closed for that 1 day. Perhaps it was because of my business trip followed by the holiday, there was no one to follow through with her.

The girl decided that she wanted to make bracelets again for her teachers. As usual, I helped her knot them up when she finished each design and then helped her packed them. We had bought some beads when we were in Melaka. As she was 3 bracelets short, I made her do them during the long weekend.
Initially, she was wasn't keen on it anymore because in her own words, Monday will not be Teachers' Day anymore. I told her that 'it is better late than never' and thankfully, the eldest brother said the same thing to her when we met on Sunday.

I asked the hubs this morning if he reminded her to give the teachers the bracelets but he too forgot. When I checked her bag when they came home in the evening, I am glad to report that she has distributed them except for 1 because the teacher did not come in today.

Teachers in childcare centres spend more time with our blood. Indeed they also need to be well looked after.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

K's school closed on Thursday for Teacher's Day. And since the hubs and I just returned from our trip on Monday, the SIL offered to come over to take care of the girl. So she stayed over on Wednesday evening and the girl, went to sleep with her without even asking.

The eldest brother joined us in the evening when we had dinner at the club. 

With my body or mind still adjusting to the time zone difference, I slept 12 hours on Thursday night to Friday morning.

Firday morning, we went marketing at Jurong West and had late breakfast. The Victors invited us for dinner as well as a 'private' tour of their new home. Lol. I really like their new home. Smaller than their previous but cosy and more 'modern'.

I think I clocked in another 10 hours or so of sleep on Friday night.

We had a lunch invite to Janice's new home yesterday and after that, headed back to the west for the girl's ballet lesson. The hubs had wanted to explore Tampines hub but thankfully we didn't. There simply wasn't enough time so we spent the extra 15 minutes exploring the new community centre that the girl's ballet lesson is held at. Incidentally, they even have a bowling alley there!

And today, we had Indian fish head curry as the eldest brother treated us for lunch, in celebration of the SIL's birthday.

Tomorrow onwards, it is really, in the girls' word, back to normal. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Landed yesterday, back to work today. The girl was so reluctant to have the eldest SIL go that she cried. Apparently, she didn't miss us that much. I told the hubs, she didn't have time to. She did ask me why didn't I bring back baby no. 2 though. Ya, like it's so easy.

The hubs and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary on this trip. We went Amsterdam, Brussels, Brugge and Rotterdam. I must remind myself when I plan our future itineraries, to allocate more time in between. The hubs with his knee problem and I, with my back, cannot walk as much as we used to anymore. We need to take more breaks when his knee start to ache and my lower back, inflamed. I've joked that we may need to get 1 walking stick for him which doubles up as a stool when I have to sit. This may well become reality.

Thankful for the business class upgrade, I can still work today. When I got home yesterday, I put the girl's laundry to wash, did a bit of unpacking and more today while the hubs rested a bit, as usual, before he went to buy dinner for us.

Routine starts today, again.....thankful once again, for the short week! Hurray!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Just as I said that we won't be travelling as much this year, I had another business trip to make to the HQ at Norway. We still won't be travelling as much as last year though. Since the business trip was only going to be for 2 pathetic days, pathetic because you travel 30 hours in total for a 48 hour trip, I planned for a short vacation with the hubs at the stop-over station, Amsterdam.

The boss and I met at the check-in counter last Saturday night and although we sat on the same row, we were along the aisles separated by 2 other passengers in the centre block. Thankfully I had been so busy the whole of Saturday that I could sleep a little on the flight. 

While we arrived in Bergen, Norway, our bags did not. Our initial thought was perhaps due to the tight connection so we were not overly worried. Then we proceeded to an ex-colleague's home for lunch. He was previously our MOO (Manager Overseas office) and he prepared a good spread for us. Typical Norwegian spread, I suppose? 
After spending a few good hours at his home, the boss and I cabbed to the hotel. We decided to go to the mini-market to pick up some toiletries which was very limited and I only ended up being able to get cleansing tissues and cotton pads, which I ended up having no use for. Eventually, our bags did not arrive. And the shops do not open on Sundays!

So we arrived in the office, Monday morning in our Saturday wear. We had to explain to all the other overseas HR colleagues who were staying at the same hotel as us why we were dressed the way we were. Me in my Puma track pants, Mickey top and Adidas sneakers while the boss in her jeans and walking shoes. 

After the Monday's meeting, the whole bunch of us had dinner at the mountain before we headed back to the hotel. And because our bags decided to take a vacation from us, we had to rush to the shops and at that point in time, we were left with a grand 1/2 hour to shop because the shops close early. It is no fun to shop under that sort of pressure and the pressure that you need to buy something. We literally only had the clothes on our back! 

Day 2, still no sign of bags and after the meeting, I headed to the airport with 3 Dutch colleagues while the boss stayed on 1 more day. I caught up with the hubs at Schipol airport with just my sling bag and a H&M plastic bag. I was joking that immigration may think that I am a asylum seeker!

I never saw my bag throughout my holiday and had to spend time to shop for clothes and toiletries. It was never my intention to do any shopping other than souvenirs for this trip. But having said that, the hubs and I did enjoy time spent together. The girl did not want to join us and we are thankful that Ivy volunteered to stay over. The girl had a lot of fun too with Bev and the eldest brother dropping by on separate days to surprise her. She also went over to their home over the weekend.

I was eventually upgraded to business class on the return flight and never had the experience of sleeping for 7 hours straight on flight before. It was good and I do not think I will have the opportunity to travel business again. Lol. The hubs stayed in economy. 
At arrival in Changi, I didn't see my bag at the conveyor belt and went to the Lost & Found to make a report. Somehow, a staff brought my luggage over to me. Hiaz...such a rebel it was. Reuniting with me after going on it's own vacay.

And so, I left for my trip with 1 bag and returned with 2. Hey, I am not going to be carrying plastic bags around for the rest of my holiday. Besides, the airline has given their word that they will compensate us for what we have spent during the delay of our suitcase.
A tale to tell? Definitely!