Wednesday, 28 November 2018

I guess I shall end here?....I doubt anybody reads my blog anymore......

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

We are back from our 2 week holiday in Japan! And boy, did we enjoy it.

We took the night flight 2 Mondays ago, the day before the Deepavali holiday, which was also the only day I would meet my boss who came back from her 1 1/2 week business trip in China. She left early that day and I could leave the office earlier too which gave me some time at home to wash up, change and pack my toiletries before we decided to leave for the airport earlier to get dinner. 

We met the eldest brother and the SIL at the check-in counter after hunting for a place to eat but not managing to do so because T1 had gone through so many changes. Thankfully we were able to locate the staff canteen which is still located at the same place as I had remembered.

We had a good flight to Osaka, being able to sleep for few hours. After sorting out some train tickets at the airport, we took the train to Kyoto where we stayed for the next 3 days. From there, we went to Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa back to Osaka and then side trips to Himeiji Castle and Kobe. I reckon that we covered 4 Unesco heritage sites and visited 1 of Japan's most beautiful garden. Weather was good, with it being cold at times but definitely dry. My lip bled and I didn't even know until I applied lip balm and saw blood stains on the tube.

We flew back on the night flight as well and arrived Friday morning. Had light breakfast at the airport before we took a cab home. I made the girl sleep after washing up and the 3 of us napped.

After a late lunch, we took a walk to the girl's primary school to buy school books for primary 1. We didn't have to squeeze with anyone at all. 

Saturday morning, we attended the primary 1 orientation at the school after which we bought her school uniforms as well as a very pretty ergonomic school bag. School stuff is now settled.

Life is back to routine now. 

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

I think nothing of 'celebrating' Halloween. It is pagan tradition after all and I told the girl that it is just a silly excuse for people to dress up and scare other people. I am glad that at this point, it is not as commercial as how Christmas has become.

However, we received an invite from the mother of the girl's childcare mate for 'trick or treating' at their condo. Since this could be the children's last few gathering occasions AND the girl didn't have art, we accepted the invitation. There are 3 of them in the host's child's 'inner circle'. Haha. And the 4 of them together were such a handful!

We arrived slightly passed the targeted time to meet at the host's home because we decided to wait for a boy and his family who lived near our block. The host lived on the highest floor and has a balcony that overlooks the inside of the estate. It was quite beautiful especially at night and that was where we spent the whole time while the host and another mother brought the 4 kids out and about the estate.
I had brought a pack of marshmallows that fitted the theme completely and could scorn at those other treats I see that the kids received. Lol..theirs were so mediocre. Hahahah...So when we had different groups of children coming up to the unit, I had some fun giving out the treats.
The girl who stays at the condo will be the only one going to another primary school and I reckon this could be her last gathering with her childhood friends. I wonder how much they will miss each other when they leave the childcare centre. At least for K and the rest of her K2 friends, they will still see each other when they move up to primary school. In fact, 2 of her friends are future primary 1 mates!

I am already thinking perhaps to arrange for a Christmas party for the kids. That could be the final final time. I think the hubs will approve.

Monday, 29 October 2018

We rescheduled the girl's HYPY and abacus class on Saturday to go shopping in JB. The eldest SIL joined us and this time, from the time we waited for the bus at our place and reaching the mall in JB, it took us about 4hrs. And we couldn't buy many household items this time round especially without a car. 

However, we did manage to buy 2 pair of white shoes and 2 packs of socks for school. And I also managed to get her some long sleeve tops from H&M, for going out. Now we just need to look out for a school bag for her. This time round, I didn't get anything for myself! Maybe I was already feeling tired after the time we had to take to get there. In fact, I was the only one who didn't get anything except for some toiletries.

We reached home late too. Thankfully, I've asked the SIL if she would like to stay over and so she brought her clothes over. 

After church yesterday, we had a feast of Oktoberfest at the club and the eldest brother, SIL, Bev and her boyfriend came over to our home. My house is like a mini-mini arcade. The hubs and brother played carrom while the 'kids' as what the girl termed themselves played 'Happy family' card game. Lol. When Bev's boyfriend left, she and the girl played air-hockey. The size of the table is great for kids but too small for adults so I'll likely put it up for sale in a couple more years time, especially since the girl doesn't seem so keen in playing with it so much now.

It's now back to work and in 1 week's time, we're off for our vacation! Yay.....

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

The SIL gave birth a few days before reaching the 35 weeks mark and the baby had to stay in the hospital due to jaundice. When we decided to go by again on Saturday, they were informed that they could bring the girl home as well! 

So we did just that in the late afternoon, bringing along K's baby rocker, high-chair and a bag of stuff for the other SIL's 2 young kids. The SIL went through natural delivery this time, without epidural as she was concerned with her back which she had an operation on just last year. K went to swim with the NIL, together with both the dads. 

And today, we finally went to the primary school that we wanted to transfer to, to get the registration done. We had to go to the school, collect an acceptance letter from them to bring it to the other school which we originally registered for and collect a set of documents that MOE would have already sent them and back to the school that we want to send K to, again. So it was a lot of running around on Tuesday morning and thankfully my boss was ok to let me go into office late, despite me ending up going back just in time for lunch.

We didn't have time to buy the uniforms, besides the girl wasn't with us, or the school books. So we will probably get them on the primary 1 school orientation day. We are stepping into another phase of the girl's 'life'....formal education. May she continue to remain focus and with a soft heart to learn and remember what she's taught.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

The girl's art piece from yesterday's art class. I love the starlit night sky.

It's a castle, by the way, if you do not 'see' the drawbridge. Heh..

Monday, 15 October 2018

The girl attended her last ballet class on Saturday. When she asked if it was to be her last, I told her no lest she tells everyone that she is not attending anymore. However, the week before, she did tell the teacher that she would not be continuing...well...

After lessons, we went to a friend's place, an ex-senior schoolmate of mine actually. She wanted to host the Victor's wife's 50th birthday. And there were 4 families there, including the Victors. So the 3 of us families were, I guess, the closest to theirs.

The girl, as usual, played with the rest of the girls and the cute 13 year old deaf cocker spaniel. The host stays in Newton, overlooking Orchard. Wow....amazing.
And yesterday, the eldest brother and SIL came by after church with the intent to discuss our upcoming holiday! Yay...can't wait but the hubs did something to the cables of the tv and then the internet couldn't work. We couldn't do anything and I took a nap. I was angry with his impatient attitude and told him to call the service provider when I woke up. In the end, we received the help we needed and we could all look at youtube travel to our destination but it was too late to complete discussing the itinerary. The hubs....literally puts me at eye roll.