Friday, 15 June 2018

Early week, the hubs asked if I would like to have dinner at the Victors on this Hari Raya public holiday or if we should have them over. I was ok with either and then decided that we should host them since we hardly do. So we ended up having them and the Whites over. It wasn't too many people since the White daughter and the elder Victor daughter did not come.

I told the hubs I wanted to try the wagyu again. How could I have burnt it black the last time his brothers came, when I have done it so nicely before!? Thankfully the hubs has some faith in me.
The hubs cut the beef into 4 sections and we served 2. I marinated 2 cuts with just black pepper, salt and rosemary while the last cut was with Red Wine marinate. This time, I put it in the oven for just 30 minutes after browning them. The other dishes were Chicken Pesto Pasta, Cottage Pie with Cauliflower instead of the usual potato and store bought Chicken Keema Wrap, and of course a jelly dessert. The hubs even bought pork trotters in vinegar and 2 portions of it, which eventually had to be kept for another day. 
There I am cooking western and he buys back a local dish! Anyhow, as concerned as I was with the food quantity, everyone had their full and loved the beef so much, I only had the wraps and excessive pasta left over. I always over estimate the portion of pasta to be cooked and threw in the whole pack!

They stayed till about 11ish after the World Cup and thankfully, the hubs had been washing and cleaning along the way so there wasn't much to potter around with after the guests left.

Sunday, 3 June 2018

The girl's HYPY classes on Friday has been changed to Saturday mornings because the class size has gotten bigger and apparently there are a couple of children in that class who needs more attention. However, only K and another boy has been moved to the Saturday morning class, which is perfect for us because we do not need to mad rush after work to pick her up, shower her, give her dinner then send her. And since it is only 2 of them, the class is now 1 hour instead of 1 1/2.

The girl gets a break for 1/2 hour before abacus class starts. Gives her some 'experience' before she goes to Primary 1 next year when recess time is also 1/2 hour. I packed a snack box of a bun and 1 pack of biscuit but she ended up only eating the packet biscuit. 

So since there was no need to rush after work on Friday, I text the hubs to say I have no inspiration to cook and he suggested eating out. It's been awhile since we have the freedom of time to go out on a weekday after school/work so it was refreshing. I did some shopping for her because she has outgrown her sweater and we couldn't find any buttoned ones when we were in JB last Monday. And then I got tempted and bought her some t-shirts. I need to curb my shopping for her because she has so much clothes and she is in uniform Mondays to Fridays so the weekends are not exactly sufficient days for her to wear all her clothes. I am glad she was given A LOT of hand-me-downs when she was a baby/toddler. I can imagine how crazy I would have been on shopping.

Anyhow, after 3 hours away at the enrichment centre, the girl is back for lunch then plays awhile before we head out to ballet. After ballet, we went out again and this time to a birthday dinner invite for a 61 year old fun loving guy. This same guy who offered free flow sharks fin few years back for his birthday party.

And today, we attended the previous church being led to think that Bev was going too and she wanted to spend some time with her cousin but she ended up sleeping in at home and we following the girl's favourite uncle & aunt home. As usual, we spent the whole afternoon and had dinner there. Ended up going home early at 8ish though because we were tired. Next time, we will meet in the middle for lunch.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

The hubs back is acting up again. It hurt him so much this morning that he decided to go for TCM massage before work. The pain came back, presumably after a fall he had while playing with the kids on Tuesday. He was seated on a kid's plastic chair when the legs just opened up sideways without breaking!

I offered to pick the girl from school yesterday because of his pain. It is so bad he can hardly move.

And last night's quick 1 meal dish, with the remainder of the wagon wheel pasta and a small bit of cottage pie. I added bacon, finally, and mushrooms. Delish, I must add.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

We invited the hubs' family over for lunch today. Only the FIL did not come and I told the hubs perhaps his mother informed him last minute anyway.

Since it was for lunch, I got myself busy from the time I woke up. I had harboured big plans to roast wagyu beef, a pasta dish, cottage pie, fried rice and heat up the fish from yesterday's dinner and bring to boil a pre-packed Clam Chowder soup.
My roast beef looking good
But never made it to the table sadly.

I even had the hubs prepare homemade lemongrass drink yesterday night, when we returned from JB:
It is definitely a big challenge cooking for this people. No pork, no bacon, no mutton and I don't fancy working with chicken. I do not know if they ate their full but thankfully, it wasn't excessively much that was left over.

They stayed till about 4ish and a little after the girl had a headache, likely due to the lack of sleep from the past few days. The MIL was the last to go because there was a direct bus from our place to hers. While she was at our place, she did not fail to go around the rooms like an inspector. I was irritated at 1 point when she went to the balcony, saw the hubs' golf bag and opened something. So I said 'Wah, Mother, you on inspection ah?' Then she mumbled something but at least I let it off my chest. Such utter rudeness! When no one else were in the rooms, in she went and started her inspection! Pfft!

Anyhow, back to the girl who I had insisted to take a shower to cool her body down and then lie down. She was tugging the hair at her top of her head in so much pain and so I gave her a dose of liquid panadol. Thankfully, she took a 2 hour nap and was able to eat her dinner. Her headache was gone by then and I again took this opportunity to tell her that's what happens when she doesn't have enough rest.

Glad we had a lunch invite instead of a dinner. As it was, 12 noon ended up with the brothers coming at 1:30pm. I do not know what else to say. *rollseyes*

Monday, 28 May 2018

The weekend started off with a trip to the RASF 50th anniversary roadshow near our home. The rain had stopped and while waiting for the hubs to meet us, we went ahead first after ballet lessons. The girl had a fun time there, putting on a kids size uniform and taking a picture of a mock-up plane and having the photo professionally printed and framed. There were air force related souvenirs and she went on the heliopter simulator as well as sitting on daddy's lap while he tried the plane simulator. While waiting for the hubs who went to the opening of a friend's salon, we were at the roadshow for 2 hours!
On Sunday, we 'visited' the previous church because the girl told the hubs that she misses her kuku & kimkim. I say visit because we have only attended the church regularly since January and we are still finding ourselves there, getting used to the church style, so to speak. But we have decided to find a place of worship nearer home now. 

So after church on Sunday, we had lunch with the eldest brother and his wife before parting ways. We will definitely miss this bonding sessions.

In the evening, we went over to the hubs' aunt's home at her invitation as they have a Nepali aunt over.

The hubs and I have taken the day off today as the girl's childcare is closed and so we took advantage of it to go to JB. Tim had wanted to bring her out but the hubs had already applied for leave. The eldest brother was supposed to join us too, with the SIL but ended up only the SIL came with us because the brother accidentally put his passport in the wash, after his recent trip to UK! By the time he decided to replace the passport, the new one was not ready yet.

The 4 of us took the CW bus that brought us to a mall in JB but we were quite bored there so the hubs suggested getting a grab to our preferred mall, where I bought some more clothes. Heh. But unfortunately, the supermarket was going through renovation so we didn't get to buy much. Finally, we grabbed to the mall near the check-point and had dinner there before we left for home. First time we 'covered' 3 malls within such a short span of time.

In the morning, when we were heading towards the bus-stop below our block, the strap of my bag gave way and so I tied the strap to the hook instead. Then the other strap gave way after crossing Singapore immigration. In the evening, the handle of the trolley suitcase that the hubs brought along came apart. So when we returned, it was 2 bags to the bin. Lol. What an adventure! 

Sunday, 20 May 2018

The girl moves up to Primary Ballet from Tots ballet and yesterday was back to class after a 1-month break. After her ballet class, the girl and I went to M's new place and the hubs caught up with us there. He did not come along with us to ballet, as how we do usually, as he is nursing a bad back. So he decided to meet us at M's instead.

I had to go to M's home because she called me on Thursday evening, sounding as panicky as usual, but when we went over, it was nothing. And she kept telling me about the hospital calling her only to realise that whatever it was is already settled. Oh my! I hope this does not happen on a regular basis. 

On Sunday, we were finally able to attend church after 2 weeks away and the hubs had wanted to sit for the 6pm evening service but I wasn't sure if they have a session for K so I felt that we should just go for the morning service. We have decided to look around for another church nearer home because we are always rushing on Sunday mornings and yet turn up a little late for church. However, the girl has already mentioned to the hubs that she misses her kuku and kimkim. We'll probably go back to the usual church next Sunday, especially since the brother is preaching. I do not now about the hubs but I sure miss my brother's preaching style. The only concern the hubs have is people asking how come we can make it since the SIL was sharing with me that they will tell, when asked, that the church is too far for us. Now Sundays after church feels so different. I am sure, it is for them too.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

It's been about 2 weeks since the girl has slept on her own, in her own room. Sure, the hubs and I still take turns, at the request of the girl, to lie down with her but on the pull-out bed. But otherwise, she hasn't once sneaked over in the middle of the night to jump into bed with us. The only time she did was because she needed to pee and after that, she conveniently climbed onto our bed but I escorted her back after that.

The only time she had wanted to sleep in our room was when she thought we were going to having the air-con switched on. Yes, we are perhaps the few people left who do not sleep with the air-con on. But advise from the eldest brother is never to reject her when she wants to come over. Apparently, he was stern with Tim when he was younger and after that, not once has Tim stepped foot back into their room. And he regretted it.

So anyhow, what I wanted to say is, this girl really sets her mind to things that she has decided to do. This character of hers is prominent even before she entered childcare at 20 months. Before entering childcare, we had conditioned her that she should not use her pacifier anymore and true enough, she stopped. Prior to that, we only allowed her to use the soother for taking naps or at night. Thankfully, the habit was corrected without much hassle.

And to sleep on her own, we have also been talking to her about it but the time line was vague. On one hand, we had wanted her to sleep in her own room but on the other, we still want her by our side. But as the girl grows, and at such a fast speed, she will have to have her own room eventually. Now, she loves her bed so much, sometimes she will take a book to read after waking up on a weekend morning. And now she spends more time in her room, playing.

I hope as parents, we can continue to nurture her into a beautiful young lady, who is god fearing.