Sunday, 15 October 2017

The hubs had an early event yesterday morning but reached home before noon. So I got him to send the girl for her abacus class and buy me breakfast while I put her laundry to wash and hang. I also managed to wash the balcony and bathed before the 2 of us had to go pick her up.

It was quite a rush affair for us because the Salahudeens were sending over their carrom board, a air-hockey table and some stuff as they have sold off their house and were migrating to Australia sometime next year. They held a 'garage sale' some weeks back but since we no longer have the car, I told her to let anyone else who may want to buy what I was interested in instead. But she decided to provide delivery service. Lol.

We were supposed to lunch out together after they have set up the air-hockey table but they were late and so we ended up buying Macdees for the 3 of them, chit-chatting for a while and then them sending us to K's ballet class.

M who brought Esther out since the morning came by to give K a surprise when her class ended. But we could only take the train ride to JE together because we were heading out to the Victor's for a dinner invite. See, we can still travel to many places without the car! Ha.

After the boys watched their football, K had her fun with the younger daughter, we took a grab back home.

And today, while the 3 of us were walking to the train station to head to church, the hubs received several messages from work and had to go to 1 of the guild houses to look into a situation. So the girl and I made our own way to church.

While the brother stayed for Sunday School, K & I followed Ivy back home. We had lunch, stayed for a little while and were the first passengers while Bev drove! She only received her driving license about a week ago and not only were we her first passengers, the girl and I also met her boyfriend. She refused to let Ivy go down with us to take a look at him. in a way, I'm quite happy to say that she trusts me. Or maybe she was just worried that her mum would embarrass her? Lol....oh well...

That is our busy weekend.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

It's been a while since I last recorded the conversations with K. So here goes:

We were in the bus, headed for home, and across the aisle was a family with 4 children. All girls except for 1 we couldn't see who was under the mother's nursing cover.

K: Mummy see, the baby must be drinking milk.
Me: Hmmmm...maybe

Just a short while later,
K: Wahhh...Mummy, the mummy must have a lot of milk cos the baby still drinking.

Still looking over at the family, K who was sitting on my lap started elbowing me:
K: Mummy, can you PLEASE give me a mei-mei or di-di?!

K and I were in the toilet at a church we were visiting, where some of the children were cousins.

K: Mummy, next time my children will not have any cousins. So sad.
Me: (Thinking not another one of this sibling request) Next time you give birth to 2 children then. 
K: But my children won't have any.
Me: -_-

K: Mummy, next time when daddy die already, you can come over and stay with me and my husband. Just like mama.
Me: Then what if mummy dies first?
K: Then daddy can come over and stay with us.
Me: *rollseyes*

While I was trimming K's nails one evening,

K: I am so time I will ask my husband to cut my children's nails.
Me: What if he has to work late and your children's nails are very long already?
K: Then I anyhow cut first and let him cut properly when he comes back. Eeeee...I'm so scared.

SO funny she is when she comes out with all these unexpected conversations. Lol......

Saturday, 7 October 2017

K attended her first abacus class today. She wasn't looking forward to it initially but thankfully when we picked her up at the end of the lesson, she seemed to like it. The teacher gave pretty good feedback too. The class is small, just the 4 of them, of varying ages. So K has more or less 1-to-1 attention because the other 3 girls have been there for a while already and only needs the teacher's help when they are unsure. 

The centre also happens to be a student care centre so if Ivy isn't able to look after K when she enters Primary 1, this will be the student care that we will send her to. There are pros and cons on sending K to after school care or to stay home. Of course, the ideal situation would be for me to stay home and look after her but then there goes my there's really no such thing as a perfect situation.

Anyhow, the hubs decided to treat K to a Mcdee's lunch after class, with it being just downstairs. And as if it is becoming a trend, K didn't nap again when we got home. Then it was time to bring her for her ballet class. This time without the hubs because he had a dinner event so I let the only person who napped in the household continue in his beauty nap. *rollseyes*

We got home before it poured, after ballet and a while later, the hubs went off for his dinner. All spiffy in his shirt and pants with a coat over his arm and taking the express bus to town where the hotel is. Lol. Looks like he's getting used to it. He even took the bus back home and was so proud with how much he saved on transportation.

While the hubs was enjoying his dinner at some classy hotel, the girl and I had.....wrap. It was meant to be pizza but it ended up being wrapped. Lol.
I've been having good food for much of the week so it's time to lay off too. The youngest SIL had invited us and the 2nd BIL's family for a surprise birthday dinner buffet for the youngest BIL at M Hotel on Monday and on Wednesday, the boss and I had a networking lunch with our corporate travel agent and airline at a french restaurant. Then Friday, K & I were at JB and all you do in JB is indulge in good food.

I hope I don't get fat!

Friday, 6 October 2017

I had to take the day off today for Children's Day, because it is my turn to do so. Anyhow, I made prior plans to meet up with a friend whose daughter and K used to be at the same childcare centre. Both families have since moved and our 2 girls naturally joined other centres. However, after an interesting chat I had with the 2 other SILs, I cancelled the plan and went to JB with them instead.

The youngest SIL, in ranking not by age, is the only one whose family still has a car. So she picked the 2nd SIL and son up before coming for K and myself at the train station. And because I did not know it was only about a 1/2 hour or less train ride to the meeting point, K and I took a walk into the turf club and caught the morning exercise but because the place was huge, the horse was pretty far out.

We went to a newly opened mall in JB and spent the whole day there, although I didn't buy much. Just a pair of sandals and milk powder. So the 2 cousins spent time together except for the 1 year old who still doesn't have much clue to what's happening. Just 3 ladies with 3 kids. So brave uh.

In the evening, the 2 SILs checked that the causeway was jammed and so the youngest SIL suggested we drop by her younger brother's as they were celebrating her niece's 12th birthday as well. So we had light dinner there and left about 8pm. And this time, they could send me back because we left by the Tuas checkpoint. 

Almost 12 hours in JB with the out-laws and our kids. It was nice. Our first and probably not the last. :)

Monday, 2 October 2017

The hubs wanted to go to his parents' home on Saturday morning to deliver the kueh lapis he bought at his golfing trip in Batam, as well as a bottle of home-made pickled veg that Gaye helped him order. With Saturdays being quite busy for me now, I suggested going over to his parents on Friday evening instead. Since the hubs could not make it back in time to pick K from school, I suggested meeting him at his parent's block instead. 

After work on Friday, I took the express bus to the girl's school, picked her up, went home to change as well as pick up the stuff that the hubs had wanted to bring over to his parent's. I told him since we no longer have the car, to not buy anymore food stuff for them. Imagine to always have to send them over before the food turns bad. I told him to buy them non-perishables instead. Since he seems so into buying clothes for his mother recently, *rolleseyes*

The bus journey to the in-laws took merely 10-15 minutes from in front of our house and took another 5 minutes to walk to their block. The hubs bought dinner from his workplace and met K and I at the foot of his parents' block.

We had packed dinner with them, watched a bit of tv and left at 8:30pm. Short and sweet, like how I like it. Lol.

Saturday, I had no idea where time flew. By the time we came back from lunch with M, who came out of the lift just as we were waiting to go for lunch, it was already 2ish and I had to bathe and change to bring the girl for her ballet class.

All I remember doing in the morning was put K's laundry to wash and washed the balcony. I have no idea where the rest of the time went. M followed us to the CC but we went separate ways after it ended because we had a barbeque at his Nepalese cousin's condo to celebrate the Nepali New Year.

We took the train to Bishan where the youngest SIL picked us up and we went to the east together. I think I prefer gatherings with the Nepalese side because it is a cosier group of people compared to the big number from the MIL's side and they are ALWAYS gambling! And in a way, the Nepalese side is closer in blood terms also.

We left at 9ish, hitched a ride from the youngest SIL again to the train station and rode the long train ride home.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The hubs has gone on a 3 days golfing trip to Batam with his friends and so I planned a meet up with 2 ex-colleagues on Friday. 1 of them whom I happened to bump into when I was at the train station near home, on my way to work one morning. She has moved to a new condo development further up from the train station and takes the train from the one nearer to my place now. As for the other colleague, I've met up with her after we left the family business but not of late and since the 3 of us stay in the west, it was convenient. 

I brought the girl along with me, of course, and met the other 2 ladies at Westgate. After dinner, we had dessert, which was mainly for K. While Joleen took the train back home, SK and us took the feeder bus back. With so much happening at Jurong East now, there is no need at all to venture out further for a good meal over a good chat.

Saturday morning, I did the usual chores and suggested a tea-party with K's 'friends'. I carried her red table to her room where she set up the food, cake and propped her friends up on her stool. It was such a pretty photo moment with the bright colours from all that plastic food, blocks and toys. least I made her happy. I was even able to make us lunch! Then it was pack up time, shower and while waiting for her hair to dry, I allowed her to watch some edutainment on the laptop.

Before I knew it, it was time to head out for her ballet class. There was a Malay language festival going on in the CC and so we spent some time there when her ballet class ended. K & I did a craft work each and she watched a traditional dance performed by students too. It is so nice that despite it being catered to the Malays, other races were made to feel welcomed when they reach out to the others to take part in the activities. Some of the volunteers were also from the other races.
I had wanted to do some grocery shopping but was not able to as K was hungry and we went straight home to get tabao.

And today, we took the bus to church. Almost the same time spent as the train journey but I think it's more comfortable because we both got seats throughout although the bus did travel through many places. But K enjoyed it because we passed through Little India and saw the beautiful Deepavali decorations, with her favourite elephants. We took the same route for our journey home.

The hubs came home in the late afternoon and we met the youngest BIL and family for dinner at IMM. They had gone to the relative married to the frenchman's home to get 'advise' on their December trip to Paris/London. Don't ask me what. It still perplexes me what kind of advise they were looking for when everything is available in the www. But since they called, we met them and went grocery shopping at the same time. They sent us home and we lent them our winter jackets at the same time.

And then it's back to the grind. Lol...

Friday, 22 September 2017

Yay...received the insurance payout for my luggage which went on it's own vacation on my recent business cum personal trip. Just take a look at the number of hours delayed. 200! Gosh.
Extra pocket money to spend! Woohoooo......:)