Saturday, 12 August 2017

And so M joined my family and the eldest brother together with his wife on our road-trip to Melaka this time, for the first time. Since we didn't have the usual National Day family gathering this year, the way to escape it was to go away for a short trip.

We left the house before 8am on Thursday, the day after watching the live telecast celebration on tv and dinner with Jeremy's family. The hubs rented a mpv which was rather comfy because the mechanic advised against taking the long drive up north with ours. 

As usual, we stayed at the usual peranakan boutique hotel, ate and shopped. It was just a 3 day short trip but was refreshing nonetheless. 
We will probably not travel as much this year compared to last. And honestly, the travel bug this year is not biting as much.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy National Day all!
This year, we had a smaller gathering at home. Ivy's sister, who lives in the US is back again. Because of the emotional outburst from Jerry, our family is once again disjointed. :( So, I only invited Jeremy and his family as well as the eldest SIL's sis for National Day dinner at home. And I must say, it is so much easier to handle! But of course nothing beats family togetherness.

The hubs made curry with pork belly while I fried up a dish of veg and then we have a pre-packed Imperial Chicken dish. The hubs bought vinegar pork trotters that the 2 sisters love and I made jelly for dessert. So much food to go around.
I did not call my 2 other brothers because we were to have a road trip up to Melaka again! This time we travel the day after National Day with M joining us and the eldest brother and his wife.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The hubs left work earlier yesterday to bring the girl for her review at the hospital. Although cleared of scarlet fever, the Dr has asked us to monitor for the next month and a half because scarlet fever may have effects. We pray that the girl is completely clear. 

However, the Dr found out another issue! She asked if the girl snores in her sleep and told the hubs that she slight inflamed tonsils. We hope that it's the fever and heatiness that caused the inflammation but on hindsight, the girl has been snoring in her sleep for quite a while already. The Dr has prescribed a nasal decongestant which contains steroids, which I am not too keen on but what to do. Let's see what happens after use, which will probably be a month or so. 

Yesterday morning, the 3 of us went for prata breakfast and the hubs allowed the girl to cycle to the shop, which delighted her. She was so happy to have me see her pedal up a small slope because I am usually at home cooking while the hubs brings her down for her cycles. And she is so happy with her achievement. But she does look so cute in the helmet which matches her red bicycle.

We went to the CC next, with the intention to pay for her next session of ballet class but was told it is locked. And on our way back, we witnessed a rehearsal for the National Day Observation day for our constituency. A uniform group from a secondary school was doing the drills and a band was playing. It was quite an experience for the girl but then again, at 5, almost anything is an experience for her. :)
If we wake up early enough on National Day itself, we may just go down to be part of the ceremony.

The hubs then attended a wedding lunch while the girl and I was home. We tidied up her room because the baby NIL who came last Sunday, messed up and literally drooled on her toys. And then I also moved the ant bait we bought to another part of the kitchen.

Even if my kitchen top was clean, I've been seeing ants gather again. They just appear out of nowhere! Finally when I moved the bait and accidentally spilt it, a while later, I saw a gathering of ants around the bait. I hope they bring the bait back home and kill them all! 
In the evening, we attended the 1 month of the Nepalese baby, born to the hubs' cousin. While I packed aside a packet of booties, mittens and socks for the new baby, the girl decided to gift the baby her baby headbands. She had wanted to gift them all until I told her to keep some for my memory sake. Lol.
Thankfully, there's a 2 week break before the girl's ballet class commences again. Some time to our normal free schedule.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The hubs fetched his father from the hospital late last night. Since when do hospitals discharge patients in the evening? The hubs said his father probably insisted and 'made' the Dr discharge him. And so the youngest BIL sent his mother back home too. Although the hubs left after dinner, after 8ish, he didn't reach home till 11ish and apparently, he was waiting for his mother to return home before he left. 

So it's back to normal for all the households today and the group chat between the 3 'out-laws' has also quieten down.'s good riddance to all.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Today is the wedding of the daughter of the hubs' distant cousin-married-to-the-French-man. 

Yesterday evening the hubs was telling his mother what he had planned to do. Leave the house earlier to send her to the hospital, because she had told the hubs yesterday while we were at my brother's that she wants to 'take care' of the FIL. But she quietly said she wants to attend the wedding instead. Full of lies this one. Anyway, she brought along 2 tops and asked for my opinion which to wear to the wedding.

When I asked the hubs what are the plans for tomorrow, since it's a work day and that she's 'afraid' to be alone, she says she has asked for her nephew to stay over and he will go to in the evening today and proceed to work the next day from her place. Fine. 

So we attended the nice wedding lunch and we invited the 2 brothers and their family over since their mother was at our place. The youngest NIL played in K's playhouse and almost wrecked it while the older NIL showed how ill-disciplined and total lack of sportsmanship he has when I opened up the new box of table snooker for them to play. He sat on the floor for a good while throwing a hissy fit because he did not manage to enter any balls.

Anyhow, we went for dinner somewhere near the in-law's at the suggestion of the hubs. On the drive there, the MIL called her nephew who didn't answer the phone. And then she started complaining. So I told her to either call the house or the hubs' aunt. Perhaps the boy is sleeping? She finally called the house and managed to speak to the boy, who did not seem to have the idea that the deal was for him to stay overnight. So he went on to say he's got work tomorrow and asked if she would like to go over instead. I thought it was nice of him to offer because my 20 something self would not have thought beyond that. And then somebody got angry. When she put the phone down, I asked her if anyone had communicated to her that he was indeed going to spend the night at her place? And how exactly did she ask him? Aiyo, that young man has his own life please! And she goes to say because he wants to play games and usually does so till the wee hours in the morning.

So when we arrived at the coffee-shop, the youngest SIL, her son, K & I sat at a separate table from the rest because simply there wasn't any bigger table. So the hubs, the 2nd BIL with his family and the MIL were 'discussing'. The youngest BIL who left for soccer training after the wedding only joined us later. And when he did, we shooed him to that table and the 2nd SIL came to join ours instead. Leaving the 3 sons to deal with their mother.

The hubs had offered for her to stay over our place but will send her back home early tomorrow morning but she declined. I suspect it's because the hubs did not offer to turn on the air-con for her yesterday evening and she was half-angry about the truth I said about the so called arrangement she thinks she has with her nephew. She also rejected the 2nd BIL's offer to stay at theirs. So it concluded that she will stay over at the youngest BIL's place. Splendid planning on her part because the youngest SIL cooks for her son and the entire family sleeps in air-con comfort. Although also, the BIL leaves for soccer training during the later part of the day which means the MIL has shorter hours to pass out from an asthmatic attack, if any.

Such scheming, I cannot! But good anyway for me.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The hubs' task for today was to vacuum our bed. While he was going to do that, he cleaned the girl's mattress as well as all the pillows. Everything was what it should be until he reached our bed. 

We have been sleeping on this and the sight made me take out the filter from the air-con for a wash too. Thankfully, the air-con filter is pretty clean.
It was the usual ballet classes today. Or rather, the girl went for her ballet class while the parents whiled the 45 minutes away in air-con comfort at the mall opposite the CC. M has not come along for the past 3 Saturdays and hasn't called either and we had activities for the past 3 weeks anyway.

For today, I had wanted to attend the wake of an ex-colleague's husband. I've known the both of them in my 1st job and even traveled with her to Rome, Paris and London. It was shocking when I saw her FB post on her beloved's passing. Although we have not kept in touch after leaving the airline, I felt I wanted to show her my support. Afterall, we were close once. While I was at the wake and thankfully chanced into another ex-colleague couple, the hubs and K waited for me. 

The 3 of us then proceeded to Jeremy's home after since the wake was at Tampines. We bought dinner and the hubs always over-buy in his typical fashion. They were so happy to see K as usual and glad that she has recovered.

During our visit, the hubs received a call and what ensued was that the MIL was going to spend the night at our place. Right. FIRST. TIME. EVER. What happens is the FIL has been hospitalised since Thursday and the MIL is afraid to be alone in case she gets hit by an asthmatic attack. And so the hubs called her to tell her that we'll reach her block by 9:30pm, already pass K's bedtime but we ended up waiting for another 1/2hour when we reached their block. So it's a good 1 hour of 'I do not know what she was doing'. K was already knocked-out in the car.

When we reached home, I was busy with K, wiping her down while she sleeps and instructing the hubs to bring out the mattress for his mother in K's playroom. The only thing I did was to pass him a mattress cover. After that, I too has been a long day.

Friday, 28 July 2017

This has been a very challenging week for the hubs and myself.

K's fever was still going up to 39 degrees but with every dose of panadol or ibuprofen after a soak or bath, it gives her some respite. Thankfully she wasn't moody throughout and at times when her temperature went down, she was almost back to her normal self. 

The worse was when her fever spikes in the wee mornings and on 2 occasions, the hubs had to bring her under the shower at 3am. Thankfully, she didn't scream like how my colleagues responded when I shared with them. On hindsight, we shouldn't have done that. A colleague shared that in the worst case scenario, fits or pneumonia may happen.

I took Monday and 1/2 of Wednesday off and had to take mc on Thursday because I had a fever on Wednesday night but was almost immediately better when the hubs came back late in the night and fed me 2 panadols. Love or the medication, you decide. Lol. The hubs took the other days off. 

On Tuesday, he brought K to NUH on my suggestion. Just to rule out anything. And despite the girl being sick, they amazed me when they took a bus-ride to NUH and then train back home. The girl was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever....something that is pretty rare nowadays. Anyhow, she has been given a 10-day course of antibiotics. And we were asked to continue with the panadol/ibuprofen if required.
Although the fever broke by Wednesday, the red rashes were still visible mainly on K's torso. And we were hesitant to send her back to school because the teachers maybe 'concerned' when they see them. I felt that she was ready to go back to school today but the hubs was against it. So he ended up staying home and I zooming off earlier from work to relief him as he had another event after office hours, at work.

Thankfully, the hubs and I are pretty much ok other than fatigue. The hubs got up in the wee hours to sponge her and we had to give her medication too while all she had wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully, alls well now.