Saturday, 9 December 2017

Finally caught up with Lynn Chan ever since she came by to my place during CNY early this year. We used to be closed when we worked at the airport together and even after but we are not so close as we used to be. Of course leading different lives altogether has a great impact on how we view things. She is still that single, career driven lady while I am still the laid back person that I was.

With the hubs meeting his pre-U mates yesterday, I made use of the day to meet up with Lynn, who has finally left her job which was really giving her stress. Although I told her that unfortunately I cannot stay for long because I am bringing the girl along, we still parted ways about 9ish.

I had wanted to stick to an earlier timing but how to, when one hasn't spoken to a friend for so long?

Anyway, I had to because the girl really needed the early sleep, which was not to be, because this year she is participating in her school's graduation concert for the K2s. We were instructed to give them breakfast at home and be at the centre at 7.50am. All K had when she woke up was her milk and cod liver oil, which filled her up. I was worried that she'll get hungry but the teachers told the children no eating after applying lipstick..(!!!) 

The costume was strange and the make-up was horrible. The hubs commented that they should have parent volunteers to apply the make-up. The teachers told me they were afraid that different make-up shades are used but I would think it could be better managed if they simply inform the colours to be used.
I teared when the K2 'graduates' marched through the aisle to go on stage and sang their graduating song. Next year, the tears will be full blast, I reckon. Heck, I teared when I attended Josh's K2 graduating concert and when I picked him up in his early days in Primary 1. But I'm sure he is not even aware of it. 

Anyhow, K enjoyed herself, having a few main lines in her centre's play. After the concert, we had lunch with the parents of 3 of her classmates and after lunch, we brought them all up to the roof top play area. 

We had to cut short the fun because we had to buy a gift for Gaye's mum who is celebrating her 90th birthday in the evening. We had no idea what to buy and ended up with a festive hamper of biscuits, chocolates and treats. I had tasked the girl to make her a card as well.

Thankfully, the girl as well as the hubs had their afternoon nap while I put her laundry to wash and washed the balcony after that.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Yay to December. Not because I am looking forward to it, in fact I do not anymore. Because for the simple fact that it means we are so near the New Year and it means a year older in physical age. Yes, I am fearful already....aging.

Yay because there is no abacus class for the whole of this month! We can't have lessons on the 2nd Saturday of this month because the girl is participating in her school's graduation concert for the K2s. And the teacher wasn't able to make it for 2 other Saturdays. So, it calls for a break this month and it's amazing how relax I feel already.

Since we started the morning slow after I went for my annual dental check, we decided to bring the girl for a ride through Orchard to see the lights. As the eldest SIL spent the night at our place yesterday, the girl woke up early as usual, so fearful that her favourite aunt went home and could take a nap after lunch. We returned home after ballet as it was still early and left the house at about 6ish.

We alighted at Tanglin Mall to catch the 'snow' but we missed the timing and thus went for dinner at the food court. We managed to catch the 2nd 'snowfall' which isn't like how it used to be. Now the foam just putters out of the foam machine, located on the floor. But K said she had fun though. After that, we took a walk and then decided to take a bus ride. The lights on the lamp-posts are still a disappointment in the evening and there wasn't much light-up after Tanglin Mall to Forum. 

But who was to know! The road was closed to traffic and the bus diverted out of Orchard and then back to near Somerset. So we missed the entire shopping stretch where the lights were best. Further disappointment! And the girl has such a bad attitude these days, I want to slap her. She has been really testing my limits these days, talking back and simply being rude with her responses.

Anyhow, we took the loop service and by the time we were back on the train home, it was past 10 and the girl slept while we were in the train. So thankful a young chap offered his seat to me because we normally do not get offered.

On another note, the Christmas tree decoration for this year has been left to the girl because I have no time to do so. And she has fun putting it up.

Friday, 1 December 2017

A vendor, which happens to be the main sponsor for the local theater scene gifted me and a colleague with a pair of tickets each to watch a play. Thankfully, the eldest SIL was kind enough to come by to pick up the girl from school and then stay over. 

The hubs and I enjoyed the play thoroughly. Especially it being a local production, it had a lot of local puns that were very relevant. 1 of the lead actor also happened to be the son of the hubs' ex-boss. It was good to see that the theater was quite full. 
While we were at it, I suggested that we catch a movie too. It's been a long while since we went to the movies and so we took the train back and caught a movie at the mall near home. We watched the 1150pm movie and when it ended, stingy me suggested we walk back home. It really isn't that far, a train stop away. 

So the hubs and I finally had a date. :)

Monday, 27 November 2017

The office had a Superhero themed D&D on Friday. The top that I had ordered through the 2nd SIL was too big because I feared S would be too tight for me, thus I ordered M. Thankfully, I was able to sell it to a colleague. 

This year, the event was held in Zouk, a place that I used to go every week but have not been in more than a decade! And of course, in it's relocated premise. We had fun, had a few very sporting colleagues who dressed up. We had a few expired/retired superheros. Lol.

And on Saturday, I didn't accompany the hubs when he brought the girl for ballet because I had a headache and we had a gathering at his relative's home in the evening. Thankfully, I stayed home because it did go away and I was able to meet them at the train station later. I had to return home after arriving at the train station when the hubs called to bring a new set of clothes for the girl because she had stained it. By the time I left the house again, it was pouring.

As for yesterday, we went to Tampines for lunch with the eldest brother and SIL after church and then proceeded to their house thereafter. We watched 'The Sound Of Music', a play that's going on now which I can't find time for. The girl was able to sit through it. I like to expose her to musicals like this. And then we continued and stay till dinner.

The girl takes a break from Abacus next month, which means more free time for me too. No need to rush for anything, although it's the hubs who walks her to the centre. But at least I do not have to rush to cook lunch just so it's ready once she reaches home. 

Less than a week and we're in December. How I used to look forward to it but not as much anymore.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

We went to Orchard after church on Sunday because I had some shopping vouchers and thus wanted to get a thermos flask. M uses A LOT of hot water and even uses it to wash her face! Instead of boiling water everyday, I decided to use the vouchers to offset the purchase of a thermos flask with a bigger capacity. 

And since we were there in the afternoon, we didn't get to see the lighted Christmas decoration. So what we did see were nothing much really. Boring even. Quite a disappointment. Perhaps we should take a ride through Orchard sometime in the evenings.

M is still not steady when we go for longer walks. We had dinner at a nearby coffeeshop on Sunday and the lighted signages are still too bright for her. I also spot her leaning on hand railings when we had to stop because we brought K's bicycle for the girl to ride.

The 3rd SIL delivered lunch to M yesterday and since I noticed that M managed to cook her own lunch on Sunday, I suggested to the eldest SIL that she does not need to travel all the way from the east to do so but she insisted. She says that M is not steady yet and that she has committed herself to help out for at least the whole of November. Bless her heart.

I have no idea why M would want to stay over at my place. It's void of a human touch the whole working day which can be an extreme to Jerry's noisy place but at least she can retreat into her room. I am also concerned if anything happens to her, who is there to mitigate? M is now on a life-long blood-thinning medication as the Dr detected heart murmur at the pre-surgery checks. I hope she makes more sense of this and feel the same too.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

With M recuperating at our place now, I am trying to make an effort to cook as often as I can. Ivy has taken onto herself to buy lunch for M everyday, which means she travels from Tampines to JE just to do so. Hopefully M gets well enough to go down to buy her own lunch soon because it's really a lot more time spent travelling from the east to the west just to buy lunch.

I cooked lunch on Saturday while the girl was at abacus class and the hubs hanging out at Macs just below the centre. However, she did quickly nap sometime after her lunch settled because she woke up too early in the morning because she was sleeping at the living room with the eldest SIL when the sunlight shines right through at the break of dawn. And when it was time to leave for ballet, she was so resistant and even didn't want to go!

After ballet, we had dinner with the Victors and Whites and ended up being treated for a post-birthday meal! I even ended up scoring myself a year's supply of 1/2 slab of spare ribs!
After church on Sunday, we went back to change and left the house again because we were off to the NIL's birthday that he was celebrating in the new EC that the family have bought. The hubs brought the girl for a swim as well as the youngest NIL but we had to use the guest bathrooms because the unit was still bare. Lol....Hopefully their house would be done up the next time we visit them because the design at the 'public' toilet has not been given much thought. There is no counter top for bags to be placed amongst other things.

Having seen their new apartment, I am liking ours more and more despite it being old. But the hubs still thinks it makes good investment when the BIL decides to sell it after 5 years. Well, I guess so.

Friday, 10 November 2017

I turned another year older as of yesterday. Birthdays for me are kept very simple. I do not like the brouhaha over it because I am not one who seeks after attention. Having said that, I realised birthdays for the other 2 SILs, from the hubs' side is the same although we do make the effort to 'celebrate' for the 3 brothers.

I wanted to go shopping in JB on my day off because I had cleared so much from my wardrobe right. The young one wasn't in our plan initially but when she saw the hubs and I dressed down, she started probing and looked so sad that I told the hubs to bring her along. So this girl happily changed out of her uniform and put on the outing clothes that I brought out for her.

Instead of the route we took when we went on an overnight staycation with the eldest brother and his wife last month, we decided to try out the causeway link service that was available at the interchange. I guess being on a weekday helped because it took us only 1 1/2 hours door to door. We were so early, most of the shops were not opened yet. But eventually, I did shop and am happy with my buys. And we managed the shopping by bringing along a trolley cabin bag! Professionals or what?! We could even get some supermarket shopping done!

The wait for the bus back took awhile because at least 4 that came by wasn't heading back to Singapore. Thankfully we had a few other Singaporean day-trippers who were waiting as well so it wasn't too bad. Knowing that we are all in it We eventually reached home at about 7pm. Not too bad.

When we opened the door to our home, K sighted her favourite aunt at the sofa and screamed. Abandoning her shoes at the door, she ran in and gave her such a tight hug. This girl. The house has been pretty much of a party for her since after M's surgery. Furthermore, the eldest SIL was staying the night and yes, the girl had to sleep with her and the hubs had to bring out her mattress and pillows to the living room.

Anyhow, that was how I 'celebrated' my birthday. :)