Tuesday, 21 November 2017

We went to Orchard after church on Sunday because I had some shopping vouchers and thus wanted to get a thermos flask. M uses A LOT of hot water and even uses it to wash her face! Instead of boiling water everyday, I decided to use the vouchers to offset the purchase of a thermos flask with a bigger capacity. 

And since we were there in the afternoon, we didn't get to see the lighted Christmas decoration. So what we did see were nothing much really. Boring even. Quite a disappointment. Perhaps we should take a ride through Orchard sometime in the evenings.

M is still not steady when we go for longer walks. We had dinner at a nearby coffeeshop on Sunday and the lighted signages are still too bright for her. I also spot her leaning on hand railings when we had to stop because we brought K's bicycle for the girl to ride.

The 3rd SIL delivered lunch to M yesterday and since I noticed that M managed to cook her own lunch on Sunday, I suggested to the eldest SIL that she does not need to travel all the way from the east to do so but she insisted. She says that M is not steady yet and that she has committed herself to help out for at least the whole of November. Bless her heart.

I have no idea why M would want to stay over at my place. It's void of a human touch the whole working day which can be an extreme to Jerry's noisy place but at least she can retreat into her room. I am also concerned if anything happens to her, who is there to mitigate? M is now on a life-long blood-thinning medication as the Dr detected heart murmur at the pre-surgery checks. I hope she makes more sense of this and feel the same too.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

With M recuperating at our place now, I am trying to make an effort to cook as often as I can. Ivy has taken onto herself to buy lunch for M everyday, which means she travels from Tampines to JE just to do so. Hopefully M gets well enough to go down to buy her own lunch soon because it's really a lot more time spent travelling from the east to the west just to buy lunch.

I cooked lunch on Saturday while the girl was at abacus class and the hubs hanging out at Macs just below the centre. However, she did quickly nap sometime after her lunch settled because she woke up too early in the morning because she was sleeping at the living room with the eldest SIL when the sunlight shines right through at the break of dawn. And when it was time to leave for ballet, she was so resistant and even didn't want to go!

After ballet, we had dinner with the Victors and Whites and ended up being treated for a post-birthday meal! I even ended up scoring myself a year's supply of 1/2 slab of spare ribs!
After church on Sunday, we went back to change and left the house again because we were off to the NIL's birthday that he was celebrating in the new EC that the family have bought. The hubs brought the girl for a swim as well as the youngest NIL but we had to use the guest bathrooms because the unit was still bare. Lol....Hopefully their house would be done up the next time we visit them because the design at the 'public' toilet has not been given much thought. There is no counter top for bags to be placed amongst other things.

Having seen their new apartment, I am liking ours more and more despite it being old. But the hubs still thinks it makes good investment when the BIL decides to sell it after 5 years. Well, I guess so.

Friday, 10 November 2017

I turned another year older as of yesterday. Birthdays for me are kept very simple. I do not like the brouhaha over it because I am not one who seeks after attention. Having said that, I realised birthdays for the other 2 SILs, from the hubs' side is the same although we do make the effort to 'celebrate' for the 3 brothers.

I wanted to go shopping in JB on my day off because I had cleared so much from my wardrobe right. The young one wasn't in our plan initially but when she saw the hubs and I dressed down, she started probing and looked so sad that I told the hubs to bring her along. So this girl happily changed out of her uniform and put on the outing clothes that I brought out for her.

Instead of the route we took when we went on an overnight staycation with the eldest brother and his wife last month, we decided to try out the causeway link service that was available at the interchange. I guess being on a weekday helped because it took us only 1 1/2 hours door to door. We were so early, most of the shops were not opened yet. But eventually, I did shop and am happy with my buys. And we managed the shopping by bringing along a trolley cabin bag! Professionals or what?! We could even get some supermarket shopping done!

The wait for the bus back took awhile because at least 4 that came by wasn't heading back to Singapore. Thankfully we had a few other Singaporean day-trippers who were waiting as well so it wasn't too bad. Knowing that we are all in it together....lol. We eventually reached home at about 7pm. Not too bad.

When we opened the door to our home, K sighted her favourite aunt at the sofa and screamed. Abandoning her shoes at the door, she ran in and gave her such a tight hug. This girl. The house has been pretty much of a party for her since after M's surgery. Furthermore, the eldest SIL was staying the night and yes, the girl had to sleep with her and the hubs had to bring out her mattress and pillows to the living room.

Anyhow, that was how I 'celebrated' my birthday. :)

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The saying 'Distance makes the heart grow fonder' sure runs through for me towards M.

M went for a cataract surgery yesterday and had to report to the hospital early morning. Couple of weeks before, she decided to 'recuperate' at my place after the surgery. I do not know why but after 'talking' with her with the eldest brother, we figured that she wanted the peace and quiet at my place compared to Jerry's. Anyhow, since she had to report at 7am for the surgery, she came along with Esther on Monday evening with her big bag load of stuff.

The eldest SIL, bless her, volunteered to come over to my place in the afternoons to buy lunch for M as well as cook dinner during M's stay at my place. But she could not do so yesterday which was fine because I can do it anyways, like how I've been doing it all the time. But she did come by in the afternoon and helped me make soup for dinner. The eldest brother accompanied M and brought her home.

Esther came by yesterday too and met me at K's school to pick her up. We went back home and I just had to prepare another dish for dinner. And then the eldest brother came over quite late and stayed over to accompany M for her follow-up check this morning.

All was fine until this morning when I saw M using her hands to sweep off milo powder off the kitchen counter top. I told her to use the kitchen counter rag and then she starts arguing that her hand is wet so the milo powder will not be swept onto the floor and that she has been doing housework for so many donkey years. Really, I do not need this. Not especially on a working morning. She used to put a newspaper on the table while she snacks on biscuits instead of using a bowl. So now, I always provide her with a bowl. And then the 'memories' of her staying with me after I gave birth at our previous home replayed in my head.

The eldest SIL consoled me by saying that it is different this time because I'm not stuck at home unlike the time I was in confinement. But I still need a place of refuge and comfort in my own home right. I do not want to end up not talking to her again and thankfully I have K to spend my time and pay my attention to now. 

Oh Lord, please be with me throughout.

Monday, 6 November 2017

The hub's youngest brother and wife would have received the keys to the EC at this point of entry.

After church yesterday, the 3 of us popped over to their place. The SIL has been busy packing with her sister as they would need to handover their current home to the new owners by end of November. So with the minor carpentry works and lighting that is required in their new place, time is very tight for them. 

The youngest BIL has amassed so much sports attire, it was like doing a clearance sale. Because of his job, he gets a lot of sponsored items from a particular brand and the hubs took some for a single mother colleague of his, who I've also given some of my own clothes to. And he took some for himself. I took a few pieces for my brother too. And the SIL gave me a pair of new working heels. K didn't miss out anything too. Except that she doesn't know. Haha...the SIL passed her some of her son's unused P1 workbooks. 

Talking about clearing, here is part of my loot that does not fit over my hips anymore. :( Thankfully, I could pass some of my tops to Esther.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

We visited the hubs' mother yesterday after work. I met him and K below the PIL's block after I was done with some grocery shopping and yet I ended up waiting for them. When they arrived, we went to the nearby coffeeshop to buy dinner. The FIL was not in which meant that the MIL can manage on her own afterall.

And today, the hubs brought the girl for her abacus class while I did the chores and cooked lunch. 

The girl has always been requesting for fried rice whenever we eat out and it's been a while since I made this dish. So, I decided to cook it. Previously we were eating the reddish type of brown rice but I feel it too hard for fried rice. Now that we are using the brownish type, the texture is so much better.

Made more than enough that I could confidently have M lunch at my place today and the hubs had 2 full bowls of it!
And after ballet, the 3 of us together with M and Esther who came after her lunch, popped by M's estate and had dinner. Paint works look like it's 80% complete so I guess she will be able to move in before CNY. In fact, her estate has organised a resident get-together for the new block at the nearby CC tomorrow.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Another achievement unlocked!

The hubs text me in the late afternoon yesterday to say that he will be home late. I asked if he's going to have dinner with us and he said yes...so I decided to cook. Afterall, I've got the shabu shabu pork collar marinated from the night before. You see, when I have to do pick-up duties, I do not cook as I feel it too rush. And so, after picking the girl from school, we went straight home and I cooked while she occupied herself with other things.

And we had dinner on time! But then again I left work earlier because the boss is away on a business trip. I do not think I can cook if I leave work at the usual time I do usually. But I guess I should give it a shot.

And in the evening, after reading a chapter of Tangled to the girl, I decided to try on some of my working pants. I ended up trying them all for fit and then some. And I can no longer fit into most, if not all my working pants! Save for 3-4 pieces out of 15! And some have not even been worn! That's a good lot to be given away! It's so strange. I can somehow still wear clothes from the youth section from some high-street brands but my muffin top is overflowing from my working pants. This lot were really just taking up space from our move to Redhill to here and to be honest, I haven't worn my working pants since.

Are they upsizing clothing sizes? I guess I really need to renew my wardrobe. Especially my working clothes. 

Oh well. Oh! Welcome November!

Sunday, 29 October 2017

The hubs invited the Victors and Whites for dinner on Friday evening at the club. Although I work further from home, I leave work earlier and so volunteered to pick the girl from school, go home for a change and meeting the hubs and our friends for dinner. I rather the travel then to stay in the office waiting for time to pass. Somehow the girl and I met Debs and her daughter at the club lobby and we were the last ones to arrive. Her husband too, went to the club directly after work.

And yesterday, the girl only had abacus in the morning. There is a break for her ballet and finally, it wasn't such a rush Saturday. As the hubs had an event at work, I sent the girl for abacus and came home to do whatever I needed to do before I had to pick her up again.

I cooked soup noodles for her lunch and M came with E a little later. I allowed K to play a while with her cousin while I mopped the house and in between couldn't help raising my voice at M who speaks so harshly about people. I felt bad after that. When I was done with the chores, I made K take her nap while M and E were still around and I napped too. 

When the hubs came home, the 3 of us went out shortly while M and E made their way back. 

We then took the train ride to the Pannu's for their Deepavali invite. It has been a long while since we connected back with them although I did meet up with the Pannu wife and daughter with K some months back. We met the Victors at their house and basically spent the evening there. The slight  headache I was nursing from the afternoon became worse and when we reached our block, I threw up a little downstairs and the hubs was quite sloshed by the time he washed up. *rollseyes*

Surprisingly, we still made it in time for church today. We were back again at the club for late lunch but this time with the eldest brother and SIL. We had so much that I had indigestion after that. Lol. 

They followed us home and I had to force the girl to take her afternoon nap again, especially since we came back so late last night and had to wake her up for church this morning. When I woke up, the eldest brother and his wife have left for home.

As much difficulty I had to make the girl nap, it was equally hard to get her to wake up. Her classmate's mother had gifted us with an invite to a mall's Halloween party and I had promised to bring her.

We did finally leave the house, like we were forcing her to. Sigh...some things we do as parents. She did eventually enjoy herself. There was a cute laughing pumpkin lamp as a door gift, a photo booth, a laser tag game, another game that required her to shoot the cards as well as a felt bag making station. After that, we went to some of the shops that were participating in the mall's event and collected candies.
Another fun weekend.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The difference to our Saturday morning routine is that the hubs will walk K to her abacus class while I stay home to do the household chores in peace and quiet. And if every Saturday would be like this, I would cook lunch and have it ready when the hubs returns home wif K after class ends. Despite the enrichment centre being only a 10 minute walk away, the hubs is sufficient with just his handphone, passing time in the air-con comfort of Mcdees while I work at home in the sweltering heat. I am so going to install air-con in our next home.

The hubs managed to pat the girl to her afternoon nap after lunch and 45 minutes later, had to wake her up for ballet. While the girl was at ballet, the 2 of us crossed over to the mall for some grocery shopping. At least we are making use of time. Otherwise, we would be wasting it sitting around for 45 minutes to pass. I told the hubs we should do our grocery shopping at times like this, when we have no plans immediately after ballet.

We then went home, I took a quick shower because the heat has caused my scalp to be so oily and my hair was so flat and messy. A while later, we were out again. This time to the hubs' nepalese aunt's home for the yearly traditional ritual and also our first time going there by public commute. But we had to make 1 transfer though. While we are usually the first few ones to arrive, this time, we were almost the last. But it doesn't matter because they were all time 'draggers'.

After church today, the hubs patted K and she actually had a 2-hour nap! She has not been taking her afternoon naps for the past few weeks and it means she will still do, if we enforce it with a lot of patting!

In the evening, in order to escape from the heat that has engulfed us for the entire week, we took a bus ride to Jurong Point and had dinner there. Thankfully, we had some cool breeze when we returned home in the evening.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

It was a 1/2 day session at the girl's school yesterday and since I've taken the Children's Day off, it was the hubs' turn for yesterday. And a mother of another child, the girl's K1 mate, had text the hubs' about bringing her child over. However, she added that she will pick her daughter up at 6pm, which meant that she was not going to be around!

I was quite shocked as I would not in my wildest dream leave K alone in an environment I am not familiar with. Especially since it was only the hubs around with 2 girls! I trust the man but little children can say the most nonsensical things. The hubs too agree that he would never do the same. While we welcome K's friends to come over for play dates, we felt that the mother should have practiced more caution? I guess she trusts us. It is a different story if we are close friends.

Anyhow, as much as I wanted to leave work early I couldn't. The 2 girls had so much fun and the surprising thing was both even napped! During this time, the hubs was even able to cook dinner. The other girl's mother reached our home slightly after I did and even stayed for a while, just because the child did not want to leave yet. The hubs' had good sense in him to cook extra rice because the girl ended up wanting to eat dinner at our place. So her mother hung around. It was 7:30pm when they left and shortly after, Esther popped at our front door.

K definitely had a day of surprises. I had planned for Esther to stay over especially since she has finished her exams and having not seen the 3 siblings in a while, it was nice to have her come by to play with her little cousin. K has mentioned on few occasions that she has not seen her cousin for so long and I guess she misses her.

And today, we had another achievement unlocked! We took the public transport to the zoo and the journey turned out to be quite fast! We took the train to CCK and changed to a bus. Altogether, it was only about 30-40 minutes travelling time. Almost similar to driving.

Since the hubs' had with him 2 corporate passes from his office, he could sign in another 4 guests. So he was looking out for people he could extend the invite to. I told him to look out for foreign workers rather than the tourists that he was initially targetting. Tourists are here to spend their tourist dollar while the foreign workers hardly have days off to relax and the entrance fee is quite steep, in my opinion. So eventually he managed to bless a foreign worker and his foreign girlfriend. They were so happy and so would I be, if I were them.

We spent almost 6 hours at the zoo, taking in a show that we never caught before. It being a public holiday, the zoo was very crowded. But thankfully for the vastness in space, it didn't matter. Although it was scorching hot, I'm thankful too because the rain would have dampen our moods and we would not have been able to see as many animals. This time round, K and her cousin had the opportunity to pat 'free-roaming' monitor lizards, a snake, 2 dogs, a rat, a ferret and a rabbit.

And then we went back home the same way how we went to the zoo. The 3rd SIL came by to pick Esther up after dinner and K was so knackered, although she didn't show it, she took under 5 minutes to doze off.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The hubs had an early event yesterday morning but reached home before noon. So I got him to send the girl for her abacus class and buy me breakfast while I put her laundry to wash and hang. I also managed to wash the balcony and bathed before the 2 of us had to go pick her up.

It was quite a rush affair for us because the Salahudeens were sending over their carrom board, a air-hockey table and some stuff as they have sold off their house and were migrating to Australia sometime next year. They held a 'garage sale' some weeks back but since we no longer have the car, I told her to let anyone else who may want to buy what I was interested in instead. But she decided to provide delivery service. Lol.

We were supposed to lunch out together after they have set up the air-hockey table but they were late and so we ended up buying Macdees for the 3 of them, chit-chatting for a while and then them sending us to K's ballet class.

M who brought Esther out since the morning came by to give K a surprise when her class ended. But we could only take the train ride to JE together because we were heading out to the Victor's for a dinner invite. See, we can still travel to many places without the car! Ha.

After the boys watched their football, K had her fun with the younger daughter, we took a grab back home.

And today, while the 3 of us were walking to the train station to head to church, the hubs received several messages from work and had to go to 1 of the guild houses to look into a situation. So the girl and I made our own way to church.

While the brother stayed for Sunday School, K & I followed Ivy back home. We had lunch, stayed for a little while and were the first passengers while Bev drove! She only received her driving license about a week ago and not only were we her first passengers, the girl and I also met her boyfriend. She refused to let Ivy go down with us to take a look at him. Hahah...so in a way, I'm quite happy to say that she trusts me. Or maybe she was just worried that her mum would embarrass her? Lol....oh well...

That is our busy weekend.

Thursday, 12 October 2017

It's been a while since I last recorded the conversations with K. So here goes:

We were in the bus, headed for home, and across the aisle was a family with 4 children. All girls except for 1 we couldn't see who was under the mother's nursing cover.

K: Mummy see, the baby must be drinking milk.
Me: Hmmmm...maybe

Just a short while later,
K: Wahhh...Mummy, the mummy must have a lot of milk cos the baby still drinking.

Still looking over at the family, K who was sitting on my lap started elbowing me:
K: Mummy, can you PLEASE give me a mei-mei or di-di?!

K and I were in the toilet at a church we were visiting, where some of the children were cousins.

K: Mummy, next time my children will not have any cousins. So sad.
Me: (Thinking not another one of this sibling request) Next time you give birth to 2 children then. 
K: But my children won't have any.
Me: -_-

K: Mummy, next time when daddy die already, you can come over and stay with me and my husband. Just like mama.
Me: Then what if mummy dies first?
K: Then daddy can come over and stay with us.
Me: *rollseyes*

While I was trimming K's nails one evening,

K: I am so scared....next time I will ask my husband to cut my children's nails.
Me: What if he has to work late and your children's nails are very long already?
K: Then I anyhow cut first and let him cut properly when he comes back. Eeeee...I'm so scared.

SO funny she is when she comes out with all these unexpected conversations. Lol......

Saturday, 7 October 2017

K attended her first abacus class today. She wasn't looking forward to it initially but thankfully when we picked her up at the end of the lesson, she seemed to like it. The teacher gave pretty good feedback too. The class is small, just the 4 of them, of varying ages. So K has more or less 1-to-1 attention because the other 3 girls have been there for a while already and only needs the teacher's help when they are unsure. 

The centre also happens to be a student care centre so if Ivy isn't able to look after K when she enters Primary 1, this will be the student care that we will send her to. There are pros and cons on sending K to after school care or to stay home. Of course, the ideal situation would be for me to stay home and look after her but then there goes my income...so there's really no such thing as a perfect situation.

Anyhow, the hubs decided to treat K to a Mcdee's lunch after class, with it being just downstairs. And as if it is becoming a trend, K didn't nap again when we got home. Then it was time to bring her for her ballet class. This time without the hubs because he had a dinner event so I let the only person who napped in the household continue in his beauty nap. *rollseyes*

We got home before it poured, after ballet and a while later, the hubs went off for his dinner. All spiffy in his shirt and pants with a coat over his arm and taking the express bus to town where the hotel is. Lol. Looks like he's getting used to it. He even took the bus back home and was so proud with how much he saved on transportation.

While the hubs was enjoying his dinner at some classy hotel, the girl and I had.....wrap. It was meant to be pizza but it ended up being wrapped. Lol.
I've been having good food for much of the week so it's time to lay off too. The youngest SIL had invited us and the 2nd BIL's family for a surprise birthday dinner buffet for the youngest BIL at M Hotel on Monday and on Wednesday, the boss and I had a networking lunch with our corporate travel agent and airline at a french restaurant. Then Friday, K & I were at JB and all you do in JB is indulge in good food.

I hope I don't get fat!

Friday, 6 October 2017

I had to take the day off today for Children's Day, because it is my turn to do so. Anyhow, I made prior plans to meet up with a friend whose daughter and K used to be at the same childcare centre. Both families have since moved and our 2 girls naturally joined other centres. However, after an interesting chat I had with the 2 other SILs, I cancelled the plan and went to JB with them instead.

The youngest SIL, in ranking not by age, is the only one whose family still has a car. So she picked the 2nd SIL and son up before coming for K and myself at the train station. And because I did not know it was only about a 1/2 hour or less train ride to the meeting point, K and I took a walk into the turf club and caught the morning exercise but because the place was huge, the horse was pretty far out.

We went to a newly opened mall in JB and spent the whole day there, although I didn't buy much. Just a pair of sandals and milk powder. So the 2 cousins spent time together except for the 1 year old who still doesn't have much clue to what's happening. Just 3 ladies with 3 kids. So brave uh.

In the evening, the 2 SILs checked that the causeway was jammed and so the youngest SIL suggested we drop by her younger brother's as they were celebrating her niece's 12th birthday as well. So we had light dinner there and left about 8pm. And this time, they could send me back because we left by the Tuas checkpoint. 

Almost 12 hours in JB with the out-laws and our kids. It was nice. Our first and probably not the last. :)

Monday, 2 October 2017

The hubs wanted to go to his parents' home on Saturday morning to deliver the kueh lapis he bought at his golfing trip in Batam, as well as a bottle of home-made pickled veg that Gaye helped him order. With Saturdays being quite busy for me now, I suggested going over to his parents on Friday evening instead. Since the hubs could not make it back in time to pick K from school, I suggested meeting him at his parent's block instead. 

After work on Friday, I took the express bus to the girl's school, picked her up, went home to change as well as pick up the stuff that the hubs had wanted to bring over to his parent's. I told him since we no longer have the car, to not buy anymore food stuff for them. Imagine to always have to send them over before the food turns bad. I told him to buy them non-perishables instead. Since he seems so into buying clothes for his mother recently, *rolleseyes*

The bus journey to the in-laws took merely 10-15 minutes from in front of our house and took another 5 minutes to walk to their block. The hubs bought dinner from his workplace and met K and I at the foot of his parents' block.

We had packed dinner with them, watched a bit of tv and left at 8:30pm. Short and sweet, like how I like it. Lol.

Saturday, I had no idea where time flew. By the time we came back from lunch with M, who came out of the lift just as we were waiting to go for lunch, it was already 2ish and I had to bathe and change to bring the girl for her ballet class.

All I remember doing in the morning was put K's laundry to wash and washed the balcony. I have no idea where the rest of the time went. M followed us to the CC but we went separate ways after it ended because we had a barbeque at his Nepalese cousin's condo to celebrate the Nepali New Year.

We took the train to Bishan where the youngest SIL picked us up and we went to the east together. I think I prefer gatherings with the Nepalese side because it is a cosier group of people compared to the big number from the MIL's side and they are ALWAYS gambling! And in a way, the Nepalese side is closer in blood terms also.

We left at 9ish, hitched a ride from the youngest SIL again to the train station and rode the long train ride home.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The hubs has gone on a 3 days golfing trip to Batam with his friends and so I planned a meet up with 2 ex-colleagues on Friday. 1 of them whom I happened to bump into when I was at the train station near home, on my way to work one morning. She has moved to a new condo development further up from the train station and takes the train from the one nearer to my place now. As for the other colleague, I've met up with her after we left the family business but not of late and since the 3 of us stay in the west, it was convenient. 

I brought the girl along with me, of course, and met the other 2 ladies at Westgate. After dinner, we had dessert, which was mainly for K. While Joleen took the train back home, SK and us took the feeder bus back. With so much happening at Jurong East now, there is no need at all to venture out further for a good meal over a good chat.

Saturday morning, I did the usual chores and suggested a tea-party with K's 'friends'. I carried her red table to her room where she set up the food, cake and propped her friends up on her stool. It was such a pretty photo moment with the bright colours from all that plastic food, blocks and toys. Lol....at least I made her happy. I was even able to make us lunch! Then it was pack up time, shower and while waiting for her hair to dry, I allowed her to watch some edutainment on the laptop.

Before I knew it, it was time to head out for her ballet class. There was a Malay language festival going on in the CC and so we spent some time there when her ballet class ended. K & I did a craft work each and she watched a traditional dance performed by students too. It is so nice that despite it being catered to the Malays, other races were made to feel welcomed when they reach out to the others to take part in the activities. Some of the volunteers were also from the other races.
I had wanted to do some grocery shopping but was not able to as K was hungry and we went straight home to get tabao.

And today, we took the bus to church. Almost the same time spent as the train journey but I think it's more comfortable because we both got seats throughout although the bus did travel through many places. But K enjoyed it because we passed through Little India and saw the beautiful Deepavali decorations, with her favourite elephants. We took the same route for our journey home.

The hubs came home in the late afternoon and we met the youngest BIL and family for dinner at IMM. They had gone to the relative married to the frenchman's home to get 'advise' on their December trip to Paris/London. Don't ask me what. It still perplexes me what kind of advise they were looking for when everything is available in the www. But since they called, we met them and went grocery shopping at the same time. They sent us home and we lent them our winter jackets at the same time.

And then it's back to the grind. Lol...

Friday, 22 September 2017

Yay...received the insurance payout for my luggage which went on it's own vacation on my recent business cum personal trip. Just take a look at the number of hours delayed. 200! Gosh.
Extra pocket money to spend! Woohoooo......:)

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

The car, is no more. I first sensed of it when I got home and saw 2 bags full of stuff at the entrance of the storeroom. That's my hubs for you. The suitcase we went to JB with, is still lying at the living room, with only his things inside.

Anyway, I confirmed it when I went to the kitchen and saw an empty lot. It's 1 thing to see the car parked in the lot and of course another to see the lot empty. The feeling of miss starts to trickle in. But oh well, it's just a matter of time. The hubs misses his car a lot more, for obvious reasons. His first .

He got some money back when he sent the car to the yard and the boss there actually offered the hubs slightly more money to have the car's ownership transferred to them because the car is very well kept. Well, except for the engine perhaps. Besides we actually have till December till it's official times up. So there is still 3 months of use in her but at a risk, I suppose.
As I mentioned before, I do not feel a necessity for a car but the hubs would like to get another although his feelings are not as strong as it was. During his recent call to his mother, I overheard the MIL asking the hubs why doesn't he get another car and it just irritates me. Well, looks like we do not have to go out of the way to send her home now! 

Anyhow, the hubs' new thoughts about a new ride is, unless he gets a windfall. :)

Saturday, 16 September 2017

It has been an exciting weekend. We started it on Friday morning, meeting the eldest brother and his wife at the bus-stop just across the road, opposite our block. The girl was clueless because we wanted to surprise her, of course, and also I do not want her to be asking me throughout the week.

And so we took our 'adventure' a notch up by taking the public bus into JB! The bus-ride from our place to Wooodlands check-point was pretty smooth and we had wanted to take the 5 minute train ride but didn't have enough time to catch the next train at 10am. So we obediently queued up at immigration and caught the next bus across the causeway. It is pretty much a breeze travelling into JB on a working day. 
This time, we stayed a night as the 4 of us have always talked about. After clearing immigration at our neighbour's, we went straight to Doubletree Hilton by foot and managed to get early check-in. Then we took grab to our usual mall for our usual Japanese lunch. We didn't spend much time there though because the 2 man kept saying we could shop back at the malls near the hotel. But I think I would have bought more from there. I only bought a pair of flats for myself, this entire trip and then of course, toiletries. Anyway, thankfully I convinced the hubs to bring along the trolley bag, the one which went on it's own vacation, and it proved so convenient when we could put the shopping in and not have to carry plastic bags when we have to cross immigration again. The eldest SIL too ended up buying a cabin bag too, although on hindsight, I am not sure if she could have gotten it cheaper from here instead.

And today, K had a very short soak in the pool after the buffet breakfast with the eldest brother and hubs. Whole of 20 minutes because it was so windy at the pool area and the water was cold. We rested a bit then checked-out at almost 1pm. 

It was at the mall that the SIL spent a bit more time to choose a cabin bag while the hubs, K and myself went to the girl's section and ended up buying a pair of platform princess slippers for her. We enjoyed shabu shabu lunch before heading back towards the check-point. We had wanted to take the train back into Singapore but they were all sold out for the whole day! So we went back by the same route as the way we went into JB. 

All in all, we had fun. The SIL enjoyed herself and I'm sure K too when she saw the pool. She was so excited when we went to check it out before heading back to the room to change. The eldest brother is now contemplating a 2-night stay .....lol.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The hubs had a very early work event yesterday and only came home slightly before we had to leave for the girl's ballet class. While he was away, I brought the girl to 2 fairly new playgrounds within walking distance from our place. We managed 2 because she woke up so early and had been disturbing me until the skies opened up. 

After the playground, I signed her up for abacus class and she will start on the 1st Saturday in October. Ballet class will remain as it is in the late afternoon. And then we went home. I was able to wash the balcony before bringing her out, which really explains how early it was, and so came home to put her laundry to wash and mop the house.

She took a short nap and as I woke her up to prepare to leave for ballet, the hubs returned home. Poor him. Such a long day for him. We took the bus to the train station,which is only 1 bus-stop away, where I walk to every morning because I didn't want the hubs to feel 'inconvenienced' because of the car situation. We arrived rather early for ballet and after the lesson, took 2 trains and a bus to reach the Victors'. They had invited us over for their younger girl's 11th birthday. We arrived slightly late but was still ok.

The girl enjoyed herself with all the other girls making slime and made 3 while I made 1. We got to bring them back so that was the goody bag. It was nice also catching up with the other ladies and the hubs with the man. It has been a while.

We left at 9ish and took a grab cab home.

And today, the 3 of us were back on the train then bus again for the journey to church. The girl, who usually doesn't have to walk much because of the car, developed blisters. But she soldiered on with the plasters. It's all an adventure to her because she has been in the comfort of the car ever since she was born!

After church, together with the eldest brother and wife, we took a bus at the wrong direction and ended up somewhere for lunch. That much for an adventure. Lol. The eldest brother is also no longer driving but has been so the early part of this year and yet, they are very comfortable with public commute. The eldest brother has been driving at least 30+ years of his life so if he can manage it, we shouldn't be missing it so much.

The Victor couple came by in the evening with their younger girl and we had dinner nearby our place. While they came, the girl and I were napping....must have been from yesterday and all that walking. Lol.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The hubs has decided to let the car go.

It happened on the evening we touched down, when the hubs decided to send the SIL back home after dinner. The car experienced some problems on his way home and for the rest of the week, he was commuting to work and back home by public transport. He did send the car to the workshop at the end of the week and we did get to use it during the activity filled long weekend. 

However, the hubs felt that the car was not right again on his way home on Wednesday evening and this time he decided this is going to be IT. He is not going to waste anymore money fixing it already. We were supposed to dine out because the hubs had wanted to buy a new pair of working shoes but he changed his mind when he felt that the car wasn't stable and thankfully, he was able to get home in it.

I had to pick the girl up from school yesterday and today, the school is closed again and it is the hubs turn to take care of her. At the same time, it is the girl's follow-up at the hospital so the 2 commuted by bus, just like the previous time. I guess because there is no longer the use of the car, the hubs brought K straight home after the follow-up. Otherwise, he would always detour to his parents'.

The weather was so good that the 2 had a very good nap and K didn't want to go out even when I reached home. It is a Friday and we usually eat out the the nearby malls. But we eventually took a bus ride to IMM for dinner and to finally, look around for a pair of shoes for the hubs.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Although I got the girl to start early on the gifts she wanted to make for her teachers for this year's Teachers' day, she still didn't get to give it to them the day before school closed for that 1 day. Perhaps it was because of my business trip followed by the holiday, there was no one to follow through with her.

The girl decided that she wanted to make bracelets again for her teachers. As usual, I helped her knot them up when she finished each design and then helped her packed them. We had bought some beads when we were in Melaka. As she was 3 bracelets short, I made her do them during the long weekend.
Initially, she was wasn't keen on it anymore because in her own words, Monday will not be Teachers' Day anymore. I told her that 'it is better late than never' and thankfully, the eldest brother said the same thing to her when we met on Sunday.

I asked the hubs this morning if he reminded her to give the teachers the bracelets but he too forgot. When I checked her bag when they came home in the evening, I am glad to report that she has distributed them except for 1 because the teacher did not come in today.

Teachers in childcare centres spend more time with our blood. Indeed they also need to be well looked after.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

K's school closed on Thursday for Teacher's Day. And since the hubs and I just returned from our trip on Monday, the SIL offered to come over to take care of the girl. So she stayed over on Wednesday evening and the girl, went to sleep with her without even asking.

The eldest brother joined us in the evening when we had dinner at the club. 

With my body or mind still adjusting to the time zone difference, I slept 12 hours on Thursday night to Friday morning.

Firday morning, we went marketing at Jurong West and had late breakfast. The Victors invited us for dinner as well as a 'private' tour of their new home. Lol. I really like their new home. Smaller than their previous but cosy and more 'modern'.

I think I clocked in another 10 hours or so of sleep on Friday night.

We had a lunch invite to Janice's new home yesterday and after that, headed back to the west for the girl's ballet lesson. The hubs had wanted to explore Tampines hub but thankfully we didn't. There simply wasn't enough time so we spent the extra 15 minutes exploring the new community centre that the girl's ballet lesson is held at. Incidentally, they even have a bowling alley there!

And today, we had Indian fish head curry as the eldest brother treated us for lunch, in celebration of the SIL's birthday.

Tomorrow onwards, it is really, in the girls' word, back to normal. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Landed yesterday, back to work today. The girl was so reluctant to have the eldest SIL go that she cried. Apparently, she didn't miss us that much. I told the hubs, she didn't have time to. She did ask me why didn't I bring back baby no. 2 though. Ya, like it's so easy.

The hubs and I celebrated our 10th year anniversary on this trip. We went Amsterdam, Brussels, Brugge and Rotterdam. I must remind myself when I plan our future itineraries, to allocate more time in between. The hubs with his knee problem and I, with my back, cannot walk as much as we used to anymore. We need to take more breaks when his knee start to ache and my lower back, inflamed. I've joked that we may need to get 1 walking stick for him which doubles up as a stool when I have to sit. This may well become reality.

Thankful for the business class upgrade, I can still work today. When I got home yesterday, I put the girl's laundry to wash, did a bit of unpacking and more today while the hubs rested a bit, as usual, before he went to buy dinner for us.

Routine starts today, again.....thankful once again, for the short week! Hurray!

Monday, 28 August 2017

Just as I said that we won't be travelling as much this year, I had another business trip to make to the HQ at Norway. We still won't be travelling as much as last year though. Since the business trip was only going to be for 2 pathetic days, pathetic because you travel 30 hours in total for a 48 hour trip, I planned for a short vacation with the hubs at the stop-over station, Amsterdam.

The boss and I met at the check-in counter last Saturday night and although we sat on the same row, we were along the aisles separated by 2 other passengers in the centre block. Thankfully I had been so busy the whole of Saturday that I could sleep a little on the flight. 

While we arrived in Bergen, Norway, our bags did not. Our initial thought was perhaps due to the tight connection so we were not overly worried. Then we proceeded to an ex-colleague's home for lunch. He was previously our MOO (Manager Overseas office) and he prepared a good spread for us. Typical Norwegian spread, I suppose? 
After spending a few good hours at his home, the boss and I cabbed to the hotel. We decided to go to the mini-market to pick up some toiletries which was very limited and I only ended up being able to get cleansing tissues and cotton pads, which I ended up having no use for. Eventually, our bags did not arrive. And the shops do not open on Sundays!

So we arrived in the office, Monday morning in our Saturday wear. We had to explain to all the other overseas HR colleagues who were staying at the same hotel as us why we were dressed the way we were. Me in my Puma track pants, Mickey top and Adidas sneakers while the boss in her jeans and walking shoes. 

After the Monday's meeting, the whole bunch of us had dinner at the mountain before we headed back to the hotel. And because our bags decided to take a vacation from us, we had to rush to the shops and at that point in time, we were left with a grand 1/2 hour to shop because the shops close early. It is no fun to shop under that sort of pressure and the pressure that you need to buy something. We literally only had the clothes on our back! 

Day 2, still no sign of bags and after the meeting, I headed to the airport with 3 Dutch colleagues while the boss stayed on 1 more day. I caught up with the hubs at Schipol airport with just my sling bag and a H&M plastic bag. I was joking that immigration may think that I am a asylum seeker!

I never saw my bag throughout my holiday and had to spend time to shop for clothes and toiletries. It was never my intention to do any shopping other than souvenirs for this trip. But having said that, the hubs and I did enjoy time spent together. The girl did not want to join us and we are thankful that Ivy volunteered to stay over. The girl had a lot of fun too with Bev and the eldest brother dropping by on separate days to surprise her. She also went over to their home over the weekend.

I was eventually upgraded to business class on the return flight and never had the experience of sleeping for 7 hours straight on flight before. It was good and I do not think I will have the opportunity to travel business again. Lol. The hubs stayed in economy. 
At arrival in Changi, I didn't see my bag at the conveyor belt and went to the Lost & Found to make a report. Somehow, a staff brought my luggage over to me. Hiaz...such a rebel it was. Reuniting with me after going on it's own vacay.

And so, I left for my trip with 1 bag and returned with 2. Hey, I am not going to be carrying plastic bags around for the rest of my holiday. Besides, the airline has given their word that they will compensate us for what we have spent during the delay of our suitcase.
A tale to tell? Definitely!

Saturday, 12 August 2017

And so M joined my family and the eldest brother together with his wife on our road-trip to Melaka this time, for the first time. Since we didn't have the usual National Day family gathering this year, the way to escape it was to go away for a short trip.

We left the house before 8am on Thursday, the day after watching the live telecast celebration on tv and dinner with Jeremy's family. The hubs rented a mpv which was rather comfy because the mechanic advised against taking the long drive up north with ours. 

As usual, we stayed at the usual peranakan boutique hotel, ate and shopped. It was just a 3 day short trip but was refreshing nonetheless. 
We will probably not travel as much this year compared to last. And honestly, the travel bug this year is not biting as much.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Happy National Day all!
This year, we had a smaller gathering at home. Ivy's sister, who lives in the US is back again. Because of the emotional outburst from Jerry, our family is once again disjointed. :( So, I only invited Jeremy and his family as well as the eldest SIL's sis for National Day dinner at home. And I must say, it is so much easier to handle! But of course nothing beats family togetherness.

The hubs made curry with pork belly while I fried up a dish of veg and then we have a pre-packed Imperial Chicken dish. The hubs bought vinegar pork trotters that the 2 sisters love and I made jelly for dessert. So much food to go around.
I did not call my 2 other brothers because we were to have a road trip up to Melaka again! This time we travel the day after National Day with M joining us and the eldest brother and his wife.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The hubs left work earlier yesterday to bring the girl for her review at the hospital. Although cleared of scarlet fever, the Dr has asked us to monitor for the next month and a half because scarlet fever may have effects. We pray that the girl is completely clear. 

However, the Dr found out another issue! She asked if the girl snores in her sleep and told the hubs that she slight inflamed tonsils. We hope that it's the fever and heatiness that caused the inflammation but on hindsight, the girl has been snoring in her sleep for quite a while already. The Dr has prescribed a nasal decongestant which contains steroids, which I am not too keen on but what to do. Let's see what happens after use, which will probably be a month or so. 

Yesterday morning, the 3 of us went for prata breakfast and the hubs allowed the girl to cycle to the shop, which delighted her. She was so happy to have me see her pedal up a small slope because I am usually at home cooking while the hubs brings her down for her cycles. And she is so happy with her achievement. But she does look so cute in the helmet which matches her red bicycle.

We went to the CC next, with the intention to pay for her next session of ballet class but was told it is locked. And on our way back, we witnessed a rehearsal for the National Day Observation day for our constituency. A uniform group from a secondary school was doing the drills and a band was playing. It was quite an experience for the girl but then again, at 5, almost anything is an experience for her. :)
If we wake up early enough on National Day itself, we may just go down to be part of the ceremony.

The hubs then attended a wedding lunch while the girl and I was home. We tidied up her room because the baby NIL who came last Sunday, messed up and literally drooled on her toys. And then I also moved the ant bait we bought to another part of the kitchen.

Even if my kitchen top was clean, I've been seeing ants gather again. They just appear out of nowhere! Finally when I moved the bait and accidentally spilt it, a while later, I saw a gathering of ants around the bait. I hope they bring the bait back home and kill them all! 
In the evening, we attended the 1 month of the Nepalese baby, born to the hubs' cousin. While I packed aside a packet of booties, mittens and socks for the new baby, the girl decided to gift the baby her baby headbands. She had wanted to gift them all until I told her to keep some for my memory sake. Lol.
Thankfully, there's a 2 week break before the girl's ballet class commences again. Some time to our normal free schedule.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The hubs fetched his father from the hospital late last night. Since when do hospitals discharge patients in the evening? The hubs said his father probably insisted and 'made' the Dr discharge him. And so the youngest BIL sent his mother back home too. Although the hubs left after dinner, after 8ish, he didn't reach home till 11ish and apparently, he was waiting for his mother to return home before he left. 

So it's back to normal for all the households today and the group chat between the 3 'out-laws' has also quieten down. Lol....it's good riddance to all.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Today is the wedding of the daughter of the hubs' distant cousin-married-to-the-French-man. 

Yesterday evening the hubs was telling his mother what he had planned to do. Leave the house earlier to send her to the hospital, because she had told the hubs yesterday while we were at my brother's that she wants to 'take care' of the FIL. But she quietly said she wants to attend the wedding instead. Full of lies this one. Anyway, she brought along 2 tops and asked for my opinion which to wear to the wedding.

When I asked the hubs what are the plans for tomorrow, since it's a work day and that she's 'afraid' to be alone, she says she has asked for her nephew to stay over and he will go to in the evening today and proceed to work the next day from her place. Fine. 

So we attended the nice wedding lunch and we invited the 2 brothers and their family over since their mother was at our place. The youngest NIL played in K's playhouse and almost wrecked it while the older NIL showed how ill-disciplined and total lack of sportsmanship he has when I opened up the new box of table snooker for them to play. He sat on the floor for a good while throwing a hissy fit because he did not manage to enter any balls.

Anyhow, we went for dinner somewhere near the in-law's at the suggestion of the hubs. On the drive there, the MIL called her nephew who didn't answer the phone. And then she started complaining. So I told her to either call the house or the hubs' aunt. Perhaps the boy is sleeping? She finally called the house and managed to speak to the boy, who did not seem to have the idea that the deal was for him to stay overnight. So he went on to say he's got work tomorrow and asked if she would like to go over instead. I thought it was nice of him to offer because my 20 something self would not have thought beyond that. And then somebody got angry. When she put the phone down, I asked her if anyone had communicated to her that he was indeed going to spend the night at her place? And how exactly did she ask him? Aiyo, that young man has his own life please! And she goes to say because he wants to play games and usually does so till the wee hours in the morning.

So when we arrived at the coffee-shop, the youngest SIL, her son, K & I sat at a separate table from the rest because simply there wasn't any bigger table. So the hubs, the 2nd BIL with his family and the MIL were 'discussing'. The youngest BIL who left for soccer training after the wedding only joined us later. And when he did, we shooed him to that table and the 2nd SIL came to join ours instead. Leaving the 3 sons to deal with their mother.

The hubs had offered for her to stay over our place but will send her back home early tomorrow morning but she declined. I suspect it's because the hubs did not offer to turn on the air-con for her yesterday evening and she was half-angry about the truth I said about the so called arrangement she thinks she has with her nephew. She also rejected the 2nd BIL's offer to stay at theirs. So it concluded that she will stay over at the youngest BIL's place. Splendid planning on her part because the youngest SIL cooks for her son and the entire family sleeps in air-con comfort. Although also, the BIL leaves for soccer training during the later part of the day which means the MIL has shorter hours to pass out from an asthmatic attack, if any.

Such scheming, I cannot! But good anyway for me.

Saturday, 29 July 2017

The hubs' task for today was to vacuum our bed. While he was going to do that, he cleaned the girl's mattress as well as all the pillows. Everything was what it should be until he reached our bed. 

We have been sleeping on this and the sight made me take out the filter from the air-con for a wash too. Thankfully, the air-con filter is pretty clean.
It was the usual ballet classes today. Or rather, the girl went for her ballet class while the parents whiled the 45 minutes away in air-con comfort at the mall opposite the CC. M has not come along for the past 3 Saturdays and hasn't called either and we had activities for the past 3 weeks anyway.

For today, I had wanted to attend the wake of an ex-colleague's husband. I've known the both of them in my 1st job and even traveled with her to Rome, Paris and London. It was shocking when I saw her FB post on her beloved's passing. Although we have not kept in touch after leaving the airline, I felt I wanted to show her my support. Afterall, we were close once. While I was at the wake and thankfully chanced into another ex-colleague couple, the hubs and K waited for me. 

The 3 of us then proceeded to Jeremy's home after since the wake was at Tampines. We bought dinner and the hubs always over-buy in his typical fashion. They were so happy to see K as usual and glad that she has recovered.

During our visit, the hubs received a call and what ensued was that the MIL was going to spend the night at our place. Right. FIRST. TIME. EVER. What happens is the FIL has been hospitalised since Thursday and the MIL is afraid to be alone in case she gets hit by an asthmatic attack. And so the hubs called her to tell her that we'll reach her block by 9:30pm, already pass K's bedtime but we ended up waiting for another 1/2hour when we reached their block. So it's a good 1 hour of 'I do not know what she was doing'. K was already knocked-out in the car.

When we reached home, I was busy with K, wiping her down while she sleeps and instructing the hubs to bring out the mattress for his mother in K's playroom. The only thing I did was to pass him a mattress cover. After that, I too slept.....it has been a long day.

Friday, 28 July 2017

This has been a very challenging week for the hubs and myself.

K's fever was still going up to 39 degrees but with every dose of panadol or ibuprofen after a soak or bath, it gives her some respite. Thankfully she wasn't moody throughout and at times when her temperature went down, she was almost back to her normal self. 

The worse was when her fever spikes in the wee mornings and on 2 occasions, the hubs had to bring her under the shower at 3am. Thankfully, she didn't scream like how my colleagues responded when I shared with them. On hindsight, we shouldn't have done that. A colleague shared that in the worst case scenario, fits or pneumonia may happen.

I took Monday and 1/2 of Wednesday off and had to take mc on Thursday because I had a fever on Wednesday night but was almost immediately better when the hubs came back late in the night and fed me 2 panadols. Love or the medication, you decide. Lol. The hubs took the other days off. 

On Tuesday, he brought K to NUH on my suggestion. Just to rule out anything. And despite the girl being sick, they amazed me when they took a bus-ride to NUH and then train back home. The girl was diagnosed with Scarlet Fever....something that is pretty rare nowadays. Anyhow, she has been given a 10-day course of antibiotics. And we were asked to continue with the panadol/ibuprofen if required.
Although the fever broke by Wednesday, the red rashes were still visible mainly on K's torso. And we were hesitant to send her back to school because the teachers maybe 'concerned' when they see them. I felt that she was ready to go back to school today but the hubs was against it. So he ended up staying home and I zooming off earlier from work to relief him as he had another event after office hours, at work.

Thankfully, the hubs and I are pretty much ok other than fatigue. The hubs got up in the wee hours to sponge her and we had to give her medication too while all she had wanted to do was sleep. Thankfully, alls well now.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Early this morning, the girl was whining a lot in her sleep and asked for me to lie down with her. I felt a very hot body but didn't think much about it until later, I felt that it didn't feel right. At 3am, I woke the hubs up and I gave her panadol. 

In the morning, she seemed to be for the better and we even went to church. However, in the lift at the church building, the girl felt queasy and wanted to throw up which she did into the garbage bin outside the lift, which thankfully was quite clean.We stayed for Sunday School but had to leave during the break.

The girl didn't have much of an appetite but thankfully took in a few mouths of char-siew pau before I administered panadol to her again. And then she started playing. 

Since today's routine is away from the norm, the hubs decided to test out the UV vaccum I had bought. And check out the filth from our 2+ year old sofa! 
What was under the sofa was just as bad! Thankfully, the hubs practiced some initiative and pulled out the sofa and guess what we found underneath. I've been getting pine nuts whenever I used a magic clean to clean through the gap and always accuse the hubs of dropping them between the sofa when he snacks there but little did I realise it would be a handful! They were clustered together and look like some insect eggs! I gave a directive to No eating on the sofa from then on. It was disgusting. Anyhow, the hubs did a big clean-up of the sofa and around it....now the sofa feels less icky. Psychological? Just look at the dirt accumulated.

Anyhow, the girl's fever goes off and then spikes again. I had to let her soak in the tub and then she'll get better after the meds. 

The hubs was so worried he went to buy barley to boil from the market as well as dinner. Then I had a buyer for K's pink bicycle. The girl is such a trooper that she followed me down even though she was feeling out of sorts. But she wasn't up to it when I asked her if she wanted to ride her bicycle one last time or wait for her daddy downstairs. 
In the evening, we noticed rashes on her body and these spots. But she doesn't seem  to be affected by it. Hopefully, they are just heat rash. :(

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Last Thursday evening, we caught up with the cousin of the hubs' from Nepal, who took some time away from her seminar in KL to drop by Singapore to catch up with the relatives. She was here with her future daughter-in-law. Although it was supposed to be a dinner meet-up together with the 2 Nepali aunties, the 2nd BIL and his family as well as the youngest BIL, the 3 of us took our dinner without them because as usual, there was no one there yet when we arrived.

The hubs for one, did not give his aunt an appointed time and the youngest BIL had to go back home to pick up the car because one of the aunts called him to send the other aunt back home with the guests who were staying the night before they take the flight back to KL.

Anyhow, we had this so called 'special fried beehoon' which it's special in it's own right.....because so flat.
And this morning, the hubs decided to bring the bicycle to the shop to pump air but the only bicycle shop at the market nearby was closed. So we drove further up and at the same time, took a walk around the Jurong West estate. We spent almost the whole morning there because there were frankly, quite a lot to see.We had breakfast and then later, chendol dessert there before moving slightly up again because the only bicycle shop is at the next estate. 

To think that there are so many cyclists now but when you need the bicycle shop, it's like treasure hunting. Finally, the girl can safely ride on the bicycle which has ample space for her to grow.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

After church today, we went to Hong Lim for lunch because I had some stuff to bring home from the office which I had delivered to the office. Like a fire extinguisher because I am worried with the flat being 30 years + a bit old, a UV hand-held vacuum for the bed and sofa which I had ordered through a group-buy in a  FB TB page and at the same time, an umbrella that doubles up as a walking stick which I took from a colleague who doesn't need it at all for the selectively frail MIL. Yes, I still think of her. *myowneyesroll*

It was as well because the eldest SIL had been 'requesting' to go to Chinatown Point for the ice-shave dessert. 

On our way home after the office run, the hubs' youngest SIL called to ask if we were home. And I thought they had wanted to drop by so I said sure, we could have a pizza dinner but when she added that the MIL was joining, I suggested IMM instead. So I had to force K to take a short nap again and then we took a bus to IMM.

We had dinner there and then walked around a bit before eating again. 

The NIL is still so ill-disciplined in my opinion, it's the parents. We walked into Nike because the youngest BIL wanted to check things out but ended up buying a pair of sneakers for the son. The NIL ended up wearing the pair out of the store but not before the BIL commented to me that what he had on was still new and now he wants another pair! I do not know how he wanted anyone to respond but I said that he allowed it anyway. Isn't it right? He's the paymaster, he's the one who allowed the boy to try it on so if he thinks it's unnecessary, why even start? Well, I guess they can afford it. I fear everytime we meet that the girl will pick up something rude from the NIL. During dinner, the youngest SIL was sharing with us how the NIL was being bullied in school and in his description, he seemed to enjoy some of the bullying and even told us what the bully said. At the back of my mind, I do not pity him. That's how he speaks at times too. Over dessert, he was so rude to K when he raised his voice at her and said something like killing her. His mother ended up twisting his ear and asking him to apologise which he refused and the youngest BIL simply told him not to speak like that. Sigh.

We took the bus home after dessert while the youngest SIL sent the MIL and the 2nd BIL and family back home.

Another week that I couldn't mop the house. I need to schedule next week for that.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

This morning, we all slept in till about 9am because the weather is oh so good! But we had to hurry because the hubs arranged to check out a kid bicycle with training wheels for the girl as she has outgrown hers. According to him, her legs are hitting the handle-bar when she pedals and it's quite a sight. I wouldn't know because he brings her down with the hand-me-down while I cook. 

And little did I realise how much she has grown until we brought the pre-loved bicycle back and she sat on the previous one for photo memory sake. The hubs cleaned the new bicycle and then realised that the tyres needed to be pumped, probably due to not using it for a while. So now, it's my turn to re-sell the little pink bicycle.
After a forced nap, the girl was up for her usual routine for ballet lessons has resumed!

The new water playground beside the CC that the girl's ballet class is looks set to be opened because we have been passing by it and finally today they seem to be testing it with water coming out from the play area. It looks very fun. The train slide even has water coming out of it!
M did not come along with us today though. Because we were going to the hubs' friend's place for a Hari Raya invite after ballet. The Salahudeens will be moving to Perth next year so this could probably be our last Hari Raya gathering at their home.

The girl had fun catching up with the other girls, creating slime and playing with more. Unfortunately, she also had her finger cut a little when she put her hand into the slime while 1 of the girls was cutting it and I won at Bingo, my 2nd time at the Salahudeens. :)