Sunday, 16 July 2017

After church today, we went to Hong Lim for lunch because I had some stuff to bring home from the office which I had delivered to the office. Like a fire extinguisher because I am worried with the flat being 30 years + a bit old, a UV hand-held vacuum for the bed and sofa which I had ordered through a group-buy in a  FB TB page and at the same time, an umbrella that doubles up as a walking stick which I took from a colleague who doesn't need it at all for the selectively frail MIL. Yes, I still think of her. *myowneyesroll*

It was as well because the eldest SIL had been 'requesting' to go to Chinatown Point for the ice-shave dessert. 

On our way home after the office run, the hubs' youngest SIL called to ask if we were home. And I thought they had wanted to drop by so I said sure, we could have a pizza dinner but when she added that the MIL was joining, I suggested IMM instead. So I had to force K to take a short nap again and then we took a bus to IMM.

We had dinner there and then walked around a bit before eating again. 

The NIL is still so ill-disciplined in my opinion, it's the parents. We walked into Nike because the youngest BIL wanted to check things out but ended up buying a pair of sneakers for the son. The NIL ended up wearing the pair out of the store but not before the BIL commented to me that what he had on was still new and now he wants another pair! I do not know how he wanted anyone to respond but I said that he allowed it anyway. Isn't it right? He's the paymaster, he's the one who allowed the boy to try it on so if he thinks it's unnecessary, why even start? Well, I guess they can afford it. I fear everytime we meet that the girl will pick up something rude from the NIL. During dinner, the youngest SIL was sharing with us how the NIL was being bullied in school and in his description, he seemed to enjoy some of the bullying and even told us what the bully said. At the back of my mind, I do not pity him. That's how he speaks at times too. Over dessert, he was so rude to K when he raised his voice at her and said something like killing her. His mother ended up twisting his ear and asking him to apologise which he refused and the youngest BIL simply told him not to speak like that. Sigh.

We took the bus home after dessert while the youngest SIL sent the MIL and the 2nd BIL and family back home.

Another week that I couldn't mop the house. I need to schedule next week for that.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

This morning, we all slept in till about 9am because the weather is oh so good! But we had to hurry because the hubs arranged to check out a kid bicycle with training wheels for the girl as she has outgrown hers. According to him, her legs are hitting the handle-bar when she pedals and it's quite a sight. I wouldn't know because he brings her down with the hand-me-down while I cook. 

And little did I realise how much she has grown until we brought the pre-loved bicycle back and she sat on the previous one for photo memory sake. The hubs cleaned the new bicycle and then realised that the tyres needed to be pumped, probably due to not using it for a while. So now, it's my turn to re-sell the little pink bicycle.
After a forced nap, the girl was up for her usual routine for ballet lessons has resumed!

The new water playground beside the CC that the girl's ballet class is looks set to be opened because we have been passing by it and finally today they seem to be testing it with water coming out from the play area. It looks very fun. The train slide even has water coming out of it!
M did not come along with us today though. Because we were going to the hubs' friend's place for a Hari Raya invite after ballet. The Salahudeens will be moving to Perth next year so this could probably be our last Hari Raya gathering at their home.

The girl had fun catching up with the other girls, creating slime and playing with more. Unfortunately, she also had her finger cut a little when she put her hand into the slime while 1 of the girls was cutting it and I won at Bingo, my 2nd time at the Salahudeens. :)

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Today is a scheduled break for K's ballet lesson. Last week's was unscheduled and so we didn't have lessons for 2 straight weeks. And because today is scheduled, we planned for a day trip to JB with the eldest brother and SIL. This time, we had Bev join us because she doesn't have any flight.

We had lunch at the usual Japanese restaurant that my brother likes, did some good shopping and had dinner at Nandos.
I managed to buy 2 pairs of working shoes, which were not cheap. But it's a habit already to buy my shoes from that same brand. I've actually cut down on my shopping here by a lot since we travel so often across the causeway nowadays. Why pay so much more? But I guess I also do not shop as much generally since I still have 2 closet, full of clothes! And some not even worn yet.

The only thing I will probably still spend on is for my hair, I guess. Once you find the one who can do magic for your hair, just stick with that person. And that was what I did yesterday. Instead of joining my colleagues for a team-bonding event that the social committee, which I have since stepped down from, I made an appointment with my hair-stylist. 

Anyhow, back to the JB trip. We had fun as usual, came back at about 9pm and I can guess already the 3 of us having a glorious nap after church tomorrow. Lol.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

While I was in the middle of my 2 day course yesterday, K's school called me to say that she was running a fever of 38 point something and asked if I would like them to give her a cold shower. I said yes and told them I'll call them again later to check because I was on course. I messaged the hubs and as usual, he was worried. Eventually he picked her up after her lunch and brought her home.

We did go to the clinic in the evening when the clinic re-opened at 6pm. Dr gave 2 types of meds for the girl's tummy as she had been complaining about stomachache since the day before.

And today, I had to take the day off. And it was such a productive day.

We ran through her work, watched 2 episodes of a Mandarin edutainment show on Toggle, did 2 craft work, did phonics and then went for a walk to the market to have porridge dinner. I had cooked lunch for the 2 of us and then the both of us napped.

I didn't even need to switch on the television for any entertainment.

But still, I do not think I am a SAHM material. Just the 2 of us facing each other 24/7 would drive me crazy and poor girl will suffer. But I'm glad she is cooperative and does her work when we get her to.

So it's a 2 day work-week for me this week......thankfully, the girl is well again.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I finally decided to pass this bag on. My first bag from this brand and was the first time I spent so much on a handbag for work.
I've been telling myself it has served it's time. It is perhaps no longer in the original colour which I first bought it. Some parts of the fabric are worn because of friction and the insides are dirty. Sentimental, the only bag I carry every Mondays to Thursdays to work. I've got many other bags but do not have the habit of changing. And then I have bags only for weekends.

I tell myself the next time the flyer comes to ask for unwanted items, I should donate this. It is not broken in anyway. As if to justify, I showed the hubs the bag and he says such a pity but I showed him the insides and the parts caused by friction. 

Still has got a long life ahead but first world problems, I can now use my more expensive leather handbag. :p

Goodbye bag. You have served me very well.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The hubs had a full-day meeting at the workplace today and coincidentally, the girls' ballet lesson is cancelled and will be replaced at the last week of the lessons. 

So I arranged a play-date with her friend from her previous childcare. But of course not without the usual morning chores and lunch for the 2 of us.
Scallop egg noodles with cod fish, carrots etc in chicken stock soup. We bought a tub of this noodles so we will probably be having this whenever it's just the 2 of us. Easy to whip up a dish.

The girl skipped her nap today because the other party was able to meet us at 2pm, which in fact was a bit of a rush for us but we made it in time. But we ended up waiting for them for a good hour! While waiting initially, I was trying to occupy time by visiting the adjoining arcade with K. And ended up letting her play a few. This is a children's arcade and not as noisy as the regular ones which we shunned because of the noise level. I ended up letting the girl into the indoor play area because she was seeing other children going in and out and I wanted to surprise her when her friend eventually comes.

And so they did and it's amazing how some people don't seem to feel bad for turning up so late, past their appointment time. Nevertheless, the mum and I caught up, having not seen each other for at least more than 2 years. The girl's parents are our friends too but so many things have happened to them, we haven't caught up in ages.
The girl and her friend here. It's not that she's puny. Her friend is BIG. Lol. So cute.

In the evening, at the girls' request, we took a double-decked bus and sat upstairs to meet the hubs at the hospital. His Nepalese cousin's wife had given birth to a baby girl. Yay to another baby girl in the family. K has 2 cousins from the hubs' family. Both boys from his immediate brothers. So a girl is especially welcomed by K. 

We left about 1/2 hour later and went for dinner at a nearby food court with the MIL, before sending her home.

K definitely had fun today. First time playing for 2 hours in a indoor playground. Speaking of which, she still has a train ride to take, provided by them, before it expires end of this month.

Friday, 30 June 2017

I managed to score myself a complimentary seat for a terrarium workshop jointly organised by the building management and HPB. I think it's lovely. :)

Monday, 26 June 2017

M has been coming along with us to send the girl for her ballet lessons lately. When lessons start, the hubs, M and I would cross over to the nearby mall to take in the air-condition and window shop. And when it's time to pick the girl up, we usually drive somewhere and have dinner before we send her back to Jerry's.

I guess you can call that time we spend with her now, once a week. Better than none. So, that's what our Saturdays is all about now. Except when there is a ballet break.

And after church yesterday, the 3 of us headed home after lunch so that the girl could nap before the 'guests' arrive. We've asked the eldest brother, the SIL and Tim to come over for dinner. Bev was on flight and M happened to want to pop by too.

It's been a while since we invited the family over. After the 3rd brother's outburst last month, I think family gatherings are going to be uncertain. Anyhow, the girl asked the eldest brother and SIL if they could stay over the night and to her delight, they did.

Yesterday's dinner was roasted wagyu beef, air-fried saba fish, cream of musthroom soup, salad with mozarella balls and the usual pesto pasta. Having a smaller group is easier. I do not have to worry about needing to mop the house when the guests leave because the cooking is not a lot and there's contained mess.
Although the eldest brother and his wife stayed over and intended to go back after lunch today, we ended up spending the whole day together. The girl played memory board game with the 3 adults while I pottered around the house. And then we had lunch at the club.

We went Parkway Parade after lunch because the hubs said that he hasn't been there in ages. And he ended up buying a pair of walking shoes and I threw in a pair of sneakers for the girl. Lol. But now we need to change the girl's to a smaller size because it is way too big!

Anyhow, after shopping, we all went back to their home and stayed till dinner. However, we managed to plan for a holiday together for next year. In fact for 2. That is if they do not change their minds. It'll be fun and I'm so looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I was supposed to be attending a 2-day course today and tomorrow. A break from the norm routine. When I arrived, there wasn't anyone in that room that the class was supposed to be conducted in and so I sat at the lounge area eating my hokkaido bake cheese tart. 

It seemed strange because I was there on time and decided to approach the staff only to realise the course has been cancelled last minute because the instructor was sick! While they were trying to reach out to as many participants as they could, they only had my office number and email. I had to do a U-turn, go home change and pick up my office key.

Fair enough, people do fall sick especially with this hot weather. I was perspiring while making my way back home, did a change and out I went again. Hiaz....

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The hubs and I took the afternoon off work on Friday because the girl's school had organised a 'Parents day' event. When I saw the memo in the girl's communication book, I felt that we could pass this. And when she asked, I told her perhaps not but she was so sad and cried. The hubs said that I should not reject her so directly. Fine. Unlike him, I do not know how to beat around the bush. 

The day before the event, K's classmate's mom messaged me to ask if we were going because she wasn't and she also felt bad. Because her son had been sick, she had been taking leave recently too but thankfully, she managed to make it. I agree, this meant so much for them. The children performed a song and dance number and then there were 5 game stations where the child and parent teamed up to play. We ended up winning 2nd prize. The other 2 prize winners were also from her class.

There wasn't any ballet class yesterday and in the morning, the hubs made pancakes for breakfast. We then had lunch at IMM before heading home for a nap. And in the evening, we were off to attend the little nephew-in-law's 1 year old birthday. After several changes, they had decided to use the function hall of the usual relative's condo and there were quite a number of people they had invited. There were quite a few kids too so K had some fun playing with 2 other girls, 1 a year older and another a year younger than her.

After church today, we went to Changi Village for lunch and took a short drive to the coastal area and found the perfect spot where the planes were landing. We were there for just 15 minutes before we left to send the eldest bro and wife home and then home.

Because the girl napped in the car, she didn't at home but the hubs did, as usual. And because he napped, he did not see a message from the youngest bil who had invited us over to their place for dinner. By the time we went, after picking the PILs up, we had dinner at about 8pm. But we all had fun spending time together. :)

Monday, 12 June 2017

Instead of a Monday blues, a lot of us in the office had a 'wake-up' Monday when the charming Norwegian chap who is Manager of our local office announced his resignation and had to leave immediately. It's easy to fall in love with this guy. He is so personable. Now, everyone is hoping his successor is just like him.

On another note, the baking tin that I ordered on-line for our air-fryer arrived today! I only placed the order last Thursday. It looks exactly the same as the one that came with the air-fryer though. I guess I should now line it with foil or baking paper to prevent rough washing from the hubs. Even the innerpot of our rice-cooker wasn't spared but thankfully, not as bad. Check out the used and new version.

I also picked up some clothes I had bought on-line from the store, back at the building where my previous office was. I think it's pms. I bought some clothes for K too last Friday from H&M. Momentary joy.

In the evening, I also managed to hand-over K's balance bike to a buyer and met her and her son at Chinese Garden train station, carrying the clean shining red bike on 1 hand and holding K's hand with the other. Not bad, I only put it up on Saturday.
The hubs wasn't too happy because he said he had promised his 2nd brother that he will pass the balance bike to his baby nephew. But I told the hubs that I feel that they do not deserve it. It just seems that things they receive are of no value to them. The youngest SIL had passed them her son's cot and the 2nd SIL's son is not even 1, they are giving the cot to someone else. Same goes to the stuff I've passed them. A friend had passed them a food steamer and not even a year old yet, they have passed it down. The SIL commented to me why do they seem to be in such a hurry to 'get rid of things'. 

They are celebrating their son's 1 year old birthday this Saturday. It makes me very curious because they have quite a guest list while for the MIL's joint birthday with another relative last month, this same BIL told the 2 brothers that he will not be able to put in his share because of his situation. Aka not holding a proper full-time job. 

We actually bought the boy a gift for his birthday but I guess, I'll keep it for Christmas. Like what the youngest SIL said, just give them ang-pow. Anyway, the money from the sale of the balance bike, I passed it back to the hubs...since in his own words, he bought it.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

We visited a book fair on Friday after dinner at the clubhouse. Thankfully it was not crowded, unlike the bookfairs which my father used to bring us when we were younger. There was also the IT fair going on which was pulling in the crowds. We ended buying 6 more activity books for K and will start her on them once we are done with the current lot. 

K enjoys doing them and in fact, always asks to do more when I say that we can stop. Although I've missed that age of 3-4 years where they say their brains are like sponges, I hope to be able to catch up on teaching her and having her get used to the idea of learning. Some children do not adjust well to formal education because doing homework and reading up is so foreign to them. Even K's childcare teacher shared the same thoughts as me. 

We had PTM on Saturday morning but the hubs was unable to join us because he had a course at work. On the whole, it is a good report and the teacher commented that K's memory is not what I thought it to be, thankfully. It was even indicated on the report, that she has good memory! (Whut?!)

We went for Mac breakfast, went home, ran through work with her, prepared lunch and then made her take her nap. The hubs, who was supposed to be on a course the whole day actually left half-way through and came home. So our train journey to ballet lessons had to be cancelled because the official chauffeur was back.

While waiting for K to finish her ballet, the hubs and I took a walk around the pasar malam beside the CC and then because of the hot, hot weather, I ended up getting a migraine. K wasn't any better. She had complained of a headache after waking up from her nap and didn't want to attend ballet. We did anyway and instead of going out, we drove back home after ballet. While she lied down, I did too and did it from almost 6pm to today. Although I did wake up for a short while in the evening to help the hubs a bit when K threw up. 

We woke up pretty early today because we all slept so early and I quickly put K's laundry to wash. Otherwise she will have no uniform come Monday. But the hubs decided we should not attend church because the girl was still feverish and complained of a headache especially when she walks. It was quite bad on Saturday when she cried and pounded her temples. Thankfully for me, I felt so much better.

In fact, we were able to attend the Victor's eldest daughter's 'confirmation' lunch although we were late. 

Came home late afternoon, rested a while and then we went IMM for dinner. Hopefully, the fever and headache goes away for K although she now complains about sore throat. Sigh....I blame it on the weather.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

We are now in the middle of the year. And K is 5, in K1. She goes up to K2 next year and before we know it, she's in for formal education. I feel like I have no time or rather she is running against time to prepare herself for Primary 1.

Thankfully, I have been pretty disciplined in sitting down with her after dinner and going through 'assessment books' which I call activity books with her. They are so fun and are more of an activity than the assessment books of yond. I can instruct her with what to do and then go hang the laundry and she calls out to me when she's done. I'm so thankful for now, she's disciplined and honest like that.

But she also forgets what I taught her even after doing it 1234 times. When we relax on some days, it gets even worse. At times, I raise my voice and then feel bad. I tell myself 1234 times too that she's only 5 and still learning. That's why they can ask you to read the same book every other day. Repetition, refresh and remind. But she's smart too..she picks up quickly. She can read fairly well now.

But I worry if we have enough prep time and if I'm doing enough. I do not send her for any enrichment classes at all. I do not see the need to when I can guide her at home. I want to be the one to teach her as much as I can. She is my responsibility and until that day comes when I fail to be able to teach her then there's really no choice by then. 

I just hope I'm worrying too much.

Monday, 29 May 2017

The girl had her 4th ballet class on Saturday. We enrolled her at the CC at CCK because most, if not all the CCs convenient to us have Sunday ballets. I've been on a search for one that falls on Saturdays and finally, after a long while. If the hubs is not available, the girl and I can take about a 15 minute train ride and the community centre is just opposite the train station. It's spanking new too. At the moment it works well for us and even without a car, which I foresee by next year. Let's see if the girl continues on her ballet journey and of course, the most important thing is, that she enjoys it.

After ballet on Saturday, we went to the hubs' cousin's new place. He has bought a resale condo in the east because he does not qualify to buy HDB as his wife is not PR and is expecting. They had a momo session and both K and her cousin had fun kneading and rolling the dough. We left at about 9ish, after my repeated urging to the hubs. I still do not like to have K sleep too late past her usual bedtime, which was the routine during our cruise and she fell sick after that.

We didn't have church yesterday which is really an exception because the eldest brother was taken ill. I was quite worried because he hardly falls sick so we bought lunch and went over. We spent some time there and Bev also happened to return from her Hong Kong flight and played with K for a while. The brother is a lot better now, thankfully.

And today at work, the cleaning auntie and a finance colleague gave me ba zhang! My lunch was settled. I love the zhang M used to make but unfortunately, she's not up to all these now. Thankfully she's still her active self, going out with friends and all. 

Thursday, 25 May 2017

I am quite troubled, worried and whatever way you put it.

Anna has been borrowing from me and started off with few thousands which she has paid up but I always have to be the one to ask for it. Last year, she came to me again. This time because she was setting up her catering business and being the salesperson that she is, made it sound like a sure-earn venture.

Initially I resisted and even told her why. I felt like a blardy loan-shark hounding on her ALL THE TIME for the repayment. But she was almost begging, promising it won't happen, she will pay me at least $10k every month and will pay up by September 2016. But as of today, she still owes me A LOT of money. 

I've kept the whatsapp conversation between us. She even signed several IOUs for each loan  and I've got records of my loan transfer to her. But all I ask for now is her to start repaying me after stopping for almost a year! I really think I need legal advise how I can recover my money back from her.

The hubs says he will create trouble for her blah blah blah. But what's the use? Will it bring my money back in an instant? I don't care if her reputation is spoilt, I just want my money back. I am surprised by the hubs who thinks of silly things sounding like an uneducated person. Even if she is threatened, what if she decides to file for bankruptcy? That's even worse right?

Oh please, return me my moolah! And yes, I am totally disgusted by what are some of the responses Anna has been giving me. Friendship? She ruined it herself.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

K's teacher called the hubs late Monday afternoon to inform him that her temperature was high. And he gave them the go-ahead to bathe her again. By the time he picked her up, it was almost like the usual time he would, only earlier by a bit. I met them at the clinic after work and we waited for the Dr to come in.

On hindsight, K was actually already running a fever on Sunday, when we returned home from church. When I was lying with her for our afternoon nap, she already felt hot but I decided to wait till later to decide. I thought it could be because of the hot weather that we've been getting. When she woke up, she complaint of a tummyache, leg pain and she did still feel hot. And she was whiny. We brought her down for a stroll, in her stroller, came home, gave her a dose of panadol and that was it.

Monday morning, she was fine so our regular routine started again. That was until the school called. K's temperature was around 38 degrees. No appetite, just like on Sunday but she claimed to have eaten in school. Dr felt her tummy and said it's likely constipation. K did not poo only since Sunday but well, since that's what the Dr says.

So I took the Tuesday off work. I allowed K to play in her tub, a hand-me-down which she never used as a baby, after her bathing her. While she was home with me, I still managed to get her to do some work and cooked lunch for the both of us. Pity her appetite is not completely back.
In the evening, she was talking to me while I was cooking and suddenly she said 'Mummy, nose bleed.' And there was quite a bit of blood. Not just a trickle. Thankfully as sudden as it came, it stopped as well. Still no poo after medicine and she was still running a temperature. We decided to go for a walk after dinner because the house was so hot and the 2 of us were kept in-doors the whole day. The hubs bought a papaya and some fruits. Thankfully, the poo made an appearance after K had some papaya.

So it was the hubs turn to take the day off, on Wednesday because the girl was still running a temperature. The whole day that they were at home, the hubs only got the girl to do 2 pages of Chinese writing. Faint. But the girl was a lot better by the evening.

And guess what happened next?! The 2 of them were playing after dinner and in the midst of 'escaping' from her daddy, K turned around trying to avoid the coffee table but hit the storage bench instead! 

Not only did she wail with blood oozing out from her lower lip, the hubs was almost wailing too! Aiyo. I had to stop him and immediately sprang into action. I got sugar and the girl, was so afraid of the pain, resisted us applying the sugar on her lips. So I had to say the tissue the hubs was holding was full of blood, and indeed it was, and needs to be changed. So swiftly, I dabbed the new tissue with sugar and the hubs applied it on her lips. It was quite a cut but thankfully, after the sugar and icing the area, the bleeding did stop. Phew.Praise God, we didn't have to visit the A&E.

This is truly an eventful week and it does not stop here. Sigh.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

We are just back from our almost 5 days cruising vacation with the Royal Caribbean on Voyager of the Seas. It is a Dreamworks cruise so we took quite a bit of photos with Mr & Mrs Shrek and some of the characters from Madagascar.

I have to say it's very tiring, sleeping late and waking up early. We did make use of the drop-off for K where she enjoy about an hour each the 2 times she went. A young family who stayed in the next room left their 2 kids in the drop-off almost the entire cruise and it was the kids who actually requested for it! As if childcare was not enough. K seems to inherit my love for the theatre for she enjoyed the few shows we caught and we even watched the ice-skating show twice.

We went on our own to Penang and Phuket for a couple of hours. Phuket being the longer day. We experienced intermittent rain at both places.

Although we escaped the local school holiday crowd, we encountered a crowd of another kind which pissed the hubs off a lot! But on the whole, I reckon we will still go on a cruise if time and money allows. :)

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

We didn't do much over the May Day long weekend.

We did, though, give a surprise to the eldest brother on his birthday on Friday. The eldest brother had mentioned a few times during the day to the eldest SIL that he thinks K will video call him later in the evening and then we turned up instead. The eldest SIL could not keep it from him much longer because they both went to buy dinner and the eldest brother was asking her why buy so much but upon knowing that we will be at their place, kept asking her to buy more. Lol. I bought a cake on my way to their place.

We went out on Saturday evening for the hubs to buy his new mobile. I spent the day doing the usual Saturday morning chores and finally mopping the house after 2 weeks of not doing so. 

We went to the airport with them after lunch on Sunday, to give Bev a surprise. She is now a full fledged Singapore girl and was returning from Seoul. We then sat down for a drink and some for awhile before sending them back and heading home.

And on May Day itself, the hubs decided to visit his mother and so we arranged to meet the 2nd BIL and family there. The 3 of us had dim-sum breakfast before heading to the PIL's place and when the BIL came, the hubs and him went to buy lunch. I brought along a disc for the girl to watch, that the FIL had recorded for K,  a kids edu-tainment show that was airing during the week days. 

K had her baby cousin to play with while I was basically bored and wanted to nap. We left for home about 4 hours later and while the hubs and I managed to nap, the girl, took forever to do so! It's a replay since Saturday! Even in the evenings, she in bed at 9ish but ends up sleeping an hour later!

It's back to work today....*yawns* but 5 more days for our short get-away! Yay!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

I finally did it. After 6 years.

Some 2 weeks back when I visited the salon to have my hair done, the flipping of my hair exposed quite a bit of white hair, which were otherwise nicely hidden below the top of my thick mane. I have been diligently plucking the white hairs off whenever I see them, in my bathroom. So Tuesday's follow-up appointment at the salon was to bring to a stop my hesitation to colour my otherwise black hair.

6 years. Since I found out I was expecting till now.  Other than perming, I refused to colour my dark and very black hair. But being the conscious me, I scolded the hubs for not telling me that my whites could now be seen. My hair stylist gave me a colour and highlights. We love the results and I think I look very nice with coloured hair but I have to add it is not without sadness to lose my au naturel hair colour. So much emotions! Hahaha...but I've been maintaining for 6 years! No mean feat for someone who used to colour her hair every so often and in different shades each time.

Well, looks like now I've got more maintaining to do. That is the touch-ups when my black root shows. Anyhow, this is really my only indulgence now. I do not do as much shopping as I used to. But oh, the hours seated in the salon....that's another story.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

On Saturday, the hubs' distant cousin organised a birthday celebration for her step-mum as well as for the hubs' mother, both turning 70 this month. The hubs had gone off to pick his parents before coming back for us. I brought the girl down to play a little at the playground but the hubs arrived shortly after.

It was a lunch celebration at the clubhouse and I had insisted to the hubs that we leave at 3pm but of course, as usual, we never do leave early. After the lunch celebration, we all proceeded back to the home of the relative and thankfully, I have the youngest SIL to talk with. We eventually left at about 4ish and not without the MIL looking at me intently everytime the hubs came to talk to me about waiting a bit more. At the dining table where the seniors were all playing cards, I said to let his mother stay and not rush her if she wants to continue playing. Even the FIL commented that she was wishy-washy. After I came back up from the toilet, the MIL was staying because the 2nd BIL would send her back. At 1 point, I actually asked the hubs why his mother kept staring at me while he was talking to me. Irritating much!

After church on Sunday, the 3 of us rushed off to attend another birthday party. This time for a little girl turning 4. The girl, whose sister's 1 year old birthday recently, had zero guests turning up except for family, The White wife and us. But this time, there were more as they invited the girl's friends from her childcare and the venue was at a indoor play centre where K enjoyed herself with imaginary play.

When the party was over, we proceeded to the Victors'.They had asked us and invited another family for Easter dinner. After dinner, Gaye hid some chocolate eggs and had the few kids search for them in the girls' room. K would not have found any if not for the elder Victor girl's help at all. Lol.

Then she was given some more by the White wife and Gaye. Her first exposure to the commercial world of Easter.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Being the Good Friday week and having to take 1/2 the day off on Monday to bring the girl for her eye assessment made the week feel even shorter. 

The hub's bff asked us out to dinner with another 2 families. One of which is back on a holiday from UK where the husband is from and another is actually is a senior girl from my alma mater who has just returned from the States with her family. Initially looking forward to it, I didn't feel like going in the end and besides, being the non-social person that I am, felt that I hardly knew the 2 ladies which is true. So after dinner with us yesterday, the hubs went on his own. By the time he left the house, it was almost 8pm. Too late for K by then because she would have to report to her bed by 9ish.

This Good Friday morning, like every other Good Friday, we went to my father's grave in memory of him. It was just M, the eldest bro and his wife, the hubs, myself and K. For a moment, we were just looking at the tombstone when K asked what were we doing there. father passed away at 51 years. Still young. 3 of my brothers are past that age now. 

We went for lunch after that and all went home after because we all felt so tired! 

In the evening, M came over to join us for dinner and I steamed promfret, stir-fried beef with carrots and fried 1 veg. Good thing we had M over because the promfret was so big that I had her bring the balance home and she said she will mix it for her lunch porridge the next day. :)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Few weeks back, a team from HPB was at K's childcare to conduct eye-checks, weight/height checks etc. It will be a yearly program from now on, similar to what we used to have in primary school last time. 

After the checks, we were given a letter recommending that we bring K for further eye assessment and according to her own words, her left eye was blur. Coincidentally, her good friend's right eye was blur too. The boy's mother and I exchanged several text messages and we rescheduled both our child's appointment but not on the same day. We were initially given a morning slot but preferred the pm slot so we can have the rest of the 1/2 day off free.

So, K's appointment was for today and she was showing signs of anxiety when we walked towards the room for her further eye checks. She has no idea what to expect and asked if they were going to inject her eyes. (!) When her number was called, she had to go in alone but it was what I had imagined. She will look through the eye-check machine for a more comprehensive reading. I could see another child in the room too but was going through another test. After about 10 minutes, the staff brought her out and told us, K's eye-sight is normal. Phew....although I was hoping that the school check was simply being cautious, I sort of resigned myself to the fact that we may need to get prescription classes for her. After all, it is genetics too.

I asked the staff why was it that the school check recommended that we go for further assessment and was told that it could be due to several factors. Like distraction. I would say influence, more like it because the other child went for the eye-check first and came out telling her his right eye was blurry. This I clarified with her. Anyway, at least our fears are now allayed.

Anyhow, since we have taken 1/2 the day off and the check was done very fast, I already made prior appointment at the hair salon and off I went while the hubs spent time with the girl. While they were at the library, the hair-stylist told me that she had some time and was able to do K's hair and so they joined me and K had her hair cut. I feel that she looks cuter with short hair but too mature with long hair so I had the stylist cut it. The hubs later told me that K kept looking at herself in the mirror at home and commenting that her hair is so short. Lol.

I spent 5 hours at the salon and by the time I reached home, the hubs was already patting K to sleep. I've made another appointment at the salon and this time, to colour my hair. It's been more than 6 years since I've done so.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

When we had lunch with the eldest brother and SIL on Sunday after church, the SIL shared with me her thought. Since her mother is now in a nursing home and her family has hired a maid to care for her father, she has since taken up a part-time job as an Assistant in a after-school daycare and her latest assignment is within a school compound.

I am fairly close to this SIL of mine and ever since she took care of K at 3 months' odd till 20 months, she went on to take care of another baby for a short while before working part-time at 2 other childcare centres and this is also her 2nd stint at a after-school daycare. The brother joked that she's moving up stages and may end up working in a nursing home in time. Lol. 

Anyhow, the SIL was sharing how she thought in 2 years' time, when K enters formal education, she'll come over instead of us sending K to an after-school care. She says after her experience, she felt that it's quite 'sad'. She says that after spending half the day or more in school, these children are still subjected to a 'classroom' environment in the after-school care unlike where they can relax at home. To me, children who have been to childcare will adapt easily to a after-school care environment but I feel that they also mature a lot faster because they see their friends more often then they see their parents. And children such as these are exposed to a lot more from their peers. Whether good or bad.

Of course, the hubs and I prefer to have K 'grow' up in a homely environment. Given a choice, I would not have sent her to a childcare centre but we cannot deny that she learns a lot more in one. I've had thoughts of working on a part-time basis when K enters primary 1 just so that I can ensure she has proper home-cooked lunch when she gets home from school, have proper rests and be in a conducive environment when she does her homework and where she can easily reach out to me when she needs help. 

The SIL even said I just need to cover her transportation costs when I asked her if she was sure she wanted to travel from the East everyday, just to pick K up from school and then travel back from the west when I reach home. But then again, I'll probably start work earlier because K would probably be in the morning session so I would be able to leve work earlier too. Anyhow, this is something that has to be given thought to.

When I do the mental sums, sending K to an after-school care seems more cost efficient and on top of that, she can go for enrichment and tuition provided by private after-school centres. I will not just cover the SIL's transportation costs but will probably pay her a little higher than what the centres charge. And then I have to prepare lunch for both K and her otherwise the SIL will packet lunch, which is not what I prefer. I also do not want to trouble the SIL any further by having her cook lunch.

There are pros and cons, conveniences and inconveniences. The SIL has asked us to think about it but then again, it's not for another 2 years'. But I'm glad that we have this option now. So thankful for such a blessing.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

We had no plans for today. I had wanted to go Gardens by the Bay to catch the children's festival before it ends tomorrow because on the first day that we went, unknowingly, we went in the evening and missed out quite a bit of activities that K could participate in.

Then the hubs suggested a day trip to JB but I felt it was too close to the last time we went. Perhaps towards the end of April would be better and I can stock up on some household stuff. And his last suggestion was to revisit the zoo again.

So after the usual laundry in the morning, we embarked on our zoo-cursion, reaching there almost 12. So the clever hubs packet food from the coffee-shop near our home and we ate while waiting for the rhinoceros' feeding time. The hubs company has corporate zoo passes and we've invited so many people to join us before, ever since we brought K there since she was 16 months' old. But this time round, being pretty much last minute, we went just the 3 of us. Our first actually, on our own.

We took it really easy since we can go back and have been, over and over again. There was a new zoo-rassic park on display with dinosaurs but K was not at all impressed and urged the hubs to quickly bring her out of the area so I was left alone, taking pictures of the various dinosaurs. And that was why the hubs was not keen on going to GBTB because the girl is still scared of dinosaurs, despite knowing they are not real.

We caught 2 shows and were hoping to catch a 3rd one when it started raining. When we had to go, K actually cried in the car! I think she was tired and she did take a nap when we reached home.

The next time we visit the zoo, we must plan the route to catch all the shows. Very often, we miss out some. Never mind, there is always a next time. :)

Monday, 27 March 2017

We are back to ground zero. The basil plant, bought during it's 'glory' withered into a pathetic state and a week passed before the hubs willingly help me do some re-potting after my reminders. And to think that he recently bought a pack of soil from the pasar-malam and had wanted to buy another plant. (!)

Anyway, the hubs managed to salvage the almost withering mint. 
I do not want to grow anymore plants. So let's see how far the mint will grow this time.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

I am so impressed by my efficiency today.

By 1130am, I've put K's laundry to wash and hang, washed the balcony, magic-cleaned and mopped the house and cooked us lunch! Even managed to get K to do some work and she even had time to play with her dough. 

And when it started raining very heavily during everyone's naptime, everyone except mine, I even managed to clean 1 set of the balcony windows, 1 set of kitchen windows as well as the master bedroom. But the girl had to wake up about 1/2 hour after her nap to go poo poo. I don't even know if she really slept!

I quickly did the house chores and was able to 'peacefully' go out in the evening. We surprised the girl by not telling her where we were heading and she kept asking. 
Yes! We caught up with her friend from the previous childcare because the mother had a good deal for the Flyer. And these 2, had to be forced to look out of the Flyer into the vast scenery before us. Total waste of money I tell ya. But anyway, it's the sort of thing you do once and would probably not do it again. The first time the hubs and I went on the Flyer was on our 2nd anniversary and that is like almost 10 years ago!

From the Flyer, the 2 families walked to Suntec for dinner because the traffic looked pretty bad with the night run that was going to happen. Since the other 2 girls' mother always bring home-cooked food, I did so too just so K won't feel left out.
We left shortly after dinner because our friend was tired. But it was already slightly past 9pm. Anyway, it'll teach her to take her afternoon naps in future but then again, who knows.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

We had a dinner invite by the hubs' relatives on Friday and while waiting for time, I went crazy, well not exactly, shopping for the girl. The clothes were so cute! I even bought 3 Mickey Mouse recycle bags for myself and 2 other friends! And as the hubs and I were browsing, I saw a sleeveless top which I thought I had bought for myself and asked if the girl likes it.

Me: Mummy bought 1 too. Is this nice? Do you like it?
K: Yes.
Me: So you and Mummy wear together ok.
K: Can we wear on separate days?
Me: -_-

The next day, I was searching hard for the top I bought to show K. And then.....realise it's actually the exact same piece that I bought for her before! Another -_- moment. Ok la, now you don't have to twin with Mummy anymore. She said 'Yay'. -_- totally.

And today, we went shopping again, although unintentionally. We walked passed the shop while on our way to the supermarket. Strangely, the girl was so excited when she saw Mummy and mini-me pieces and best part for me is the shop was closing down that particular outlet and everything was literally going for a steal.

The girl and I tried on the pieces in the changing room and I commented that she looks like a mini-mummy now. She seemed happy..(??) But she added she does not want to wear the same thing as me to church but elsewhere is ok. Fine. 

She even chose a black mini-work blouse for herself and said she can now pretend to be working. *rollseyes*
Cute or not? Lol.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

I attended a farewell session for a Manager at a pub nearby the office then went on to meet the hubs and girl. Thankfully, these sessions usually end quite early. 

I had suggested going to the ilight festival but when we were nearing the open carpark, the queue to enter was snaking and so I suggested that we switch venue to Gardens by the Bay instead. Thankfully, the lanes were empty and the hubs could easily filter.

We have never been to GBTB at night and it was nice. There was a children's festival going on and the theme was dinosaurs. We quite enjoyed ourselves but I reckoned it could be better if we were there slightly earlier so K can take part in some of the crafting activities that were going on. By the time, we walked to see the dinosaurs, played games at the game booths, took in the beautiful light show at the supertrees, it was almost closing time when we walked back past the activity section. However, we did managed to bring home some pipe cleaners and the hubs was able to craft dinosaurs as intended.
And since it's the start of the week school holiday, the youngest BIL had some football clinic event going on at the stadium near our home and the hubs wanted to go say hi to him. But I didn't want to 'waste' time just going there and then sitting there so I suggested going to the swimming complex instead since the last time we went, it was closed for cleaning. 

We drove over, parked the car and went into the stadium to look-see and it was such a sight! So many kids were participating in the ActiveSG event so I think it's really quite successful. 

This time, we were in the pool for almost 2 hours and the girl had so much fun. In fact, the hubs and I prefer this pool because there is so much more we could do. We went to the wave pool on the rented big float, sat on it as we lazed in the lazy river, K played awhile in the children's pool and I managed to swim a lap in the lap-pool before I had to get out of the pool and walked back to the hubs and K because I really have no stamina to swim back. Lol.

We then joined the youngest bil and his family for lunch at KFC. The NIL also took part in the football training and the youngest SIL was there to watch. Then it was their turn to go swim while the bil had a later session at the field.

As for the 3 of us, we went home and knocked out. 

We then had naan dinner at the club with the Victors and Whites.

And today we caught up with them again when we attended a little girl's 1 year old birthday. It was quite sad because the only people who turned up was the family of the parents, the Victor couple sans children, the White mom and our family. The were so many goody bags packed for other children who were supposed to come. In fact, the hubs didn't want to attend either because we were so tired and didn't know them very well. It was the same for their party last year. Although they had more attendees, our group had to order more food and drinks so that we could maximise the minimum spending they had at the restaurant.

Anyhow, we had a nice weekend especially with the outing to GBTB and swimming. Hope you had a good one too!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The hubs has a new project at work and I reckon he will be very busy the next few months. And I had to skip zumba class today because he was stuck at work.

And on days where it's just me and the girl, I'll heat up a pack of frozen gourmet soup and today's is Salmon Chowder. The hubs called at 7ish to say that he'll be back shortly and so he'll join us. We had freshly baked croissants with few leaves of butterhead and Dutch cheese I bought from Amsterdam.
Not so long ago, we tasted mini-french made croissants at the hubs' Nepalese Aunt's home and we liked it enough to ask her to help us buy some from her workplace. The company which she works for, happens to be managed by the French man whom the hubs' maternal cousin is married to. Anyhow, we ordered the croissants but it comes in a box and because the mini ones were not available, we got the standard sized ones. We had to split 1/2 and gave them to M, who happens to like making croissant sandwiches a lot, because our freezer was packed during the CNY festive period.
It's a breeze to heat them up and ooh, if only you can smell the scent of the freshly baked bread. See how much the croissant actually fluffed up!

Monday, 6 March 2017

The hubs and I are on 1/2 day today because the girls' birthday party will be held during their tea-time at 3pm. We met at home, went to a nearby coffee shop for lunch and then went to collect her cake. We arrived in school early and so I had time to hang up a birthday bunting and add in another item the hubs had bought for the goody bags.

We have 7 items in the goody bag, too much in my opinion. K's first childcare centre discourages goody bags and in some way, I do too. So if we do give, I think we shouldn't over-do it because I have heard a child asked where is the goody bag at birthday parties. *rolls eyes*

Anyhow, we packed 2 types of crackers, a small packet of strawberry milk, a Kinder Bueno surprise egg, a pencil, a pack of 4 emoticon erasers and some kuti-kuti from her last birthday. 

The cake turned out very nice and we bought enough for all the children in the centre. Some even going for 2nd helping!
When her class was done eating, I got them to line up and had K hand them the goody bags. The girls in her class actually asked if she drew the stars and hearts and where I got the alphabet washi tape, which I taped the bag, from. Aiyo. Kaypoh la these K1s.

And then we took her out of school and brought her swimming! However, the swimming complex near our home, which has slides, a wave-pool. lazy pool and children's play area was closed for washing. So we drove further down to another public pool. Unfortunately, the lightning detector was switched on after we changed into our swim attire! And we had to wait for a good 45 minutes for the rain to stop. There was another time we came, the hubs and K barely dipped into the pool when it started pouring and they had to changed back into home clothes. 

K decided to wait out, which was quite fine for us since we are already there and were not in any rush. Finally, we did get a chance to play at the water-play area but I didn't get mine to swim. After the 45 minures or so wait, we ended the water-play 1/2 hour later, changed and went out for dinner. Lol....thankfully, the girl has no real understanding of time yet. She doesn't even realise today is her actual birthday although she knows this is her birthday month.

How I wish time would really slow down. How I wish I can have another baby. Hiaz.....wishes, let's just treasure what we have now.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Because the girl wants to celebrate her birthday with her friends, we decided to make a trip to JB to buy stuff for her goody bag yesterday. The girl has chosen her cake design, from Kungfu Panda (yes, tell me about it) to Amber from Robocar Poli (changed her mind because another friend from school chose the same one recently) to finally the rabbit from Zootopia.

The eldest bro and his wife joined us again. As usual, we enjoyed ourselves. We had Japanese for lunch and Korean for dinner. Then of course, add the mandatory grocery shopping. This time round, the 3 of us did not do any shopping for ourselves at all. Only the eldest bro did.
And after church today, I was so knackered that I had to take an afternoon nap, together with K. We spent the whole day out yesterday at JB, came home at almost 10pm and then wake up early for church. I have been so busy at work as well so it is really an accumulation of sorts.

When the girl woke, I got her to pack her goody bags and think of how we can separate the bags for the girls and boys in her class. She decided on a star on the doggy bag for boys and a heart for the girls. So I got the hubs to help her draw and then she coloured. She decided to write who the goody bag is from too and that's what she did for all 8 bags, 1 being hers.

And then the sorting began. :)

Friday, 3 March 2017

If I had a say, we would be at Legoland today and staying at a hotel near Legoland for the night. But, since it's the girls' wish is to celebrate her 5th birthday in school, then it shall be so. Especially since she requested nicely and even asked if we can attend and then bring her home after the 'party'. I tried enticing her with 'It's Legoland.' But it seems that the mummy is more keen than the child.

Legoland was planned for today, earlier than her birthday which falls on Monday, because the childcare happens to be closed. Since Legoland is not to be, the hubs spent the day with the girl. And the girl woke up so early thus the poor hubs who came home late from an event last night had to cut his sleep short too. Note that she will try to sleep in when it's a school going day. *rolls eyes*

As usual, when it's the hubs turn to take the day off, he will bring the girl to visit the MIL. And because the girl woke up even earlier than I did today, she took a nap at the PIL's. Next school closure day, will be my turn.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

I had in mind for a vacation in Thailand this year. Unfortunately, they did not have a booth at the travel fair we attended on Sunday although they did for the same organisers last year. I had wanted to gather some information. But it was good anyhow as the hubs, K and I went for a walk at MBS. It's hardly ever we venture out of the lake district these days.

Then the hubs mentioned that the best time to vacay at the place of our intent is actually year end. What? Do we have to wait so long for another trip? I remember the long wait for our Tokyo trip last September and was planning for a mid-year trip. However, the sunflowers will not be in bloom and is a wasted trip if we not go during the best season.

And so, I shall plan for a mid-year trip then. Long haul flights are out because my back ache is still fresh on my mind from my recent business trip. The hubs doesn't fancy Australia and I was thinking of New Zealand but don't quite fancy package tours at the moment. So, we'll see how it goes. 

Monday, 20 February 2017

And so by now, you would already know I was away in Bergen, Norway the week after CNY ended. And yes, that was also the reason why we bought the suitcase, which ended up too big for my petite self and I ended up using my good old made in France Delsey. I have to say it here because I didn't know or forgot that my suitcase is actually made in France and not China, India, Thailand etc. that, just keep and continue hoarding la! Lol.

My boss went ahead of me on Saturday early morning to attend a HR summit back in our hq while I flew off early Tuesday morning and joined her for a 2 day HRIS presentation and then we came back together on Friday, late afternoon, Norway time.

It was negative before I went to Bergen and reached zero degrees when I landed. It was a free day for me on Tuesday and Friday and thankfully I hooked up with the HR lady from Philippines. I actually enjoyed myself with her, her boss and a few seafarers who happened to be at the hq for a 2-week training. Norway is expensive and not a place I would revisit on my own.

I did try whale meat though, on my last day there. It's like the beef of fish but very low in fat and high in omega-3, I was told. 
 I think I will no longer try to attempt long haul flights. It's a 13 1/2 hours flight to Amsterdam and another 1 1/2 hour flight to Bergen. So yes, I spent 15 hours flying and my back bore the brunt of it. Despite not shopping in Bergen except for the customary magnets, chocolates and cheese, I did some good shopping in Schipol airport. :)

The hubs, K and my eldest bro and his wife picked me up from arrival and it felt like I've been away for so long when technically, it was only 4 days including Valentine's! 

Good experience really. Especially since I've never been to a Scandinavian country before. I'm thankful.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

We had our CNY open house yesterday and invited friends over. The buffet was catered for 30 pax but the number of our guests started dwindling a week before and thankfully, we had enough time to change the menu to a mini-buffet which comes without warmers and the whole set up.

And so the hubs borrowed 2 table stands, the glass-top and 2 buffet warmers which we transferred some of the dishes into when they came. Thankfully, for his work and the car which we are considering not getting another when it gets scrapped off end of this year.

This time round, the guests didn't stay till late except for 2 of my friends, who were fine with me doing the laundry and cleaning while they chatted. And it's amazing how they could chat, first time meeting each other! But I'm thankful for that. That's the difference between men and women. We can still 'entertain' our guests while getting work done but this will never happen with the guys. Even if they are just lounging on the sofa and not talking, nothing else gets done.

K's playroom, needless to say, was a mess when the kids left and I had to tidy it up with her and her bedtime was stretched till 10pm. Well, she has to learn to put things away after play.

And after church today, the eldest brother and his wife accompanied us to hunt for luggage at Mustafa. We had naan lunch at Little India before luggage hunting. Thankfully, for a Sunday, it wasn't as crowded as it usually is. We found a good deal and even managed to score a discount when the eldest brother decided to get the same luggage as well!

The suitcase that the hubs and I have are the classic 2-wheelers that we have had the longest time and we 'suffered' for it during our recent Tokyo trip. So it's time for an 'upgrade' and it's also time to decide what are we going to do with the still very good old ones.
M came over in the evening to seek our help on her insurance policy. She had wanted to come in the afternoon but because we went out, I asked her to come over for dinner instead. And she also helped a little with K's school project. To do up a family tree, using real pictures.

K's school project = daddy or mummy's responsibility. :p

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

When the CNY public holidays was over and we had to go back to work/school last Tuesday, K was looking forward to it because she had CNY celebration in school and does not need to be in uniform for the entire day.

When I had to do pick-up duty last Friday, she handed me her school folder and I think the teacher passed me K's exercise book. I flipped through it and was so impressed that she could write so neatly. I would be 'vomiting blood' at home whenever I get her to write. 

This picture I took, I sent it to the hubs to show him how different her writing is at home and at school! But on hindsight, it could be the blank paper that I get her to practice on as compared to the lined exercise book the school provides. And so, we detoured to the market to buy a lined exercise book for home practise.

While at home, I realised that she has homework! My K1 girl has homework already! Writing lines but it's not that bad actually because it improves her handwriting and besides I am already getting her to do that at home. But it's same yet different because this would mean she needs to hand in homework! Different kind of pressure. Thankfully, I got her to finish them on Saturday morning before our whole day activity started.

And when I ran through her communication book yesterday, the teacher has already compiled few lists of words for the next few weeks. How?????

Friday, 3 February 2017

The yellow or brown onion we bought before Christmas springed, literally. At this point of entry, it is still growing. No, we did not water it at all. Safe to consume? But the onion is shrinking though. Lol.
Talk about spring of life, the little girl is growing up too fast. At times, she is still a baby to us, needing us but at other times, she seems so grown up! 

On the 2nd day of CNY, she refused to put on a twinning outfit with me and got me so upset. She was crying big tears and was sent to the naughty corner where she sat alone, sobbing. It was as if putting on the outfit was the biggest injustice to her. Fine. She will outgrow the dress soon and need not go through this anymore. Conclusion, we do not let her get away with her antics so she was still made to put it on again, after taking it off. I warned her that she has 1 more twinning dress that she has to wear with me. Why? Why is it so difficult to dress up like mummy's girl? :(

She also likes to put on my bras! Yes, my bras. Recently, I bought some and was packing them into my wardrobe and she goes :'Ooohh...bras..I like bras.' ???? I have no idea. She even told my eldest brother she likes to wear her mummy's bras!!!

My girl, my little not so little girl. Why must you grow up so fast??!

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Happy Prosperous Lunar New Year! 
How did your CNY celebration go? Let me recap ours.

The hubs and I were off work early on the eve of CNY and I went home first to change the bedsheets and put the curtain to wash before picking K up but thankfully the hubs called to say he was off work too and will pick the girl up. So I was able to do more chores around the house.

The eldest brother and Tim came by about 4ish and together with the hubs, they went to pick up curry fish head for our family reunion dinner. They swung by again to pick  K and I up because I had made jelly desserts for the dinner. The 3rd SIL said there were going to be a lot of food so my contribution was fine. The guys, from the brothers to their sons played Monopoly before and continued after their meal. They had such rousing fun that it was such an endearing sight to behold.

On the first day of the CNY, I cooked a pot of Olive Fried Rice and with the jelly dessert I made the night before after returning home from my family's reunion and brought them to the in-law's place. The Uncle's wife and another auntie did some cooking at the in-laws but I was so glad I brought food because it was walloped! And the new found sea jelly dessert I made was well received both at my family's reunion as well as at the in-laws, that the hubs requested for me to make some more for the 3rd day when we have 2 families coming over to our place.

We went back home about 3ish, made K take her nap and then the eldest brother and his troop arrived abt 4ish for CNY visitation. Our first guests. Lol. Shortly after K woke up from her nap, we trooped down to Jerry's. This year, they were heading to the 3rd SIL's hometown on the 2nd day of CNY so M was able to host guests at their place. Last year, we hosted because Jerry and family went off earlier. Again, we had dinner there.

For the 2nd day of CNY, it was church in the morning and then back home for the father and daughter to take their nap. I have asked the hubs' youngest Nepalese Aunt to come by our place about 4pm before we proceeded to a relative's open-house together as she now stays about a 15 minute drive away. But she reached at almost 5pm, citing the long wait for the bus. 

This year, another family took over the hosting at their landed property. The girl was having so much fun playing with all the jie-jies that they even brought her to a nearby playground. Again, I felt so neglected because the hubs sat at the table playing cards as soon as he walked into the house! I Always get pissed off with him when we have any gatherings at their relatives. His mother, who appears so sickly will also find herself a seat at the table. And I end up not liking any of these gatherings. I had to make it so obvious to the rest of the relatives that 'I' want to go home when it was getting late and he 'has' to. And I am sure none of them have a good impression of me and that's his doing so I really do not care anymore about how they think of me. Because there's nothing I can do about it right.

And finally, on the extra day off that we have, we picked M up from Jerry's and went to visit my Godmother. We had lunch there, stayed a while and left about 1:30 because we have invited 2 families over.

We are hosting CNY lunch on the last day of the Lunar New Year but these 2 families are not able to make it, so I made arrangements for them to drop by on the 3rd day instead. I allowed them to play with K's kinetic sand at the balcony and it was still quite messy. So when everyone left, the OCD in me had to wash the balcony and thankfully, K had help with tidying up her playhouse and I still ended up moping the entire house. Point to remember, Do not let the kids play with the sand during our open-house. Let the mess be contained in K's playroom, which already can be quite bad. When we had our 'house-warming' a year + ago, the entire lego set that my eldest brother bought for K and fixed by my nephews & nieces were utterly destroyed and remain so in the box. :(

Anyhow, that is the 3 days of our Lunar New Year celebrations. I hope you had a great time catching up with relatives and friends!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

I had my first lo-hei session on Wednesday when my ICT team invited me and the receptionist for dinner while treating a fellow IT colleague from Manila who is in town. My second lo-hei session was on Friday when I brought along another colleague to a corporate lunch at Intercontinental Hotel. It was so grand!

And at today's reunion dinner with the hubs' side of the family, I'm going through a third round of lo-hei. Coincidentally, the FIL's youngest brother just arrived earlier in the day with his wife. The FIL's other younger brother has returned to the UK with his wife a week back and this time, we have another Uncle visiting directly from Nepal.

Earlier this morning, after completing K's laundry, the 3 of us went to Woodlands to stock up on our frozen items. There were so many people there buying stuff for CNY! It's always crowded this time of the year especially when the resident committees all over organise shopping trips here. Thankfully, it didn't take long for us to snag a carpark lot. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do much cleaning in the house because of the reunion dinner in the evening but I managed to set up the CNY goodies! Looking forward to having visitors to our house. 😊