Monday, 30 September 2013

I was finally able to catch up with Pauline and her 5 month old prince charming on the last day of my leave. The last time we met was when she invited us to her home for Bradley's baby shower. And babies do go through a lot of changes during those short months. 

Getting out of the house was a challenge itself. I decided to take my lunch before feeding baby K and as usual, the hubs woke up early just to prepare our meals. While I packed for the outing, I let baby K play with her building blocks only to regret it later as she was delaying precious time by not wanting to keep them back into the bag. And then when I was ready to finally dress her up, she decided to be cheeky and hide in the corner between her cot and drawers. I told her she could stay there and wait till I returned home but thankfully we managed to leave the house within the next 15 minutes but ended up being late.

Although we only managed a short meet up and couldn't really update each other much, I was glad we did! How our lives have evolved! We knew each other through our previous blog, which we have no access to anymore, talking about our wedding preparation, the dreadful in-laws and life as a married couple. Fast forward more than 5 years and here we are pushing our precious in their stroller! 

It feels so surreal! Pauline says she still can't believe that she is a mummy now. Trust me, baby K is coming 19 months and I still find it hard to believe! And to think that both of us didn't want any to begin with and then went through a whole lot of emotions trying for one at a later stage.

Although it was a pleasant change to bring baby K out to catch up with a friend and her baby during a weekday, it wasn't so pleasant witnessing how ungracious people were generally. I even shared this with the hubs and mind you, all you lovers of all things foreign, even the foreigners are guilty of this! Pauline and I had to open the glass doors on our own, take turns to push the strollers in, press the lift door open for each other and well, basically look out for each other. Not that anyone owed us anything and yes, I agree, it's our own responsibility but the simple act of keeping the lift door open for someone is a basic act no? There was only 1 kind soul throughout our 2 hours catch up and just as we were leaving. 

As he held the door open and we went on separate ways, I watched as Pauline get into the cab. She slowly put her shopping bags into the cab and thankfully, the stroller could fold at a click of a button. If she had baby K's stroller, she would be in a fix! I then wonder if the cab driver would ever leave the comfort of his seat when he came out just in time to lift the pram into the boot. With so many challenges, it's no surprise many mothers would rather stay at home or just venture downstairs their homes.

As for me, it was a breeze taking the train, as long as the elevators work. And I'm thankful, just for that. :)

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jeremy flew off to Ho Chi Minh yesterday morning. As Tim had to work, the hubs decided to send him and at the same time, bring baby K to the airport. While we were waiting for Jeremy at the car park downstairs their place, baby K was getting restless and fussed to come out of her car seat. On rare occasions like this, when we are waiting in the car and not moving, I unbuckled her. But as soon as she saw her favourite uncle and cousin, Bev, she was saying hi repeatedly and rapping on the car window as they were outside the car.

We had a quick meal at the airport before Jeremy had to go into the departure hall. Bev also left to go back home so we brought baby K around the terminals and fed her lunch. By then, her energy was zapped with so many things to look at, she wasn't interested in the kids playground that we had wanted to let her play at. So after feeding her, we too left for home and within minutes in the car, she dozed off. 

And after church today, baby K also slept in the car on our way home but woke up when we reached home. We would have preferred her to continue sleeping even when we reach home as that frees us up to get some stuff done like clearing her food jar, some washing and so on. At times, she sleeps on, like yesterday, but a lot of Sundays, she wakes up when the hubs carries her out of her car seat.

And not wanting to stay at home where it would have been even more tiring and somehow makes us sleepy, just watching over her, we decided to bring her out on a train ride to Clementi. She had her dinner there and then we took the train back home again. For today, we'll have her for another night. :)

Friday, 27 September 2013

I'm on a long weekend off work. I have taken today as well as the coming Monday off. Although the hubs is on leave today as well, he had planned it for a golf game but came back pretty early at about 2pm. 

Initially, the plan was to meet up with Pauline  today but because we had a birthday dinner invitation that arrived after I made plans with her, I had to postpone our catch-up session to Monday. James came by our place at lunch time and so baby K and I were pretty much occupied at home, which is a good thing. My only concern always, when I have her back at home is that I don't have enough activities for her.

By the time baby K was fast asleep, James left and the hubs came back home. I even asked him why was he back early and then remembered he was playing in Singapore today. Anyhow, we fed her dinner before we left for the birthday dinner as it was only starting at 8pm!

Baby K were so enthralled by the strollers, who were hired to sing at the dinner that she had asked for me to bring her to them. Thankfully we were early and I was able to bring her right to where they were first performing.The other guests at our table were so accommodating that they even asked the strollers to play 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars' when they came round our table. 

Although dinner consisted of scallops, prawns, lobster and all the fine stuff, we could not sit through it as it was getting too late. By the time we left, it was almost 10pm, way past baby K's bedtime. Some of the sacrifices anyone would make when they have a young child.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

I have a Minister in the making, an eighteen and a half month old one. She does not fail to bring a smile to our face whenever we bring her out and she says hi and waves to everyone who looks at her. And when we move on, she waves and says bye too.

The hubs puts his mobile on speaker when he speaks to certain people and baby K will say hi too. She hasn't quite learnt the concept that the person on the other line can't see her wave. Jeremy told us last week that at times, baby K will pick up anything and put it to her ear, pretending it to be a phone, and says hi or hullo mummy, daddy or mama. So I told the hubs he can be happy knowing that our baby does think of us when we are not with her. He always wonders if she knows how much we love her.

Baby K has a very amicable personality and is always the first to approach other kids, even if they are older than her. If this is an in-born trait, she definitely inherited it from her daddy. I, on the other hand, am quite aloof. But since having her, I have started to soften a little and will even prompt her to say hi to anyone within close proximity who's looking at her and she didn't notice. 

I guess little children especially of this age really bring people together. Neighbours who we usually don't talk to start to make small talk and smile. And that's because of the child. This is definitely the best age to have them at. And therefore, the time when we should treasure. 

Monday, 23 September 2013

We did not have lunch with my 2 brothers and their family after church yesterday. Instead, we quickly went off to attend the opening of the hubs' cousin's french cafe/restaurant. They were selling wine initially but somehow there were some issues with getting ready supply from France. Thus they decided to convert their business into a french eatery.

Baby K had her lunch there as well and the 2nd SIL tried her hand at feeding her while I ate. Lol. After that, I brought her for a walk around the area and back to the eatery where she followed her cousin around and then she released a helium balloon to the high ceiling and never got it back again. Within minutes of our drive back home, she fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later. I took the opportunity to nap beside her and slept for a good 1 hour! :)

After she woke up, we got ready and sent her to Jeremy's early as the hubs wanted to go to the F1 event. 

We had invites for the very first year that the Grand Prix started it's night race here. Flash forward 5 years and we have invites to the padang, where all the festivities were being held. It was different and it was a great atmosphere. It seems like the people were not there to watch the race but to party. We also have seats at a very good spot, right opposite the esplanade, with the beautiful skyline around us. Apparently the tickets that we had were not for sale. I think they were given to sponsors etc. They were very very good seats, thanks to the hub's relationship with people.

After watching about 15 laps out of 61, the hubs wanted to return to the padang, where we caught up with his friend. There wasn't much else to do really and the concert which Rihanna was to sing, was in another hour and half's time. So, we ended up going home. Lol. But at least, I made an effort to accompany the hubs.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

We were given 2 sets of passes for the Grand Prix and they were very good tickets but we couldn't go as we had baby K with us yesterday and today. So, on the way to 'visit' the MIL, the hubs drove us to his youngest brother's home and dropped the passes for today's race into their letter box.

We also ta-paued dinner from near their place before moving off to 'visit' the in-laws and I'm glad we did as I was famished by the time we arrived and as usual, there was nothing to eat there. I ate almost as soon as we arrived at the 2nd BIL's home before feeding baby K.

The nephew-in-law was there too, having stayed there since yesterday evening till tomorrow. The youngest SIL was busy with her work especially so since she started her own cleaning business with some friends and the youngest BIL have soccer training. The nephew in law is still as naughty as ever and can't seem to talk in a normal tone. Not only does he like to shout, his voice is rough too. The husband had a headache the last time we were at the youngest BIL's home and suggested going home. I hope baby K doesn't emulate his behaviour and thankfully, we don't see them all the time. 

And today is also the first time I see the FIL so angry! While we were resting in the living room, we suddenly heard the FIL scolding the nephew-in-law with a very bad word and while the hubs and his mother remain seated on the couch, I some how made my way to the entrance of the room to see what the commotion was all about. The FIL raised his voice at the boy while the boy was seated on the floor with his knees folded up his chest, sobbing. The FIL later came out of the room and related to us that the boy had pushed open the window grille and leaned out of the window! The old man must have gotten a shock of his life! Baby K kept wanting to look for her cousin as his cries were so audible but we stopped her several times. Thankfully, all that cries and commotion did not seem to create much of an impact on her. We left a little while later, leaving the grandfather to reprimand his grandson. 

I wonder if all boys are like that. The hubs, having little patience towards his nephew, told him off several times and I had to pacify the hubs by saying all boys are like that and I'm glad he has a daughter instead. But on second thoughts, my nephews were never as mischievous as him.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

As I look out of the window while doing baby K's laundry, I saw so many children at the park downstairs with lanterns. It was a lovely sight and one that reminded me of my childhood days. It was a scene that did not affect me at all pre-baby K and it struck such a sweet emotion now, post baby K, that I text Janice about it and when she did look out of her windows, she exclaimed and was surprised too, by the number of children mingling downstairs. It'll be our turn next year, at that same spot. Lol.

Having said that, the office received so many mooncakes, this year especially, and almost everyday, my colleagues are offering everyone else some. This year, some how, I developed a strong dislike to the food of the season. Maybe because there were too many going around and also I do not like the strong taste of the yolk. It's super unhealthy too, no? 

What I do like though are the boxes! Lol....I think the mid-autumn festival is the only time where we see lovely packaging. And whenever I see a very nice one, I'll request for it. I do not know what I'll do with them yet but I'm sure they'll come in useful. 

To soak in the joy of the season, I ate a Snow-skinned Chocolate Truffel with Ganache mooncake. :) A gift that we received which no one in the house, other than myself, have eaten. :p

Monday, 16 September 2013

The hubs and I are on childcare leave today as it is baby K's final immunisation. There will be no need for her to go through those needles again until she is 3. Baby K was fairly happy when we stepped into the room and was even more delighted when she saw a child table with 2 chairs meant for kids. I sat on one to accompany her while the nurse went through the routine check with the hubs. 

She weighs 10.5 kg and is now standing at 83 cm. She is more than half my height already and I think that more or less confirms my thoughts that I'll be the shortest in the family. Her growth is apparently above average but somehow, we felt that the difference in her weight and height growth compared to the last check was only marginal. Well, I guess they all reach a stage when their growth will somehow slow down for a while. 

All was well until baby K caught sight of the needle in the nurse's hand when she was seated on her daddy's laps. She flinched and the nurse quickly put the needle behind her back but she swiftly planted the needle into baby K's thigh and out came a cry. The cries stopped as soon as the needle was removed from her, thankfully. The next stop was with the Dr who did a basic check-up and again, baby K was very cooperative. She allowed the very pretty Dr to carry her up the bed and to prod her tummy and even giggled when it became ticklish. 

While the hubs woke up before us to prepare baby K's meals, he had to attend a lunch meeting at the guild house that was being renovated. Baby K took a short nap after lunch and woke up crying and I was glad the husband's meeting did not drag on till late. 

Baby K was gesturing to the thigh where the injection was administered and kept wanting to be carried by me. I managed to pacify her with some cuts of fresh prunes and allowing her to watching a vcd. But even then, her thigh will hurt or feel numb or has pins and needles and she'll pinch it and cry a little. When the hubs reached home, he managed to get her to sit on the floor for some play activities and even then, when she saw me, she would ask me to go to her. Thinking that she was being manja, I would sit a little further away from her and ask her to come to me instead, which, she will, by dragging her buttocks on the floor. Oh, my poor little wounded puppy.

And when we brought her to Jeremy's, she walked in with a deliberate movement. What drama this baby has! And that of course won her hugs and kisses from her favourite uncle and auntie. :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

After feeding baby K her dinner last night, we brought her down for a walk. We went to the market and upon returning home, met a neighbour with 2 daughters, one of whom is also a dragon baby, and started chatting for almost 20 minutes. 

We talked about them pulling the older girl out from the childcare centre that we had visited and were considering placing baby K there. The school occupies a colonial house with a generous garden where they also have ducks and chickens. But that came with a cost too, a high one. During all these conversations that I have had, I realised that the childcare that baby K will be joining, is on the high side too! I'm glad we only have to spend on just one. And all the talks about increasing our birth rates! With a long waiting list at so many childcare centres and the costs that comes with them, little wonder, no? And these are just the few things!

Anyway, I digress and on with more interesting things in life. :)

Today's plan was to bring baby K on a ride in a double-decker bus which the hubs had forgotten, as usual, and in the early part of the week, suggested that we bring her to visit his mother. When he mentioned that, I told him to please check with his 2 brothers and he said that it was not necessary, we'll just drop by for maybe 2 or so hours. And then a few days later, he forgot about this and asked what are our plans this weekend. And so I took advantage of his selective memory and told him I had planned to bring baby K on a double-decker ride. 

But after baby K's nap, the Victors called and we ended up meeting them at Vivo City. We reached earlier so that we could bring baby K on a shopping stroll leisurely without having to play catch up with anyone. Baby K enjoys playing with the 2 girls, although it isn't much play really. Lol.

When we were reaching home, we saw that that was an event going on at the badminton court. And after parking the car, we went to take a look and realised that the RC has organised a Mid-Autumn Festival event. There were activities going on and goodie bags were at $2, which included a lantern and a sculptured balloon. The lantern was nicer that the one I had bought earlier! We stayed around for a bit before going up.

Looks like we'll be 'participating' in more of these type of family friendly events from now on. :)

Thursday, 12 September 2013

I took over the wheel after spending some time with baby K last night. But I never complete the drive. Lol. I always make the hubs take over when we reach the entrance of our multi-storey carpark. While he gets out of the car, I'll just cross over to the front passenger seat. While I have no problems driving down the carpark, driving up is another story altogether. And also, I don't want to sit through his criticisms should I be parking the car.

The husband made a few comments last night about my turns not being smooth and trying to show me how I did it but failing. There was once, long time back, when I was driving with a friend in the back and they both got out while I parked. The husband was gesturing and getting impatient with my parking while, get this, trying to guide me to park! Little wonder why I have so much resistance to driving right? Before I took over the wheel a few Sundays back, I reminded him not to criticize or show me impatience and he agreed. But as I'm beginning to drive back home from Tampines more often, he has let his guard down and very soon, I'm going to stop wanting to drive altogether.

But I really need to get used to this and learn how to park so that I can confidently bring baby K out if the hubs is not in town in future.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I finally sold another of baby K's item today. Although I emailed the item to the FB group a few times, the photo somehow did not get uploaded. Well, they are inconsistent like that but anyway, they are doing it for free so one can't expect much. And,yes, there's quite a bit of luck going on here when you have your items published and sold!

Even with the previous item, I think I managed to clear it fast was because the photo which I had uploaded showed that it was in it's original packaging and yes, I sold it almost like it was brand new. The were a few other sellers selling the same milk bottle warmer bags and they are still available. And I'm glad to find another buyer for baby K's electric milk warmer! Yes, she doesn't need it anymore.

It used to be quite common for her to not finish her milk and we have to pop the remainder into the electric milk warmer so that the milk can remain warm by the time she was ready to drink it again. And not forgetting the refrigerated expressed breasts milk that needed to be heated up when it was baby's K feeding time when she was still an infant and when I was still expressing then. Thankfully, she always finishes her milk at 1 go now. All 200ml of it. 

So yes, I found the next buyer in a colleague whose baby is now about 3 months. She had mentioned to me that she mixes bottled drinking water to the formula milk, without heating it up. (!!!) Room temperature milk for babies is almost unheard of for the Chinese. And she goes on to tell me that her baby has been fussing and has quite a bit of air. So I advised her to rub yuyi oil on her baby's tummy as well as the soles of her feet and of course, advised her to warm up baby's milk. And then came in my electric milk bottle warmer. Lol....

The trusty milk bottle warmer. :)

Sunday, 8 September 2013

The childcare centre that baby K will soon be joining called me to invite us to their mid-autumn festival celebrations. Being a Friday, the hubs picked baby K back from Jeremy's as usual but this time, we had a guest with us. Tim asked if he could stay the night at our home as he had just started a part-time job with an English centre, nearer to our home compared to Tampines, while doing his law degree.

So with the modus operandi every Friday, the hubs washed and sterilise baby K's milk bottles and pacifiers and gave her dinner. And when all was done, the 3 of us together with Tim drove to the childcare centre. 

I had bought for baby K a simple printed paper lantern, a design that has been around ever since I was a child. While they are still young, they get excited easily over simple things. It's the parents who tend to spend too much on their kids. Anyway, she had a fun time bringing the lantern out with the other children around the estate. 

When the hubs and I were out on Monday and saw a stand selling all sorts of lanterns at the atrium of Vivo, he hemmed and hawed and ended up not buying any although I had really wanted to. He went on to say he'll buy a lantern on his own but as usual, did not. I had to make a trip to a nearby mall on Thursday so baby K will not be the only one without a lantern and that will be very see her friends displaying their lanterns and she is without. But anyhow, the childcare centre had prepared for situations like this and even offered paper lanterns to the parents!

And today, we had another invite to Hannah's 7th birthday. The Victor's rented a bouncing castle and baby K had quite a time bouncing and bobbing in it. And then there was the passing the parcel game which the older sister organised, and I sat in with baby K, as well as neon sticks that she had fun playing with especially when the sky became dark. I hope when she's old enough, she doesn't demand all these stuff for her birthday! Lol. 

The only thing I have in mind for her, is to hold her birthday party at Macdonald's when she is older. Yes. This is something I've always wanted for myself. :)

Friday, 6 September 2013

The hubs and I have been eating out ever since I returned to work when my maternity leave ended. After my confinement I did not want M to cook anything heavy in the kitchen anymore. When she was staying with Jerry, they had a maid who will clean up after her but I do not have that luxury and it irks me a lot when I see stains left on the kitchen counter or worst, having to step on a sticky floor. And we all know the rest of the house will end up feeling sticky wherever our feet leads us.

Throughout my 1 month's confinement, I think the kitchen floor was only mopped thoroughly that 1 time I had a part-time lady come in. And seeing my kitchen taken over, especially with so much mess, was every bit frustrating while having a baby latch on me almost the whole day. And when I enforced a no cooking but steaming, cooking porridge allowed rule, M wasn't very happy at all, to say the least. I ended up not doing any cooking myself until it was time for baby K to embark on solid food, which thankfully, consists a lot of soupy stuff.

Lately, I find my mind filling up with a lot of questions on what to prepare for baby K's dinner when she comes home with us in January. The hubs told M that we have confirmed a place at a childcare centre for baby K last Saturday, during which, he also gave M the impression that she will be doing the cooking for her by then. Not what I had in mind! Totally NOT! I gave the hubs a piece of my mind after he said that to M.

And I think I've found a solution to this. I shall include her as an authorised guardian to pick baby K up from the childcare centre and have her fetch baby K from the centre everyday. That will give me time to be alone to do some cooking. And since I'll have to cook for baby K, I might as well cook for the rest of us. 

Now, it's back to the mind boggling questions on what can I cook for her and the rest of the family without the food tasting too bland for the adults and too savoury for the little one.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I have 16 days of leave left for the year and after deducting the 5 days which I can carry forward to 2014, I will need to clear 11 days of annual leave. I also have another 2 days of childcare leave left to be consumed by year end. That means I will need to take at least 3 days of leave every month from now till December.

I hardly take leave unless it's for holidays or for baby K's scheduled immunisation at the polyclinic. And other than the 3 days of leave that Ivy requested from me when her sis was in town, she never asked to take any leave just to rest. Her rest days are really just on Saturdays and probably 3/4 of Sundays as we send baby K to their home by 7pm usually. But then again we have church on Sundays and Ivy teaches the children Sunday school so technically she is only 'well-rested' on Saturdays.

Not wanting to take advantage of Ivy's kindness and knowing fully well that taking care of an active toddler is very energy zapping, I have decided to take 2 days of leave every month from now till December. Having a generous leave policy helps too of course.

Sometimes the husband makes unfair comments when he sees baby K with insect bites or rashes on her body after picking her up from Jeremy's and last night on our way home after spending time with baby K, I reminded him that Ivy is still the best choice for baby K. Not once has she asked for any leave days other than the time her sis flew back for a holiday. Although we are looking forward to January when we will have baby K home with us, we also have to give up our couple time and the luxury of meeting up after work to watch a movie or go window shopping.

And I'm sure Jeremy, Ivy, Tim & Bev will miss baby K very much the moment we stop the current arrangement. :(

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It was with much hesitation that I decided to create a blogspot account to continue with my habit of updating friends on what has been happening in my life.

I've been updating my previous blog religiously but I have not been able to gain access to my own account and on Pauline's  encouragement, I decided to create this. The hesitation was because of the many entries that I had and now I may lose them. But on another note, that blog was started during a different phase of my life. And as I enter a new phase, read: matured, it's timely that I change the name of my blog to reveal a more 'earthly' me. Lol.

So sit back, relax and join me as I go through life as a mummy, wife and friend.