Sunday, 31 January 2016

The hubs was on leave on Friday and that morning, I had rare company walking me to the train station. K did tell her teachers the day before that her daddy is on leave on Friday and so will she! Anyway, after the walk to the train station, the hubs and her walked to the market near Jerry's place and had breakfast there. They walked back home, almost a 15 minutes walk and then the hubs allowed K some playground time. After lunch, K took in a 3 hours nap and refused to wake up even when it was time to meet me! I now know what to do, the next time when it's my turn to take the day off when her school closes. 

On Saturday, we sent her to have some fun time with Esther while the both of us went to do some CNY food shopping at Woodlands. Again, we bought so much that I had to tell the hubs to put his hand up first before opening the freezer compartment, in case anything falls out. While K took a 3 hour nap again, I took a slightly shorter one as I was having a headache from all the sun in the late morning at the warehousing area. If only, she takes her naps in school. 

On another note, I did not realise that we have only a week till to Lunar New Year! I haven't done any spring cleaning! The idiotic contractor came on Thursday to tile up the shower kerb in the master bathroom as well as to tile up the base of the pipe in the common bathroom. It was so dusty that I had to mop the whole house when they left. As if I wasn't tired enough from the long day at work, I had to content with magic cleaning and mopping. Thankfully, the hubs was off the next day and washed both the bathrooms.

Anyhow, I have to bring down the living room curtains for wash this week. Should be quite easy as they are thin, translucent material. I just hope I do not tear them. And hopefully, we keep our house as uncluttered as it is now. Makes cleaning so much easier! So, what are your preparations for this Lunar New Year?

Thursday, 28 January 2016

We received a text message from the school on Saturday that there is 1 case of HFMD. When the hubs went to pick K up from school on Tuesday, there was another case. And yesterday, when I had to pick her up, the numbers has gone up to 7. And that's also just about the same number of children who were also sent to the centre yesterday. I hope the numbers do not go up anymore. Otherwise, the centre may need to be closed for thorough cleaning and I have no idea where to put K!

The hubs asked if I would like to take the whole week off in the earlier par to of the week and I told him off. First, I do not have so many days of leave to play around with. Then he asked if I can take today off and he will take tomorrow. Unfortunately, my boss happens to be on leave this entire week as well!

His plan of having the 3rd SIL look after K today also fell through because Jerry and her are making a day trip into Malaysia. I do not think M is able to manage K on her own now. And when the hubs suggested letting his parents take care of her, I was even more against it. What will they feed her? Fries? The hubs says no la, she's their own grand-daughter. And besides I reasoned, they have NEVER taken care of her before. 

All we can do now is pray. Pray that the numbers do not go up and the remaining students are strong enough to ward off this dreadful disease.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

We had a good time over the weekend, spending quality time as a family. And it certainly helped that we had good weather, despite the periodic heavy rain.

On Saturday, we went to the 'Future of Us' exhibition at the Gardens by the Bay. The idiot of a contractor did not reply to the hubs' messages all week although we were expecting his people to fix the shower kerb and windows. So anyway, we decided that we should just carry on our own plans and not wait around like a fool.

After walking through the exhibits, we were stuck at the last station as it started pouring. Thankfully, we had prepared 3 wraps for the 3 of us and ate inside the last exhibition hall, which thankfully, allowed eating.

When the rain stopped, we took the buggy to the flower dome and paid for the entrance tickets since we had 40% discount when we visited the earlier exhibition. The last time we visited was either before K turned 1 or slightly after. So, she probably does not remember the trip to the domes. But she has since been back to GBTB with her previous childcare centre and enjoyed the children's waterplay area and now she will always pretend to bring her stuff toys on the toy stroller to GBTB.
On Sunday, after her afternoon nap, we went to the Health Promotion Board to collect a step-tracker that I've signed up for. And then we proceeded to Chinatown after. I had wanted to take a walk through the streets of Chinatown to show K the CNY decorations we well as to soak in the atmosphere but she was distracted when we chanced upon a outdoor tentage that was housing a Lion Dance competition. And so we joined the snaking queue, paid $10 each for the 2 adults and waited about an hour before the competition started. Ok, although I was grumbling while in the queue because I really wanted to take a stroll through the CNY decorated streets, I must admit that it was quite entertaining to watch. We only caught 3 performances though as it started later than scheduled. The show put up by Taiwan was fantastic. I wonder who won the competition. 

Anyhow, thankfully, unlike usual Sundays, K slept very fast after her usual bedtime downtime. I didn't have to raise my voice at all to get her to sleep this time.

Friday, 22 January 2016

I do not know why but I have been mentally planning for K's 4th birthday for the past week or so. It's not till a little more than a month to go but it's always good to know what to cook and play. And I'm excited! Lol....

We only 'celebrated' K's 3rd birthday in her previous childcare centre upon her request and the previous 2 years were mainly with Jeremy's family. We felt that it wasn't necessary to have all these fancy birthday parties. But this time round, I don't feel this way somewhat. Maybe because our new home is bigger and thus can accommodate more people. By the way, I had my birthday celebrated every year up till probably 10 years old? My mother was really a superwoman.

Anyway, I've created the guest list and this time, feel that I should just invite her 'peer's. Children who can relate better to each other. And this time, I plan to surprise her by inviting 2 of her friends from her previous childcare centre. 2 boys whom she still misses and always says she wants to see them. Thankfully, I'm in fairly constant contact with a girl's mom and she can get their mother's number for me. Just have to cross my fingers they turn up. I can just imagine the look of surprised happiness the sweetheart will have. My guest list consist of 6 children. 4 boys and 2 girls. But having said that, it would be 6 children and 2 times that number of adults, assuming both parents come along. That will be preparing food for 12 adults and 6 kids, not including the hubs, K and myself. So on 2nd thoughts, I shall keep the guest list that way.

I do not know what theme it will be. It'll likely be a mish mash of ideas. We actually bought a Barney pinata long time back, which has sort of faded but still serves it's purpose. I recently bought from a Taobao FB page 2 packs of Frozen goodie bag carrier. Well, maybe I won't have any theme but just simple decorations. 

I have ideas running through my mind on what to cook, what to play and what time to have her friends over. Anna is kindly sponsoring a rendang dish for the adults. I'm also trying my luck to have her sponsor the children's food. Anyway, the story with Anna will have to be a separate post. Anyhow, although it's just 6 kids, I hope everybody turns up!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Contractor Jeremiah came by with his workers in the afternoon to construct a kerb in our master bathroom while I was in K's room with her, napping in air-con comfort. The area in front of the sink, which incidentally is in front of the door always gets wet whenever either the hubs and I shower and we don't like the icky feeling of walking on wet floor. So, the cement kerb is up and they will come by again next Saturday to tile it up. The windows also need some looking into. The alignment for 1 side of the balcony window is off and we can't close it properly. I am fearful it might even fall so we have kept it close for a couple of weeks now.

K had a long nap despite not having any in school since Tuesday! We are not sure if it's because they have moved their class to another unit but having only slept 3rd time in her own room, it may not seem so. But then again, we are in the comfort of our own home as opposed to a school environment.

And so, K woke up in time for us to leave for the Salahudeens. It was for Faris' birthday and also to celebrate the Victor's wedding anniversary. We played Bingo in the later part of the evening and with beginner's luck, I won the second set of the game, returned the hubs the money he paid for each card and still managed to gain $50! Lol....

By the time we reached home, it was almost midnight when K fell asleep. :p

Friday, 15 January 2016

I attended a workshop on tax today at The Marriot Hotel. We had lunch at the hotel's cafe instead of the usual buffet line outside the conference hall, which is usually the norm. Wahh...such a good spread. But of course, it comes with part of the price we paid for the workshop.
I also managed to sell off a white cheong-sam on carousell! So happy.....there was no one I could think of who can fit into the dress. Thankfully, I managed to get a buyer and met her hubs at the hotel to do the trade. My hubs is amazed that I can actually sell off anything cos for one, we don't buy pre-loved clothes ourselves. Hand-me-downs, ok but not to buy them. I used to bring along a suitcase full of pre-loved clothes, shoes and handbags to sell at the flea-market with a friend. And considering these were my used stuff, I could still take home at least $100+. 

Ok, the Singas you see in the picture have been traded. I've got a cool collection of them now but still short of 3 more. I will upload a picture of them, which I've displayed at home. So cute they are! Lol....

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

I finally joined the pilates class yesterday evening. Finally because I missed the first lesson last Monday. I had cooked dinner and thinking I have an hour's plus difference, thought the food would have digested but no, I remained so full till late. Yes, my usual 2-dish meals can fill us up a fair bit.

And I took the afternoon off work today to get my hair done. I had it permed again after about a year plus of straight hair. Sat on the salon chair for about 5 hours till even my fleshy butt ached. Managed to meet the hubs and K at the nearby mall, had dinner and threw in some jalan-jalan.

Here's a look at the stuff we bought for the coming Lunar New Year!
Add some Mandarin oranges and we are all set. Definitely not going to buy anymore goodies. I even warned the hubs not to open them till the Chinese New Year! Lol.

And stuff my brother tasked us to buy! 

Monday, 11 January 2016

We've came back from yet another road trip to Malacca. This time round, we reached home earlier. About 6ish and the 3 of us had dinner at the coffee shop nearby before we brought our haul up home from the car. It's yet another huge haul especially so since we bought quite a few goodies for CNY. Yes, we are a month early.

4 families this time and I definitely prefer if it was only the Victors and us. There was so much time wasting, waiting for someone or another. And I really couldn't wait to conquer the shops. Would I go again since we've made the trip so many times in the last quarter? Yes, I would but maybe more selective with whom.

This time round, we granted K's request to sit on the colourfully decorated trishaws. We rode them back to the hotel at 8ish when the lights on the trishaws came up and were so beautiful. I thought K would have chosen a trishaw with the 'Frozen' theme but she chose a 'Hello Kitty' one instead. It was a fun experience. The hubs and I do not indulge in her wants when we go shopping and thankfully, she has been well disciplined in this area. But experiences like this is something I feel, is priceless. It remains etched in your memory for a long time.

With us being settled in nicely now at the new place, I think we can consider a slightly further holiday destination this year. With so much happening last year, going on any holiday was out of my mind. Thus, the many road trips we took. Well, let's see where we go this year. :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The new tv was delivered today. Although I had made plans to meet the hubs and K for dinner, the hubs totally forgot and because I needed to pee, I went back home and there I found him cooking! He made steak for our dinner! And half-way through my sumptuous food, the delivery people came and set up the new tv for us.

I still find 49 inches too big. I guess I'm too used to a smaller screen but I reckon too big a screen is not good for the eyes also. 
The tv console has got so much space now too. And I think I managed to convince the hubs that there is no need to buy a new one as the new tv totally matches the console, even more than the old box tv.

The old tv has been put away in the ironing room till I don't know when as it's highly unlikely we will use it again. Especially since digital tv is going be fully rolled out by this year, we won't be able to watch any programs on the old tv set anyway. So, let's see how long this antique is going to occupy the space in our house.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

I had wanted to get my hair done yesterday. 3 days for the hair to settle nicely before I start work on Monday. But alas, the hubs sort of begged me to go on another day. Oh well, ok, besides I have been requested to cook my pesto pasta dish for yesterday's dinner at Jerry's. They were celebrating, in advance, Josh's 15th birthday.

After doing K's laundry in the morning, the 3 of us went for lunch at Jurong Point and after lunch, the hubs decided to take a look at TVs again. Again, because we have been popping into almost every electronic store there is. I've finally given him the green light to buy a new tv. I have been the most hesitant to buy one because our museum worthy box tv is working perfectly fine! We had it when we moved into our first home and it's followed us till here. 1 of the workers who did our house moving asked in jest if it belongs to my mom! So rude but so what! It's working what. If not for the new digital tv, I would have insisted that there is no need to spend money to buy a new one. I've even heard that the rag and bone man doesn't want our box tv anymore.

Anyway, we finally bought a new 49 inch smart tv after the hubs did his homework. Now we are more careful with spending and I'm glad.

K took her nap when we came back home and we had to wake her up to go to Jerry's as Tim messaged me to say that they have arrived. Only our family and Jeremy's were invited for Josh's birthday. Tim brought along his girlfriend again and when they left as Tim sent her back by train, Ivy remarked to me that they don't look compatible as the girl is really decent. When they were at my place on Christmas eve, I told Tim that I didn't expect his girlfriend to be so decent  when he asked for my opinion. And then he told me he realise that it's better to have a decent girl for a girlfriend. Seriously, I am not sure if this is going to be it. And that's what I said to Ivy. This is probably not the last one. I should have said 'final one'. The girl is 21, studying law and Tim is 25 and I do not know what he is doing to bring any girl security, at the moment. So, we shall see.

As for today, the hubs brought K to the zoo with his Nepali cousin and wife's family. The cousin had asked to borrow the hubs' corporate zoo passes which meant the hubs needed to collect it and bring them down the zoo as he needs to appear like he is going into the zoo. So I told him to go ahead with K and join his cousin at the zoo but I will not join them as I need to clean the house. So there I was spending the afternoon packing K's room as well as the storeroom. I've put away some toys that K hardly plays with anymore. Let's see if she remembers them within the next 3 months. Otherwise, I think it's time to pass them on. I finally mopped the house after 2 weeks. I also managed to cook dinner, a rare 3 dish dinner consisting of ABC soup, air-fried teriyaki cod fish and fried egg with silver fish. It feels good to have days like this when I'm alone at home, with no one to disturb me. I can even whip up a good meal!

There, my first 2 days of the New Year. How did you spend yours?