Tuesday, 26 April 2016

I managed to clear a Princess push car on Sunday evening, when a buyer from Carousell came by to pick it up. The Filipina family from church passed it to us when they moved to the States but it's really not for K's age anymore. Pauline, who is also trying to declutter turned it down so the only way to clear it is to put it on Carousell. And thankfully, it was only within a day or 2 that I had people enquiring about it. I do not have items clear so fast before.

Although I have indicated that I'll be home by 4pm on Sunday, the buyer called me at almost 9pm to say that she is on her way to pick it up! I was just out of the shower and had to quickly find a plastic carrier big enough to pack the car into. Awhile later, she called to say that she has arrived and I brought 2 bags down, the other containing accessories for the car and needless to say, I started to perspire again.

The hubs was so worried that when I came up about 5 minutes later, he was behind the door calling my mobile. K was also worried and asked him to call me. I had told the buyer to wait for me below the neighbouring block instead and when I walked back to our block, I told her that I was going to buy bread. I am also cautious like that. Well, you never know right? Never take our safety for granted!

Anyway, through this site, we are also getting a pre-loved item. A light-weight stroller for K, when we travel. The one that the youngest SIL handed down to us is heavy. Even heavier than the one they handed down to us when K was born. Since we have passed that down to the 2nd SIL, we need another, mainly for travelling. The hubs with his knee problem and I, with my back issue cannot carry K anymore. The stroller that we are getting looks pretty good on the photos and it's going for quite a steal. The owner, apparently, has 3 strollers and is decluttering as well. Hopefully, it is as good and new as it looks when we go pick it up this Saturday.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

We had 2 guests this week, as the girl so happily pointed out. Tim, who is now dabbling in insurance sales after dropping out from law school, came by to talk to us about, what else, insurance. No surprises here. I cooked a simple 3 dish meal when he came over for dinner.

On Saturday, the bestie dropped by our place, too. And that is because she happened to be checking out piloxing that was happening somewhere, a couple of train stops away from our place. And I made 1 pot chicken pasta, which I learnt from a recent infotainment program on tv. 
I liked it but yes, agree that a dash or 2 of olive oil would be better. When I heated the little balance of it on Sunday for the hubs, it was perfect because I steamed heat it. 

We brought the girl swimming in the afternoon to join her friend from the previous childcare centre. Although the hubs had passes for the zoo, I felt the weather was too humid and hot and thus decided to join the Lees when I asked the mother if she wanted to join us to the zoo but she felt the same way about the weather. Unfortunately, not yet 20 minutes in the pool, there were warning signs of lightning and true enough, everyone had to get out of the water. A lot of people wanted to wait out the rain but unfortunately or not, it continued to rain. But the pool is nice. Apparently, newer than the one nearer to our place and there is a bigger water-play area. The children's shower area have low partition walls and hot water too. So I guess we'll head there again next time.

The 2 families decided to adjourn for dinner at West Coast Plaza. The hubs feel that they are a nice family, young parents with 2 young kids and that we can join them more often. Well, especially since the 2 4 year olds are so chummy. Besides they also do not believe in propping up their phones or ipads during dinner just so the child can eat their food. And the mother do not fail to correct their child when it's necessary.

And after church today, we paid a visit to Gaye's mom who has been admitted to the hospital for a mild stroke. Sigh...all the elderly people we know seem to be admitted recently. Hopefully, all of them will be fine.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

It's the MIL's birthday today. No, I didn't manage to turn good overnight but it is hard not to 'forget'. Because the FIL made sure all of us remembered.
I have never in my life seen someone asking everyone else to wish another person on that person's birthday. #thickskinmuch And then must wish everyone 'Best of Luck' somemore. Don't understand why. Anyhow, the message was lost on me and the youngest SIL.

Anyhow, this was for tonight's dinner. Pesto Pasta (what else) with beef balls, chicken sausage and veg. Hubs like it, the girl has no complains, ever, about food and as for me, I like the pesto. Can buy this brand from now on. :)

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

We spent almost the whole of Sunday out again. This time to attend a little girls' 3rd birthday and the 1st month of her sister. The 3 of us attended church as usual on Sunday morning and half-way through the drive, I realised I had forgotten to bring the presents! So as soon as church ended, we drove back home again. Not joining the 2 brothers and their families for lunch.

So we went back home, changed, the hubs made sandwich for himself, grabbed the presents and off we went to East Coast. We were there early so I helped pack the goody bags for the children, the hubs hung the bunting with the host before the other guests came.

It's quite a nice restaurant to hang out. The younger kids got to play in the small pool and the adults drank and ate just few steps away. The invite was from 2pm to 5pm and by dinner time, neither K nor I were hungry. We might consider this restaurant for future events since it's such a 'lepak' place. Well, we'll see.

Yesterday was my usual pilates lesson, having missed one last Monday. The hubs brought K and I further away, well to Jurong Point, for dinner. Somewhere different, he says. During dinner, the MIL called urging the hubs to go to the hospital because the 2nd SIL had to be admitted. The hubs asked her in return what can he do even if he goes? It's not an emergency because the SIL could go home, pick up her things then go to the hospital. And don't ask me where the FIL went. Nobody knows. So I commented to the hubs, so even if the 2nd SIL were to stay over at their place, they are helpless if anything happens.

Apparently, the SIL went for her routine check and was told that her cervix is only 2cm so she was advised to be admitted for observation. She did share with us that she might have to give birth earlier because of that. Of course I hope that both mother and baby will be ok this time round and I hope when the PILs show their concern, they do not impose it on other people.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

The 2nd BIL invited the family to their home today to celebrate the MIL's birthday. The MIL was hospitalised just last week and there was so much going to and fro in their extended family's group chat. Neither myself nor the youngest SIL participated. Since the 2nd SIL is expecting, we all contributed some food and I brought along Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables. 

We also took this opportunity to bring along whatever that we wanted to pass to them or the baby, rather. Although I had told her that I would pass her an electric breast pump, I saw a set in the room and thus, brought mine back. No point having 2 right? Besides, their friend had passed them a better brand. Pauline had wanted to bless them with a baby cot too but the youngest SIL will be passing them the NIL's. We also passed them the stroller that was passed down to us from the NIL and in turn, took over another stroller from the youngest SIL, meant more for travelling.

The PILs seem so overly worried over the 2nd SIL, especially when they found out that the BIL would be travelling the next day. They suggested that the SIL stay over at their home. I told the youngest SIL that when the baby is born, he will be treated most precious of all. But the hubs explained that it is because the 2nd SIL went through a miscarriage before that's why his parents are more concerned. I know I shouldn't have such bad thoughts but I cannot forget the nasty things the MIL said about me pre-pregnancy and post. 

After cake cutting time, everyone took photos with the MIL. Everyone, except the 3 outlaws. And nobody insisted either although they did ask, once. Lol.....I think it's pretty obvious if you are a nice MIL or not when all 3 DILs do not bother to have their photos taken with her. Although the 2nd SIL is more likely to have her photo taken but the youngest and me were not bothered at all.

The youngest SIL told me that she overheard the MIL talking about the 2 of us again, to her friend, whom she had invited. Although the MIL and her friend sat on the same sofa as me, I wasn't paying attention. But somehow, I feel that her friend is more discerning.

Although I tell myself to be a nicer DIL, there seems to be too much bad feelings I have towards the MIL. The way she acts entitled just because she's not feeling well, how she talks bad about her own DILs and shows obvious favoritism thinking that either one of us would be jealous and basically expecting everyone to be available just when she needs them to, right at that minute. I have to keep reminding myself everyday not to be that type of MIL. 

Friday, 15 April 2016

I left work earlier today because I needed to pick the girl up from school, buy dinner home, wash her up, eat dinner then bring her to the CC for her phonics class. When we reached home, I realised the hubs had messaged me to tell me that he didn't have to attend the event and would meet me but I missed the message and the hubs made the wasted trip to K's school before coming back home. Fyi, it happened to me before too.

So the hubs took over the showering of K while I apportioned the dinner I bought and prepared her high chair by the dinner table. Splitting chores make light work and the hubs and I know our duties well enough. Lol. 

The 'badminton date' between the hubs and I did not materialise because I had the other portion of the fried rice dinner and was quite full. So, hopefully, we do get down to playing it, someday. 

Standing outside the classroom looking at K got me very concerned. The girl and some other kids are so easily distracted by each other and K has not seen a lot of the words written on the whiteboard by the teacher. There was this other girl, maybe around K's age, came in later and the assistant sat her down beside K. Unlike the other children, she didn't have any workbook and I keep seeing her colouring or even writing on K's workbook. 

So when class ended, I asked the teacher if K is able to follow in class because if she can't, I'll not continue when this course ends and will probably put her in one that has much lesser children. So I was quite surprised that the teacher told me that K is actually quite good and can recognise a lot of the letters and write because some of the older kids can't. She even thought that K has probably attended some other classes before. With this feedback, I shared with the hubs that K is paying attention in her childcare and the phonics lessons provided in school.

Before we went for the class today, K remarked that she doesn't want to go anymore and it's only the 3rd lesson! She requested to be sent for music classes instead. Ok, we'll see....we'll see...

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

I am supposed to be solo-parenting this week. Well, solo-parenting in the evenings, that is. But still, a handful! I left office early on Monday, thanks to the boss being on leave on Monday afternoon. But realise, I didn't have to as it doesn't make much of a difference because I took a bus to K's school and had to wait.

I started my plan to do some 'teaching' after our dinner but was quite frustrated in the middle of it. The hubs too, shows very visible frustration when he teaches K. This child, I suspect, will have to be tutored most of her schooling years. Because of my impatience, I disqualify being a SAHM and I am embarrassed. However, I must make an effort still. 

And when I was not yet half-way through my shower on Monday evening, the girl started knocking on the bathroom door, crying and asking for me to open the door. I had to let her in and she stood there, beside my drawn shower curtain. She has to have me in view otherwise she is so afraid being alone. I was so fed up with her that she apologised. Sigh.

So when the hubs called me yesterday evening while I was in the bus to pick K up, I was happy because unexpectedly, he was done with the workday and could pick the girl up. We met at IMM for dinner and a bit of window-shopping. 

Today will be my 2nd day of evening solo-parenting. I intend to continue doing more activities with her. I heard that a child's brain is most sponge-like at 3. Which means I've lost 1 year already so I better do as much as I can. Sometimes we avoid it because it seems to bring the worst out of us but at the end of the day, she's our only child and we need to 'cultivate' her and it's only through our one to one time spent with her that she appreciates. Not through buying of anything and leaving her on her own to play with them. What she needs is our time. If I can't do that for her now, I shall not expect her to show me hers when I'm old and lonely.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

I cooked lunch yesterday. Something I don't often do on a weekend. The hubs brought K out for a roti-prata breakfast at the nearby coffeeshop while I wanted the peace and quiet away from the 2 of them. Even if I had to sweat like crazy with the laundry and wash the balcony, I was happy. 

While they spent a while out of the house, which I later found out because the hubs brought K to 2 playgrounds, I could relax and prepare lunch as well. Remember the salmon which I returned to the fridge? Yup, brought it out again to cook Olive Fried Rice with Salmon.
After lunch, K slept for 3 hours and I took a short nap too. 

In the evening, we wanted to go out but had no idea where to go. We do not want to be part of the crowd in Orchard and pay for exorbitant parking fees. Besides whatever is available in town is readily available at the malls near our home, which we can go anytime we want. Little wonder why the retailers are hurting in Orchard right?

So where did we end up going? To the airport! Yes, we drove from west to east and thankfully, Changi airport is highly kids-friendly. Since K took a long nap and had to be woken up, we did not rush home and took a long stroll at the airport. Lol...

After church today, we had lunch with Jerry's family and it was back home we went. K had a good nap today, especially with the heavy rain. So glad for the rain these 2 days. Although the humidity level is so high and I could sweat just by sitting and doing nothing, at least there is a good wash and food for the trees. :)

Friday, 8 April 2016

We were in a bit of a rush for K's phonics lesson today but thankfully, we could still feed her before the lessons. K's childcare centre is going through a rebranding and thus have arranged for a session in the school for parents to understand the change. The school that K is attending in under a group that has 3 childcare centres in all and as the one that she is attending is situated at a void deck, the school is trying to apply to be spark-accredited. Although the good news is that if approved, the school fees will be lowered as they have a maximum ceiling what they can charge, the not so accepted news is that come 1 July, all the children will need to put on new school uniforms. 

K has worn hers for less than a year and it doesn't come cheap! Granted the school will be giving a set of uniform to all existing students, we will still need to buy 4 more sets for K as I do not wash them everyday. There is simply not enough to dump into the machine on a everyday basis and I do not trust my hand-washing skills. Having said that, I do know of parents who either handwash their child's uniforms everyday or dump them into the wash even if it's just that 1 set. Uniform, faded much? Yes!

Thankfully, the session ended earlier than scheduled and we still have enough time to send K to her phonics lesson. Since the little girl did not take her afternoon nap, again, she fell asleep soon after dinner at the coffeeshop. The hubs had to carry her to the community centre and let her sleep till about 10 minutes before the lesson. Talk about power nap. I rinsed her face when she woke up and then we waited a while before the class started.

Since the lesson is only for an hour, I've plan to start playing badminton at the open court with the hubs while waiting for the girl. We prefer to wait for her at the community centre than take the short walk home, just in case she needs us. Since it's not possible today, we will start next week. An hour or less of badminton is better than nothing. And if we can keep up with this, I might just stop my pilates session when the classes ends. Well, we'll see.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I saw the hubs parking the car from our kitchen window while I was preparing dinner. When he was done, he walked over to K's side, like he normally does to carry her out but this time, he stood there for a while and I thought I could hear some crying.

K was still crying when they came up and the hubs pre-empt me not to ask her why. I couldn't take it so awhile later, I asked her while the 2 of us were waiting for the hubs to go out for dinner. Why was I preparing dinner 1 minute and then waiting to go out for dinner the next? That's for later. Anyway, our conversation went like this:

Me : Tell Mummy why you cried just now.
K   : It's over already...I don't want to talk about it anymore.....
Me : -_-

Later on, I found out from the hubs that she had accidentally knocked into her teacher in school and it seemed that it was quite painful, for the teacher not K. Although K did apologise, I think she felt bad as it hurt her teacher. Poor girl must have been frightened so the sobbing.

So, anyway, the salmon is back in the fridge with the other ingredients that I had meant to cook for dinner tonight because PUB was doing something to the pipes and when I reached home, the taps gave out a gurgling sound and the water was cloudy. We are of course worried that it'll contaminate the food thus, decided to go IMM for dinner. Thankfully, the water was clear again when we returned home.

I made the hubs call the 24-hr hotline and apparently, after about 10 minutes of switching on the taps, the water would be ok again. Sigh....the problems with old estates.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

K started on her first phonics lesson on Friday, at the CC. We have signed her up because I feel that there are pockets of time that we can put to good use. And as parents, I think we haven't taught her much, if any, at all. But I was quite surprised that the class, 18 children, consisted of varying ages. From the looks of it, it seems that K is the youngest at 4 and the oldest is probably 6. While parents are not allowed to sit in, we can loiter outside the classroom and look right in through the tinted glass windows.

I saw big words like 'nickel', ' necklace' written on the whiteboard. I was told by another parent, when I returned after going for a short walk that different worksheets are given to the children of different age. Well, lets see after the 10 lessons if K learnt anything before I decide to continue her or sign her up at another enrichment centre. I suppose you get what you pay for. The one at the market has 1 teacher to 2-3 children while this one is too big a group. But she enjoyed herself after the first lesson and I guess that's the most important to us.

And yesterday, the hubs and I went to JB for the day while putting K at Jerry's. She did ask her daddy why is he not bringing her along, although she didn't know where we were going. The hubs, felt guilty, and has decided to bring her along next time. The hubs and I, true to our decision to buy less and live a less cluttered 'life', did not buy anything personal at all! All we bought were stuff from the supermarket! It's amazing. Although I did go with the hope to get 2 pairs of working shoes but ended up not not getting any after not seeing anything I like from my favourite store.

We did go for a massage though while the car was put through a proper spa. The car wash and massage parlour is the same outfit. So clever. While owners wait for their vehicles to be polished and waxed, they can while their time away getting a good knead. So that was what the hubs and I did! Almost 2 hours and I do not want K to sit through this, although she might prove to be able to. It will really be 2 hours of boredom for her. The hubs remarked that this is probably one of the better massages he has had and I, on the other hand, am pretty impartial towards the whole massage game. 
Will we go back again? I believe so! :)