Sunday, 28 December 2014

I was back at work on Boxing Day and I am glad that we had Esther over as she could play with K and free the hubs a little. While I can still get things done while being alone with K, the hubs makes me feel that he can't. And also he's got a very bad habit of checking his FB ever so often.

Nobody at the workplace seemed to have the mood to work the day after Christmas and I was chatting away with the people from finance, especially since my Manager was on leave. When the work day finally ended, I met the hubs, Esther and K for dinner before proceeding to Star Vista again to finish up the train coupons. K had been saying that she wants to sit on the train with Esther jie-jie. We have so many that we even gave some coupons away. Not that there was much shopping at Star Vista, it was the train rides that K kept wanting to go back for. She has taken so many rounds of train ride on her own, with me, Bev, Ivy and now Esther.

And after lunch today, we went to visit the SIL at the hospital. Unfortunately, she cannot be discharged yet and in fact may have to be warded till the last trimester. It seems that she was still leaking as of yesterday and they need to prop her legs up. She said that when she was first admitted, they had put her legs up at almost 90 degrees! Hopefully her condition stabilises and she can be home for the Lunar New Year and this time I've advised her not to travel back to her hometown in Malaysia, like how she would normally do so.

It's back to work again for me tomorrow and bonding time for K and the hubs. I think when it's time for her to return to school, she will go through some separation anxiety again, like how she did when we returned from our Chiang Mai trip. 

Thursday, 25 December 2014

We didn't do much today, so much so that it feels like any normal public holiday. When last night's dinner was cancelled, I made arrangements with Jeremy to go Gardens by the Bay in the evening. He, Ivy and Bev decided to have dinner at the market near our place and very shortly after, it started to pour.

The rain was still so heavy when the 3 of us drove to the market to meet them that going to Gardens by the Bay was no longer an option. Disappointing but what to do. So, the alternative was to go Star Vista where we had so many coupons for the train ride there. We had some from shopping and then some others were given by other shoppers. So sweet right! But we ended up with a tad too many, I reckon. 

With nothing planned for today, K was pleasantly surprised when we opened our bedroom door, supposedly after her afternoon nap to see that M has brought Esther home. While the hubs and I slept, K was playing the whole time on the bed. We then took the 2 of them out with us to the furniture mall to see what we could potentially buy for the new place and had dinner outside.

That basically sums up the eve of our Christmas and the day itself. K's childcare is closed tomorrow till Tuesday and the hubs is responsible in taking care of her. I've mentioned this so many times but he either forgets or wasn't paying attention that he has to apply leave to be with her. Anyway, I'm leaving it to him what he needs to do. 

As for the youngest SIL, she is still under observation. I hope she'll be given the all clear and can be discharged soon. Not doing anything for Christmas is one thing but having to be bedridden and worrying is something no one wants to go through during the festive holidays.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

We went to the restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands for departmental dinner yesterday evening. And because the hubs had his company's Christmas party, he was not able to pick K up and thus, at my Manager's suggestion, K was the special guest for dinner. 

The food spread was fantastic! But unfortunately my tolerance to something which I ate, wasn't. Within an hour or so, I felt my face feeling hot and thought that it could be the alcohol in the food. Shortly after, my body started itching. It was definitely not the alcohol but a food allergy and there were mosquito-like patches on my temples and parts of my body. My manager suggested that I go see consult a Doctor straightaway and my colleague so sweetly accompanied me and K although I had arranged to meet R at the clinic.

During the not so short wait at the Doctor's, the itch and swells subsided but I waited for my turn anyway. According to the Dr, the allergy could be due to additives or the usual suspects of crustaceans. I had 3 oysters, 2 mussels, some fresh prawns from the cold section and it has never happened before. When the hubs met me, he said I'll probably need a jab but after the wait, I was almost afraid the Dr can't find the spots anymore. Lol...

Anyway, we are supposed to have a Christmas barbeque at the youngest BIL's home this evening but the hubs received a text this morning that says that dinner has been cancelled as the SIL has been admitted to the hospital as her waterbag was leaking. Oh dear, I hope she and the foetus will be fine.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Project: Lake District

We formalise the sale of our flat today! Finally, I can reveal the big project. As usual, I kept it under wraps as I didn't want to jinx it and end up feeling so excited and then nothing happening.

We have been looking out for a bigger place, not that ours is puny, for a while. Before K and then it sort of died a natural death on the birth of K. Especially since we had to travel between the east and central part of the island at that time. Sometime in late August or September, the hubs mentioned to me about a unit he saw on-line and then I decided to take a look and found another potential unit.

Long story cut short, we viewed the flat and somehow felt quite comfortable with it. Unlike previous bigger units that we have viewed before, this one didn't give me a half-hearted feeling. And the fact that it was fairly bare, with no built-in cabinets except in the kitchen was a draw. I don't like how some flats have built in everything which will likely become passe and have to be torn down.We made an offer within 2-3 weeks after the first viewing.

Which means, we have to sell our flat too. So, in came Zul, and I must really give him credit. Within the first day of listing, we had 2 viewers and the first made an offer but we were not ready to move out so fast. In less than 1 month and probably almost after 10 sets of buyers, our flat has found her new owner. There was 1 evening, we had as many as 5 sets of buyers viewing our flat!

The hubs was initially worried that we can't get a buyer so fast but I guess where we are staying is the selling point in itself and the fact that it is bigger than most units these days made the sale easier.

I am looking forward to the bigger unit at the soon to be developed 'Lake District'. And at the same time will miss a lot of what I've been used to especially since this is our first matrimonial home.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Our activity filled weekends have picked up again.

While still coughing and sounding nasal, we went ahead to attend the 21st birthday of the hub's relative's daughter. Because it is the same relative who usually holds gatherings for all their relatives, all of them are not immediate cousins but distant, the food was good! The french chap, step-father to the 2 kids is a good cook and so is the mom really. The hubs' family was the only one they invited and then the birthday girl's friends. 

Her friends decorated the function hall beautifully except for the disappointing helium balloons which started deflating too soon! Lol.. Having in mind to celebrate K's 3rd birthday, like finally, I was trying to 'steal' ideas on what decorative items I can put up. 

And after church this morning, we only had 1 service today, there was a small spread of food available. And then we went to Jeremy's. While Jeremy and Tim drove off again, after sending Ivy home, to collect the turkey, the hubs and I brought K out to Courts as the hubs needed to get some prizes for his company's upcoming Christmas party. 

I had brought K out in the hope that she'll catch a nap in the car but unfortunately, after wailing and staying in the car for a while when we returned to Jeremy's block, she did not want to sleep at all. We told her to take a nap as soon as we go upstairs and she even bargained with us after she play for a while. When we reached Jeremy's flat, she reluctantly followed me upstairs to the room and eventually, her favourite uncle was with her, entertaining her with stories and she still didn't sleep. And of course, her favourite uncle then carried her downstairs and she started playing with her girl cousins.

We had early dinner, unwrapped the presents and had rainbow cake, specially bought for K by her favourite uncle, again. We left about 7pm, squeezed into the car and a short while later, K started wailing. Just because she was getting restless from being so tired and wanted to sleep. She slept through the 3 siblings alighting and all the way home. When we reached home however, she woke. Anyway, it was good as we could let her have her milk, rinse her down and get comfortable in her pjs. 

We were all able to sleep at our usual bedtime after reading to her 3 books. She has another party in school tomorrow. Our contribution of panettone was brought to her school on Friday. Well, another day of fun for her. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our little Christmas tree was put up a few weeks back and although the cold wind is starting to descend on us, it's a lot later than the past years. I usually start humming 'It's beginning to feel like Christmas' by November every year but this time round, it's the week before that I can feel it.

Our 'celebrations' start this Saturday, with a 21st birthday party at the hubs' relatives home. I'm not too sure if we're going though, with the 2 of us still feeling under the weather. On Sunday, we have a church celebration after the morning service then my own family's dinner at Jeremy's in the evening. And on Christmas eve, we are going over to the youngest BIL's home for some barbecue with the SIL's side of the family. The hubs had wanted to invite his family over to our home for dinner but I guess the youngest SIL already made plans and since we asked, decided to have us join them.

Presents have be bought and this year, K is definitely more attuned to the season of eating, decorations and presents.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

M is on a holiday since Monday and it feels good to be home when it feels like before, just us. Just the 2 of us and of course K. And while we should be enjoying it, the 3 have ended up feeling under the weather.

It started with K getting slightly feverish on Saturday and then the coughs and slight running nose came about. She's better now, after the manuka honey drink that the hubs made for her in her water-bottle, which she had to bring to school everyday and drink it for the past 3 days, and of course, over-the-counter cough medication. Now the hubs and I seem to be the worst for it. Having not the need to consult the GP, the same can't be said for the hubs and I! Yes, both of us consulted the GP yesterday evening and hopefully, like what the Doctor said, if your daughter recovers in such a short time, you will too!

I was on course today so it was a good break away from work, especially since I was busy ever since I came back from Chiangmai. And our my way back, I could finally say we're getting some cold wind from the year end weather. Or is it just me because I'm still sick? :p

Sunday, 14 December 2014

M brought Esther over to stay on Thursday evening. The hubs and I have been telling Esther that we'll bring her over sometime during her school holidays but never actually got round to it as we need to pick her up from Jerry's, which is usually out of the way for us. Esther called me to ask if she can stay over while M was at their place and since M was going to bring her out on Friday, while the hubs and I are at work, why not.

So on Saturday morning, we skipped the market run, since we had sufficient supplies in the fridge, and brought Esther and K to the fire station. We dropped by Alexandra fire station initially but is didn't seem like it had anyone other than the staff in there. So after I got off to check with the officer if they have an open house, we decided to drive over to the central fire station.

There were so much more visitors at the central fire station and they were more prepared or rather, more used to attending to such crowds that they seem to have a proper flow of what they showcased. On the other hand, I reckon that the fire stations at the neighbourhoods do not have the same systematic flow. Upon request, Esther and K both had a plastic replica of a fire fighter's 'helmet'. K was a little apprehensive and I had to carry her throughout while the hubs had to carry her while 'playing' with the fire hose.

We went for lunch after the the open house, then to the supermarket and the 2 girls took their nap after K showered. We spent the rest of the day at home and I made pizza for them while the hubs went to attend a wedding dinner, of which, he left even before the dinner started just because he said he missed us. Awhhhhh.

And today, Esther went back home after church. Having 2 girls in the backseat is a nice thought. You can just leave them on their own and they can talk and imagine all sorts of things. And boy, can they talk! 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

I had been so busy and probably stressed since I came back to work on Monday that my period was delayed and after 3 days, just like clock-work it came as soon as the software issues were solved.

On top of the usual claims to manage, the company practices early salary pay-out in December and there I was having to process a truckload of claims, which the staff inevitably try to submit before the year ends, on top of ensuring that bonuses are paid out as well. And as murphy's law dictates, everything that can go wrong did go wrong. I encountered errors while processing which my colleagues in HQ have not come across before.

So on Tuesday, for the first time in this company, I stayed till 7ish pm just to check on the payroll and because I had to manually key in staff details in the bank site, I had to lunch in yesterday. The issue was settled yesterday evening and when I processed the claims run again this morning, everything seemed to be back to normal. And a while later, dear auntie flo reared her head again.

Now I just pray that there are no mistakes with bank details. :p

Sunday, 7 December 2014

We're back from our 1 week holiday in Chiangmai! And before that, we or rather, I was so busy that I couldn't find time to blog although what I had wanted to write was constantly on my mind.

We were supposed to kick-start our vacation last Saturday with a staycation. Kenneth's cousin had some staff deal but was cancelled last minute due to some mix-up which was just as well as I hadn't started packing for our trip to Chiangmai. But the Victors, Salahudeens and Cordeiros went ahead with the staycation at another hotel. We brought K over for some pool time and then we had dinner with them.

On Sunday evening, the 3 of us took a train ride to Jeremy's to stay the night as they stay very near the airport. Our suitcase was sent there after church and Jerry's family were already there when we arrived. So technically, our holiday started on Sunday evening for the kids.

While we enjoyed ourselves in Chiangmai, especially on the elephant ride, ride on the ox-cart, bamboo rafting (K was asleep by then and the hubs carried her and waited for us at the final station), I was disappointed with the weather. It wasn't as cold as expected and I had packed for K and myself, trousers and long-sleeved tops! Another thing we had to miss out was the night market. While Jerry and his family seem to shop quite a bit, we were restricted by K's sleep time. Although I must say she was so sweet to allow the hubs and myself 1/2 hour of leg massage while seated in her stroller. Not an easy feat, considering how boring it is. Just imagine yourself being strapped up for 30- 45 minutes, not moving.

On the whole, we had fun and K breezed through the flight and enjoyed herself. Am NOT looking forward to work come Monday.