Monday, 30 November 2015

We had a packed weekend, as usual. So packed that I was too tired to mop the floor. So tired because of all the accumulative activities.

My office had their D&D on Friday evening and being part of the committee, we were pretty much working but it was fun nevertheless. We received very positive feedback and that is all that really matters at the end of the day.

We headed to the food industries at Woodlands on Saturday morning, pretty soon after I woke and washed up. Although they are open to public on every Saturday, there is food tasting at 1 of the companies only on the last Saturday of every month. K had a good time tasting cheesecakes and ice-cream. At another company, she had fun drawing on the decorative balls and hanging them up on the Christmas trees while the hubs went into the cold room to shop alone. This time, we bought beef cubes, beef steak, Chilean seabass, mackeral, frozen soup and 1 tray of 30 jumbo eggs. And then we drove to Adam Road hawker centre for lunch before heading home.

In the evening, we met the Victors and joined many others in the Santa Run at Sentosa. We were late and were too lazy to begin at the starting line. All dressed in our sports shoes but all we wanted was just to walk over to the finish line for the cute medal. In the end, only Kenneth and their youngest daughter went through the 2km route. The rest of us cut through short-cuts to get to the finish line, took our medals, free passes to USS and then ice-cream. After dinner, we went to USS, a first for K and the hubs. Not all the rides were opened as it was already past 8pm. Thankfully, K managed to take 2 rides and 1 4d show. She went on a roller coaster, without knowing anything and she sure had a tight grip of my arm during the the entire ride. We didn't take any photos as I had left my mobile at home! And I got to enjoy the Mummy ride with the 2 girls. By 10ish, we were exhausted and the hubs ended up carrying a sleeping K up home.

And yesterday, we attended a wedding lunch. It's actually K's first experience at a sit-down wedding meal. I think she enjoyed herself and was pretty much entertained with the bride and groom singing to their guests and the whole atmosphere.

It was already 4ish by the time, the whole thing was over. And once again, the hubs had to carry a sleeping child up the house. Hopefully, we have a slower week ahead before we go on our road trip with the in-laws the coming weekend, again.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

And so, everyone except the FIL is confirmed for the family road trip. I have been on a road trip with the youngest BIL, 1 of their Nepali cousin, a friend and MIL to KL/Genting before we were all married. And another one to Malacca when I was expecting with the MIL. If there is a big group, I'm fine but I do not want to be in a situation where it's just the MIL. And this coming Malacca trip is a first with the 2nd BIL, his wife and the youngest SIL.

The hubs had created a group chat on Monday, asking if the 2nd BIL and wife were interested to join us. Although the youngest BIL and us would still go ahead regardless. The hubs mentioned in the group chat that he will book the hotel rooms on behalf of everyone first which I wasn't too happy already. Whenever we travel with friends, each family book their own room because for the simple fact that there is monetary transaction involved. There is no need to ask and recover later on. He accepted my explanation on this thankfully.

And then after that, the hubs messages me to say that he will be paying for his 2nd brother. I say whatever for?!?!??!?! And then what? Food and drinks as well? Sure, they are now depending only on the 2nd SIL's salary but why? The hubs replies to ask how many times have we paid for them. I asked him in return if we should even pay for them in the first place? He is an able bodied adult who I do not know if he is even actively searching. Sure, he met an accident which injured his hand but that was last year and all I know is, he can still play the x-box for hours. Once even, fracturing his thumb. I wouldn't have mind paying for the PILs but not someone who is capable of taking care of himself! What do they call these people? Free-loaders?

And of course, he's the hub's brother so he gets away with it. Anyway, being me, I had to mull over it and then decided, guess what? We'll go ahead and pay for the rooms for everyone. Technically, it'll be just 3 rooms as the FIL has not reverted and the MIL has been assigned to share the room with the 2nd BIL and wife. Of course right! The 2nd BIL and family had been more than hospitable to us during our 2 month stay at their home and did not want to accept a single cent from us. So, what does the 2nd BIL deserve that the youngest one doesn't? So case closed. We pay while we can still afford it and thank everything for the lovely currency rate.

I did tell the hubs to inform everyone that we'll bear the hotel cost but we are not going to provide food and drinks as well! So he cleverly group messaged that the both of us are giving them an early Christmas present and will pay for the rooms and that they are to change more RM for dinner and drinks. 

At the end of the day, I feel a load off and actually happier. Hopefully, this road trip doesn't have any drama.

Monday, 23 November 2015

We were out over the weekend again, with an unplanned trip to Orchard on Saturday morning. The hubs had wanted to bring us to the Barrage but after my morning chores, it was already 11ish and the sun would be too strong so he changed plans. 

Coincidentally, his bff aka Kenneth was in town too with Gaye and we caught up for drinks when they met us at the food court, just as we completed our lunch. As I had arranged to meet an ex-colleague, we had to go off. And then it was shopping time for us. The car park cost us a whooping $15 odd!

And after church yesterday, we dropped by the youngest BIL's place to pass the NIL his birthday present. And at the same time, I tried on a pair of Nike shoes that the BIL had brought home. Although I find it a thumb space too big, they said it should be like that. Oh well, it's new and free! I'll be needing this for the Santa run that we've signed up for the coming Saturday. And K and her cousin had a fun game of twister. I'm actually quite surprised K understood the game and played it quite well, if I may say.

Then the SIL asked if we would like to go Malacca with them. The hubs was actually discussing about another Malacca trip with Kenneth and Gaye for his birthday in January when we caught up yesterday. We like Malacca and don't mind going with the the in-laws. The youngest BIL, typical of him, suggested asking his mother along and I do not know what was the full conversation but it ended up with asking the 2nd BIL and his wife as well. Meaning, a whole family affair.

However, whether the rest are going, we will still go ahead with the youngest BIL and family. I'm sure the MIL would definitely want to go. And so, a date has been set aside in December.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Conversation with K

On one of those days when I have time away and the hubs spends the evening with K. And at dinner time, K suddenly cries out.

Hubs: What happened baby? Why do you cry suddenly?
K: I don't want to get married daddy. I want to stay with daddy and mummy forever.
Hubs: - -

Update: She has now decided she will marry because she likes the decorated wedding cars!

On the recent appreciation night that I was attending, the hubs picked K up from school as usual and they had to eat out at the nearby coffee-shop. K was asking to be allowed to go to the playground.

Hubs: We will go for dinner first. (Secretly hoping that she'll forget by then.)
K: No daddy. Later after dinner, the sky will be dark and then you'll say it's too late to go to the playground.
Hubs: (trying to suppress his laughter) Hmm...ok, then you eat your dinner faster k.

The hubs reported that K went on to eat her dinner in super-quick time. Not that she takes forever to eat so it must have been really really quick. Lol.


We were on the road, driving to meet the Victors for dinner when we passed by some construction going on along the expressway.

Me: Look. They are clearing the trees and pushing the forested area back.
K: Why do they do that? (Because we tell her that there are probably animals staying in the forested area and she says like the 3 little pigs, the big bad wolf, Goldilocks & the 3 bears and not forgetting Little Red Riding Hood)
K: Where are they going to stay now? It's their home!

Hmmm, a green conservationist in the making?


The innocence of a child. My child.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

We went to the hubs' auntie's home for their yearly bhai pooja yesterday. The youngest BIL and family were not in attendance as they also decided to celebrate their son's 7th birthday as well and since the auntie informed everyone about the customary ritual at her home first, the hubs decided that we will have to miss his nephew's birthday.

While I was hoping that I could bring K to visit her friend from her previous childcare, it was too late by the time we arrived at the same estate that they stay at as the hubs' aunt. Earlier in the day, I had messaged the girl's mom to ask which block they are staying at and the cute mummy messaged me their block as well as unit number. Thinking that we'll drop by for sure but unfortunately, it was too late by the time we arrived. The hubs had picked K up from school after buying dinner for K and I. So, both of us ate at home before driving over to the aunt's. We know from experience, dinner at the aunt's will start very late after the 'ceremony'. And true enough, when we left at about 9ish, the FIL just started on his while the MIL was wanting to rush to catch a ride from us. In the end, the 2nd BIL asked why does she want to rush to go home when they are not staying too far from the aunt's. And then the FIL tells the MIL in a sarcastic manner that they will take a cab home and will have to wait so she better be prepared. Well, all she will do for a free ride home.

And this morning, we dropped K off at Jerry's while the 2 of us went to collect the race pack for a run that we've signed up for. It's not going to be a run for us, for sure. Lol. We met Kenneth and Gaye to collect the race packs and our 2 families will be going for a 2km walk at Sentosa come the last Saturday of this month. In the evening, the 2 families met up again with the girlys, to treat Kenneth to an advanced birthday dinner.

So, no housework was done this weekend. This house, really takes a lot of my time just to magic-clean and mop. :(

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

We had an enjoyable long weekend, with a staycation back at Festive Hotel in Sentosa. 

We checked in after church on Sunday afternoon and despite the long queue waiting to be checked in, the wait wasn't too long, thankfully. After coming out from the room's bathroom, the Victors gave me a surprise when I drew open the curtains to the balcony to 'hunt' for K. Gaye had made me some muffins and then a while later, the hotel surprised me with a cake, which we did not touch at all. 

The 2 dads and 3 girls went swimming while the 2 mums sat on the deck chairs. My menses had to come at the time when I really wanted to swim. What a bummer. I had really wanted to stretch the back of mine. Oh well, another time it has to be, for some water therapy.

And then the hubs treated us all to dinner at Hard Rock.The Victors couldn't stay the night as Kenneth had work the next day but we could tell he would have really love to. 

Yesterday morning, we brought K to Port of Lost Worlds but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it because I think the water play area was a little too much for her. I had to walk with her around the pirate ship but it still didn't do enough to entice her. There were, thankfully, other activities for her to take part in. But we've got 1 more voucher and I am looking forward to playing at the water play with her next. Mind you, there are parents who spend the whole day there with their kids! After about 2 hours, we returned to the hotel room to wash up before we took the monorail to Vivo and this time, we have Jeremy and Ivy stay over for the night.

The eldest brother has not step foot in Sentosa for at least a decade and since it's the public holiday the next day, I thought it nice to invite them over. Besides, the room in Festive is a family room with a twin sofa bed and bunk bed on top of the usual queen size bed. When we returned to Sentosa, we took a tram ride to the other parts of the island and then brought them back to the room to rest, while waiting for Bev to come over. 

We were out again when Bev arrived and had dinner, followed by a stroll through the resorts. Sentosa has changed so much and it's really different now, when you step into the resorts part of the island. 

I had a quiet birthday but would not have wanted it any other way, especially when I have my love ones with me.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My colleague, the secretary who doesn't do much secretarial stuff anymore, brought me to a corporate appreciation night. I brought her along with me for another appreciation dinner last month. So, I think we've both found a partner for such events. Lol.

It started with an invite to the Art Science Museum where an Hermes exhibition was going on. At the end of the guided tour, we learnt to appreciate it but still, I can't afford to buy it and probably neither will I, even if I have that kind of money. I'll stick to my LVs, thank you very much. It's much more affordable.

Dinner followed at a nearby bistro and dinner was superb. I had the wagyu burger.
There was even a lucky draw to end the evening! The 5 prizes, which we won none, consisted of a longchamp passport holder, a longchamp bag, a pair of economy class return tickets to Bali, a pair to Jakarta and a pair on business class to Bali! Wow.....

I love all these appreciation nights. Don't you? :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

I had no idea what to cook tonight. We didn't buy anything over the weekend and I cooked the only pack of vegetables for yesterday's dinner. When the hubs called me while I was almost reaching the train station, to ask me to pick K up as he would be a little late meant that I had to likely dabao. I chose to cook at home and decided to call up the canned food we have bought for times like this.

Tonight's dinner: Sausage with baked beans and Omelette with brown bunapi mushrooms.
I pushed K's rice to the side of her plate and decorated the centre with baked beans to make it look like the sun. And for the hubs', it was the other way round. Rice in the centre with the baked beans on the sides. Feeble attempt, I know but whatever makes me smile at the end of it. Lol....