Tuesday, 28 July 2015

K surprised me today when she drew a face! Only with eyes, but still, I am mighty proud of her. And she says the other picture is a girl crying.
I have to admit, albeit with shame, that I haven't been doing much activities with her other than read before we go to bed. Thus, in a sense, a lot is left to her school. I have been so caught up in the past few months with the house move, then the moving in with the youngest BIL which wasn't at all conducive and then now, the post reno settling in. 

I hope to be able to sit down with her soon with the number of activity books that we have been blest with. And I guess there is no better time than now to do that while she's still receptive. When she starts her formal education a few more years down the road, at least it'll be easier for both of us to get into this routine.

Monday, 27 July 2015

So here you go, as promised, the before and after photos of our new home. When our whole group of friends came over on Saturday, I was showing them the before pics on my mobile and I'm actually proud to say that there is a total make-over and I am so happy with the end product.

We start off with the master bedroom and K's room. Although you probably can't tell much from the before photos as they were taken after the previous owner moved out.
Before and after photos of the master bath and balcony. One stark contrast in both pics is the amount of natural light that is flowing in. And also look at that corroded cast iron pipe in the master bath! I'm so glad they could all be changed to slimmer pvc ones.
Common bathroom....the pictures speak for themselves.
And not forgetting my kitchen! It's so much bigger than the previous one and I'm loving it!
Next up will be photos of my dining and living area. Stay tuned.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

As soon as we got up this morning, we quickly washed up, changed and went to the market for breakfast as well as to buy a nice bouquet of flowers. We have invited a big group of friends, at least 35 of them including kids, for lunch. Having created a group chat, they were under the impression that we were using my brother's place since there were so many of them. Only when they appeared at the front door, did I say 'Welcome to our new home.' Lol... Only 4 other families knew about it as 2 of them have daughters who were in the same childcare as K, 1 was Janice, our neighbour from Redhill and Ivy's family.
The buffet set-up was done by about 12 and being the bff that he is to the hubs, Kenneth came earlier with the family to see if there was anything he could help around with. The whole bunch of friends arrived at around 1pm and it's amazing how our house can fit in so many people now. The kids enjoyed themselves and by the end of the day, K's room turned into a war zone. I did not even want to go in and the sweet hubs took it upon himself to tidy it up when he heard my comments about the horrible state of the room. The hubs and I ended up sleeping at 1am after all that cleaning. 

We did have a good time with good friends who could all make it. Those who didn't know it was an invite to our new home were upset that we didn't make it known to them as they didn't buy anything but plenty of cakes they brought. 

Most, if not all of them liked our new house and the lights that the hubs and I diligently bought from across the causeway. And I daresay, the lighting shops there are going to have more business now!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Social Committee, which I am part of, organised buffet dinner followed by the musical 'Singin In The Rain' yesterday evening. Once in a while, we get this little 'perks'. The previous company I was at organises quarterly movie nights and once we had the opportunity to watch 'Phantom of the Opera' in the same theatre. The difference is we were allowed to bring our partners there but not at the current company. Nevertheless, it's much appreciated. 

Sunday, 19 July 2015

We dropped by the youngest BIL's home after church today to pick up the last remaining box of our items. The boxes at Jerry's have been brought home yesterday. And after a short nap, I started on my task.

I wanted to do a thorough job especially since K was bitten by ants over the weekend. I've seen the black ants crawling about but wasn't too alarmed as they were mostly alone. Having sorted everything nicely, I wanted to give the balcony a good wash and the rest of the house a thorough mop through. Since she was bitten, the hubs thinks by some insects but somehow I think they are ant bites, the clean-up became more urgent.

The hubs was tasked to buy dinner after clearing some stuff from the balcony and here is what I found!
My worst fear with all these holes. And we've got a couple around the house that still needs patching up. The hubs has temporary sealed the hole and hopefully, we see no more of these critters. The house is now cleaner but I believe it will be a few more mops before the water doesn't become so black. But it was such a good work-out!

I have yet to compile the before and after photos, which I promise I will do so, very shortly. 

Saturday, 18 July 2015

On Hari Raya Friday, we woke up slightly later and I started getting some work done in the house. Well, mainly K's room and now she has a nice room of her own. If only, she will sleep by herself, in her room. But since she's ok on the mattress beside our bed, I can live with that. Otherwise, the hubs and I will miss her too!

The we met up with the Victors at their condo and together with Kenneth's cousin and daughter who lives in Perth, we went for lunch at Changi and then headed to the Victor's club for a swim. We dipped in the pool for easily 2 hours and we all have some kind of tan now. After the swim, it was off to the Victors where the girls played and the adults chilled.

Today is another slow day for us. The carpenters came to install the shelves for both the shoe and bathroom cabinets and I hope we no longer have to see them. We had lunch at Jerry's and after that, Esther followed us home. Good thing we have her for I was able to concentrate sorting things around the house.

Initially had wanted the 2 girls to take their nap but I was so caught up with the house stuff and really working it out, I left them to play all the way till almost dinner when we walked back to Jerry's. The hubs had gone off to watch the Barclays Asia Trophy with Jeremy.

After dinner, K and I took the bus home. After her milk and wash up, I told her to flip through the book on her own first while I go shower. Half-way through my shower, I felt it was so quiet in the room and when I was almost done, I peeped out to see her lying down with the book opened. She heard the door open and turned to smile at me. I told her to close the book and lie down first and I'll join her soon. When I was out of the bathroom shortly, she was knocked out....lol...

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

While arranging where to meet for dinner yesterday, the hubs commented that we should start cooking already as he was sick of outside food. Honestly, me too. There's only so much 'healthier' choices that we can have when we eat out. And I do not want to run the risk of having K grow sick of home-cooked food because of the 'added' tastes of hawker fare.

So after dinner last night, we went to the hyper-mart again to buy groceries. And today, went straight home from work. I did not cook up a storm as I was limited by time, so did a simple pasta meal with tuna flakes, bunapi mushrooms, carrots and cherry tomatoes. 
My first meal cooked at the new home. I will aim to start full-fledge home cooking by next week. Lol.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

We attended a wedding yesterday and after the church service, proceeded to check-in at the same hotel as where the dinner was to be held. The groom is the cousin of Kenneth's and so the whole family were there and K enjoyed playing in the pool with the 2 girls as well as another girl who we went Phuket with earlier this year.

In fact, we know quite a bit of Kenneth's relatives. They are a close bunch, especially since they all fall within a similar age group, I'm guessing.

Anyway, the hubs and I only started packing on Friday night and Saturday morning. I had washed my hair in the morning and it became so flat, I'm not looking forward to any photographs that I have taken and thankfully, they are VERY few.

When we checked out this afternoon, we had lunch with the Victors, including Kenneth's brother and wife, his parents, his MIL and 2 other cousins with their family. By the time we reached home, it was a rush to get K's school uniforms washed. Thankfully she had knocked out after lunch and slept all the way home.

I felt like it was a bit of a rush getting packed, coming home to do the washing, unpacking etc. And I didn't feel my best dressed for the wedding. I always used to prepare ahead and I think I need to put that in practice again.

Friday, 10 July 2015

A colleague and I brought 2 other colleagues from the finance department out for a farewell treat. We had fun with the good spread of food, followed by karaoke. We enjoyed ourselves and if I could read more chinese characters, I'll probably enjoy singing more songs. But anyhow, it was good fun.

Next weekend, over the Hari Raya weekend, I'll be going on a short trip to KL with 1 of the finance girl from yesterday and 2 others who were affected by a restructuring exercise. Can't wait for the shopping, eating and relaxing. And bonding time for the hubs and K. :)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Conversations with K

We now live on the 4th floor and for a block that serves about 100 units, we are served by 2 small lifts. We have experienced twice a full lift and had to walk down as well as another time, where so many people decided to come home at the same time and we had to walk up. Anyhow, the 4 flights of stairs are quite a breeze really, compared to our previous home where 1 flight of stairs consisted of so many steps.

This morning, K requested to walk down the stairs with me while waiting for the hubs. She says that is because I need the exercise. And after dinner today, while walking towards our block, K said again 'Let's walk up the stairs and because of you, I will. Cos Mummy needs to exercise.' Oh, she is such a sweetheart!

Last Friday, on their way to meet me in town to have dinner with the Victors, the hubs relayed to me what K said to him in the car 'Daddy, we very long never go for holiday already.' Never mind the broken English for now. Lol...

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The hubs had a strategic meeting at work today and so K and I took the train ride to church. I know I should start driving again but......I'm just too lazy to get behind the wheels. After church, Jeremy decided to come to our home and he's a nice kor-kor like that. The last time when the hubs was away to attend a wedding in Malaysia, he sent us back to the youngest BIL's too during the time when we were staying there. But the hubs pointed out later that it was because of K that he was sending us home. -_-

Anyhow, both my brothers made plans for a durian party at my home. The hubs who initially told me that his meeting would end about 5ish, surprised me when he came home soon after we reached home. At 3ish, the 3 men went off for the durian hunt and came back with this:
Finally, I am able to enjoy the goodness with company! There have been so many posting of durians, thanks to abundant supply, on FB and the hubs bought me a box when I started saying I feel like eating after all that temptation. Otherwise, I am very neutral to them. As for the hubs, although he doesn't dislike them, he can live without them.

Just enjoying these made us quite full and so our company left for home. The hubs intend to have another 'durian party' for friends. Once our sofa is replaced, they sent us the wrong colours, and the rest of everything else is nicely put away.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

We met the Victors for dinner yesterday evening. Mainly because the hubs was lending the Indian outfit that he wore on our wedding to Kenneth's cousin who is getting married next Saturday. But if it doesn't fit, the hubs says that he will wear it instead as I have in mind to dress K up in a punjabi suit, which was a gift to her from the Pannus. As for myself, I will either wear a modern take of a cheong-sam or an evening dress.

Today, the carpenter came punctually at 10am and installed both cabinets. Here's how our full height shoe cabinet looks. The hubs likes the laminate choice a lot. 
But still, we both love the shoe cabinet at our previous home, which the carpenter said he couldn't replicate. Never mind the dated laminate choice. 
The carpenter now owes us 3 shelves, 2 for the shoe cabinet and 1 for the one in the master bathroom. They have given too generous a space between the shelves and I could definitely make with more shelving space.

Jeremiah also sent one of his worker to do touch-up work but there are still some more to be done! Personally, I will not recommend him especially if you are not the sort who micro-manages. While we left pretty much of the work in the hands of our previous contractor, his worksmanship and initiative was fantastic! Unfortunately, when we found out that he had decided to return to the industry, we had already signed up with Jeremiah and didn't have any more time to wait. Oh well, next time, perhaps.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

For the past 2 1/2 months, the hubs would drop me off at the train station near K's school before he sends her. After work I would take a bus from the office to K's school, which was just a 20 minute ride away. But the routine changed since K started her new school yesterday. I took a 6 minute walk to the train station near our home and the express bus service home. Both journeys to and from work takes about 1/2 hour, which isn't so bad really. But up goes my travel costs.

After picking her up from school today, which I managed to do so before 6 pm, we walked to meet the hubs to try out a coffee shop near our block. As we were a little too early for dinner, we allowed her to play at the playground and then walked over to the the community club to check out the courses they have. 

And I'm so glad to report that I'm staying within a 5 minute walk to the community club which has so many courses going on. In a serious need to start exercising, I'm now spoiled for choice! Zumba, piloxing, body toning, yoga and I get to choose the days I want to join! The problem now is whether I've got enough stamina. Unfortunately pilates is not on the list. Otherwise, I would have preferred to start off slow and easy with this first. They even have ballet for K's age group but unfortunately the lessons are on Sundays.

As we left the cc to for dinner, we walked past a newly opened playground and it's so nice! It is not like the usual ones you see at any other neighbourhoods. I guess this must be part of the revamp for the Lake district and it's taking shape really well! 

Am thankful that everything has turned out well so far. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I took the day off today as K starts her first day at the new childcare centre. I had planned to walk her there but decided against it as I wanted the hubs to be familiar with the area the school is located at as he will be the one sending her to school everyday and fetch her even. 

The new school starts breakfast later than the previous one. And when K entered the compound, she took an empty seat and started building blocks with the other children. I sat at the reception area, looking in. She did well today, helping to keep the blocks when it was nearing breakfast time and also after breakfast at the assembly area. I am quite impressed by the fact that the school gives each student 2 teaspoons of orange flavoured cod liver oil when they report to school. I have asked K to be excused from it as we give her the original flavour at home. 

Another boy who starts on the same day, and who happens to be in the same class as K, was so clingy to his mother. When his mom and I were in the principal's office making payment, he came in to look for her. Even when they were all seated for their morning songs, she had to sit beside him. When I felt it was time to go, about an hour later, I waved to K and signaled that I will go off and she nodded her head. 

When I reached home, it was another set of tasks for me. I took out most of the stuff from the boxes and put them in their place. But I can't do everything. We have 2-3 boxes still at Jerry's and 1 at the youngest BIL's. By late afternoon, I magic-cleaned and mopped the floors. I even managed to get a good body scrub and face mask before leaving to pick K up. The hubs, who returned home earlier than usual, took the walk with me.

We're glad to report that everything is well with K and again, she did not nap the entire 2 hours. Sighhhhh.