Thursday, 30 April 2015

Already feeling a little under the weather, the husband telling me that I'll have to send K to school yesterday and make our way back to the BIL's in the evening was enough for me to 'decide' to take the day off. 

So yesterday, K 'accompanied' me to the Doctor's and then after that we went back home to bathe her before we headed out to the nearby mall. I also wanted to check out the bus to the train station for today. Yes, we had to make our own way today as well.

So anyway, I brought K to the library and lunch followed. After lunch, we went to buy a slice of cake for her which she had after waking up from her afternoon nap. Thankfully, I was able to nap too with her. 

And in preparation for today's journey, I woke up at 5.30am. Gave K her milk at 6am and we managed to leave the house at about 6.30am, while the sky was still dark. Thankfully, the rain had stopped. Speaking of which, when the hubs couldn't send us back on Tuesday evening, K and I were caught in the rain when we stepped out of the train station near the BIL's home. The rain was so heavy, the insides of my shoes were filled with water. If bringing K home lugging her bag and mine is difficult, I have no words to describe doing it in the rain. I had to carry her while balancing an umbrella with the other hand. Good thing the hubs dropped us off at a train station and told me to leave K's bag in the car.

This morning, we took a bus to Bishan MRT station, took the circle line and had to alight at the next station as K wanted to go to the toilet. We were back into the station after the toilet run, changed to another train at Buona Vista and alighted at Queenstown, where we took another bus to K's shool. So we had 1 bus ride to the train station, 2 train rides and another bus ride to school. I'm sure it was an adventure for K but definitely not for me. So now do you know why I rather stay home yesterday? Thankfully, the hubs will be able to resume our normal arrangements after work today.

And I hope for the rest of the 1 1/2 month stay at the BIL's, there is no more need for me to send K to school on my own. 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The eldest SIL took a train ride and we picked her up from the nearest train station to the BIL's yesterday and we went JB together. We picked her up at 10am and arrived at noon, just in time for lunch. And K had a snooze during the later part of the drive and woke up when I had to carry her out of the car.

After lunch, we started with buying bathroom accessories. With the prices we pay there, I do not even want to buy anything else back home. It's the same for branded bags. I do not find it worth at all to buy them here but of course I'm referring to buying them from Europe. Anyway, when we went off to search for the lighting shop, we lost our way again. We couldn't find the one that we went to the last time and so, we gave up and went off  'shopping' instead. 

It was raining so heavily too and since the SIL was with us, we felt bad going around in circles. And again, all thanks to the hubs forgetting to bring the GPS from his office.

After church today, we went the the industrial estate nearby to check out a shop selling bathroom accessories and were proven right. We'll definitely head back to JB to pick up some more stuff since we still have the lights to get as well. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Contractor Jeremiah arranged for us to go down on site yesterday evening to discuss how we want to lay the tiles. It was raining so heavily at the start of the evening that I pray it doesn't continue the same today as I will be fetching K on my own as the hubs has a dinner meeting.

I also saw the new pipes, which is definitely a welcome sight compared to the old stinking cast-iron ones. They are slimmer and looks less obstructive. The hubs checked with Jeremiah again on how soon the place will be ready for us to move in and he said probably the 2nd week of June, with no rush. And although it's quite inconvenient putting up with the in-laws, we do not want to compromise on the quality of work too. So we've got to sacrifice short-term inconvenience for long-term gain, I suppose.

When we returned to the in-laws, it suddenly occurred to me that the tiles Jeremiah placed on the kitchen floor didn't look right. It looked more slate like compared to the one that we chose. So the hubs had to go down on site again during lunch today to check it out and thankfully, they were the correct ones after he sent me a picture of the tiles for confirmation. I feel so bad troubling him but at least my heart and mind is at peace now.

I didn't take any pictures of the place yesterday and am kind of regretting it now. The kitchen looks bigger now but the master toilet looks puny. Can't wait for the transformation!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The SIL's mom cooks almost everyday and have been including our share but other than the first day we moved in with them, we had to eat out as we had to go back to the previous flat everyday last week. Although we had planned for dinner at the youngest BIL's home yesterday, the plans were cancelled when the youngest SIL messaged me to say that her mom would not be cooking as the BIL had arranged for dinner outside. And it was to be for the MIL's birthday.

The hubs was of 2 minds to go but we joined them eventually. As usual, the PILs were late and with an already late dinner at 7.30pm, we reached home almost at 10pm. It was quite awkward birthday or gathering I felt. The FIL did not utter a word and looked bored throughout. The hubs, on the other hand, did not speak to both his parents and I as usual, did not greet the MIL and this time, did not acknowledge the PIL too. In fact, the hubs has exited the group chat with the extended family. And this time, the 2nd BIL did not add him back in. If the 2nd SIL, who arranged for this, had planned to patch things, I think she has failed miserably.

I know eventually, the hubs will put this behind him. But for me, as an outsider, it just shows that the parents do not care at all. Unlike my brothers, they do not even bother to ask about us during this transition. But then again, I do already know this, don't I.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

While we were busy with the move and cleaning up, our new house was going through some major hacking. Thankfully, the hubs was able to take the week off and he could toggle between the 2 places. 

After Tuesday, being a big event in our life, the hubs dropped by JE to take a look at the 'works-in-progress', which actually just started on Monday. The men were busy at work hacking the old tiles, tough as the tiles were at least 10 years old. It's like removing really stubborn stains.
He was back on Thursday to meet up with the plumber who came by to change the cast iron pipes to pvc ones. You can see how corroded they are from 1 of the picture above. So we're really glad to be able to get rid of them.

Hopefully the tiles can be laid in the coming week although the contractor hasn't discuss with us how we would like to place them. But I guess he'll do what is best base on his experience.

Friday, 17 April 2015

This has been a crazy week for us. Thankfully, it was just a case of toxins purging from K's system and she was back to school the next day when the movers came, followed by cleaning up the house. During the week, we went back to pack up odds and ends.

This is how the house looks like now:
And today was the day. The day of handing over. The day when the house no longer belongs to us. I didn't feel it as much as the hubs as I was busy at work. And I'm glad for the distraction.
And now, we're living out of our suitcases in the youngest BIL's home.
 Hopefully we get to rest well during the coming weekend.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Thankfully for the trolley that I had reminded the hubs to borrow from his workplace. We or rather I, have so much junk to throw that without the trolley, my arms would have fallen out. 2 pairs of Gucci loafers that sadly have to go but maybe be a treasure find for the scavengers. 
We started clearing our stuff on Sunday evening and already, the hubs saw 2 ladies rummaging through them. They even thanked him! Even after the movers left, I was busy bringing stuff down to the waste area. And I'm so thankful to Janice for accepting some of K's baby stuff for her sis, some food and washing stuff. All of which would have gone to waste otherwise.

We went for our lunch before returning home to clean the place up. The hubs vacuumed with our Karcher one last time before he throws it away and I moped the place a grand total of 5 times!  
Oh, how I'll miss this estate and this home. 

Monday, 13 April 2015

I noticed that K started having rashes on her body yesterday and by today, it was so much that the hubs and I were afraid they were measles. But having been vaccinated, I was also doubtful. The hubs suggested that I take the day off work today as he will be taking the rest of the work week off for our move. I brought K to my office to pick up my phone charger and my colleagues said what K was having was likely the system flushing out the toxins. 

The wait at the Doctor's was an hour and true enough, the Dr said the same thing and prescribed anti-histamine. We then proceeded home and since I had the day off, started packing. On hindsight, it's a blessing in disguise really that I had to take the day off today. I had SO much left to pack that I wouldn't be able to manage if I had gone back to work today. 

I have so much clothes, it filled up about 6 boxes and that is not including my bags, accessories, toiletries etc. And finally, I had to throw away the truckload of paper carriers and turn a blind eye to the branded ones. 
Can you even remember this one? Their very first paper carrier when they opened their stores here in Singapore. Lol. 
The hubs was disgusted and so am I really. Well, not so much of disgust maybe.

The movers are coming in tomorrow morning and I've so stressed now I can't finish packing by then! I'm hating moving now!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Tiles Galore!
We went to choose tiles today for the kitchen, bathrooms, store room and balcony. This is what we selected after a short 1 hour there. The chap who served us told us that some people stay for 3-4 hours, going through the vast choice of tiles. It's mind boggling really, especially if you do not have any idea the look you want for your house.
For our current home, we only had to choose tiles for the living area and foyer area. We stuck with the standard HDB tiles for the kitchen and bathrooms, which of course isn't the best quality but still after 8 years, our house is really in very good condition.

While we went tile shopping, K was happily playing at Jeremy's. We dropped her off after lunch and when we left, she seemed to have forgotten us. We went back to their place for dinner and when we were on the way home, K, who was playing since afternoon, slept in the car and all the way.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

We kick-start our packing yesterday evening. There are so many things to be packed that somehow, I think the husband and I wished that the items could all miraculously sort themselves out into the carton boxes. Packing for myself when I moved to stay at Jerry's and then to my matrimonial home was a breeze. I really underestimated the move as a family!

With just a week left till the handover, I am really in panic mode. And I appreciate that the hubs has taken upon himself to contact the movers and at the same time, liaise with Jeremiah the contractor. I've managed to get some carton boxes from work but we definitely need more! I've finally came to my senses to throw away the 1 million and 1 paper bags, many of which are from luxury brands. K has been such a busy little helper but of course I'll need to sort through her toys, some of which to leave temporarily at storage and some to bring along with us when she's either not looking or asleep.

This, the beginning of our packing and please excuse the little head you see in the box. Lest you accuse me of child abuse. That was the highlight which brought a smile to our face while sweating over what to pack and what to throw.
At the end of the evening, the living area was filled. I had to remind the hubs not to simply leave them behind the main door and dining table. How are we going to open the door to leave the house and where are we going to eat our dinner! Man. As much as you appreciate them, yet many a times, you do not know what to make of them!

Monday, 6 April 2015

With the busy weekend and realising that K's temperature was 38 degrees at the clinic on Saturday evening, I thought that we should skip church yesterday to rest at home.

We went to view a flat in the mid-afternoon and then went to town for a while as the hubs wanted to check something out. The flat was available for rent to us for 3 months but the location is quite secluded, although within walking distance to the LRT station.

After viewing the place, we went to town for awhile as the hubs wanted to check something out. Thankfully, K slept during the car journey, mainly because of the medication she was taking. By the time we reached home, I had good time to prepare dinner for us.

Sometime in the evening, the youngest BIL called and out of the blue asked us if we have a place to stay during the interim and offered us to stay with them. The hubs thinks that his other brother could have told him about our 'situation'. I'm not too comfortable putting up with them mainly because of the Nephew-in-Law. The thought of him screaming everyday is enough to give me a headache and I can imagine the hubs getting irritated by him. Also, it is not a good idea to have K emulate him especially being able to see him everyday for the next 3 months. The hubs is fine with the idea but I rather have some privacy.

It's illegal to let out HDB flats on a short-term basis but it'll be a squeeze at the youngest BIL's place. What about the laundry, our meals and so on? Their gestures are appreciated and I'm thankful for them but at this point, I would rather not. But, I am not sure if I have the luxury of choice.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

This Good Friday holiday was a much needed break. Especially with K running a fever yesterday, resulting with the hubs and I taking 1/2 day's Childcare Leave each. In the evening, the hubs came to pick us up as we had an appointment with the very first contractor we met, the one originally first in my list who did Lynn's flat, at our new flat. I had wanted this final run through to be thorough to reflect a more accurate quotation. 

On Good Friday itself, Pauline and her family came by to pick up some stuff and Janice also decided to pick up the cot on her sister's behalf. When all was done, I felt like a load off. Well, it certainly helped with our packing. Having said that, I am 'appalled' by my own insanity! I used to be such a shopaholic, needing to buy something every time I was at the shops, which was very, very often. And I've kept the paper bags and there are SO many of them! I find it such a pity to throw them all out and I know it's ridiculous to be shifting them with me but!!! I moved a whole bulk of them when we moved here and now I've got more of them. :p

Anyway, to digress,we dropped by a Home Fair in the evening and made orders for curtains as well as the main gate for the new house. 

And this morning, we dropped by my office to pick up a long 4-door custom made cabinet. The office is undergoing major renovations and some furniture will not be required anymore. In fact, the piece that I am taking hasn't even been used! I'll probably strip it off the current laminate and replace it. The hubs arranged for a mover to pick them up and brought them over to the new flat. So we were back again at the new place.

By evening time, K's fever hasn't subsided and the hubs decided that we should bring her to consult a Doctor except that it was about 7ish in the evening and most clinics only open for half a day on Saturdays. Thankfully, at the 1 clinic that was opened, the Dr was kind enough to see K although he was in a rush. By the time, we left the clinic, it was almost 9pm. Hopefully, with the medication, K will get a lot better. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The 2nd SIL from the hubs' side whatsapped me in the late morning, asking how were we. I was taken aback but truth to be done, I had wanted to message her yesterday too. Especially after noticing that the hubs had exited from a group chat that he had created for his immediate family as well as the one with the extended family on the FIL's side which was created by the 2nd BIL. But the 2nd BIL added him back and I too, exited from the immediate family chat group. But I held myself back as I didn't want to create any unnecessary attention should the SIL not know anything.

Anyhow, I decided to speak to the SIL instead of sending messages to and fro. And found out that there was apparently some argument between the hubs and the FIL on Sunday morning. The FIL had apparently made a big fuss even after the phone conversation ended. The FIL accused the hubs of simply informing him that we would be moving into their new place on a certain date instead of 'asking for permission'. I believe or at least I had been reminding the hubs to check with his father so I'm not sure if the FIL has forgotten that the hubs did ask or did the hubs only asked the MIL, who, in every sense or the word, cannot be depended upon and cannot make any decision whatsoever. The MIL, is liken to a puppet. She will not step in to appease any conflicts neither does she act on behalf of her children. 

Anyway, since I half-expected no help will come from the PILs, I do not want to comment any further but I think it's pretty obvious why I feel the way I do towards them. Especially after so many incidences. The hubs is now arranging to see if we can view any place we can rent for a couple of months. The one that was offered by his club member is already taken up. The 2nd BIL and his wife did offer the hubs but I believed he is not keen to stay with them, especially since he will then have to see his parents everyday then. Oh well, we'll see how it goes....