Friday, 30 June 2017

I managed to score myself a complimentary seat for a terrarium workshop jointly organised by the building management and HPB. I think it's lovely. :)

Monday, 26 June 2017

M has been coming along with us to send the girl for her ballet lessons lately. When lessons start, the hubs, M and I would cross over to the nearby mall to take in the air-condition and window shop. And when it's time to pick the girl up, we usually drive somewhere and have dinner before we send her back to Jerry's.

I guess you can call that time we spend with her now, once a week. Better than none. So, that's what our Saturdays is all about now. Except when there is a ballet break.

And after church yesterday, the 3 of us headed home after lunch so that the girl could nap before the 'guests' arrive. We've asked the eldest brother, the SIL and Tim to come over for dinner. Bev was on flight and M happened to want to pop by too.

It's been a while since we invited the family over. After the 3rd brother's outburst last month, I think family gatherings are going to be uncertain. Anyhow, the girl asked the eldest brother and SIL if they could stay over the night and to her delight, they did.

Yesterday's dinner was roasted wagyu beef, air-fried saba fish, cream of musthroom soup, salad with mozarella balls and the usual pesto pasta. Having a smaller group is easier. I do not have to worry about needing to mop the house when the guests leave because the cooking is not a lot and there's contained mess.
Although the eldest brother and his wife stayed over and intended to go back after lunch today, we ended up spending the whole day together. The girl played memory board game with the 3 adults while I pottered around the house. And then we had lunch at the club.

We went Parkway Parade after lunch because the hubs said that he hasn't been there in ages. And he ended up buying a pair of walking shoes and I threw in a pair of sneakers for the girl. Lol. But now we need to change the girl's to a smaller size because it is way too big!

Anyhow, after shopping, we all went back to their home and stayed till dinner. However, we managed to plan for a holiday together for next year. In fact for 2. That is if they do not change their minds. It'll be fun and I'm so looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

I was supposed to be attending a 2-day course today and tomorrow. A break from the norm routine. When I arrived, there wasn't anyone in that room that the class was supposed to be conducted in and so I sat at the lounge area eating my hokkaido bake cheese tart. 

It seemed strange because I was there on time and decided to approach the staff only to realise the course has been cancelled last minute because the instructor was sick! While they were trying to reach out to as many participants as they could, they only had my office number and email. I had to do a U-turn, go home change and pick up my office key.

Fair enough, people do fall sick especially with this hot weather. I was perspiring while making my way back home, did a change and out I went again. Hiaz....

Sunday, 18 June 2017

The hubs and I took the afternoon off work on Friday because the girl's school had organised a 'Parents day' event. When I saw the memo in the girl's communication book, I felt that we could pass this. And when she asked, I told her perhaps not but she was so sad and cried. The hubs said that I should not reject her so directly. Fine. Unlike him, I do not know how to beat around the bush. 

The day before the event, K's classmate's mom messaged me to ask if we were going because she wasn't and she also felt bad. Because her son had been sick, she had been taking leave recently too but thankfully, she managed to make it. I agree, this meant so much for them. The children performed a song and dance number and then there were 5 game stations where the child and parent teamed up to play. We ended up winning 2nd prize. The other 2 prize winners were also from her class.

There wasn't any ballet class yesterday and in the morning, the hubs made pancakes for breakfast. We then had lunch at IMM before heading home for a nap. And in the evening, we were off to attend the little nephew-in-law's 1 year old birthday. After several changes, they had decided to use the function hall of the usual relative's condo and there were quite a number of people they had invited. There were quite a few kids too so K had some fun playing with 2 other girls, 1 a year older and another a year younger than her.

After church today, we went to Changi Village for lunch and took a short drive to the coastal area and found the perfect spot where the planes were landing. We were there for just 15 minutes before we left to send the eldest bro and wife home and then home.

Because the girl napped in the car, she didn't at home but the hubs did, as usual. And because he napped, he did not see a message from the youngest bil who had invited us over to their place for dinner. By the time we went, after picking the PILs up, we had dinner at about 8pm. But we all had fun spending time together. :)

Monday, 12 June 2017

Instead of a Monday blues, a lot of us in the office had a 'wake-up' Monday when the charming Norwegian chap who is Manager of our local office announced his resignation and had to leave immediately. It's easy to fall in love with this guy. He is so personable. Now, everyone is hoping his successor is just like him.

On another note, the baking tin that I ordered on-line for our air-fryer arrived today! I only placed the order last Thursday. It looks exactly the same as the one that came with the air-fryer though. I guess I should now line it with foil or baking paper to prevent rough washing from the hubs. Even the innerpot of our rice-cooker wasn't spared but thankfully, not as bad. Check out the used and new version.

I also picked up some clothes I had bought on-line from the store, back at the building where my previous office was. I think it's pms. I bought some clothes for K too last Friday from H&M. Momentary joy.

In the evening, I also managed to hand-over K's balance bike to a buyer and met her and her son at Chinese Garden train station, carrying the clean shining red bike on 1 hand and holding K's hand with the other. Not bad, I only put it up on Saturday.
The hubs wasn't too happy because he said he had promised his 2nd brother that he will pass the balance bike to his baby nephew. But I told the hubs that I feel that they do not deserve it. It just seems that things they receive are of no value to them. The youngest SIL had passed them her son's cot and the 2nd SIL's son is not even 1, they are giving the cot to someone else. Same goes to the stuff I've passed them. A friend had passed them a food steamer and not even a year old yet, they have passed it down. The SIL commented to me why do they seem to be in such a hurry to 'get rid of things'. 

They are celebrating their son's 1 year old birthday this Saturday. It makes me very curious because they have quite a guest list while for the MIL's joint birthday with another relative last month, this same BIL told the 2 brothers that he will not be able to put in his share because of his situation. Aka not holding a proper full-time job. 

We actually bought the boy a gift for his birthday but I guess, I'll keep it for Christmas. Like what the youngest SIL said, just give them ang-pow. Anyway, the money from the sale of the balance bike, I passed it back to the hubs...since in his own words, he bought it.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

We visited a book fair on Friday after dinner at the clubhouse. Thankfully it was not crowded, unlike the bookfairs which my father used to bring us when we were younger. There was also the IT fair going on which was pulling in the crowds. We ended buying 6 more activity books for K and will start her on them once we are done with the current lot. 

K enjoys doing them and in fact, always asks to do more when I say that we can stop. Although I've missed that age of 3-4 years where they say their brains are like sponges, I hope to be able to catch up on teaching her and having her get used to the idea of learning. Some children do not adjust well to formal education because doing homework and reading up is so foreign to them. Even K's childcare teacher shared the same thoughts as me. 

We had PTM on Saturday morning but the hubs was unable to join us because he had a course at work. On the whole, it is a good report and the teacher commented that K's memory is not what I thought it to be, thankfully. It was even indicated on the report, that she has good memory! (Whut?!)

We went for Mac breakfast, went home, ran through work with her, prepared lunch and then made her take her nap. The hubs, who was supposed to be on a course the whole day actually left half-way through and came home. So our train journey to ballet lessons had to be cancelled because the official chauffeur was back.

While waiting for K to finish her ballet, the hubs and I took a walk around the pasar malam beside the CC and then because of the hot, hot weather, I ended up getting a migraine. K wasn't any better. She had complained of a headache after waking up from her nap and didn't want to attend ballet. We did anyway and instead of going out, we drove back home after ballet. While she lied down, I did too and did it from almost 6pm to today. Although I did wake up for a short while in the evening to help the hubs a bit when K threw up. 

We woke up pretty early today because we all slept so early and I quickly put K's laundry to wash. Otherwise she will have no uniform come Monday. But the hubs decided we should not attend church because the girl was still feverish and complained of a headache especially when she walks. It was quite bad on Saturday when she cried and pounded her temples. Thankfully for me, I felt so much better.

In fact, we were able to attend the Victor's eldest daughter's 'confirmation' lunch although we were late. 

Came home late afternoon, rested a while and then we went IMM for dinner. Hopefully, the fever and headache goes away for K although she now complains about sore throat. Sigh....I blame it on the weather.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

We are now in the middle of the year. And K is 5, in K1. She goes up to K2 next year and before we know it, she's in for formal education. I feel like I have no time or rather she is running against time to prepare herself for Primary 1.

Thankfully, I have been pretty disciplined in sitting down with her after dinner and going through 'assessment books' which I call activity books with her. They are so fun and are more of an activity than the assessment books of yond. I can instruct her with what to do and then go hang the laundry and she calls out to me when she's done. I'm so thankful for now, she's disciplined and honest like that.

But she also forgets what I taught her even after doing it 1234 times. When we relax on some days, it gets even worse. At times, I raise my voice and then feel bad. I tell myself 1234 times too that she's only 5 and still learning. That's why they can ask you to read the same book every other day. Repetition, refresh and remind. But she's smart too..she picks up quickly. She can read fairly well now.

But I worry if we have enough prep time and if I'm doing enough. I do not send her for any enrichment classes at all. I do not see the need to when I can guide her at home. I want to be the one to teach her as much as I can. She is my responsibility and until that day comes when I fail to be able to teach her then there's really no choice by then. 

I just hope I'm worrying too much.