Monday, 26 June 2017

M has been coming along with us to send the girl for her ballet lessons lately. When lessons start, the hubs, M and I would cross over to the nearby mall to take in the air-condition and window shop. And when it's time to pick the girl up, we usually drive somewhere and have dinner before we send her back to Jerry's.

I guess you can call that time we spend with her now, once a week. Better than none. So, that's what our Saturdays is all about now. Except when there is a ballet break.

And after church yesterday, the 3 of us headed home after lunch so that the girl could nap before the 'guests' arrive. We've asked the eldest brother, the SIL and Tim to come over for dinner. Bev was on flight and M happened to want to pop by too.

It's been a while since we invited the family over. After the 3rd brother's outburst last month, I think family gatherings are going to be uncertain. Anyhow, the girl asked the eldest brother and SIL if they could stay over the night and to her delight, they did.

Yesterday's dinner was roasted wagyu beef, air-fried saba fish, cream of musthroom soup, salad with mozarella balls and the usual pesto pasta. Having a smaller group is easier. I do not have to worry about needing to mop the house when the guests leave because the cooking is not a lot and there's contained mess.
Although the eldest brother and his wife stayed over and intended to go back after lunch today, we ended up spending the whole day together. The girl played memory board game with the 3 adults while I pottered around the house. And then we had lunch at the club.

We went Parkway Parade after lunch because the hubs said that he hasn't been there in ages. And he ended up buying a pair of walking shoes and I threw in a pair of sneakers for the girl. Lol. But now we need to change the girl's to a smaller size because it is way too big!

Anyhow, after shopping, we all went back to their home and stayed till dinner. However, we managed to plan for a holiday together for next year. In fact for 2. That is if they do not change their minds. It'll be fun and I'm so looking forward to it!

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