Wednesday, 29 June 2016

I ought to be ashamed of myself. The youngest SIL took the afternoon off work yesterday with the intention to go over to the 2nd BIL's place to cook something for the 2nd SIL and at the same time, I suppose, to look see and help or give advise. I on the other hand, gave up and decide not to bother about them anymore. Afterall, how much can you help a person who doesn't listen. I did tell the youngest SIL though, to talk to the other SIL because she doesn't seem to listen. 

However, I think her plans did not go through because the 2nd in-laws had to send the baby to the Dr because he was running a fever. He was eventually admitted back to the hospital for observation although his temperature went down. But the 2 adults did go back to the youngest SIL's home. For dinner, I presume. I think the youngest SIL also ferried them to the hospital.

I guess I take things too personally? When people do not listen, it's really their problem and not that it is because I am dispensing it? I don't know. 

On another note, my basil plant has flowered! Yay....I'm not so bad afterall. I noticed the mint plant has grown a lot too! The mint plant was leaning too much on 1 side and the basil plants were all over the place so the hubs inserted a stick into both the pots and tied the shoots to the sticks for stability. I am motivated again but I think no more plants for now. Already the hubs and I disagree on the amount of water that I should use. He wants them dripping wet, until the water leaks out from the pot while I give just enough. Oh well, I'm glad they are flourishing!

Monday, 27 June 2016

We went back home after church yesterday, took our naps and then went to the 2nd BIL's place for dinner. Because we were still very early, the hubs was able to marinate beef steaks to cook at the BIL's and I was able to prepare the vegetables for the soup for today's dinner. 

The 2nd BIL had planned to celebrate the FIL's birthday and so as usual, needed to wait for us to arrive at their place then buy dinner. Again, the hubs and his brother took a damn long time to come back with dinner and we quickly settled K's meal when the food arrived. The adults only managed to eat at about 8pm! The poor SIL had hers after ours! And again, it was rice with 1 dish.

I really do not know why the MIL is so tired when she didn't even cook for the SIL yesterday. But I must applaud the SIL. She is still wearing pants and socks. The MIL did not even give any advise to her when the new nephew had to be admitted for jaundice earlier in the week. The youngest SIL repeated what I shared with the 2nd SIL about sunning him in the morning. To her own defense, the MIL said because none of her 3 sons had jaundice but the youngest SIL and I simply roll-eyes at each other.

The youngest SIL who came back from her holiday from South Korea earlier in the afternoon, bought so much Korean snacks for us. I must remember to do that too, next time we go anywhere else other than the neighbouring countries. Again, the NIL had a scolding from her and again, all he had for dinner was 2 pieces of prawn paste chicken. So so thankful, K is so easy to feed and teach!

We left the 2nd BIL's place quite late and after sending the Uncle & Auntie home and then the FIL, who last minute decided to ditch his wife to go home, it was almost 11pm when I layed down with K. Good thing she took an afternoon nap earlier although it was only for an hour. 

Although I had intended to go over to the 2nd BIL's every weekend, if we can make it, the late dinners and long drive home really makes me think maybe not. First, we have to content with eating really late and then dropping the PIL's home before we actually get home. Which by the time, it's always way past bedtime.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

I was able to leave the office slightly earlier because the boss went off a lot earlier. Because I planned to do the girl's laundry, magic clean and mop the house in the evening, I cooked something simple. The hubs on the other hand, forgot that I cancelled initial plans to go to Ikea and was there with the girl while I was cooking. Thankfully, they were able to reach home pretty fast and nothing was disrupted.

K's usual sleep time was delayed by a little though because of waiting for the floor to dry. And yes, we are still firm believers of keeping to a routine and it has been this way, ever since she was born.

And this morning, despite it being a non-school day, K woke up before the 2 of us! I got up shortly after to prepare lunch because there wasn't any housework to do (yay!) and also because Ivy was coming over to babysit K while the hubs and I go catch the matinee of 'Les Miserables'! 

My personal favourite one-meal dish! But with a twist this time, fried brown rice mix with fish luncheon with lamb bacon streaks.
The sweet eldest SIL came much earlier than expected, a deviation from her normal routine of visiting her mom in the nursing home and keeping her father company. But she was happy with this change as she says being in the nursing home is really quite miserable and sad. 

Shortly after our lunch, the hubs and I left K in the good hands of the SIL and went for our long over-due date.
I bought us tickets quite near the stage. In fact, we were on the first floor. The tickets were selling so fast that the cheaper ones were snapped up really fast. But I'm glad I made the purchase because it was very good. A few scenes caught me crying.

As soon as the 3 hour play was over, we hurried back home to relieve the SIL from her charge. Gone are the days that we can leisurely go for a stroll after. And that is also the reason why we caught the matinee instead of the evening run. The SIL thought that we will be home very late and had intended to stay over but the hubs kept thinking of his daughter as soon as we left the house so I do not think we will leave her out of anything too long within the near future.

We got home, rested for a bit before we were out again, for dinner this time. We arranged dinner, with Jeremy and Bev came along too, at the club. And so the eldest SIL went back home with them after dinner. I'm so appreciative that she is so kind to go out of her way for us, so that the hubs and I can spend some alone time together. :)

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Yay....the work-out shorts that I have ordered on-line have arrived! The quality is pretty good and despite that, the 2 pairs are still cheaper than the 1 pair that I owned and have been wearing. Now, at least I can rotate the shorts for my regular exercise classes.

I've been looking for shorts with tights underneath for quite a while now and was so happy when I found the existing pair that I own. But it wasn't cheap and thankfully, I still have vouchers that I can use. And sometime last week, when we were at IMM, I saw another pair from another brand but figured it is cheaper on-line. Glad I bought them. Me thinks these 2 pairs are a better choice that the one I saw last week and yes, still cheaper. #muchwin

Sunday, 19 June 2016

It has been such a long day today. First we had Father's Day lunch fellowship in church, then we went over to pick up some stuff from Pauline. Stuff to bless the new Nephew-in-law with. We stayed for awhile with K like a bigger jie-jie to Pauline's chubby 11-month old baby girl. They had 4 bags of stuff to bless!

After that, we drove over to the Victor's home to pass Kenneth his house key because they were away on holiday and passed their house key to the hubs for potential viewings. We chatted outside the car for awhile because K was napping but woke up shortly after anyway. 

We are all sadden by the sudden death of the Pannu's child. Such a pretty teenager she was but how sad her circumstances were. Her death happened on Thursday and we were all taken aback by it when we found out. Their child together, is an ex-childcare mate of K's and we were much closer before. Somehow, they withdrew themselves from us all. The men do not know why but we'll see. Anyway, I cannot imagine how devastated the mother feels. No one, no one can ever feel how she does but I hope she knows everyone is here to support her. 

After that, we were off to the 2nd BIL's. We had planned to pick them up from the hospital initially but thankfully, a friend of theirs was able to do that. So we went straight to their place and waited downstairs until they arrived. 

We got down to 'work' for everything to do with the baby in the house. He is so cute, my womb is itching. He looks different from the other NIL and even K. I guess because both the parents do not look Chinese. He was just sleeping and hardly made any sound. But so small he is. The 2nd SIL is the biggest amongst the 3 of us but her baby came out the smallest.

The PILs arrived at about 7ish and the MIL is supposed to help cook for the SIL. But all the SIL had for her dinner was a plate of chicken with lots of ginger shred and rice. No vegetables, no soup, nothing else. I asked the 2nd BIL to fry an egg for the SIL. Poor thing needs all the nutrition especially since she is breast-feeding! I would cook for her, if I am not working.

We left at almost 9pm, with the hubs and I changing baby's diaper twice and showing them how to sterilise the bottles, use the milk warmer and I helping the SIL fix her breast pump. Although I hated my confinement, I am glad I had a lot more support and love to see me through.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

I beat the torrential rain with the winds blowing strong from all directions to catch a bus to meet the hubs and K at the hospital yesterday, after work.  The 2nd SIL has delivered a healthy baby boy in the wee hours of Friday morning. 

She had been admitted on Thursday, to be induced as her amniotic level was low and subsequently she went for an emergency c-section as the umbilical cord was wound around the boy's neck. Advancement of technology. 

And today, we went grocery shopping after having our prata breakfast at the nearby Indian coffeeshop. We came back just before noon and I made us lunch. When the girl took her napped and the father napped on the sofa , I cleared our insurance documents. Documents that were left unopened, that's the hubs, were opened and sorted or thrown away. And then the girl woke up from her short nap. 

But I was able to mop the house and cooked dinner as well! So much satisfaction today.

The hubs liked what he had today. Although I must say it was just soup with several ingredients thrown in. And a fried omelette. Simple, fulfilling, tummy warming dinner.
After that, the 3 of us took a bus ride to the stadium to catch some local football but left at half-time. Tickets were complimentary from the community centre. Lol...We saw the hubs' youngest brother and I called out to him from the spectator stands but he was definitely in no mood to smile or wave back because his team played horribly. 

Another slow day today but am glad for what I've cleared and managed to cook 2 meals! Much satisfaction indeed!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

I had the most unpleasant journey back home after work, earlier. 

This pesky auntie poked at me, despite having a passenger seated between us, in order to get me to give up my seat to another auntie who was standing at the other end of the row. I wasn't even seated on the reserved seats and as usual, was relaxing with my eyes closed. So, I looked at the lady standing but she kept waving her hands to say no and then started whispering to her husband, probably embarrassed. 

I was looking and looking, so when she turns, I would ask if she wanted my seat but no, she didn't turn to look at me and so, I continued sitting anyway. And the kaypoh auntie who prodded at me started talking about me to that lady who was standing! She kept saying things like when I'm older and need the seat but no one would give up their seat to me, then I will look back and realise because I never offered my seat either. And that 'youngsters' nowadays have no initiative and that stupiad standing lady can say oh get used to it. Come on 2-faced bitch, you waved your hand off and what, do I force you to take my seat still? 

And the kaypoh seated lady goes 'Oh, maybe her leg pain. Old people like us, leg pain, never mind. But young people like that, leg pain, so poor thing.' Sarcastic or not??!!? And they were flogging me all the way till I got off! Even when another passenger got up to alight, the kaypoh auntie says something like she should have stood up earlier. Hello, come on. It's the end of the working day. We are all tired ok! They may look older, but definitely do not qualify for the pioneer generation and certainly do not look like they need help. Kaypoh one even went to say to take private transport. So clever to take la. Ya, I very poor leg pain...but you can't blardy see that I have a back issue so blardy shuddup! 

Ok, the 2 stupiad idiots taught me something. Never, ever assume. Really. Everyone has a story. Do not embarrass yourself or hurt another person because you simply talk through your mouth. Urgh!!! I was so angry and wanted to tell the husband of the standing lady, when he finally sat down beside me, to ask his wife and her new-found kaypoh friend to better shut up. I was so angry, I was almost shaking with anger.

Thankfully, I have the warmth of my family to return to! All was forgotten when Tim came over to discuss some insurance policies and dinner was wiped out. Probably because I under-estimated and only cooked 2 main dishes. Had to add canned sardines later. :p

Saturday, 11 June 2016

I had my hair done yesterday, after work. The curls were dying out and so I permed it again. And the hubs took the opportunity to bring K to see his parents and had dinner with them. But he was good, he was home by 8:30pm.

And this morning, we attended a Parent-Teacher's meeting in K's childcare. My concerns about her writing her letters in mirror image has been put to rest and thankfully, the teachers have good things to say about her.  

After the session, we had our breakfast, then hubs went to buy 5 packets of mix chicken rice for lunch and we went to pick up the 3 siblings and headed to the zoo. Because everything in the zoo is expensive and we have the 3 siblings in tow, it was a brilliant idea to packet lunch. Lol.

Pre-K, I used to bring the eldest sibling out quite a fair bit and the sister too. The middle one was way too naughty then so he always had to stay home. Even before I met the hubs, I used to bring Tim out during his school holidays. But of course this has all changed. Tim is working and has a girlfriend now. And my precious leave is to be kept for 'emergencies'. Although the hubs initiated bringing Esther along, the 2 other brothers ended up joining as well.

There was an activity going on in the zoo, which we paid for K to participate in with E. But we learnt not to do this anymore in future because it really takes away the joy of strolling through the vast area and makes us want to race against time to complete the activities. The rain didn't help either. We had to wait out the rain, which didn't really stop in a sheltered rest area. Thankfully, we could have our packet lunch there.

We missed all the animal shows and quite a bit if exhibits. K slept in the car even when we sent the 3 siblings back. The 3rd SIL was so kind to include our share for dinner and even wanted to send it to our home but K was up by then. So we headed back to their place for dinner. Which was good because K got to eat bak zhang, a festivity that her Chinese teacher was sharing with them about. 

As usual, K was enjoying herself sitting by the dining table, eating away from bak zhang, almonds, guava and then jelly. I think her little tummy will protrude again if she starts going there on a more regular basis. Lol....

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Monday's exercise class was zumba and I love it! Apparently, piloxing and zumba happens on alternate Mondays. So I'll go through the intense piloxing on one Monday and fun zumba the next. Perfect combination because piloxing is a killer! Same instructor, same venue and same colleagues. This is going to be my fixed program on Mondays from now on. No regrets not signing up for the new pilates intake at the CC. 

But the hubs says that I can only do 1 thing, once a week. Meaning, if I have any other plans, I'll have to choose what it'll be for that week. Well, to be fair to him, he doesn't have fix programs like me every week. And of course family time is way important. Well, that's what happens when you have a child. Nothing else matters and life is no longer the same. 

Yesterday, I had to do the school pick-up. Everything was great until it was bedtime. K still wasn't sleeping after about an hour (!!) and then she elbowed me in my eye when I turned to face her. I was already getting impatient with her taking forever to fall asleep and the unintended 'assault' broke it. So I scolded her, she cried, got her to apologise and then I left her on her own. I went out to the kitchen to hang up the laundry. Yes, that was what I wanted to do after she falls asleep. So, who says work ends when the child sleeps? After the laundry, I went to the living room, just to go through FB, sneaking in peeks at K but she still wasn't sleeping! 

When I finally decided to turn in at 11pm, she was still tossing around! She crept up to the bed to lie down, the whole time I was silent. The hubs came back home about 2ish, in the early morning and carried K down to her mattress. Oh my child, why do you test me like this?

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The hubs and I were finally both available to be with K on her last phonics lesson on Friday. Although her nursery mate will be starting when the new class starts again next Friday, I will not be continuing K with it. I observed that K is mainly doing letter tracing while the teacher teaches bigger words to the slightly older pre-schoolers. The older ones are preparing for primary 1, from the looks of it. And with so many other children, I do not think K is gaining much more from this additional enrichment class. And then the hubs feels it such a rush every Friday, especially if he is on his own.

While waiting for the class to end, I checked out a tuition centre that happens to be located in the CC itself. They offer phonics too and the lessons are catered to children of a particular age group, unlike the one offered by the CC, which basically lumps all kids of all ages together. They use the same syllabus as K's childcare and K recognises the characters in the book and was whispering to me the names. Well, I guess since the school is already going through the same thing, let's spend the money elsewhere.

And yesterday, we had a slow morning and I could do K's laundry, magic-cleaned and mopped the house. We had late lunch and invited the eldest brother and SIL to join us. I treated them to a German restaurant, that the company will be hosting our D&D at later this year. They have a good promotion and we enjoyed ourselves over pork knuckles, beef stew, sausages and so on. After the meal, the hubs, K and myself carried on with window shopping while Jeremy and Ivy went back.

When it was time to head home, K fell asleep half-way through the car journey at about 7pm and slept all the way till this morning! Such a rare occurance which gave the hubs and I the evening to relax, laze and watch tv.

And it was back home after lunch from church today. Sometimes, a slow weekend is all that we need.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Having missed 1 lesson last week, I was back for piloxing on Monday. Despite not having any body aches from the 2 hour + bowling session on Friday, my knees and thighs ached after slightly more than the 1 hour session of piloxing. Again, the instructor over-ran and my colleagues say it only happens when I'm there! In fact, I left while everyone else was still doing their stretches.

I had to do the pick-up run yesterday and was craving for Macs. I almost only have 1 crave and that is for fast food. Usually, Macs. I do not crave for any other food, otherwise. So against our conviction, I decided to bring K and told her we can't do this all the time ok. Hoping that she'll keep it from her daddy.

Although she finished the fresh apple slices and packet of milk from her kid's meal, K could not finish the hamburger. She also did not like the pickle. So I told her I will not bring her to Macs anymore since she can't finish her food. But that girl replied to say that her daddy will bring her, so never mind if I don't. Pfft! When we do go otherwise, it's usually breakfast time and she only gets pancakes.

So this morning, while still lying on her mattress, her daddy asked what she had for dinner last night! And of course she answered and the hubs was shocked and asked me if it's true. And the nagging starts. So I took the chance to tell him what the girl told me about him bringing her even though I won't next time.So I think we will endeavour not to bring her to Macs next time. 

Anyhow, look at how tall the wheat grass has grown! Strange that 1 of the girl's classmate didn't grow at all, according to the parent.