Thursday, 27 April 2017

I finally did it. After 6 years.

Some 2 weeks back when I visited the salon to have my hair done, the flipping of my hair exposed quite a bit of white hair, which were otherwise nicely hidden below the top of my thick mane. I have been diligently plucking the white hairs off whenever I see them, in my bathroom. So Tuesday's follow-up appointment at the salon was to bring to a stop my hesitation to colour my otherwise black hair.

6 years. Since I found out I was expecting till now.  Other than perming, I refused to colour my dark and very black hair. But being the conscious me, I scolded the hubs for not telling me that my whites could now be seen. My hair stylist gave me a colour and highlights. We love the results and I think I look very nice with coloured hair but I have to add it is not without sadness to lose my au naturel hair colour. So much emotions! Hahaha...but I've been maintaining for 6 years! No mean feat for someone who used to colour her hair every so often and in different shades each time.

Well, looks like now I've got more maintaining to do. That is the touch-ups when my black root shows. Anyhow, this is really my only indulgence now. I do not do as much shopping as I used to. But oh, the hours seated in the salon....that's another story.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

On Saturday, the hubs' distant cousin organised a birthday celebration for her step-mum as well as for the hubs' mother, both turning 70 this month. The hubs had gone off to pick his parents before coming back for us. I brought the girl down to play a little at the playground but the hubs arrived shortly after.

It was a lunch celebration at the clubhouse and I had insisted to the hubs that we leave at 3pm but of course, as usual, we never do leave early. After the lunch celebration, we all proceeded back to the home of the relative and thankfully, I have the youngest SIL to talk with. We eventually left at about 4ish and not without the MIL looking at me intently everytime the hubs came to talk to me about waiting a bit more. At the dining table where the seniors were all playing cards, I said to let his mother stay and not rush her if she wants to continue playing. Even the FIL commented that she was wishy-washy. After I came back up from the toilet, the MIL was staying because the 2nd BIL would send her back. At 1 point, I actually asked the hubs why his mother kept staring at me while he was talking to me. Irritating much!

After church on Sunday, the 3 of us rushed off to attend another birthday party. This time for a little girl turning 4. The girl, whose sister's 1 year old birthday recently, had zero guests turning up except for family, The White wife and us. But this time, there were more as they invited the girl's friends from her childcare and the venue was at a indoor play centre where K enjoyed herself with imaginary play.

When the party was over, we proceeded to the Victors'.They had asked us and invited another family for Easter dinner. After dinner, Gaye hid some chocolate eggs and had the few kids search for them in the girls' room. K would not have found any if not for the elder Victor girl's help at all. Lol.

Then she was given some more by the White wife and Gaye. Her first exposure to the commercial world of Easter.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Being the Good Friday week and having to take 1/2 the day off on Monday to bring the girl for her eye assessment made the week feel even shorter. 

The hub's bff asked us out to dinner with another 2 families. One of which is back on a holiday from UK where the husband is from and another is actually is a senior girl from my alma mater who has just returned from the States with her family. Initially looking forward to it, I didn't feel like going in the end and besides, being the non-social person that I am, felt that I hardly knew the 2 ladies which is true. So after dinner with us yesterday, the hubs went on his own. By the time he left the house, it was almost 8pm. Too late for K by then because she would have to report to her bed by 9ish.

This Good Friday morning, like every other Good Friday, we went to my father's grave in memory of him. It was just M, the eldest bro and his wife, the hubs, myself and K. For a moment, we were just looking at the tombstone when K asked what were we doing there. father passed away at 51 years. Still young. 3 of my brothers are past that age now. 

We went for lunch after that and all went home after because we all felt so tired! 

In the evening, M came over to join us for dinner and I steamed promfret, stir-fried beef with carrots and fried 1 veg. Good thing we had M over because the promfret was so big that I had her bring the balance home and she said she will mix it for her lunch porridge the next day. :)

Monday, 10 April 2017

Few weeks back, a team from HPB was at K's childcare to conduct eye-checks, weight/height checks etc. It will be a yearly program from now on, similar to what we used to have in primary school last time. 

After the checks, we were given a letter recommending that we bring K for further eye assessment and according to her own words, her left eye was blur. Coincidentally, her good friend's right eye was blur too. The boy's mother and I exchanged several text messages and we rescheduled both our child's appointment but not on the same day. We were initially given a morning slot but preferred the pm slot so we can have the rest of the 1/2 day off free.

So, K's appointment was for today and she was showing signs of anxiety when we walked towards the room for her further eye checks. She has no idea what to expect and asked if they were going to inject her eyes. (!) When her number was called, she had to go in alone but it was what I had imagined. She will look through the eye-check machine for a more comprehensive reading. I could see another child in the room too but was going through another test. After about 10 minutes, the staff brought her out and told us, K's eye-sight is normal. Phew....although I was hoping that the school check was simply being cautious, I sort of resigned myself to the fact that we may need to get prescription classes for her. After all, it is genetics too.

I asked the staff why was it that the school check recommended that we go for further assessment and was told that it could be due to several factors. Like distraction. I would say influence, more like it because the other child went for the eye-check first and came out telling her his right eye was blurry. This I clarified with her. Anyway, at least our fears are now allayed.

Anyhow, since we have taken 1/2 the day off and the check was done very fast, I already made prior appointment at the hair salon and off I went while the hubs spent time with the girl. While they were at the library, the hair-stylist told me that she had some time and was able to do K's hair and so they joined me and K had her hair cut. I feel that she looks cuter with short hair but too mature with long hair so I had the stylist cut it. The hubs later told me that K kept looking at herself in the mirror at home and commenting that her hair is so short. Lol.

I spent 5 hours at the salon and by the time I reached home, the hubs was already patting K to sleep. I've made another appointment at the salon and this time, to colour my hair. It's been more than 6 years since I've done so.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

When we had lunch with the eldest brother and SIL on Sunday after church, the SIL shared with me her thought. Since her mother is now in a nursing home and her family has hired a maid to care for her father, she has since taken up a part-time job as an Assistant in a after-school daycare and her latest assignment is within a school compound.

I am fairly close to this SIL of mine and ever since she took care of K at 3 months' odd till 20 months, she went on to take care of another baby for a short while before working part-time at 2 other childcare centres and this is also her 2nd stint at a after-school daycare. The brother joked that she's moving up stages and may end up working in a nursing home in time. Lol. 

Anyhow, the SIL was sharing how she thought in 2 years' time, when K enters formal education, she'll come over instead of us sending K to an after-school care. She says after her experience, she felt that it's quite 'sad'. She says that after spending half the day or more in school, these children are still subjected to a 'classroom' environment in the after-school care unlike where they can relax at home. To me, children who have been to childcare will adapt easily to a after-school care environment but I feel that they also mature a lot faster because they see their friends more often then they see their parents. And children such as these are exposed to a lot more from their peers. Whether good or bad.

Of course, the hubs and I prefer to have K 'grow' up in a homely environment. Given a choice, I would not have sent her to a childcare centre but we cannot deny that she learns a lot more in one. I've had thoughts of working on a part-time basis when K enters primary 1 just so that I can ensure she has proper home-cooked lunch when she gets home from school, have proper rests and be in a conducive environment when she does her homework and where she can easily reach out to me when she needs help. 

The SIL even said I just need to cover her transportation costs when I asked her if she was sure she wanted to travel from the East everyday, just to pick K up from school and then travel back from the west when I reach home. But then again, I'll probably start work earlier because K would probably be in the morning session so I would be able to leve work earlier too. Anyhow, this is something that has to be given thought to.

When I do the mental sums, sending K to an after-school care seems more cost efficient and on top of that, she can go for enrichment and tuition provided by private after-school centres. I will not just cover the SIL's transportation costs but will probably pay her a little higher than what the centres charge. And then I have to prepare lunch for both K and her otherwise the SIL will packet lunch, which is not what I prefer. I also do not want to trouble the SIL any further by having her cook lunch.

There are pros and cons, conveniences and inconveniences. The SIL has asked us to think about it but then again, it's not for another 2 years'. But I'm glad that we have this option now. So thankful for such a blessing.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

We had no plans for today. I had wanted to go Gardens by the Bay to catch the children's festival before it ends tomorrow because on the first day that we went, unknowingly, we went in the evening and missed out quite a bit of activities that K could participate in.

Then the hubs suggested a day trip to JB but I felt it was too close to the last time we went. Perhaps towards the end of April would be better and I can stock up on some household stuff. And his last suggestion was to revisit the zoo again.

So after the usual laundry in the morning, we embarked on our zoo-cursion, reaching there almost 12. So the clever hubs packet food from the coffee-shop near our home and we ate while waiting for the rhinoceros' feeding time. The hubs company has corporate zoo passes and we've invited so many people to join us before, ever since we brought K there since she was 16 months' old. But this time round, being pretty much last minute, we went just the 3 of us. Our first actually, on our own.

We took it really easy since we can go back and have been, over and over again. There was a new zoo-rassic park on display with dinosaurs but K was not at all impressed and urged the hubs to quickly bring her out of the area so I was left alone, taking pictures of the various dinosaurs. And that was why the hubs was not keen on going to GBTB because the girl is still scared of dinosaurs, despite knowing they are not real.

We caught 2 shows and were hoping to catch a 3rd one when it started raining. When we had to go, K actually cried in the car! I think she was tired and she did take a nap when we reached home.

The next time we visit the zoo, we must plan the route to catch all the shows. Very often, we miss out some. Never mind, there is always a next time. :)