Thursday, 22 September 2016

Our clothes are packed into the opened suitcase in our living room.We have even checked in on-line which means we can leave the house slightly later but still too early tomorrow morning. 

While other people send their pets to be pet-sat, we will be sending our mint and basil plant to Jerry's for daily love. We planned to bring down the packed suitcase and K's stroller and packed them in the car this evening. So when it's time to leave, last minute items like our toiletries will be put into my suitcase and brought down together with us. Hopefully K wakes up and so the hubs does not need to handle a sleeping baby on top of his hardcase, the stroller and maybe my hardcase.

Praying for good weather throughout our trip and in short, totally excited. We have not been on a long haul flight in a while. And just the 3 of us.

I'll see you in October! *muack*

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

2 Fridays ago, we or rather I went searching for a camera. The current one that I have is quite old already and it doesn't have the wifi function that the new models have. Although it can still work well, I really yearned for a better one. Since it's been so convenient to use our camera phone, there wasn't really a real need to get a camera. The hubs wasn't as enthusiastic as me as the camera phone really suits him just fine but I know the limitations.

Anyhow, I wasn't impressed with what I saw despite checking out the brand's website. The Saturday morning, when we went for Mac's breakfast, we went to the electronic store and thankfully had a experienced and patient salesperson who really explained the few cameras to me. But during the course of the transaction, I was whatsapping my brother a lot to check because he is the photographer and camera pro in my family.

Aesthetically, I liked this:

But sales talk had me buy this. 
With another zoom lens at that! We used the hubs' vouchers he received from his long service award and minus the cash-back promotion from the brand, this camera is a steal! 
So today, I attended the complimentary workshop and learnt so much! If only I can remember. :p

Friday, 16 September 2016

I experienced a heart-stopping moment while walking to meet the hubs and K at IMM after work today. I was on the bridge leading to the mall when in front of me, a mother, I assume, was shouting at her 3 year old son.

Well, he looks slightly younger than K and thus I'm assuming he is 3. I literally stopped at my tracks and turned around to see if anyone witness what I had. I was at a total lost to what I should do. The boy was crying throughout and that probably irritated the mother. He could be whining incessantly. I do not know but what I saw was something no parent should do regardless.

She really smacked the boy hard across the face until he fell and she continued walking, pushing a pram. He stumbled and chased after her and then she shouted at him and held his neck up at stranglehold. And dropped him. Later she threatened him and said she will throw him down the bridge. The big guy who was walking just behind me just walked passed. When she reached the entrance of the mall, she turned around and glared at me. Thankfully, I looked away and looked at my watch just before looking up and saw her. She turned away because I am guessing she thought I was looking at them still.

I told the hubs what I saw when I met them. He asked why didn't I video it. Honestly, I do not agree with all those video uploads on social/media platforms. All the condemnation but what good will it do? It's just to satisfy or appease the person who uploaded the video or photo, in my opinion. 

After dinner, we walked over to Daiso to look for something and then, we heard shouting from 1 of the alleys. The hubs and K happened to beside it and the hubs knew from the instance when the mother slapped the child, it was the same woman I was telling him about. The hubs commented that the mother really did not hold back her strength. When I witnessed her 'abusing' her child on the bridge, I was so tempted to ask if I could bring the child away until she has cooled down and then she can get him back. does one react/respond to such situations?

Many a times K irritates the hell out of us too but the most we do is scream at her and for me, I'll bark at her and smack her. Parenthood is definitely a test of patience which the hubs and I are so lacking. I pray to thank God everyday that K is so forgiving and forgets. As much as I lament how fast she grows, I need to remind myself constantly that this too will pass....

Thursday, 15 September 2016

I chanced upon a comment that the hubs posted on his younger Nepalese cousin's FB photo, which showed her in dark shades and looking very good. He commented 'Hi Pretty'. Her reply was a polite 'Thank you dada'. Dada is a nepalese term for brother.

I didn't think much about it but then I also thought to myself that both his brothers will never make comments like this. They might 'like' the pic but I am confident enough to say they will not make such a comment. Unless it's to a child below 19.I do not think it is so much of whether my SILs would be angry but I would think it's more out of respect for them.

This morning, I messaged the hubs.
Anyhow, he deleted the comment, which he posted some 24 hours ago. I am not sure if anyone would have noticed and if I am being too sensitive? But I believe my reasoning in my message to him is valid. What would you have done?

Monday, 12 September 2016

We had a restful long weekend. Especially with the excellent weather! But if only I could lie in bed all day.

We went to IMM on Saturday morning, even before some of the shops opened for business. We had Macs breakfast and K ate 3/4 of a double yolk mooncake! Yucks but at her age, she can well afford it. We didn't buy any for my 2 elder brothers and their family this year because the hubs forgot and since we are already in the mid-autumn weekend, I told him to forget it.

Early evening, we went over to the Victors' for dinner and the guys watched live soccer on tv. It's just the 2 families and the White guy so it was cosy and not like their usual house parties where they usually invite a lot more people which incidentally has also has seen 2 families drop out.

Yesterday was the usual church and lunch for us and we basically stayed home the whole day after. I even made simple dinner at home and was finally able to magic clean and mop the house after 2 weeks. Well, I missed one week, technically. 

And today, we slept in..especially with the shiok weather..which made K sleep in longer as well. Then we had to wake up to get ready to meet my eldest brother, the SIL and Bev for lunch at the club. And then the hubs sent K and I home while he went to visit his friend at the hospital.

K and I took a nap and then when we woke, I took out all her unworn clothes that were a tad big previously for wash and put aside some more for Pauline's girl while K did some work on her activity book.

So this long weekend had been a restful one for us and I enjoyed it. Especially in the super good weather. I know I keep repeating this but how often do we get weather like this now? Anyhow, I hope you had a great one too!

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tim came by for another insurance plan that the hubs intends to take up for K. When he arrived, the 2 were still sleeping and I had to wake the hubs up. Well, the 3 of us took our naps, to be honest but of course I slept the least because I've got work to do!

Anyway, tonight's dinner....although I had to put the pie back into the oven because the filling was still cold. Heh...

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The girl had so much fun when school was closed yesterday. And then some more today!

I had arranged for a play-date with Janice and thankfully, she was able to spare time to come over. I had not suggested my home initially, fearing it may be too far for them but good thing, Janice was willing. So I cooked my fail-proof pesto pasta for lunch and after lunch, the 4 of us started on 2 rounds on the memory board game.

And then the 2 girls went to K's room to play fishing game and pretend play before I took out some craft work for them to make. And back to the room some more for pretend play and then belting out their favourite song. In between, they had ice-cream and wafer. Before we knew it, it was 4ish and they had to go, to avoid the peak hour traffic.

While Janice reported that Jazlyn napped when they reached home, the energizer bunny I have was nowhere near that although I was kind of tired. We then took a double decker ride before transferring to a free shuttle bus that looks like a cat to IMM. Because that was what K has been asking for. To ride on a double decker bus and the cat bus. And we met the hubs for dinner at IMM.

We didn't do much today but that's because we had Hannah's 10th birthday celebration at the Victor's. We were there about 5ish and K had another splendid day of play and more.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

I thought the hubs meant to say King of Fruits when he bought them home yesterday evening after walking over to the market to pay some bills. He meant what he said 'King of Kings'. This breed of durians.
And I thought we were only going to have a few seeds each but the 3 of us walloped it. So thick, so good! Yums!