Friday, 30 December 2016

The Victors handed down a Sylvanian house to K and yesterday evening, the hubs decided to bring it to the bedroom at bedtime. I had the idea of reading Hansel and Gretel and suggested to K to use her minikins as Hansel, Gretal, the Woodcutter, the Stepmother and witch. So there we were, the 3 of us  with me reading from the book, the hubs using the minikins to act out the scenes and our captivated audience of 1, K watching.

When the 'show' was over and K lying down, the hubs layed down beside her and told her that I said that we should not be patting her to sleep anymore. On my part, it is because I think she needs to learn how to sleep on her own. Our ex-neighbour's daughter sleeps by herself, in her own room. But with K, she still wants to sleep in ours and when we said no patting, she started tearing. She was quiet but we could see the tears rolling down her face.

It is so heart-breaking. Our daughter, though she wants to grow up, still needs and wants us so much. She always sits right beside the hubs at the sofa and he always complains that she is literally sticking onto him. I always tell him, it won't be so in a couple more years. 

So, yes, a reminder for me to savour the present where she still wants us. I always want her to be at 2, where she still needs me and since she still shows that she does, I should relish these moments. it won't be so in a couple more years.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Victors & Whites brought over 3 bags of books when they came over for our Malacca trip 2 weeks ago. And then there are some more bags of books that were given to K from a church member. K has yet to be able to read on her own, totally yet so I've kept some of her baby books still.

On the eve of Christmas, this was the main reorg I had set out to do. Move our old Ikea bookcase into the girls' room. Thankfully, we did not throw it away as we were holding out for the eldest SIL to pick it up from us as she was very keen on having it. 

The girly pink bookshelf and the empty space on her left where we had her red Ikea table, which has since been moved out to the living area, and her toys strewn all over the left side.         
And now, the revitalised bookcase with her storybooks and toys. The pink bookshelf has then exchanged places with the Ikea bookcase.
Let's hope she will spend many good hours reading the books here and that this area is kept as neat as it is now. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

I had wanted to go to the ice-skating rink after the Christmas party at home but everyone except me thinks it's not possible. They were right....I was exhausted at the end of the day and only took a shower when the clock past midnight. Anyhow, am so grateful that the eldest brother helped mopped the entire house and I could wake up feeling relaxed on Boxing Day.

Esther who had her cousin from Malaysia, from the SIL's side, stay over, had planned for some skating on Boxing Day and suggested to me to join them instead because it was cheaper too. I had wanted to go on Christmas Day because they had some Christmas special going on. But anyhow, I brought the girl along and this is our 2nd time at the rink. The patient husband sweetly sat rink-side for that almost 2 hours while we or I glided happily. K tried standing and walking on the skates for awhile but otherwise sat on the skating aid for almost the whole time. Esther and her cousin fell a few times and Josh joined us a while later. I didn't buy all the nephews and nieces anything this Christmas so paid for Josh. Esther and her cousin arrived before us so I couldn't do so for them.

But we enjoyed ourselves and I would love to go back again. Maybe when the girl's childcare centre closes next and I'll bring her again.

After our nap, which I completely knocked out from all that activity, we drove over to the Victor's for their Christmas dinner invite.

And it's so anti-climatic that we are back to work today. My body is aching from that almost 2 hour work-out at the rink and I am still longing for the bed.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

We spent the whole of yesterday at home, just to do some 'spring-cleaning'. We had dinner at Jem and also did some grocery shopping.

Today at church was like a family affair. It was only the 2 brothers' family and mine who were present. The rest of the church members were all overseas. Thus the usual church Christmas lunch and gift exchange were scrapped off and since the eldest SIL already ordered a log cake, it was shared amongst us. And then we all adjourn to the usual coffee shop for lunch.

While Jerry's family and the eldest SIL went back to his place, the rest came to mine to rest. Well, actually just the eldest brother, Tim and Bev. After making her pasta sauce, the eldest SIL called for the eldest brother to pick up the sauce. And she wanted to come over as well so she can rest a bit.

I started preparing at about 4, which in my personal opinion, was early but everyone else came at 4ish! The 2nd SIL, with her good intentions, helped me out in the kitchen but it ended up with me thinking that I should have started preparing a lot earlier so I could do things my own way. But like what I said, she has her good intentions.

There was so much food although the 2nd SIL had whatsapped me privately asking me if there would be enough. In the end, there was so much left over! 

After the food, was the gift exchange which, we played the same way last year and in our previous church. It does not fail to add laughter and great fun. I think my brothers would have wanted to stay longer that's why all of them came so early this year but the night does not wait. When everyone left, the eldest brother helped me mop the entire house! My eldest SIL, never fails to help me with the washing. The 2 of them stayed over and we viewed photos from our Tokyo trip till almost midnight. Even K.

We had a great family time this Christmas. And I hope you had a blessed one too!

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Received a parcel, through mail this time. This time, from a Santarina! When I saw the package addressed to me, I was elated! Let's face it, with emails and all, postage mail is still the best. I've decided to start mailing festive cards from 2017 onwards. That is Lunar New Year and Christmas greeting cards. You can take it as my New Year resolution...hehehehe

My ex-neighbour from Redhill sent this to me. Such sweet thoughts. She made one for the girl too when she was born. And the girl asked why is her towel smaller than mine. Lol.
My ex-neighbour will be moving out from Redhill as well so I will have completely no more connection to our first home. The home that we, even the girl, still miss.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Received this from a secret Santa at work this morning. For the 4 of us in our department, with our names on each purse. Such a sweet gesture. The hunt is now on to find who this sweet gentleman is. At least we know it's a guy.

Monday, 19 December 2016

We just came back from our pilgrimage trip to Malacca! And this should round up the 'holidays' for us for 2016. This time, instead of driving, the hubs hired a mini-bus with driver.

The Victors and Whites came up to our place on Thursday morning for the ride while the Salahudeens caught up with us on Friday instead and they drove in, with their holiday extended in Malaysia till Christmas over a few states. Although we extended our usual 3 day stay to another day, it still seemed a bit rush, especially with the shopping. But with friends this time, the hubs and I could indulge in some noon-time booze. Lol. 
Being the holiday season, Malacca sure was crowded. I'm definitely going to make full use of the next 2 years holidaying during off-peak seasons before K starts her primary education.

Monday, 12 December 2016

The hubs was away on a golf trip from Friday and came back late, or rather very early this morning. He asked for 'permission' when his friends planned this trip and I am glad I gave him my blessings. 

I sent the girl to school on Friday morning and only left the house about 20 minutes earlier than usual and still made it to work on time. On Saturday, I brought her along when I went to the dentist. I spent about an hour there and she was so well-behaved throughout. This girl really have good patience. When I left the clinic, I was pretty shocked by the $520 bill but considering that I 'only' have 5 fillings to be done, I am pretty happy because it's been ages since I visited the dentist. Thankfully, the reason also for this trip to the dentist is because I've got quite a bit of balance in my company's medical allowance which would otherwise go to waste at the end of the month.

I brought the girl out in the evening and we met Sand for dinner. And it's her treat! So while we were busy catching up finally, the night grew and the girl whispered to ask if we're going home soon. She was tired. And so we left about 9ish.

And yesterday, she and I commuted by train again to church. It's our 2nd time and the 1st was ages ago. I do not think she can remember. Again, without the hubs, there was no delay. We bumped into Jerry and Esther at the train station and while Jerry continued to wait for the rest of his folks, Esther joined us and we left for church first. On our way home, K slept on my lap and my poor brother had to carry the deadload and half-way through, he had to stop. Feeling so bad, I took over from him at the bus-stop opposite our block and struggled to carry her back home. This girl has got heavy bones, I tell ya! Thankfully, this episode did not hurt my back.

Because I needed to open the door, I had to put her down and she woke up. Needless to say, sleep escaped her when we entered the house. 

In the evening, when I was running through phonics with her, I started shouting at her again. I really need to manage myself. She forgets the next moment the word that I had just taught her or even after writing the word 20 times, she cannot answer me when I asked her what word it was! She has always been very easy to manage, even Sand says she is a good girl, and I do not want to always lose my patience on her. I really need to pray for control over myself towards her. And for this, I feel so so guilty to my only child. :(

Thursday, 8 December 2016

As if I wasn't busy enough, I had to take half a day off work today. December is always the busiest month at work, for me. We have to process payroll much earlier, include our AWS in staff salary, send reminders to everyone to submit their claims and then some. 

But of course I am happy also that Bev sought after my help to be her guarantor for hew new job. What job requires a guarantor??!! SIA lor. I had Jerry be mine many years ago so I better not be ungrateful about it. I had planned to go back home so that I can cook dinner at a leisure pace after the deed was done but well, Bev asked me to accompany her for her uniform fitting. And so cooking was not to be.

The niece had my usual bubble tea waiting for me when we met and then treated me to Sakae Sushi while waiting for an available seamstress. She remembers that I brought her there when she was much younger. While she was in primary school and now, my niece is almost in her mid 20s, taking on her first job. Such nostalgia. I think I must set aside time to bring the other younger nephews and nieces out on a weekday school holiday once again. Such bonding time with them is priceless. When Tim brought us out for dinner for my birthday recently, he wrote me a card to say he will always remember the times I used to bring him out during his school holidays and buying christmas presents for everyone. It's touching to know they remember. But ever since K, I hardly had time to do that anymore. I do miss those sessions though.

Anyhow, I accompanied Bev to the company tailor and was with her throughout the fitting. She was measured and the uniforms are really all made to measure. It is no over the rack sizing. What is made for you is for you exclusively. No one else can fit into it, well, unless she is of the exact same size as you right down to the bust, butt and tummy area.
Bev is so happy. For us it's an 'upgrade' of sorts from a budget carrier to a full-fledged one. She is fortunate too, to be able to work for the budget carrier under her poly's internship program and be able to continue on a part-time basis even after graduation.

I only pray that she remains resolute and continue to trust in God. 

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Yesterday's party was well enjoyed by the people in the office. It was 'an enchanting evening' and there were people who spontaneously dressed up as 7 dwarfs, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Harry Potter etc. I wore my favourite maxi dress and borrowed K's wings, wand and hairband which has 2 butterflies. It was good timing that she was given these a few weeks back at a birthday party. 

I stayed till the end of the party and a colleague drove me and another to City Hall MRT station where the taxi queue was snaking and I ended up catching the last train back home. 

Today, we brought K to a Hi-5 concert at the MBS theatre because a vendor had passed me some tickets. I invited Ivy and Bev as well and since the hubs wasn't keen, we brought Esther along. Attending a children's concert is really very different from the usual plays that I've been to. Especially in the theatre. Some parents were feeding their child from food jars because the show started at 6:30pm and the kids ran up front along the aisles and danced. Honestly, if not for the complimentary tickets, I would not have considered at all to bring K. It is an extravagance. 

We went straight home when the concert ended at about 8ish. Sent Esther back and Ivy and Bev stayed the night.

Tomorrow evening, we have another invite. Dinner this time at the hubs' aunt's new place, which we've been before. I think it is a house-warming of sorts.

When I told K's ex-childcare mate's mum that we usually have activities over the weekends, I really do not know to start when she asked like what. There are just too many.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

We've just returned from a church trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam yesterday evening. We were there from last Friday. 

HCMC is a place where motorcyclists gets hit but they or the vehicle that hit them pick up their bikes and get on with life again. Back here, I think we'll call for a days' MC. It's also a city or probably country where women work in construction sites alongside the men and man in security uniform double up as food servers at food courts and water the plants. It's interesting. Travel is anyway. You see so much and appreciate so much more.

We visited the Cu Chi Tunnel, War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame, General Post Office and did some shopping. For me, I only bought 1 t-shirt for exercising. Just 1. Amazing. The hubs bought a lot more and the girl has some too. Sunday was spent on 3 churches.

While Jeremy, Jerry's family and mine extended our stay, the rest of the church members flew back on Monday. When we arrived at Changi, we went for dinner before heading home.

Tomorrow is the office's D&D event. Oh, I can't wait for Saturday to sleep in.