Tuesday, 22 November 2016

I brought some toilet rolls back from the office for some weeks now and then the hubs added some more from his office and now father and daughter wants to do some craft christmas tree. I hope the endeavour to do so doesn't end when we run out of paint.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Instead of calling the town council and making an appointment with them to pick up our old refrigerator, I told the hubs that we can easily bring it down ourselves. The rollers at the bottom of the fridge made it easy to move. We even managed to shift it out from it's place to another when we had the new fridge coming, didn't we. 

So yesterday morning, as we were heading to the market for tim-sum breakfast, the hubs rolled the fridge to the lift with me helping when we needed to lift the fridge up the kerb to the living area and down the kerb, outside the house and into the lift. It was easy. No need to accord time out just to wait for the workers from the town council to come clear it. Thankfully, I did not hurt my back.

Our loyal fridge near the refuse area, downstairs our block but gone when we came back home after breakfast about 2 hours later. 😐
While I had my hair done at the salon in the afternoon, the hubs took the opportunity and brought K to have lunch with his parents. He brought K along to the salon later in the evening for her turn at the salon but before that, the car ran into some problems and the hubs had to drive really slowly to the workshop and thankfully, managed to get the car fixed. The MIL happened to be in the car. And so, after K had her hair cut, she and I had dinner at the food court while the MIL watched because she had hers while waiting for us. 

And today, we set up our Christmas tree! Well, the hubs and K did while I did more useful things like mop the house and fold the clothes. The tree is still working well although we say year after year that we will buy a bigger one if this one needs to be changed. But I guess, fake christmas trees do not need to get changed so frequently. Lol.....
And soon it'll be time for me to start wrapping the presents. 😊

Friday, 18 November 2016

Last night's dinner:
Stir fried Shabu-shabu Beef with Bunapi and Stir Fried Shanghai Greens. Yums. Setting looks so zen. 😄

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I had to take urgent leave on Monday because there was so much drama that happened early Sunday morning when it was still dark outside. 

At about 3am, Sunday morning, K got up and started getting restless. No whining, nothing. We didn't think much of it because she wasn't really disturbing us as she remained on her mattress. And then awhile later, I asked her to come up to the bed thinking she just needs a little cuddle but who is to know, she started throwing up! It was icky brown and smelt like cake! 

Needless to say, we or rather I had to remove the bedsheet and pillow cases, wipe the mattress, spray it with Febreeze and wait till it dries before putting a clean sheet. And I had to throw the victimised pillow away. While the bed gets an airing, K goes back to her mattress where she threw up another 3 times? And yes, I had to change her mattress cover as well, not once but twice! I ended up laying her baby muslin cover on the mattress and lying down with her while the hubs still had the dry side of the bed to sleep on. 

Initially, the hubs and I thought it could be indigestion. The last time she threw up was when she was about 2  (?) when we were in Malacca with Jeremy, Ivy and Jerry's family. That was due to indigestion. But at 4-5 times, we suspected food poisoning and the hubs and I did not eat the cake at both birthday parties the night before. Poor girl could be sleeping and gets awoken suddenly because the vomit would be coming out.

And the first thing we did at the waking hour was to google a clinic nearby that opens on a Sunday. Needless to say, we had to skip church. Thankfully, we found one within walking distance and felt it good enough for our future consultations. In a way, happy because I've been looking for a clinic good enough to my standards but haven't found any. Not that I frequent Drs but I am just not comfortable with the 2 I've consulted at our neighbourhood.

After the Dr's visit, we walked over to have Macd's breakfast because pancake is not oily nor milky. But poor K threw up awhile after some and as if her tummy wasn't already empty, she even threw up the water she drank.

K slept quite a bit throughout the day and did not have any appetite at all. When she was awake, she'll be hugging her 'puke bin'. The hubs and I concluded that it could be stomach flu because there were no reports from either party that anyone fell sick. At least, that's good to know.

K hit the bed at 7pm and slept all the way till 6ish, Monday morning. And when she woke up, it was to fill her tummy. The monster is back! She 'irritated' me enough for me to threaten her that I'll send her back to school! Yes, my girl is back, all lively and energetic after a day of rest. Lol.

And so because this was an unexpected leave, I didn't bring my mobile charger back home with me and what was meant as a short trip over to Jerry's to charge my phone using Josh's charger, the girl and I ended up having lunch there and me, stealing a snooze. 

We went back home despite the rain because I had wanted K to take her nap especially since she was just recovering. When she woke up, I got her to tidy up her play house before we left again to meet the hubs, this time, at IMM for dinner

And look what we bought for Christmas!
Aren't they cute! Lol....Thankfully, the girl is well recovered now. :)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

We had so many things going on (again) today. We do really have so many things happening on almost every weekend that when we have nothing on, I am secretly happy.

First, we attended the NIL's 8th birthday, at the ice-skating rink near our home. It was FUN to say the least. I am sure the youngest SIL spent quite a bit for this because she paid the entry fee for about 9 kids and 2 adults, just me actually and the BIL who arrived later, rental of boots and then lunch at Nandos. The hubs paid for the 4 skating aids which didn't come cheap at $15 each! The SIL wanted to pay him but the hubs rejected it. Afterall, she would have already spent quite a bit on us all.

I loved it and am amazed, even myself, that I can actually balance. No doubt I had an aid to lean on because K was sitting on it and I had to push her but one still needs to be able to balance on the ice-skates in order to move. I was telling the SIL to try as I didn't fall at all and attributed it to the skating aid but on hindsight, I realise there is still a bit of a balancing act in there. The hubs said I still have it! Heheheh...the last I skated was on those old-school roller skates more than 20 years ago ok! Now I wish I hadn't thrown them away...they were so sexay then.

After about an hour and a half in the rink, we exited and trooped over to the restaurant which was facing the rink. While the rest who didn't/couldn't skate felt cold from the cold air from the rink, I was almost flushed without the sweat because it was quite a work out. We ate, sang the birthday song and K had the cake.

The hubs had left half way when the delivery people called to say that they were on their way to deliver our new fridge and then returned again after. When we got home after the party, the hubs and I quickly cleaned the fridge and left the doors open to clear any smell. And then we were off again, for another birthday party.

This time, a very early 16th birthday for the Victor's oldest girl. The girl met a 2 year old girl in the later part of the evening and had so much fun playing with her. And then she had cake again. I didn't make her eat any dinner because she was still so full after the party in the afternoon which lasted till about 4ish.

Anyway, say welcome to our new fridge!

Thursday, 10 November 2016

I ordered a fridge today and did it over the phone. Our trusty almost 10 year old Japanese brand 3 door refrigerator is heading towards retirement. The hinge on the main fridge door is rusting and the gasket mouldy. 
We window shopped last week to see what are the options in the market. There is no need for us to flaunt on a big, gadgety fridge. My preference is still a 3 door though but they don't seem to design those anymore.

Anyhow, what I paid for over the phone is much cheaper than what I would have paid for from the stores. The fridge will arrive this Saturday and all I did was order over the phone! Wow....no questions asked.

We are kind of skeptical with those Korean explosive brands now. Thankfully, other than the hubs quite old Korean mobile, we have nothing else from there. Lol.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

So yes, I turn a year older but hopefully look years younger la! 

Anyhow, we all slept in today with K, being the champion when we had to wake her up at 9am. While I was putting on my make-up, the hubs and K came into the room with a lovely cake and sang me a birthday song. When I came back from pilates yesterday, the girl couldn't control her excitement and told me that 'daddy has a surprise for you and has hidden the surprises!' She then led me to the kitchen, hovered her hand outside the drawer where surprise number 1 was kept.....it was the cake knife and candle. Then she moved her hand to the fridge and said 'daddy kept another surprise here.' Lol....why are they so cute. The kid, not the father.

So this morning, the girl had a big slice of cake before we sent her to school at 10am, before the hubs and I went to JB, to change her pair of sandals. After which, we drove up further to a mall that we used to visit quite often last time and my, what a big change it has under gone! We did some shopping there and reckon this will be the place we'll go to, our next JB trips.

We drove back mid afternoon because Tim had asked us out for dinner, a birthday treat for me and we didn't want to risk getting caught in the jam. We got home, rested for a while, well, at least the hubs did. And we picked the girl up before we made our drive to meet Tim.

We took a walk at the nearby shopping mall after dinner before we sent Tim back and at the same time, sprang a surprise on the family. Tim had opened the door but instead of walking in, we sent K in first while the 3 of us waited outside and then we could hear the joy and excitement when they saw the girl, who they were so used to seeing everyday during her 1st & 2nd baby years.

We sat for a while before leaving because it was well, getting a little late. Well, another quiet birthday, but honestly, I won't want to have it any other way.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

I left the office earlier yesterday to collect some $9,600 worth of shopping vouchers from IMM, for the company's D&D. While I was at work, there was a message from hubs' group chat between the siblings and SILs. The youngest NIL has been admitted to the hospital for high fever on Sunday evening. While I was at IMM, the hubs called to ask if we should visit his nephew.

Although I wasn't prepared to, the hubs seemed to want to go because the youngest BIL messaged that they will go by. And so we went. The 4 month old baby looks fine but of course, with 1 hand taped with a hard board for the tubes, the sight was quite poor thing. Except he didn't have any tubes so it was ok. He is a cute little bugger. Definitely cuter than the older NIL.

This is his 2nd time being admitted and I told the SIL not to worry whether she offends anyone if anyone is not feeling well, to please ask them not to go near baby. Adults can manage their own illness but not a baby. When we were at the aunt's place last Tuesday, almost 1/3 of the adults were nursing a flu or just recovered. And so the SIL says she has learnt her lesson especially after knowing how painful it is especially when one can't do anything for one's child.

And the youngest BIL, the idiot, despite having running nose, went to kiss the baby twice. Of course, we had to tell him off and to think that he said never mind! Bahh...it's idiots like these!

Monday, 7 November 2016

I had pick-up duty again on Thursday and Friday because the hubs had events after work. On Friday evening, I rushed to do the girl's laundry because we had planned a day trip to JB with Jeremy and Ivy on Saturday. 

Although the SIL has joined us several times to JB, the eldest brother hasn't and has never been keen either. But I think the day trip yesterday changed his mind somewhat. He now knows he needs to bring more cash, at least. We always have good food and shopping whenever we pop over the causeway. But on the other hand, we go so often, we are also spending too much..(??) This time, we went via Woodlands and shopped more because this part of entry has more upmarket buys. The usual route that we travel by, is mainly for grocery and of course my favourite Malaysian shoe brand.

We ended up leaving JB later than we had planned to. Because there were so many things to see, right. Lol. After we cleared immigration, I realised my passport did not have the exit stamp! It happens! We usually read about other people's passport not having the entry stamp and getting into trouble but mine didn't have the exit stamp. The eldest brother told me not to worry so much about it because well, it's exit. Immigration is usually more concerned with how you enter the country than how you leave it.

Anyhow, I bought a pair of jelly bunny sandals for K and only saw that there is a cut on the top when we reached home. Looks like we need to bring it back to change. I won't have bothered if I think it won't cut her flesh but I think there is a chance that it may...so better get it change. Well, here we go again.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

When I arrived home from work yesterday, the hubs was already home and trying to fix the wires. He tried his best, despite his lack of electrical knowledge and basically almost no handyman skills to speak of. So during the course of trying to fix the wiring, there was cussing.

He had to give up after awhile because we had to go fetch the girl and then go over to his aunt's new home. While in the car, I suggested that we get an electrician to come fix the wiring because I do not want to see him so frustrated and then cursing. It irritates me whenever he does that and then complaining especially when he starts perspiring, as if he is the only one. If it's so difficult, just pay to get someone to do it!

Anyhow, we were the last to arrive at the aunt's new home but still have to wait for a good while for the ritual to get started. The aunt's new place is spacious and nice, like how new homes usually are.  Well, the nice bit that is. Only the 2nd BIL and his family attended this time while the youngest BIL had work. The rest of the usual suspects were, of course, there.
Thankfully dinner was prepared earlier and K could eat at 7pm while the rest of us only had ours about 8ish. But K did have a lot of snacks to munch on later.

When we got home, I had a pile of laundry to work with. Thankfully, when I was home earlier, I had sorted them out and only need to throw them into the wash when we reached home, in total darkness. Needless to say, I hung the laundry up in total darkness too. Literally with nothing but the radio on.

The hubs' procrastination and why doesn't he learn anything from it. Let's see if he gets it fixed today.