Saturday, 30 August 2014

I went out with my department for a department dinner yesterday evening at Dempsey. Food was good, entertainment was good and the bill came out to about $250! For just the 4 of us and the food is normal Thai fare! Thankfully, it is company paid!

And today, when K woke up from her nap, we went to the Victor's after a long time of not seeing them. And before that, I was glad we were able to return the library book and vcds. Lol.

K had 3 small slices of cake after dinner and was playing with the 4 other girls, 2 from the Victors and 2 from the Salahudeens. When I strapped her up in her car-seat, going home, she proclaimed that she enjoyed herself! Lol...

Thursday, 28 August 2014

K is now a proud member of the.....National Library! A few Saturdays back, one of the few when we didn't have any plans, we took a train to Clementi and visited the library. This time I remembered bringing her birth certificate along and after a quick process, we spent some time letting her choose what to borrow from the library. 

We went off with 2 cds and a book. Although one can't really go wrong with Sesame Street, I didn't really appreciate the other vcd and book that we borrowed. 

The book was titled 'My First Book of Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories' while the vcd was a 'Mother Goose' one. Maybe I am reading too much into it but I felt that they did not give out wholesome views especially if these were read by toddlers.

Sure, the fairy tales were read by so many of us when we were younger and look, we turned out alright. But unconsciously, it talks about being the most beautiful (Beauty and the Beast), the fairest (Snow White) and then about taking revenge (Jack and the beanstalk). No wonder, we grow up with such hang-ups about being the right type of beautiful. And then the revenge theme just makes you think it is alright to do so! 

Although I dreaded reading the book after the first round, I did not want her to think otherwise to why we brought her to the library in the first place. The vcd was on nursery rhymes and there was this particular one that was all cheery until the part that went 'This is the way we go to school everyday'. The song went into a really slow-motion mode and the actors appeared like they were dragging themselves to school. And then the next line that went 'This is the way we finish school (or something to the extent), the song was upbeat again! 

Being a parent now, I notice things I would not have otherwise bothered. I will be making more effort in future going through books for her. I do not want K to grow up on thinking that her life would be perfect if she is a princess or if she looks a certain way. Barney & Big Bird (or Elmo in K's sense, she loves him!), we'll be seeing more of you!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Conversations with K

The other day, when the 3 of us were lying on bed, with the hubs already off to his la-la land ( typical), K and I were talking.

K, pointing to her daddy : Eh, why he sleep here? (Obviously trying to be funny)
Me : Who?
K : He (points behind her again). Why he sleep in our room?
Me : Who is he? (Trying to make her say daddy, mummy and mama instead of he and she all the time) Oh, daddy?
K : Yes, why is daddy sleeping in our room?
Me : Hmmm...this is daddy and mummy's room, you know. Hey, why are you sleeping in our room? Why are you not sleeping in your room? Mummy will tidy up the room for you and then you can sleep there ok?
K : I dun wan.
Me : Why?
K : I wan to sleep with daddy and mummy........
Me : Why? But daddy and mummy don't want you to sleep here...ahahahahaahah
K : ........But I so cute right?
Me : ......Who said that?
K : Daddy
Me : ..................

Monday, 25 August 2014

Tonight's dinner: Steam Codfish and Pork-rib soup with carrots, corn and winter-melon.
I split the corn into 3 parts and K ate 2 up. She was so full, she didn't have any more stomach space for her evening milk. Lol.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Today's 1 dish-meal:

Fried Olive Rice. First time cooking Fried Olive rice. Verdict: Overnight rice is still the best! We cleaned it out! But the hubs didn't allow K any of those chinese sausage. :(

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tonight's dinner: Bake Salmon and Mix Veg. 
I'll need to work a little on my soup though. Although I make soup almost every week, it somehow lacks taste. Although I'm glad to say K makes no fuss over it. Previously, I put too much water in the pot and I've reduced the amount. But the soup still doesn't taste as flavourful as I would like it to be.

When we go marketing this Saturday, I'll get some dried red dates, honey dates, chick peas and see how my soup making goes. If you have more soup ideas, please share! :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Conversations with K

I was so busy at work last Friday, but had to rush off in order to reach the bottom of our block by 5.30pm to take over K from the hubs as he had to return to work, that I was contemplating with the idea of returning back to the office on Saturday to clear them. And then thought that I should just go in the office earlier today but somehow we still left home the usual time. And so I told the hubs that I will not be cooking today as I may need to stay late. But as it turned out, I didn't have too! And I completed my work in good time too. :)

But as I had my mind set on not cooking already, we ate out anyway. On our way home after dinner, I saw that K was rubbing her eyes and assumed that she must be feeling sleepy already. With it being a Monday and a whole day at school, Mondays are usually tiring.

Me: See, you are rubbing your eyes already. Are you sleepy?
K: Noo, I am rubbing my eyes only 'cos there's something. I'm not sleepy....
Me: Hmpfff.....

Anyway, back at home, she was entertained by M, who I have to say is really quite good with her hands.

Look at the dinosaur replica she made while playing with K in the evening.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Earlier in the week, the hubs mentioned that he would have to go to the Suntec guild house to oversee some renovation work in the morning and so we didn't make any plans for today. We started off with a trip to the market for breakfast as well as for some marketing where the nice florist in the market, once again, gave K a stalk of flowers. I think K knows the nice auntie will give her some flowers as I had wanted to take a walk to see what were being peddled from the make-shift stalls but she pulled me into the market.

She happily said hi to the auntie in exchange for a stalk of flowers and then we walked around and saw live frogs with thunder thighs, crabs, ornamental fishes, terrapins and worm feed while the hubs went about his marketing round. And then I accompanied her to the playground while the hubs went back up.

When I realised that the hubs wasn't going to work, I quickly prepared lunch. I cooked so much Fried Rice with chicken that it was to become K's dinner and probably the hubs' breakkie for tomorrow.
Early evening, we went to Chinatown, caught the decoration for the coming Mid-Autumn Festival as well as to buy some toiletries. 

Easy going Saturday with quality time spent with the family.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

A skillet full of mixed pasta with minced pork, chicken, capsicum, cherry taomatos and baby corn. Mixed because we ran out of spaghetti.
Hot chilli pesto pasta for the hubs:
And good 'ol pesto for the 2 girls.
Yes, I know my food presentation isn't much. Will do something about it for my future posts. Lol.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A simple home cooked meal that warmed our tummy.
Baked beans with potato and minced pork with greens. Yummy.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Conversations with K

As K has become more conversant, sometimes the things that she says leaves us in stitches. And I would like to record them down. Afterall, they are only innocent once and when they reach primary school, maybe, I will miss having all these funny conversations with her.

During the day out at my company's 100 years celebration, all the children were each given a goodie bag. After she completed her lunch, K decided to check out what was in her goodie bag and started taking everything out. Thankfully, it was a whole table to our family of 3.

As she was busy emptying the bag, the hubs and I were looking out for 'forbidden' food such as chocolates and sweets. She has tried chocolate but till now, we have not given her any sweets. There is no such thing as starting too late for junk food like this. And then she pulled out a chuppa chup.

She puts it on the table and the hubs and I started reaching out for it to 'hide'. There was another chuppa chup in there. After she ran through everything in the bag, she asked for the 'balloon'. (?!?!?) Lol! We realised that she was actually referring to the chuppa chup!

My child, in all her innocence, was describing the lollipop as a balloon because it does look like a mini-version of one!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

I had wanted to go straight home to cook dinner last night but the hubs decided that we should have dinner at Ikea. We ended up paying almost $6 for almost 2 hours of parking as the hubs didn't listen to me to leave the car at the public car park behind K's school. Being Ikea members, we could have spent $5, except from the cafe, and redeemed free parking. But when there's nothing to buy, there's nothing to buy right?

Anyhow, we had a great day today! Good weather for a start, for our Nation's birthday! 

K slept in a little longer, which was good for us. The hubs went marketing on his own in the morning while I prepared my one and only Shepherd's pie to bring to his relative's new house for their usual periodic gathering. This is the 2nd time we've visited their new clustered, 5 storey house. I can't imagine the cleaning that they have to do and the electricity bill that comes with the centralised air-conditioning! But nevertheless, it's very kind of them to always host a party at their home.

We were there at about 12noon and the hubs brought K for a swim while I sat by the side. Again, the hubs had to ask me why don't I join them. I find it very difficult having to bathe for K, then myself after a swim. Well, if we're at a hotel, it's a different matter. But at someone else's home, what is K to do waiting in the bathroom while I shower? And I don't want to have wet hair, looking like a dog that just came in from the rain, in a party, do I?

I'm not sure if it was the swim that caused K to be ravenous. She was practically eating non-stop! After the shower, she had some wafers, then she had proper lunch, followed by pastry and the wafers again. When her distant cousin came back home, she brought K and the nephew-in-law down to the basement to watch Frozen and there, K finished up 2 cupcakes! 

We left for Jerry's at about 4pm where there was more food as we had a joint birthday celebration for M and Esther. At almost 6pm, she took dinner again! I didn't have much as I was still so full from the non-stop flow of food that was appearing at the hub's relatives' home.

It's definitely so much easier now that K can eat with us when we're out and that we no longer need to bring her food jar along. Except for Sundays, when the 3rd SIL loves to cook for her. I'm glad, at this moment, K enjoys home cooked meals more and as much as I can, I will provide it for her.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The company had a farewell party yesterday evening at a pub, some walking distance away from the office. Our table consisted of the HR & Admin department as well as some ladies from Finance and Purchasing. It was fun! I started off with a Lychee Martini followed by Magnus' Apple Cider. So the hubs had the evening bonding with his little girl and I had mine, taking a break from home duties.

I have hardly or dare I say, not touched alcohol since I was expecting K. Ok, this is not including the awful taste of DOM that I had to drink during my horrible confinement month. Having said that, I was telling the hubs quite recently that we should start with some DOM every evening, hearing that it is supposed to be good for the body. I still have 2 or 3 unopened bottles at home!

Anyway, before I digress any further, I do not drink now especially with K around. I am afraid I get too woozy to take care of her later. Whenever we go over to the Victor's, there is drinking involved and of course, the hubs being the better drinker, is allowed to do his social entertaining. I restrain but then again, of course I do not hold my liquor well.

Oh well, that's a fun night and it's back to the grind today.

Monday, 4 August 2014

We had such a busy weekend that I was toying with the idea of taking the day off today and I even caught K talking to herself while seated on her training seat on the toilet that she is so sleepy. Lol...

Anyhow, we started Saturday morning with an activity at K's childcare. The centre had just turned 1 and they had lined up some activities. We started with grouping up and went on an 'amazing race' round the neighbourhood. Thankfully, I did not need to carry K the whole time but it was bad enough running akin to carrying a 12kg pack of rice! The hubs wasn't able to catch up and almost always ended up trailing behind the group because of his wobbly knees.

Despite that, our group came in 3rd and Mavi's daugther who is in the same age group as K, their team came in 2nd. Somehow the prizes for the children came in a pair and so I exchanged a set with them. Anyhow, it was fun despite the balmy weather. There were 2 balloon sculptors and for the first time, we managed to get 2 sculpted balloons and a normal one for K. Everytime we go out to the mall, K would see everyone else with balloons but somehow, we never get to find the place where the balloons are distributed so she's quite a poor thing in that sense. And I do mean like 95% of the time we end up not being able to locate where the balloons were being given out.

Anyway, we left before the event ended and from a 1 year anniversary party, we joined my new colleagues at my company's 100year celebration cum Family Day at the Shangrila resort in Sentosa. Not many staff turned up and my family only managed to go for lunch. Which was just as well as they had some activities going on in the morning as well. 

After lunch, we headed to the beach for a while and there was another company event held there and the hubs met a friend who was running the event. So K was 'allowed' to play in the bouncy castle for a while before the actual event actually started. But the sun came out in full force shortly so we didn't stay long and we wanted to have K go back for her nap as well.

And after church yesterday, the hubs decided that we should go to Jeremy's as Bev has not seen K in a while due to her flying schedule. Tim & Bev were both surprised and Bev went on to play with her little cousin. Half-way through, we went out for a while to visit the hubs' friend, whose wife is expecting and who happens to stay near my brother. K napped in the car and thankfully, all the way up to the friend's home for about an hour.

Then off we went back to Jeremy's for dinner and back home.

The coming Saturday is going to be another long day, given that it's the National Day weekend. I told the hubs not to plan anything after church on Sunday. We need to recuperate! :)