Thursday, 31 March 2016

The situation yesterday evening,
The remaining fishes decided on a joint suicide. Earlier than I had anticipated, they did not last even a week! I even took a video of them when they were very active, and it was only 2 days ago, but the size of the video is too big to be uploaded here. Mind you, we started with at least 10 of them.

K says that they are now the little tank is empty. For terrapins perhaps? No way, I am just kidding.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The fishes were so active yesterday but they have nowhere to go. Poor things can only swim round and round the small tank.

We have been getting casualties almost everyday. We are down to what, 6 of them longkang fishes and I'm expecting an empty tank by this weekend.

My colleague, who brings his kids to longkang fishing too, says them fishes don't last very long. When we were at the fish farm on Saturday, another family was there too but they returned all the fishes that they caught although no refund was given. It's the experience, I suppose. I told K and the hubs, if we return again, we will return the fishes too. They are either not getting enough oxygen, do not have the freedom that they have in the man-made longkang or the tank is over-crowded. Sigh.....

Bless the hubs, who have been the one changing the water in the tank. I told K to forget about keeping any pets...I do not think I have the energy to look after any since the hubs have already openly told us he is not going to be responsible in doing so.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

We had such a packed long weekend and thankfully, we also rested well.

Friday started with the entire family, minus Bev who was on flight and James who we presume had work, visit my father's grave. It's been 27 years since my father has passed on. And I'm glad the 2 eldest brothers seem to have buried whatever old hatchet they had and the 2 elder SILs have also started talking. 
After the 1/2 hour spent at the grave, Robin and his family went off while we sent Jerry's family to the nearest train station to take their connecting bus to JB where they were going to spend the night at. The rest of us went for lunch at Tiong Bahru, took a walk around the estate to check out the quaint cafes and then went home to nap.

After my weekly magic-clean and mop, we were out of the house for dinner. The hubs had suggested checking out a fairly new shopping centre near his colleague's condo but the parking lots were so limited that we went off and went to another mall at Choa Chu Kang. We are quite sick of visiting the usual malls at our area and we didn't want to venture to town. 

And yesterday morning, we went farm hopping! We visited the fish farm first because I wanted to let K have a hand at longkang fishing and since it is our first stop, we were all energetic still. It took us a while to realise where to go for the easy catch and we brought home quite a few of those fishys but at least 4 have died at the time of this entry. :( I've told K that we should release them back to the waters the next we time we go again.

We went off to the goat farm next but missed the milking session as we were busy trying to catch them fishes earlier. But we got to pet the kids and that was enough for K. The hubs did buy a small bottle of goat's milk for her and 2 big ones home, which I politely declined .Live goats and mutton smell the same. Eeekkk.

We drove over to Bollywood Veggies for lunch and then walked around the 'farm' for a bit but there were not much to see. It looks more like a random plantation. We did go over to a proper agro-farm after but were not allowed to venture into the enclose area. So we stayed for awhile, looked at the fresh vegetables for sale and then went off to SPCA. Most of the dogs were bigger cross breeds and the cats didn't interest us much. 

Went back home and we all napped. Dinner was simple pesto pasta because I was quite sick of eating out although the hubs had wanted to go out, again.

Today, we had lunch near Ivy's parents after church. Her sis is in town from USA so it gives Ivy a week of rest while her sister takes over to look after their parents this 1 week. We went back home after lunch and again, napped.

When we woke up, the hubs decided to attend the wake of a friend's father and I decided to bring K down at the same time. Brought her to the playground where she enjoyed some 1/2 hour of play to reward her because she took her nap. The nice breeze downstairs made me allow K to play that long. Lol. 

So, we had a fun and rested long weekend. How about you?

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Conversations with K

Children, they all grow up too quickly. Thankfully, I am not at the stage where I am asking when will she ever grow up. I just wish she doesn't!

I give K her bottle of milk every weekday morning at about 7am. A slow way to wake her up for school. Sometimes, she dream-feeds, sometimes she'll wake up by the time she empties her milk bottle. A lot of times, she asks me to sit with her and holds my hand while she drinks her fuel for the day. But it is also during this time, I go back to the kitchen and have my milk fix too. And I always tell her to drink first while I go switch off the kitchen lights. But I'll usually stay there, finish my milk and what-not before I go back to the room.

One day, after my usual excuse, she decided to stomp into the kitchen to check on me! 

K: I thought you said you come to switch off the light??!!
Me: *giggling* Ok, ok, I'm done. Let's go.


The other day in the car. We were talking as usual and again, I told her I don't want her to grow up because she wants to be 5, then 6, then 11. Her answer caught me off-guard and we ended up hugging each other.....awhhhh..

K: But even if I grow up, I'll still be your baby what.


Sunday, 20 March 2016

We went out for dinner on Thursday because the weather was SO hot. We wanted to escape the hot air, the sun's strong rays and immerse ourselves in air-con comfort. We did the same on Friday too but for different reasons. On my way back home, I saw the hubs and K at the playground and didn't want to rush through my cooking so agreed with the hub's suggestion to eat out, again.

With news reports that the sun is not going to be easy on us for a while, we were out again after I did K's laundry yesterday morning. We had lunch at the mall nearby and then went further to Kallang Wave Mall. The Victor's dropped by for a drink and also gave K a belated birthday present of yet another 'My Little Pony' set. Although the hubs and I do not indulge her, many others do. Maybe because they pity her? Lol.....

When the Victors went off for their next appointment, the 3 of us had dinner and then went to catch a swimming competition at club level. Something different to expose the girl with. And then we're home after almost the whole day out. 

And after church today, we went to visit Ivy's mum who had a fall. The fall was quite bad and had her bleeding from her head. Ivy shared with me that the nurses at the hospital mentioned that she cannot afford another one. When we reached their home, they were learning how to maneuver and fold the new wheelchair that they have bought. And because the old lady is so thin and weak, Ivy decided to let her put on adult diapers. It's not because she is not able to control herself but because the elderly couple stay on their own and my SIL's trying to think of the best way to manage the situation. It's so sad.

Awhile after the hubs, Tim and the kids helped fix rubber grips under the legs of the plastic chairs and stools around the house, we left. Thankfully, K slept in the car and all the way up as she didn't take any nap yesterday. 

I took advantage of the hot hot weather to launder the bedsheets while the hubs and K napped. The only person who didn't, despite being able to, was me! Poor me. Anyhow, thankfully K woke up in time and we were off again for a dinner invite by the Whites at their club. We had a good dinner with the Whites and Victors and then the 3 older girls went to bowl, with the 3 fathers joining shortly after. When we parted ways, it was already almost 9pm. I hope I get a good night's sleep tonight for the new work week tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Our simple 2-dish dinner last night. Steam Cod-Fish and Stir-fried French Beans with egg.
The size of the cod fillet is sufficient for the 3 of us now but I reckoned that it would not be enough in time to come. Soon, I'll have to expand my 2-dish meals to include a 3rd. But I'm happy, we are all eating well. Thank God.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I have a colleague, who happens to be a neighbour. And when I say neighbour, I mean one who is living on the same floor as me. Yes! Not just in the same estate. I found out only after confirming the purchase of this place and was adamant to not say anything about it to her. Because, she's not exactly likeable and my ex-finance colleagues and I call her 'scanner' as she is one of those who scans a person from top to toe. And she is quite vocal too, in complaining.

But after about 6 months or so, she saw me and this time I didn't see her although I did see her once and she had no idea. So finally it's in the open. Well, between her and me anyway. The only other people in the office who are aware is my boss and maybe some of her departmental colleagues. At least now, I do not have to quickly scamper to hide or take a quick glance at her unit when the lift door opens at our floor. In the beginning, I could not believe my luck but I've since gotten over it. So, it's true. Things do become better when it is in the open.

Anyway, I needed to ask her if she has the same experience after we have been seeing lone centipedes in the house lately. The first time I saw one was early morning in the kitchen. The next few lone ones were in the balcony and common bath. I even saw 2 shrivelled up ones since we returned from Batam, 1 on Sunday in the balcony and 1 was in K's bowl, yesterday evening. We wonder where do they suddenly appear from? We figured because it's an old flat, 30ish, and there were no U-sleeves in the pipes. You can open the hair-trap and see the pipe all the way down. So the clever hubs placed our unused peranakan tiles over them before we left for the short get-away. 

But since we still see them around and thankfully solo travellers, I had to ask if my neighbouring colleague experiences the same problem at her unit, quite literally diagonally across the lift lobby. But she doesn't. So, I hope ours is an isolated case and will soon be condemned to isolation. After messaging the colleague at work through our internal messenger, I am also relieved to hear that her home has lizards and cockroaches' once in a while. Beats having to see them and scrambling for a rolled-up newspaper everyday.

Monday, 14 March 2016

And so on Friday morning, the 3 of us took a bus ride to Harbour Front to board the ferry to Batam. The hubs had insisted on taking the train earlier but being so familiar with the rush hour crowd on trains, I managed to convince him to take the bus. Yes, despite bringing with us a small suitcase and K's stroller. But K enjoyed the ride, we had seats and when we arrived, the hubs even commented that he didn't realise the bus journey would be so smooth. Because of the route that the bus takes, I would think the timing is comparable to a train ride. Not forgetting buses now have a dedicated bus lane! :)

The ferry ride to Batam was just under an hour and after checking in, we went to the nearby mall. Thankfully, the hubs managed to convince me to change hotels and that the previous hotel that I had booked graciously refunded the full amount to me upon cancellation. I had booked us at another hotel further in, nearer to the beach but like what the hubs say, we can't be spending the whole day in the pool or in the hotel as visiting the nearby mall or the 'best' in Batam would require a taxi ride both ways. So we booked into this new hotel and walked to the 'best' mall very conveniently. 

The hotel was nice. The room was big! We had full view of the pool and K enjoyed herself with 2 days in the pool.
We didn't do much really. Well, there isn't much to be done in Batam. But the hubs and I did sneak in a 1 hour body massage, thinking that we can make use of the time since K was napping in her stroller. But when the hubs and a staff from the massage parlour carried the stroller up the flight of steps, K woke up. But she was so sweet to sit through the full hour's massage, between the 2 of us and moving away to make space for the massueses. We left the place, happy but my body still ached. 

We left on Sunday late morning, after another dip in the pool and packing. We changed the ferry timing for our return so that the hubs could make it back in time to attend a wedding lunch. Although, he was still going to be late anyway.

To sum it up, we didn't do much and didn't shop much also. All we bought were 4 sets of pjs and a pair of pastel pink leather sandals for K, a pair of slightly distressed pair of jeans and kickers for myself and a pair of sandals for the hubs. We did eat pretty well, thanks to our strong currency and spent time with the family. Just the 3 of us. But honestly, I would still prefer to go back to Malaysia anytime. :)

Monday, 7 March 2016

After the usual lunch with Jerry's family, Jeremy and Ivy yesterday after church, we went back home and napped. I was still trying to recover from the tiredness on Saturday. When we got up, I mopped the house because I was simply too tired to do so on Saturday.

And then we went out for dinner as well as to drop by the travel agency to enquire about a possible short-trip to Batam. K's centre is closed this Friday and the hubs and I have taken the day off. Since it is so, I very much would like to go somewhere. Otherwise no point having the 2 of us take leave at the same time right? I didn't mind going back to Malacca but the hubs wasn't so keen and any other place I suggested in Malaysia, he wasn't either. So, he suggested Batam although there isn't much to do there either. Well, not shopping at least. Anyway, we almost booked a hotel there until they needed our passport details, which we didn't have on hand. So, I guess we will have to either book the hotel on our own, which will be cheaper and manage our own ferry tickets.

The last time we went to Batam as a family was just after K turned 1. So it's been 3 years since and this time, we are going just by ourselves. We've been on too many trips with too many people and with too many people, there's always bound to be waiting around, time wasting. And of course, trying to accommodate to everyone else. So finally, this time we are free to roam anywhere and at our own time, own target. With us finally settling in our new home, we are ready to plan for a longer trip this year. So let's see where our whims takes us.

On another note, baby girl is no longer a baby but will still be so in the eyes of the hubs and I. Gave away a bag of her toddler shoes which I've kept in the shoe cabinet for memory. But I realise it's really just taking space. Besides, her shoe lover mummy has gotten her more pairs of shoes and thus, need to clear some space in K's shoe shelf. Hopefully, some less advantaged child has some use for them.

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Yesterday evening, after K slept, I tasked the hubs to blow some balloons and hang them up as well as the buntings and paper pom-poms while I prepare some of the food to be cooked for the party. 

And this morning, I woke up at the time I usually wake up for work and that is an hour and a half earlier than usual, given it's a weekend. I bathed and got started on cooking. With 4 hours of preparation time, I was able to prepare everything before the guests came. K didn't seem surprise when she went out to the living room after waking up and I had to make it sound exciting to her by telling her that we are having a party and her friends are coming! She was probably still not wide awake yet.
When it was 11am, no one arrived yet and she kept asking where were her friends. Finally, our first guests came. And then they started coming. My plans to have the children play a fishing game was somewhat put off-track by the hubs. Perhaps he was so excited too. Eventually the 5, 4 year-olds and 1 almost 2 year old somehow managed to get very entertained in K's playroom. I guess it's still easy to entertain them at this age and so I am not looking forward to them growing up and having more demands later.

When it was almost 12, we had to get the children to eat so that the parents will eat too. Lol. Because the almost 2 year old wanted to go home to nap, I had to tell the hubs to bring the pinata out. I really wonder where his mind was. The kids had fun whacking the faded Barney, faded quite beyond recognition and were so excited when the hubs helped to break it open and the treats fell out. 

Then we had cake cutting, design chosen by K but type of cake chosen by me because I pretty much have enough of cream cakes although K did say she wanted cream cakes. Hahahah. So it was a mash up theme of sorts. There was the Frozen goody bag, Barney pinata and Hello Kitty cake. 

We did not invite that many people because I won't be able to manage if it is a bigger group. But I'm glad I receive positive feedback that it was cosy because it's a small group. I'm glad my mummy friends were a sociable bunch who talked with one another. I so appreciate that and that Janice was so kind to assure me of a job well done. K's schoolmate's mom even said that she hopes for more gatherings like this! 
After the guests left, I quickly put K's clothes to wash and magic-cleaned the house while K played for a bit with the tub of fishes. After the hubs washed her up, the 3 of us took a good nap.

The 3rd SIL dropped by in the late afternoon as I had asked her to come by to pick up some food. There were so much left. I still have not mastered the skill of cooking the right amount yet but I guess more is better than less? And after our early dinner, the 3 of us went out to Harbour Font and had dessert before coming back home again.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

I feel so tired and for the past mornings, had to peel myself off the bed very reluctantly. I think it's because after catching the local Chinese drama, I switch over to another channel to catch a Hong Kong drama after the first one ends and thus, I've been sleeping past 11pm.

But I've also kept myself busy during commercials. Since I've received all my orders, I've strung the bunting for K's birthday decoration, inflated the foil balloons I bought for the party guests, packed the goody bags for the 5 invited children, tested the tub for leaks for the intended fishing game, filled up the faded pinata with the hubs and ran through the recipes for the items I intend to cook. It's fun and making me excited for this Saturday.

We'll go grocery shopping today and pick up the cake tomorrow. The party is going to be from 11am to 1pm and I do not want to reveal too much here at the moment. K has no clue what is happening except that this is her birthday month. Especially since I've been preparing her party stuff when she sleeps. As we are celebrating it at home with her friends, I do not intend to hold another one at her school. There's no need to be overly-indulgent. Thus, it is better not to let her know now, lest she keeps pestering me if her birthday is today or tomorrow. Lol......

And yes, I will start teaching her the calendar dates after her birthday. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I attended the last pilates lesson yesterday eveing. I was considering if I should sign up for the new lessons. But I figured that this is the only 1 hour of real exercise I get to do in a week and that's only 1 hour out of a 84 hour week! Sometimes I skip my night stretches because I had a long day and am too tired. Even if I don't miss it, I stretch for only about 15 minutes.

So I signed up anyway and hopefully don't miss any lessons this time. The hubs suggested we do a morning walk every Saturday morning along the park connector at Chinese Garden. I would love for that too. With my fragile back and age, I really need to start on more exercising. 

We have K at a rather late age and we need the energy and strength to enjoy time with her. And also importantly, nothing beats being healthy and mobile.