Sunday, 31 July 2016

Tim and his girlfriend brought K out yesterday morning. And because he didn't have access to my brother's car, they could not bring K to the pet farm that I had suggested much earlier before. So, I suggested the National Art Museum instead, reading so much about it on blogs. 

We sent the 3 of them to the train station and along the way, saw K's classmate and his parents. Coincidentally, they bumped into each other again, in the train. While the kiddo went for her 'inaugural' outing (haha) with her eldest cousin, the hubs and I went to the food industries for our supply of salmon and cod. We came back home and I started with the usual house chores. 

Before we knew it, Tim and gf came back with K. I had told him to bring K back by 2 and he was so punctual picking her up and bringing her back. Unfortunately, the museum was a miss. Probably the same experience as we had earlier when the hubs and I brought K to the National Museum after the hype I read about. But K enjoyed herself nevertheless and that is more important really. And Tim and gf left shortly after with K pouting and very sad. Lol.

When K woke up from her afternoon nap, the 3 of us hit the roads again. This time, to the Victors. We've brought back some goodies from Malacca for them and also to visit Nan, who is now confined to the wheelchair. We haven't seen her in a while, the last was at the hospital, before the Victors went to the UK. She's recovering well but can't talk as clearly now. But it's good to see her still trying to be as independent as she can.

While at the Victors, we caught a good view of the fly-past of the National Day parade preview! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to get any tickets at all this year. But nevertheless, we will still try year after year.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

So, we took a road trip up to Malacca, again, with the eldest brother and SIL this time. I booked us into a 2 bedder at my brother's favourite boutique hotel. We like it too except that it can get too cramp in a normal deluxe room. But the living space for a 2 bedder is great! We love the deco of the hotel. Everything peranakan.

We spent quite a bit during this trip or rather my brother did because he had prescription glasses made. We ate a lot, typical of a trip to Malacca. And I bought 5 pairs of shoes! Sneakers, which I have been looking for, gifted by the hubs. I've been looking for walking sneakers, which don't look like they are meant for exercise. Dress sneakers, if you may. And I think this will do. I like it and it's comfortable.
K didn't want to come back home when we had to check out yesterday. Well, neither did we. 

We had a relaxing and great time with my brother and his wife. We even took a ride on their colourful themed trishaws, 2nd time for the 3 of us, upon K's request. Otherwise the brother and his wife will not and I'm glad they enjoyed the experience.

Till next time, Malacca. How can we not return to you? Lol....

Sunday, 17 July 2016

K was invited to her ex-childcare mate's home for her 4th birthday yesterday. Pity only 1 of the 2 boys who K misses attended but otherwise, there were some other kids. Some who we do not know and 2 from the previous centre, who K doesn't seem to remember. Lol. Kids' memory. That's why we find it pointless to bring her to amusement parks like Disneyland etc, at the moment.

We had invited G and her little sister to our place when we celebrated K's 4th. But we only had them and 3 other little friends. G's parents chose almost the same timing and duration as us when we invited them. Except that they bought a tray of fried beehoon and air-fried nuggets, fishcake and made a plate of sandwiches. So, in that sense, I do feel quite accomplished for preparing the food all by myself! Not comparing at all. Just self-satisfaction.

G was so reluctant to have K go when we had to and again, a drama ensued when the lift doors separated us. It's so funny....lucky K is not as emo and drama like that.

In the evening, we attended the new nephew-in-law's 1 month celebration at the clubhouse of the hubs' distant cousin. The one married to the french man. 

And today, we attended the celebration again but at the PIL's home. Or rather the pavilion downstairs their home. This time, it was organised by the FIL and he invited his Nepalese friends. So, it was like a Nepalese gathering in a sense. I was intrigued when I saw 2 of them married Chinese wives and 1 has a daughter a year older than K while another has a 6-month old baby. And, both ladies could understand a smattering of the language and been to Nepal at least 3 times. The youngest SIL suggested to me to go. Just our 2 families because we won't want to especially with the MIL. Since her son is already schooling, I suggested to do so when K starts formal education because I want to enjoy these few years vacationing during off-peak periods and not pay peak prices! Lol.

Anyhow, food was good! The new NIL is so cute. Doesn't look like either of his cousins. Not even the other NIL. Pray that the 2nd BIL and SIL continue to pray for God's wisdom to bring up this little boy to the fear and admonishment of God, just like I continually do so for K.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

What an eventful start to the working week!

On Monday, when it was pouring, the wedged shoe that I was wearing decided to open up. I felt the shoe getting lighter as I was walking in the rain, towards the train station near home. Thankfully, God sustained my shoe till I reached the office in the downpour and I could change into my pair of slippers, which I have in the office. So, I went home in said pair of slippers at the end of the working day.

And on Tuesday, after reaching home from zumba session in my office building, I put the laundry to wash before taking my shower. When I came out from the bathroom, the 'laundry area' had so much water that it was ponding. The water was leaking from the tap area again. Again, I had to switch off the main and the hubs, who was already lying down with K, was activated to fix it. The hubs, who is not a hands-on man in any manner, tighten the metal connector so hard that it broke. 

So the laundry was left in the machine and since it was late, we planned to buy a new connector the next day and if the tap area still leaks, send the wash to the laundromat. Thus, K's bedtime was delayed in the event because we had to mop dry the area. Thankfully, the machine is sitting on a kerb.

Well, thankfully, that's the last of our ordeal, or mine rather. 

And since the hubs was meeting up with a friend who migrated to Australia with his family later today, I suggested dining out. We had dinner at a western style cafe nearby and then came home to have the machine or rather the new connector fixed back to the tap. Thankfully, the hubs managed to get it done and we had the wash up and running. When the leak happened on Saturday, the hubs suggested buying a new washing machine. But being the miser that I am, I was reluctant because I know washing machines do last for quite a long while. Especially if the tub cleaning function is used regularly. Anyway, I'm glad we do not have to spend that money for now.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

We didn't have any plans yesterday and so I thought I could do the laundry and mopping at a leisure pace but...after a dim-sum breakfast at the market, the hubs went to consult a Doctor. While he went, I allowed K some play time at the playground just downstairs the block. And then up we came for me to do her laundry.

While I was operating the machine, I got her to do some craft work and discussed with her what to do for her teachers for Teacher's  Day in September. We're 1 month+ early but being 4, I felt that she won't be able to get it done for all her teachers in 1 sitting. And she has listed 6 teachers. 

When I was back at the machine, I found that the tap was leaking! And I didn't dare continue it, so I switched it off, messaged the hubs and had to wait. K's clothes were already in the machine. So, I sat down with K, helping her to knot up the bracelets. The pattern was all her own design. So far, she has only made 2 for her teachers, 1 for her cousin Esther jie-jie and another for herself.
Thankfully, the hubs managed to fix the leak when he returned but it did take hell of a long time and not without any frustration. The idiotic plumber had fixed the outlet so closed to the corner that it takes skill to tighten the bolts. And then the hubs told me that the Victors have 'invited' themselves over at 4. So I hurriedly put the laundry up to dry and bathed. 

We haven't caught up with them since they returned from their UK trip and we had a drink at our home before going out for dinner at a nearby diner. 

And today, I brought K and Esther to Chinese Garden to check out a zumba session organised in the park at 5pm. Good thing K took her nap yesterday and today. But these 2 girls didn't want to join in with the exercise and were playing catching instead! I ended up having to watch over my bag and Esther's at the round stone table. So towards the end of the session, I was joining in the zumba session from outside! But having said that, I will not join the group again because I was sweating buckets! I would continue in air-con comfort anytime so hopefully the one in my office building will have regular exercise sessions soon.

Friday, 8 July 2016

K's room has so many toys and books that it has literally become a playroom. Although she hasn't been gifted much toys recently, there is no more space in her pink bookshelf to store books that we are happy to receive as hand-me-downs. In fact, last Christmas, she received so many presents, it's astonishing. She was also gifted with so many bags that they are still wrapped up! But we are of course not complaining.

I felt that it is time we let go of some her toys. Her toddler toys, that is. No doubt they bring back so many memories and being good quality toys, they are all still looking as good as new! So, with the birth of her new baby cousin, I asked K to set aside the toys that she no longer wants to play with and would like to pass on to her cousin. These were what she chose. Yes, the dinosaur seems to be the odd one. Lol.
My eldest SIL kept 1 or 2 toys that Tim and Bev used to play with when they were toddlers and they still work so well! In fact, K played with the same toys when she was being looked after by the eldest SIL. That's the difference between cheap and quality toys. You really pay for what you get. Cheaper toys will probably last a year or less? 

Would I keep any for memory's sake? I would love to but which one? Would you?

Thursday, 7 July 2016

K's school had a 1/2 day closure on the eve of the Hari Raya ph and with the 3rd SIL working, I decided to take the full day off to spend time with her. I haven't been spending much quality time with her, with me always seeming to have a million and one things to do. The hubs took the day off as well!

After the mandatory laundry in the morning, the 3 of us went to the National Museum because I read that there were some fun activities going on for the kids but boy, were they over-rated. We were in and out in an hour and continued our next tour to KidStop. We parked the car back home and took a bus, just 2 stops away. Yes, we were back in the west. Finally, this time we were not disappointed.

I remember bringing K here on Children's Day last year, failing to realise all schools had their day off as well and the morning session was full already. This time, we were able to get tickets for the afternoon session and had so much time before it started that we had a leisure lunch at the cafe and walked over to Science Centre to take a look. 

While some exhibits did not impress K, it did impress the hubs and I. Like how we wanted her to put on the pilot's jacket  to take a picture in the cockpit. She was really more keen in the supermarket set-up, the climbing structure and the lego section. I climbed twice with her and am amazed how some parents who were bigger built than me could go through the structure. Some parts were really a bit of a squeeze. K climbed up on her own for the 3rd time because I couldn't anymore. We spent about 3 hours there and with the affordable off-peak entry fees, I can see myself bringing her here more often in future.

On the public holiday itself, we had Macdonald's breakfast, did some grocery shopping and then banking. We were at the mall for so long, we had lunch there too. But otherwise, we were back late afternoon, rested.

It has been a good midweek break. I even had time to apply mask on my hair! Now, it's back to work!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

The blooms of our basil plant. There are a few varieties of basil and I didn't know that the one we bought has got flowers. Maybe all of them do. I know 1 type has purple flowers.
We need to buy a bigger planter and proper sticks to hold them. Both the basil and mint plants are bending over due to weight. The balloon sticks work well too so maybe we'll just look out for free balloons next time and keep the sticks for this purpose. Lol....

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The receptionist and I attended a cocktail event at a hotel's re-branding yesterday. We were only there for the food, really. Lol...The hotel used to organise appreciation evenings and we always enjoyed the spread and free beer/wine but yesterday's food was a little bit of a disappointment. But we did have some fun at the photo booth.

And today, I am solo-parenting during the day because the hubs has a strategic meeting at the workplace. Ever since K was born, the hubs has cut down a lot on travelling, golfing and of course our couple time has been compromised. But of course nothing beats having our own little family together.

After doing K's laundry, I brought her down to check out a carnival that was going on. Well, it was actually the official launch of a green print program happening in our estate and there were a line-up of activities happening. We were late but we managed to catch the exhibition, saw a 'bubble-master' in action with crazy huge and long bubbles, played with the old school type of carnival games and even helped ourselves to a buffet spread. K met her classmate at the bubble area and the both of them were having so much fun playing while I chatted with her classmate's parents. They are really the only parents we connected with and in fact, the only one we invited over to K's birthday party at our place in March. So the 2 of them are almost inseparable.

When the other family had to go, K and I walked further and played games like throwing the horseshoe round the hoop, throwing plastic food into the chef's pan, throw hoops into stands etc. Really old school but good fun. And look what we hauled back from all those tries! It was a good thing that we were down late as they were closing up and were trying to clear their stock of tidbits!
There were not too many people left either so when we walked over to the CC, there wasn't much people at the buffet area at all. K and I were able to even find a bench to sit down and she had 2 servings of noodles! 

We went back home after a short trip to the market to get a mop-head and were back home again where K bathed a 2nd time because she had all those soapy solution from the bubbles all over her. She napped, too short and I managed to mop the house.

In the early evening, we took a ride in the double-decker towards the hubs' office because we had invited the youngest SIL and her parents to dinner. Mainly because her mother has resigned from her job of many, many years to prepare for the birth of another grandchild. She had been very nice to us, cooking for us when we stayed over at the youngest BIL's place in between our house move 1 year ago.  So we wanted to give her a farewell dinner of sorts before she returns for good to Malaysia. And because this deprived K hardly takes public transport, she was asking for it. 

We reached our destination in less than 20 minutes! And the hubs drove out to pick us up. When it's time to scrap the car next year, all these information is important because the hubs is so used to commuting by car, I need to prepare him for what to expect. I'm impressed by the fast bus ride really!