Thursday, 31 October 2013

I've started on my scrapbook project, which I target to complete before Christmas. Well, at least a small part of it. I've sorted the pictures and saved them under a separate folder and realised we've only got 15 nice ones! My intention is to compile photos that baby K has with them so the end product will look like their family album with baby K.

So the photos would have her with any one of them in it and it's just 15 at the moment. I hope to take some more when we go on our road trip to Malacca next month with Jeremy and Ivy. I'm also hoping that I can squeeze some out from their camera, which Bev is hogging on to now. 

And what is scrapbooking without the scraps! Pun intended. Last night while putting baby K's laundry to wash, I started scrapping stuff around the house which I think I could add to the album. 

The fabric cut-outs are trimmed out from her stained onesies. And the pooh was cut out from her bib, which has seen better days. I then pasted them on a board, which I recycled from last year's christmas gift pack and trimmed them down to size. It'll make pasting on the final product much easier I hope. I've also cut out the pictures from the poster the hub's colleague made for baby K's baby shower. I hope all these materials will come in handy and add a nice touch to the album. :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

This came in the mail today!

Thanks to the husband! *Loves*

P/S: Just realised it arrived just on time as an advanced birthday present!

Monday, 28 October 2013

We spent the whole of Saturday at home, with the hubs nursing his 2nd week of cough and sleeping almost throughout the day. When we went to the market on Saturday morning, he consulted the GP again while I pushed baby K around in the stroller and spotted the moon at 9ish in the morning while waiting for him! 

And then it poured in the mid afternoon and we were home for good. But it was good time spent with baby K, as always. In fact, going out all the time takes away a bit of that quality time we have just with her. Thankfully the hubs is getting better with all that sleep.

And it poured again after church yesterday. Although we had wanted to lunch with Jerry and his family, we decided against it after parking the car. There was no shelter to the hawker centre so while baby K and I waited in the car, the hubs went off to the hawker centre to pick up baby's food jar from the 3rd SIL. We're very lucky. Jerry's wife loves to feed baby K and never fails to cook for her every Sunday. This has been going on ever since baby K started on solids and not one Sunday has gone by that she has not prepared anything for baby K. And that has been at least for a year now that she's doing this for us.

By the time we reached home, it was almost 2 and baby K was more tired than hungry. After taking in a few spoons and spitting her food out, we decided to just give her her milk and true enough, she slept while finishing the milk. 

And in the later part of the day, before we proceeded off for dinner at the 2nd BIL's, we went to buy a birthday cake for him. Dinner was prepared by him and his wife. Baby K had fun playing with her cousin and I'm glad that there were no screaming heard from the nephew in law other than him being his usual highly active self. The youngest BIL even bought 2 dresses a a pink watch for baby K!

And then it was back to Jeremy's we went.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Another item exchanged hands today! The lady text me yesterday and even asked if she could collect it on the same day! I met her at the next train station from work and then it was done deal. Sweet. :)

Thursday, 24 October 2013

This and another item were put up just less than 2 weeks ago and was sold yesterday evening. Although I was supposed to meet up with the buyer today after work and that I was willing to bring it to her at Clementi, she managed to get her husband to drive down to my place with her daughter and collected the bumper at about 9ish.
I received about 10 enquiries for the 2 items I've put up, even having 1 person confirm taking both items and another lady confirming the bumper. And I felt bad when I replied to other queries that came after the 2 confirmations that both items were still available and I'm now glad I did! Nothing is ever confirmed until payment is received! 1 other person asked if I was willing to sell the diaper organiser for $15 from $36. I replied 'From $36?', thinking she would get the message and she replied to say she saw another person letting it go for $15 but did not reply to her. I refused to answer her thereafter although I felt like telling to her to carry on waiting. Anyhow, I'm glad I cleared this and hopefully can find someone for the organiser as well as other unopened stuff that I have plans to put up.

I also cleared these 2 bags yesterday evening and am quite upset that I have to. They are pretty versatile with most outfits, are almost feather weight and easy to carry. Thankfully I've used them quite a bit in their better days. I've not used them much in recent months or even a year or so? And kept them aside nicely folded, like how they are supposed to be stored, unless they are not meant to be folded away? 

A few years back, I managed to change the bags at the store when it became like this. So yes, these 2 were not the originals that I bought. But they've since stopped this policy and I'm guessing they realised that the 'bubbling' is inherent, meaning it's not worth buying at all and yes, I've stopped. Anyway, I've got tons of other bags that I've not used in a long time.

Which comes to my question; how do you clear your new, unused items as well as used items that are still in perfect condition? 

Monday, 21 October 2013

As Janice had to accompany her husband to the Doctor's on Friday, the play-date was cancelled. And hardly having the baby at home with us on a weekday, except for the earlier part of this week, the hubs returned home earlier than usual.

We went to Ikea, hoping to buy a bed rail guard to fix on our bed so it'll give us peace of mind whenever baby K takes a nap while we scoot off somewhere in the house to get something done. Well, for me, I do that nevertheless. It's the hubs who is paranoid. But it'll come in useful when we sleep at night as babies have the tendency to turn all over and I know she can keep doing that and still be on the bed while I'm in deep slumber. Unfortunately, the type of bed guard that Ikea carries is not the one we have in mind. 

On Saturday, we brought baby K to the National Library and borrowed a book and 2 video discs for her. It's not the first time we've brought her to a library but certainly the first to borrow something for her. And I have to keep reminding myself to bring her birth certificate the next time we go so she can have her own card. And also to bring our, old but still very much kept in good condition, books to donate to the library.

And after church on Sunday, everyone went their separate ways and the hubs and I found ourselves having lunch just with baby K at Jurong East. We went up to Jerry's after lunch as we had another house viewing in the mid afternoon. Although, I mentioned previously that we are not considering masionettes, we went to view one anyway but with the amount of water-proofing works that need to be done for the 2 bathrooms, it would be too much work to do if we take over the unit. And anyway, just after we finished our lunch at the market, I told the husband that I've changed my mind about shifting.

I told him I now find that the location was indeed quite far, the sun seemed hotter and it's still as 'dirty' as it was years ago when I used to stay there. I am not comfortable with the people I see too. I don't know. It's just a feeling and I guess that confirms my decision whether we should move or not. The husband then said we should not bother viewing the unit then but somehow, we went ahead when we drove into the estate where the masionette was at and kind of like it. But the conditions of the house made it an easy decision for us.

The husband has been very patient through all my requests. There are so many incidences that I can recall him not saying a word of retort whenever I changed my mind over something and yet, it is me who always says he's fickle whenever he does the same. Although, he is a lot fickle than I am but his reaction towards my fickleness has made to sit up and a reminder to myself to be a little bit more patient.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

We did many things with baby K when we had the privilege to spend time with her over the long weekend. I look forward to many more such occasions and of course, the fact that I was on leave and didn't have to work was a big draw factor. Lol.

We introduced her the use of the toilet and she did her first poop in there! Nothing exciting you may say but for parents with a toddler, it's another milestone! We've tried putting her on a potty but she doesn't like it. She takes it out once in a while to sit on it with her diapers on so we can't tell if she actually pees into her diapers when she does that. With her resistance to the potty whenever we ask her, when she has a clear sign that she is moving her bowels, I decided to take out the toilet training seat. Part of the stash from the Cordeiros.

And when she shows signs of bowel movement, which in itself is very cute, because she has her face crumpled up and standing there holding tight to the table or whatever that is in front of her. One look and you know she's got something going on down there. Lol. On occasions, she tells us 'poo-poo' but a lot of other times, we know when we catch her expression.

So over the long weekend, I managed to walk her to the toilet and the husband quickly removed baby K's diaper and put her up on the training seat. Then it happened. Although there was already poop in her diaper, she managed another one down the bowl! 

She's coming home today, a day earlier, as I have taken leave tomorrow again. Let's see what else we can teach her. And we're going to have another play-date with Jazlyn! :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

We were at the Victor's for a surprise birthday party for Gaye yesterday. We were supposed to be there before 2pm but as you would already know by now, we always give baby K's nap time priority. I love a good nap and know how it feels like to be woken up from a beautiful one. 

Anyhow, for a change, I made fried rice lunch for us and while the baby slept, I made shepherd's pie, my contribution to the pot-luck for the party. Thankfully, baby K liked my cooking enough to finish what was given to her as she didn't take to the instant packet congee that we had bought on Sunday, as a test for our possible holidays. Anyway, while the shepherd's pie was in the oven, I took a quick shower and we had to change baby K's diaper, in a bid to wake her up. Reluctantly, she did and off we went to the Victor's, to be greeted by everyone else who were already there. Lol.

We had fun and baby had fun with the other girls, next youngest being 6. Yes, there are a lot more girls than boys amongst our friends. When it was time to leave to send her back to Jeremy's, she insisted on holding the hands of 2 older girls who were playing with her  and they had to take the lift with us to the ground floor lobby. Baby K had to be pried off from them and she cried, albeit for 2 minutes, thankfully.

By the time we were at Jeremy's, she had another set of fun waiting for her. Back to her holiday camp and back to work for the parents. :(

Monday, 14 October 2013

The hubs and I are on leave today and that means we've got a long weekend with baby K, with tomorrow, being a public holiday. :) My plan for today was to bring her for a dip at the pool. Initially, we had wanted to go to the club where we are members at but knowing that the children area is fairly small, I suggested the public pool in front of where my family used to stay. 

Although a public pool, it has a lazy river, slides, a wave pool, a kid's's almost like a pool in a theme park! But as murphy law goes, most public pools close on Mondays for cleaning and we ended up bringing her to SAFRA where the hubs has free membership to. The hubs brought baby K to the children's section which she wasn't too keen with, what with the water pouring from the top and she accidentally slipped and went under-water twice. Nope, she didn't make a fuss about it because importantly, the parents didn't. She ended up settling quite happily in a cavity of a salamander's back and when the hubs and I asked if she would like to go back to the water play section, she said no.

Although I had planned for the outing to be before lunch, the sky was over-cast and being the kiasi daddy, the hubs said no. The weather turned out fine and was in fact, such nice weather that I insisted while baby K was napping that we should just go ahead. By then, I had taken a shower and was too lazy to have my hair wet with chlorine and having to wash it again. 

Having had all that fun, I don't think we'll bring her to a public pool again so soon. The shower head in the children's bath area could not be pulled out and it was a challenge having to wash her hair without water dripping over her face. Something which she doesn't like. Well, at least we tried and we know the challenges and, something to cross out on my to-do list with her.

And talking about to-do lists, we were finally able to take a ride on a double-decker with her! After she woke up from her nap yesterday, the hubs suggested that we take a bus ride to Orchard and at the same time, buy something for baby K. Having to sit in the car most of the time, I reckon that rides on the bus and train gives her a different exposure and thrill. What else should a child be doing but learn and have fun along the way! :)

Saturday, 12 October 2013

I received a text message on Wednesday asking if an item I posted on the free for all FB group is still available. It was there since July and although I sold the milk bottle warmer bag in super quick time, I gave up on this one. Besides I was letting it go at only $3 and so it went, into the mountain of baby K's stuff, in the study room. 

And boy was I glad to be able to 'get rid' of it. I bought it, thinking it was cute and true to the picture, never opened it up for use. Baby K doesn't need it. Lol....And so I met the lady at the train station near home yesterday evening and it exchanged hands. She seemed surprised that it was still brand new. Well, I'm surprised too that anyone would buy it since it can be easily bought off the shelves at any children department. Hehe...

And today, wanting to still take baby K on a double-decker ride, we decided to take a bus to Anchor Point. I've been wanting to let her play in the ball pool, something which I still remember playing in at Ikea when I was a child and thoroughly enjoyed. They no longer have it at the Ikea near our place though.

So, after her nap, we went ahead with our plan but unfortunately, the buses that came were all single decks! Well, next time then. The hubs met a club member while we were walking towards the activity zone and started chatting while he asked me to go ahead first. When I found out the admission charges, I hesitated bringing baby K in! But since it was an open concept, I felt it very mean to bring her there and then take her away from it. So I asked for the $20 entrance fee from the hubs and went in with baby K, watching her as well as playing with her. Although there was no time limit by then, as it was about 5pm, baby K is only 19 months and won't have the energy to play in there for the rest of the opening hours. So $20 for an hour is exorbitant! Trust me, we'll never bring her to any of these places anymore unless it's for free!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

This whole lot of goodies came today. Mostly for Lynn and just a wallet that I have bought for the hubs and a pouch that I have sold away to a colleague.
2 days back when we had to make payment to a colleague's contact in the States, Lynn kicked up a small fuss as her shipment this time was slightly more expensive and something she didn't expect. I must have reached her at the wrong time too and I wasn't too happy to be at the brunt of her complain. She mentioned that she won't be buying anymore and I'm glad in a way too. I was merely extending a 'lobang' to her and if she doesn't appreciate it, so be it. I hope she doesn't turn into a unattached and frustrated lady when she reaches 40 that my colleagues and I have observed and talked about. Well, I'm not saying that they all are weird but a handful are somehow strange.

Anyhow, I know I have made the hubs a little happier especially since I noticed he needs to change his wallet. And in return, he promised to buy me a bag too which is long over-due. So, I'm eagerly anticipating for the arrival of the bag, hopefully with the next shipment. :)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

There isn't much to update this week. The only thing that happened out of the ordinary was the late dinner meet up with the Victors and Cordeiros after we dropped baby K off at Jeremy's on Sunday.

And because it was dinner, we didn't stay long at Jeremy's although baby K was getting quite clingy to me. Ivy had to distract her which didn't work and she ended up having to block baby K's view of me while I made a quick 'escape'.

Incidentally, the large number of hand me downs such as the cot, Moses' basket, soft baby basket, truck loads of clothes and so many more, that Baby K inherited came from the Cordeiros. Although Michelle said that she has taken that fun away from me in buying baby's cute clothes, I don't look at it that way at all. A self-professed OCD, all the stuff she handed down to us were kept in good condition, in ziplock bags! And not to mention, all good quality stuff! And mind you, their only girl is now 6 years old. I feel thankful and blest a million times! And baby K is still wearing so many of their daughter's clothes up till now! And then we have some more from a relative of the hub's and so many more as gifts and such. Of course we still do some shopping for her but it's so much of savings we have had.

The only thing in my mind now is really to clear the study cum store room. It's filled knee high with so many stuff! Baby K's things, the hubs as well as mine. I really want her to have her own room where we can put her cot, toys and eventually, where she can sleep in. Well, at least a room to call her own. And then I can arrange play dates and her friends can come play in the comfort of a proper room. 

The hubs has promised by end of this month. Knowing the extreme procrastinator in him, I don't have my hopes held high. And I also secretly wish that James, who has finalised his annulment, would get his own place soon so that he can bring M over to stay with him. Well, it's not exactly a secret anymore since I did text him that explicitly when we had a conversation yesterday.

Well, watch this space and find out whether the hubs is able to clear that room as he had promised.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

We are back in the property market. Viewing resale flats, that is and back at the west, near Jerry's. Somehow, the husband and I would still like to move into a bigger unit and that only means getting older flats. We've given up the thought of getting masionettes as there are so much work to do and we don't want to reach the stage when climbing up and down the house may become an obstacle in our older age.

Unfortunately for today, I woke up with a headache. In fact, the headache came even while I was sleeping and when I had to wake up early morning to close the bedroom windows because of the rain, I felt it. So, other than bathing for baby K, the hubs took care of her most part of the day. 

And then we had a 4.30 pm appointment to view a unit. Thankfully we had planned to go to Jerry's after that. I went to lie down almost as soon as we reached their place but Esther kept coming into the room with baby K tagging behind her so I moved rooms. While I was trying to settle in the new bed, I threw up. I had to trouble their helper to wash the bedsheet and the hubs helped her clean the floor a bit. I had to take a bath again but felt so much better. Yes, my headaches or migraine can get very bad but thankfully, it seldom happens nowadays.

Anyhow, I'm hoping to be able to view a few more units especially since the resale market is kind of slow now it seems. The one we saw today is pretty runned down and the owner has stayed there for 10 years. So it'll be a major renovation work if we take over the unit. It's on a very low floor but otherwise I think I'm ok with it. So hopefully, we can view some better units around that location before we make a decision.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

It's been a month since I started blogging here and I still have no access to my old blog! So there's no way I could put in an entry there to 're-direct' any 'ghost' followers that I may have to this new one. Well, like what they say, we start anew on a clean sheet. Lol.

We went over to Jeremy's yesterday evening to spend some time with baby K. And it's nice to see her enjoying herself there and the hubs and I think she knows she can bully them. She was following Bev around and according to Ivy was doing so the whole day! I'm sure the family will miss her much when baby K starts her pre-school.

The hubs suggested developing photos of baby K for them when it's time to bring baby K back for good. I decide to take a step further. I shall develop photos of anyone of them with baby K and compile them into a scrapbook. But I need ideas and of course a push on the butt to get it done. Hopefully I can get it done in time for Christmas. I think it'll be the perfect gift. :)