Saturday, 26 July 2014

Already feeling a little down with cough, I had a sudden attack of the flu bug half-way at work yesterday. But it still didn't stop me from meeting the hubs and K for dinner outside. Afterall, I cook Mondays to Thursdays and Fridays are meant to be a day of rest from the cooking as well as not needing to look at the time as we can all sleep in the next day. That is, if K sleeps in. 

Anyway, we had dinner at Raffles Place this evening as I wanted to check out the the building that has completed renovation but was disappointed that most of the outlets at the food level were not opened! We ended up eating at a nearby food court where there were only about 4 stalls opened! After the quick dinner, we took a stroll towards the waterfront area and saw a huge crowd already there! 

Earlier, while we were looking for a place to eat, we saw the Singapore Lions aka the parachutist up in the sky and had planned to bring K to the waterfront to see what we can catch from the NDP rehearsals. However while waiting for the fireworks, I started having a headache and unfortunately was not able to enjoy myself as much despite the lovely weather. *Bummer* 

But I stayed on, just so that K could experience the sight and sounds of the beautiful fireworks. Having said that, I do not understand how some parents can bring their infants for such 'thunderous' events. I also cannot understand why some parents bring their young toddler to the cinema. For the sake of their own enjoyment, they inconvenience others.

Friday, 25 July 2014

I feel so bad. Like the worst mother ever. 

This morning, just before we were leaving the house, I have asked K to bring her little purple polka dot bag along. We use it to put a clean diaper and a packet of wet wipes. Since we couldn't find it, I asked if she wanted to take her tweety bird bag instead.

When we were at the car, I had to carry her onto the car seat and had to remove the strap of the bag when she stopped me. I told her that she won't be able to sit in the car seat like that and went on to remove 1 side of the strap and managed to buckle the same side of the car seat. She saw that the bag strap was removed and started crying. I tried to remove the other side of the bag strap but she refused and the strap of the water bottle became entangled.

She swung tweety while I was trying to untangle both straps when the hubs said what I already knew. I was so fed up, not at him but at K, told him to take over and I closed the car door and walked off. I did not look back and walked straight to the train station.

There were times I really felt like giving K a smack, good and proper. And so many times I fear losing my temper on her and then losing control. I've told the hubs if he hears her crying loudly and she is alone with me, he better come check. I may not exactly be impatient but I am not the most patient person either.

Being a SAHM is definitely too high a calling for me. Oh God, please help me.

Monday, 21 July 2014

After church yesterday, we drove to Little India for lunch together with Jeremy, Ivy, the 3rd SIL and the 3 kids. I remember clearly, pre-K, when the hubs and I used to frequent Mustafa at Little India. I like places like Little India and Chinatown. The culture is still so rich, something you don't experience on a daily basis, provided you don't work there.

After buying his stuff from Mustafa, the hubs wanted to look for an Indian outfit for K. K was not interested in them at all and went straight to where the children's cheong-sams were hung. Hahah...who are we kidding? This girl is 3/4 Chinese! Anyway, the Indian outfits were a little scratchy and hot. Although, I think they are nice and hopefully, she'll wear them willingly soon.

Before we headed to Mustafa, the group of us had lunch at an Indian Vegetarian fast-food chain. While K and I were seated when everyone else were at the cashiers' ordering their lunch, she made a comment. We happened to be seated at 2 adjoining tables and there was 1 customer finishing up his meal when she said:" Uncle is using his hands to dirty." Immediately, I had to Sshhhh her and quickly thought of what to say. 

At home, K sometimes uses her fingers to pinch her food and we'll scold her. Telling her to use her spoon or fork and the usual thing about being hygienic. This time round, I had to tell her that as soon as she masters the skill of using the spoon and fork well enough, she can move on to using her hands. And that the Uncle doesn't swing his hands around causing all the food to drop like her.

In church earlier, she was swinging her right leg and hitting the leg of the kids chair she was on. When I chided her for being noisy, she pointed out to the boy in front and said that Kor Kor is swinging his leg too. Again, I had to reason with her and said that Kor Kor is not making any noise.

Oh's now time to churn out plenty of creative answers.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

We went to the River Safari and the Zoo today with Jerry's family. The hubs, who still can't walk long distances yet, went to his 2nd brother's place while we were at the zoo.

Jerry, who went for the boat ride recently at the River Safari, volunteered to sit-out so that he can take care of K, who has not reached the minimum height. When we were at the River Safari the first time, the boat ride was not ready yet. So this time round, we re-visited the pandas as well.

At the zoo, we got to enjoy 2 shows this time. The usual 'Rainforest fights back', which is K's 3rd time and her first at the 'Elephant Show', which she enjoyed thoroughly. When the show ended, we had to go off as I had told the hubs to pick us up at 4.30pm.

While we were walking to the White Tiger enclosure towards the exit, I took a hard fall and bruised my knees while carrying K!!! The culprit, a 2 by 2cm long stick! I was carrying her and couldn't see right in front of my foot and I took the tumble. As I was carrying her, she fell on her back and I was so so worried that she may have knocked her head on the small pebbled ground. Jerry quickly picked her up and the 3rd SIL and him started checking on her head for swelling, bleeding or redness. I on the other hand, had difficulty standing up and to think the 3 kids were not at hand to hold me up! Hmpf. Anyhow, I have quite a bad abrasion on my left knee that did not stop bleeding until the evening. My right knee is bruised too with scratches and so is the 'padding' on my left hand and right knuckles.

When Jerry and his family walked me towards the hubs' car, K had already cried herself asleep on Jerry's shoulders. I was tearing but trying to hide it. When Jerry's family walked off to their car, I cried while in the hub's car.

When we reached home, K was crying a bit again and was telling the hubs where it hurt on her head. Worrying that she might get a fever, I let her sit in the tub to play while bathing her. Thankfully, she told us she was ok after that. The hubs later applied iodine on my knees and it was so painful!

It is so scary especially when a child is concerned. The hubs says no more zoo trips when he's not around. Thankfully God is keeping watch, although of course he allows for things to happen. 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Racial Harmony Day will be observed on 21st July, the coming Monday. We were given a memo early this week and parents were asked to bring snacks like muffins, muruku, dumplings etc so that the children know and can enjoy the different food snacks enjoyed by the different races in Singapore.

K's school is certainly multi-racial. They have a Japanese, India Indians, Caucasian mixed Chinese and then not forgetting my very own Namaste mixed Chinese, other than the usual suspects. The hubs' cousin bought K a 'Nepalese' outfit when he went back sometime back but K doesn't like to wear it one bit. I don't blame her. It consists of a pair of long pants and long sleeve top and the material is a little scratchy and thick.

The hubs wants to buy her something but I told him not to bother as she will probably only get to wear it once. I asked K if she'll like to go in a cheong-sam, which she has, 'handed-me down'. And she is more than willing to do so. So, I guess that will be her outfit for her school's Racial Harmony Day, which she'll probably wear again come CNY 2015. Lol.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tonight's 1-dish meal.

Yes, pasta with pesto again. This time, minced beef, broccoli and bunapi mushroom with basil pesto. Yummy!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Home cooking has started! The hubs managed to send K off to school on his own, starting last Thursday and today, he decided to return back to work although he's supposed to be on medical leave for this week still. Although he's still walking around on 1 crutch for balance, life has returned pretty much back to normal for us.

Having not cooked for 2+ weeks, it's refreshing to be back in the kitchen making sure my loves eat healthy home goodness but unfortunately today's dinner wasn't much to brag about. But we'll get there....when momentum kicks in again. :)

And yes, I'm back to my heels, having worn flats for the last 2 weeks sending and fetching K from school. All's well now. :)

Saturday, 12 July 2014

With the hubs being able to drive his car, we had dinner at Ikea on Tuesday, had dinner at a hawker centre at a nearby estate on Wednesday, went to the supermarket on Thursday after dinner at the nearby hawker centre and I met up with them at Vivo on Friday.

K and I were pretty much stuck at home with the hubs for the past 2 weeks and when we went Ikea on Tuesday, she was so happy that she was humming all the way while we were there! Like a little bird set free!

And today, we met up with the Victors and Whites for dinner and again K had a fun time with the Victor sisters and the White's girl.

For myself, I managed to buy 2 dresses from my favourite label, which is having their sales now. With the hubs now on 1 crutch, I hope I can do some more shopping! Lol.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The hubs went for his review yesterday morning and we tried having him drive to school. We went for a walk downstairs the evening before, to turn on the car engine as well as he hasn't done so since 2 Fridays back.

This morning, he sent K and I to school and drove back home while I continued my journey to work by bus after dropping K at the centre. It was pouring and I'm glad the hubs is able to drive now so K and I managed to avoid getting drenched in the heavy rain. And I met the hubs outside the school yesterday evening as well as today and we picked K up together.

Anyhow, the hubs' knee is healing well. They removed the stitches but the Dr told him that he has arthritis, which unfortunately, is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life. I suppose the pain can be lessen somewhat but it will still be there. He is still feeling the post-surgery pains, something the Dr says will continue for probably another week.

We're just glad he's on the smooth road to recovery. :)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

How did my full week of waking up early, sending & picking K to/from school go? Exhausting! Coupled with the monthly flow, it was physically draining to say the least. And while I wasn't guaranteed a seat when I was carrying K in my full term, carrying a toddler with a bag on top of my own handbag did nothing to beg me a seat either! 

To be fair, there are 1 or 2 commuters who would give up their seats for me but there are times too, I had to remind K to hold on tight to the hand rail. When we were on our way home on Friday, I decided to take the next bus as the first was crazy crowded. But the 2nd bus took a while to come and not wanting K to get too hungry, we ended up standing at the entrance of the bus. 

Having gone through this, I really salute moms and pops who have to travel by public transport with their child or children every working day! I'm sure their child is used to the squeeze and the crowd and then everything just falls into place. 

I know I shouldn't be complaining. It only makes me reflect on how blest I have been and to learn to appreciate what I have.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Because I have to send and fetch K to school for the coming 2 weeks, fingers cross that the hubs can walk soon so that I don't have to do this for too long, I set my alarm at 6am. And K has been very cooperative!

She woke up at about 6.30am on Monday morning, asking for her milk. I made her milk and told her not to go back to sleep because Mummy has to send her to school by public bus and we need to leave the house early so that Mummy can leave work early too and not be too late when I fetch her from school later in the evening. And so Monday morning went by with a breeze and I even reached the office much earlier than my usual time. Even the Manager was surprised and so, I could leave office on the dot to pick K up.

We were slightly later on Tuesday and Wednesday but nevertheless I reached work early too. I'm kind of liking taking the bus to work. During the past 3 days, K has been the first to arrive at the childcare. 

Today, we had a car ride from Jeremy and K and I could enjoy our sleep a little longer. Unfortunately the car ride is only for today as he is accompanying M for selection at HDB. Yes! M is going for flat selection and I really hope it all goes well. The new flats will be ready by 2017 and knowing how HDB works, it should be ready, hopefully end 2016. M mentioned sometime back that if she doesn't get to select a unit, she'll get those rented flats from HDB. Of course getting her own place instead of a rented one is better. Well, we'll see how the selection goes. Stay tuned to this!