Wednesday, 5 July 2017

While I was in the middle of my 2 day course yesterday, K's school called me to say that she was running a fever of 38 point something and asked if I would like them to give her a cold shower. I said yes and told them I'll call them again later to check because I was on course. I messaged the hubs and as usual, he was worried. Eventually he picked her up after her lunch and brought her home.

We did go to the clinic in the evening when the clinic re-opened at 6pm. Dr gave 2 types of meds for the girl's tummy as she had been complaining about stomachache since the day before.

And today, I had to take the day off. And it was such a productive day.

We ran through her work, watched 2 episodes of a Mandarin edutainment show on Toggle, did 2 craft work, did phonics and then went for a walk to the market to have porridge dinner. I had cooked lunch for the 2 of us and then the both of us napped.

I didn't even need to switch on the television for any entertainment.

But still, I do not think I am a SAHM material. Just the 2 of us facing each other 24/7 would drive me crazy and poor girl will suffer. But I'm glad she is cooperative and does her work when we get her to.

So it's a 2 day work-week for me this week......thankfully, the girl is well again.

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