Saturday, 1 July 2017

The hubs had a full-day meeting at the workplace today and coincidentally, the girls' ballet lesson is cancelled and will be replaced at the last week of the lessons. 

So I arranged a play-date with her friend from her previous childcare. But of course not without the usual morning chores and lunch for the 2 of us.
Scallop egg noodles with cod fish, carrots etc in chicken stock soup. We bought a tub of this noodles so we will probably be having this whenever it's just the 2 of us. Easy to whip up a dish.

The girl skipped her nap today because the other party was able to meet us at 2pm, which in fact was a bit of a rush for us but we made it in time. But we ended up waiting for them for a good hour! While waiting initially, I was trying to occupy time by visiting the adjoining arcade with K. And ended up letting her play a few. This is a children's arcade and not as noisy as the regular ones which we shunned because of the noise level. I ended up letting the girl into the indoor play area because she was seeing other children going in and out and I wanted to surprise her when her friend eventually comes.

And so they did and it's amazing how some people don't seem to feel bad for turning up so late, past their appointment time. Nevertheless, the mum and I caught up, having not seen each other for at least more than 2 years. The girl's parents are our friends too but so many things have happened to them, we haven't caught up in ages.
The girl and her friend here. It's not that she's puny. Her friend is BIG. Lol. So cute.

In the evening, at the girls' request, we took a double-decked bus and sat upstairs to meet the hubs at the hospital. His Nepalese cousin's wife had given birth to a baby girl. Yay to another baby girl in the family. K has 2 cousins from the hubs' family. Both boys from his immediate brothers. So a girl is especially welcomed by K. 

We left about 1/2 hour later and went for dinner at a nearby food court with the MIL, before sending her home.

K definitely had fun today. First time playing for 2 hours in a indoor playground. Speaking of which, she still has a train ride to take, provided by them, before it expires end of this month.

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