Saturday, 8 July 2017

Today is a scheduled break for K's ballet lesson. Last week's was unscheduled and so we didn't have lessons for 2 straight weeks. And because today is scheduled, we planned for a day trip to JB with the eldest brother and SIL. This time, we had Bev join us because she doesn't have any flight.

We had lunch at the usual Japanese restaurant that my brother likes, did some good shopping and had dinner at Nandos.
I managed to buy 2 pairs of working shoes, which were not cheap. But it's a habit already to buy my shoes from that same brand. I've actually cut down on my shopping here by a lot since we travel so often across the causeway nowadays. Why pay so much more? But I guess I also do not shop as much generally since I still have 2 closet, full of clothes! And some not even worn yet.

The only thing I will probably still spend on is for my hair, I guess. Once you find the one who can do magic for your hair, just stick with that person. And that was what I did yesterday. Instead of joining my colleagues for a team-bonding event that the social committee, which I have since stepped down from, I made an appointment with my hair-stylist. 

Anyhow, back to the JB trip. We had fun as usual, came back at about 9pm and I can guess already the 3 of us having a glorious nap after church tomorrow. Lol.

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